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@AshaRangappa_ Mention of Neal Rauhauser was a cover, besides being an anonymous agitator, he was connected to a Minority Report regarding Trump's Epstein Cartel Maniple/Nocent #PizzaGate Assassin/Agent Provocateur《 Edg E《 EDGAR [MADDISON¡] WELCH🚹 ! 🚹

nosky is tawdry
@NSAGov @PCLOB_GOV @UN ImageImageImageImage
@AshaRangappa_ @NSAGov @PCLOB_GOV @UN I am about to ramrod Seditious Conspiracy straight through to @NSAGov if they do not break the news nationally on OdESSAGate today.

Consider doing your part.

@AshaRangappa_ @NSAGov @PCLOB_GOV @UN
Remember Sobibor Anacostia Bolling GRU U29155 Ant Massacre of Trump 20102020 BluePersTreasonWave.

RUy/Script Pic4
замените машины для подсчета голосов в Детройте и обеспечьте
голосование не менее чем на десять
тысяч ROSETHORN NSA/CSS still Avery's ToS ID ImageImageImageImage
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Hey #MedStudentTwitter #neurology residents, another #EndNeurophobia #MedEd #tweetorial to celebrate joining the @CPSolvers team!


cc: @Tracey1milligan @MadSattinJ @CrystalYeoMDPhD
@DxRxEdu @MedTweetorials
But first a moment of silence for

Grateful for❤️ for #EndNeurophobia but hope you read rest of my feed, which seeks to amplify voices I’m learning from on the path to being an antiracist ally.

to learn more, follow/learn from #BlackMedTwitter #BlackintheIvory
listen @thepraxispod @thenocturnists
read @dribram
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For the past few weeks, Fair Fight Action has watched Georgia’s legislative leaders respond to the murders of #RayshardBrooks and #AhmaudArbery, as well as violence toward those demanding justice in our streets.
We were deeply disturbed by Senate Republicans' attempts to ruin a bipartisan hate crimes bill by adding law enforcement protections due to the fact that solid police protections already exist in Georgia law.
After immense pressure from our allies, Senate Republicans decided to remove the law enforcement protections from the hate crimes bill and insert it into another bill, HB 838, rather than break away from the amendment completely.
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LONG #GaPol THREAD: The #HateCrime bill was just passed out of committee, but sadly not before it was hijacked by GOP members & the LG to include specific protections for police.

For people who are normal & don't like watching committee livestreams like I do... here's a recap:
Sen. Cowsert introduced the new version of the bill, which removed a few things (like a tracking database) and added protections for "first responders."

Included in that is, of course, police officers.
Sen. Jones (a black atty) asked several questions about why this was suddenly so important to Cowsert (a white atty) and other Repubs. Cowsert explained that the #AhmaudArbery case and other recent events have made it clear we need to do something.
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@realdonaldtrump’s lack of emotional growth has left him a #petulant, ill-mannered toddler, in the body of a 74-year old, desperately seeking the approval of his surrogate father in #Moscow. Defacing the Ashe monument is a perfect expression ...…
... of what #trumpism is after almost 3.5 yrs of his occupation of the Oval Office. Lacking any semblance of a coherent ideology or intellectual foundation, the movement offers its rank & file nothing more than #racism, #spite, & #insults instead of ideas.
W/ Confederate ...
... monuments being defaced & toppled across #Virginia, the #trumpist motivation & justification was no more complex than ‘they did it to our statues, we need to get one of theirs.’ That’s it! @potus* is a damaged human (see @gtconway3d & @TomJChicago, @duty2warn, et al) ...
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Today @federalreserve Chair Powell will be appearing before the Senate Banking Committee at 10am ET. We will be clipping videos in this thread.

You can watch live here:…
@SenSherrodBrown: "Across the country, Americans are outraged over the killings of #BreonnaTaylor @GeorgeFlyod #AhmaudArbery #RayshardBrooks & so many other Black Americans. They are demanding justice & an end to the systemic racism that pervades every aspect of society"
We're not just looking at a "theoretical, academic model of a perfect market," as @SenSherrodBrown would suggest.

Systemic racism in our financial system must be taken account for AND addressed in order to have a economic recovery for ALL Americans for #COVID19.
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Georgians have been dying at the hands of law enforcement and racist vigilantes for far too long and we saw that again most recently with the murder of #AhmaudArbery and #RayshardBrooks.
@AJustGeorgia wants to be VERY clear: these Executive Orders of the Trump Administration would not have not saved the lives of #AhmaudArbery or #RayshardBrookslives.
To see @meritlaw, an out-of-state lawyer who does not have deep relationships with our civil rights community, have Ahmaud's family appear with @realdonaldtrump, who does not have honest intentions about saving Black lives, could result in dangerous consequences for Black people.
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But first a moment of silence for
Grateful for❤️ for #EndNeurophobia but hope you read rest of my feed, which seeks to amplify voices I’m learning from on the path to being an antiracist ally.

to learn more:

Follow @uche_blackstock @UREssien @LashNolen @michellemorse
listen @thepraxispod
read @dribram's books
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Good morning, twitter.

I see my mentions are a dumpster fire this morning. We have fulfilled Godwin's Law, as I have now been compared to a Nazi.
Folks in the UK might be aided by additional context for my critique of TLAC before I mute that whole conversation.

I live in a country where #AhmaudArbery, a Black man, was shot while jogging. His killers were only apprehended because there was video.
I live in a country where #BreonaTaylor, a Black woman, was shot in her home by police officers. The police incident report says she was unharmed. There is no video. Her killers have not been apprehended.
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Hello #medstudenttwitter, I was alerted to tweets expressing concern about spinal cord anatomy on step 1, so here’s a new #EndNeurophobia #tweetorial on


#meded #Neurology
cc @MedTweetorials @DxRxEdu @CPSolvers @Tracey1milligan
But first, a moment of silence for
and other lives lost to racism, structural violence, police brutality .





Grateful for all the ❤️#EndNeurophobia has received but hope you check out the rest of my feed, which seeks to amplify voices I’m learning from in the path to being an antiracist ally. Want to learn more?

Follow some folks I follow
check out @thepraxispod
read #BlackInTheIvory
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Today we #ShutDownSTEM & #ShutDownAcademia. I'm going to spend most of today educating myself about the lived experiences of black people and listening to as much black music and comedy as I can, and I'm going to share it with all 301 of my twitter followers.
I'm going to start by reading through this document, completing as many of the action points that I can, and going through the resources linked to at its foot:…
And while I do that I'll be relistening to RTJ4 by @runjewels. My favourite tracks so far are holy calamafuck, walking in the snow and pulling the pin (feat. INCREDIBLE lyrics by the legendary @mavisstaples)
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1/In sanctuary for #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral due to start in about an hour. Family and friends are wearing black and white, filing past the open, gold-plated casket. Everyone wearing masks. @AP and @HoustonChron posting photo.
2/Family and guests taking seats #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral. @JJWatt and @channingtatum spotted. @tylerperry Jamie Fox and @FloydMayweather expected.
3/ The latest from #GeorgeFloyd family and funeral in #Houston…
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The kind of behavior we are seeing across America from police during the #BreonnaTaylor #GeorgeFloyd #AhmaudArbery protests is the kind of #everyday behavior that most black people, regardless of class and education, experience from police everyday. Now suddenly people believe us
While faculty @hiramcollege I got home to my house across the street from campus last one night. A police car followed me behind my house and parked between my car and my back door. The officer got out, without saying anything and started flashing light light into my car
"Is there a problem officer?"
"Do you live here?"
Mind you, one hand was holding a flashlight on me the other was on his gun holster while asking this.
"Yes this is my house. Why are you asking?"
He didn't answer and continued scanning my car. In my back yard of my own house
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I'm calling on @MayorJenny to de-militarize police; restrict use of excessive or deadly force; increase accountability in police union contracts; give subpoena powers to independent oversight boards; redirect PD $ to community-based alternatives. #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd
I asked the Mayor directly in a meeting with legislators last week about the violence being instigated by the police, and her response to me was dismissive. Now I am asking her publicly through this letter to take action. #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd
If the Mayor fails to respond adequately to this public request, I will be joining the chorus of voices calling on her to resign. #blacklivesmatter #georgefloydprotests
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What does the Presidential Election of 1876 have to do with #BlackLivesMatter protests - and what does it mean for this moment in American history?

Buckle up: it’s a #thread about corruption, Rutherford B. Hayes, and why this country remains unequal. (1/16)
The period after the Civil War ended in 1865 was known as Reconstruction. This was when former Confederate states were brought back into the Union and rights were expanded for blacks in America - under the watchful eye of US troops stationed in the Southern States. (2/16)
Reconstruction was messy and imperfect, but won our country the 13th, 14th, & 15th Amendments, as well as forceful protection of blacks in the South from massacres at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan - born during this period by racists butthurt over suffrage for blacks. (3/16)
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1/ I am so proud of my mentor @ChiTrust's Dr. @HeleneGayle. Thank you @BillNye for inviting Helene to speak on our parallel crises: the #COVID #coronavirus pandemic and #racism.… #RacismIsAPublicHealthCrisis #BlackLivesMatter #BLM
2/ Comparing protesters who’re wearing masks, who’re marching outside, protesting against another public health emergency – to compare them with protesters crowded in statehouses, armed to the gills, not wearing masks? That’s FALSE EQUIVALENCE.
3/ If you’re outside and wearing a mask, your risk of contributing to #COVID #coronavirus transmission is exceedingly low.
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1/ Thread: How we got here (in brief).
2014: #MichaelBrown killing sparks #Ferguson unrest, #EricGarner killing triggers #BlackLivesMatter #icantbreathe protests. #HowWeGotHere
2/ 2015: President #Obama's post-Ferguson task force releases a report on 21st Century Policing outlined specific improvements that can make policing more just, safe, effective and constitutional — and work better for everyone.… #policereform #HowWeGotHere
3/ Fall 2016: Colin Kaepernick kneels for 1st time, #Trump says he should find another country.… #KaepernickKnee #HowWeGotHere
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"None of us are free, if one of us are chained." Those are the lyrics of a song recorded in 1993 by legendary singer Ray Charles. I hear those lyrics revived in the chants of so many freedom-seeking protestors in the streets over the last 11 days.
Since the death of George Floyd, I've been in the streets of Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City with protesters. Almost all peaceful. Most angry. All hurt, confused, and certain of what’s said in the second verse of that song:
“If you don't say it's wrong, then that says it's right.
We got to try to feel for each other.
Let our brothers know that we care.
Gotta get the message, send it out loud and clear...”
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Statement from the student club Inclusive Earth (no twitter atm). If you find these graphics useful, feel free to share.

This is not “political”.
This is a human rights issue
and a public health crisis.
This is personal.
Police brutality towards marginalized groups,
especially resulting in the murders of countless Black people for centuries, is awful and also a symptom
of the larger problems of structural racism and oppression. 2/20
Yes, EDUCATE yourselves on issues of diversity/equity/justice/inclusivity (DEJI) and especially anti-Black racism. Do better going forward. We all are.
But also know that EDUCATION IS NOT ENOUGH. 3/20
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#blacklivesmatter energy in Ghent, Belgium where a statue of King Leopold II was covered in red paint. This man has blood on his hands. If you don’t know about him, here’s a thread: 1/12
Leopold II was king for 44 years from 1865 -1909. The Congo Free State was a corporate state in Central Africa privately owned by King Leopold II of Belgium founded & recognized by the Berlin Conference of 1885. 2/
The hideous brutality of the European colonial era & imperialism divided the African continent like pie. Leopold II claimed the Congo Free State which was 905000 sq miles (75x larger than Belgium) of African rain forest &rubber plantations. Read here: 3/…
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Yesterday, we released an important episode "Introduction to Health Inequities" w/ Dr. Utibe Essien @UREssien

Today, we share the episode's handout made by Dr. Moses Murdock @haematognomist including referenced landmark texts in health disparities & other anti-racism readings👇
As Dr. Essien @UREssien discusses in the episode, the COVID-19 pandemic "opened our eyes and laid bare structural inequities that exist in our society"

Ex-Obama CMS lead @ASlavitt began describing these racial disparities here:…
We wanted to further highlight @UREssien's voice, alongside other African American physicians @uche_blackstock & @EarlCampbellMD, who discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic intersects with structural health disparities across America in this @CNBCMakeIt video:

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Travis McMichael attorney asks, didn't Travis say #AhmaudArbery was trying to take his gun from him? That the 2nd shot came because he was trying to defend himself? Mr. Arbery kept coming at him? @wsbradio
Travis McMichael atty Sheffield: "You're of the opinion this was not self-defense by Mr. McMichael?" GBI's Dial: "I don't think it was self-defense by Mr. was self-defense by Mr. #AhmaudArbery. He was being pursued, & ran until he couldn't run anymore" @wsbradio
#AhmaudArbery GBI SAC Dial: "He chose to fight" a man with a shotgun, w/his bare hands. Travis McMichael atty: "And not to run through a side yard?" GBI: "I think Mr. Arbery's decision was to just try to get away. When he felt like he couldn't escape, he chose to fight" @wsbradio
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Hard to think about #EndNeurophobia #neurology #tweetorials when I know we're all thinking/tweeting more about #EndRacism!

But #MedStudentTwitter asked and I will deliver....To f/u on CPSolvers recent case of ataxia

Here are the basics of CEREBELLUM and ATAXIA!
But first, a moment of silence for
and other lives lost to racism, structural violence, police brutality
I’m grateful for all the❤️#EndNeurophobia has received but hope you’ll check out the rest of my feed, which seeks to amplify voices I’m learning from in the path to being an antiracist ally. Want to learn more? Follow & learn:

@uche_blackstock @DrOniBee @LashNolen @michellemorse
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Protestors on Bedford Ave and Eastern Parkway, lifting #BreonnaTaylor, #GeorgeFloyd, #AhmaudArbery + more.

Ten blocks away from the Black cemetery that was destroyed while building the pkwy. Bodies thrown into the city dump.

The ancestors are smiling.
In January, a friend and I tracked down some of the bodies that were moved to Cypress Hills Cemetery & many of the headstones were in disrepair. We juxtaposed this with other graves from the same era, and the same neglect wasn’t happening.

One day, I’ll write a thread about this.
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