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Reasons Black people have been murdered in 21st century America:

Praying, biking, driving, running, lying down, holding skittles, breathing, being home.

And while we're contemplating the injustice of #AtatianaJefferson's killing, think of #OscarGrant, shot in the back as he lay face down.

#PhilandoCastile, shot to death inside his car for NO reason.

Or #TamirRice, gunned down for holding a toy, which I describe in my book...
Think of #SandraBland, #EricGarner, #BothamJean.

Think of being Black and living in a nation where you're safe NOWHERE. Not at home. Not in church. Not on the street.

And where law enforcement can gun you down without consequences.

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A gofundme has been started to financially support #EricGarner’s murderer, which is kind of like paying someone to murder a person. So who are the financial contributors?

I’ll post some here and there as I have time to dig through them:
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Have the CEO and Comms at GoFundMe @robsolomon1 @ajanwheeler seen the platform being used to fundraise for NYPD's Panteleo, who was just fired for killing #EricGarner?…
@robsolomon1 @ajanwheeler These comments from @gofundme donors giving money to a cop just fired for murdering a man.
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Thread: Epstein's death was caused by a conspiracy, but not the one so many people are posting about. The conspiracy is much larger than Epstein and his ties to Trump. #Epstein
There is a long-standing American conspiracy to dehumanize and mistreat people who've been arrested. (Black Americans suffer even worse during an arrest, e.g., #EricGarner, #PhilandoCastile, #TerenceCrutcher, etc.)
I won't shed any tears for Epstein, but I will for #SandraBland, who was wrongly arrested, mistreated during the arrest, and then killed herself in jail. She wasn't even on suicide watch, even though she told police she was depressed and had attempted suicide before.
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For those politicizing the below picture, here is the obvious indisputable differences: One (Patrick Crusius) decided to listen to the instructions of the police while the other (Eric Garner) decided to defy the police. Actions have consequences.
Not that Eric Garner deserved his fate, but wouldn't it had been better for Garner and others to comply and live to see another day? Then file a complaint? Instructions not heard. #ElPasoShooting #EricGarner #OhioShooting
Reality: Was Obama blamed?…
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Remember in 2016 when Erik Prince told Breitbart that NYPD wanted to have a Press Conference to discuss what they found on the Weiner laptop but received “huge pushback” from the DOJ (Lynch)?

So much so that the DOJ (Lynch) threatened to charge a police officer within the NYPD that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Garner almost two years prior?
Well it appears that even after the NYPD backing down to the threat of the DOJ one of their own is taking the fall for the death of Eric Garner 5 years later. Daniel Pantaleo has been suspended and a judge has recommended that be fired.

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Eric Garner was strangled to death. On camera. He was pleading for his life "I can't breathe" and they continued strangling him.

Eric Garner is dead. The cameraman is in jail and officer who killed him is still working for the PD.


Ramsey Orta was a close friend of Eric Garner and the camera man who filmed the police brutality and the murder of Eric Garner.

He says he was imprisoned for it out of revenge.
There is a demonstration going on to demand the firing of Officer Daniel Pantaleo.

TODAY at 6pm. One Police Plaza. Manhattan.

If you live in New York, PLEASE SHOW UP TO THIS.
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The @AP headline is misleading.

Pantaleo was suspended following the judge's recommendation that he be fired.

There has been no decision on whether to fire him.

Since he was already suspended, he'll likely be fired; they just have to jump through procedural hoops.

@AP Anyways, when are we going to talk about how difficult it is to fire a police officer in this country?

And even when one is fired, how come it's so easy for them to just hop into another jurisdiction and get another policing job?
@AP When de Blasio was pressed on why he hadn't fired Pantaleo at the debate, I actually felt a little bad for him.

He has no power to fire police officers due to union contracts his predecessors signed (not sure why he didn't say that, though).
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This is a thread about what occurred at the Democratic Debate when @KirstenJohnFoy @Mysonne @angelopinto720 @lsarsour and I made the decision to stand up for Eric Garner and the sanctity of Black life. #DemDebates
We could not sit silent while @NYCMayor Bill DeBlasio misrepresented his positions on Stop and Frisk and continues to employ the police officers who killed #EricGarner, in particular Daniel Pantaleo.
We chanted “Fire Pantaleo” after he concluded and it was over. We went back to enjoying the debate. A security officer came over to us and said as long as you stay quiet you can remain.
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"We are here to announce that, after an exhaustive investigation, the Department of Justice has reached the conclusion that insufficient evidence exists to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the police officers who arrested Eric Garner in Staten Island on July 17, 2014..."
"...acted in violation of the federal criminal civil rights statute.  Consequently, the investigation into this incident has been closed."
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BREAKING: Justice Department will not criminally prosecute NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo who killed Eric Garner 5 years ago. Garner was killed with an unlawful chokehold that was taped and viewed by the entire nation. This is a gross injustice.
Since his death, Eric Garner’s daughter — Erica Garner— became an outspoken activist against police violence. She fought every day in the hopes that she would see justice for her father. She died on 12/30/17.…
NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo who killed Eric Garner w/ a banned chokehold is still on NYPD payroll. After Garner’s death, his salary spike to 120K while on desk duty.…
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Easily the most devastating 48 hours of the last 5 yrs. I spent the night on the phone calling every contact I had in MN, trying to find Diamond Reynolds, then got on a.m. flight to St. Paul (the only time I’ve flown Spirit Air).
The focus & energy of the local activists was so inspiring. Out in full force, clear and steady. Will never forget it.
The courage of Diamond Reynolds, the innocent love of her daughter and the generous spirit of #PhilandoCastile cannot be forgotten. We fight on for them, for Mr. Sterling. #TerenceCrutcher, #EricGarner, and so many others.
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With reporters looking at the social media postings of cops recently, I figured I'd check in with the NYPD cop message board THE RANT & see what they're up to nowadays. And unsurprisingly, it's pretty much filled with bigotry & far right politics.
This board seems to be the newest version of THEE RANT which had to get shut down for being so racist & bigoted that it was becoming embarrassing to the NYPD.
Since it's #PrideMonth , let's start with a recent post about NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson asking NYPD leader O Neill to apologize for the raids that sparked the Stonewall Riots. Of course, cops hate it & one cop claims he was there at Stonewall & was about to shoot people!
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.@TuckerCarlson I'm not in Antifa. No reasonable person thinks I peddle hate. But you told your audience those things. & then I received a barrage of threats & hate. & I had to take major steps to protect my family. So I can imagine how you feel right now.
And if anyone wants to learn about Antifa here is an interview I did with historian Mark Bray on my old podcast w/ @harikondabolu, #PoliticallyReactive.

on @iTunes…

on not iTunes…
Lot of people on both sides are rushing to Tucker Carlson's defense like there are prizes involved. How about you have the same energy when he targets people, especially when those people don't have the privilege or the budgets to defend themselves.
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Four years to the day, we mourn the loss of #EricGarner, a faithful father, husband, and friend. He was 43 at the time of his death. #OTD
Garner was killed by a NYPD Officer Pantaleo who placed him in a chokehold in violation of departmental policies.….
Just yesterday, the the #NYPD finally announced it will be moving forward with holding Officer Pantaleo accountable for using a banned chokehold and killing #EricGarner. This is long, long overdue.…
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White people get told they aren’t welcome in a restaurant and it’s a national boycott. Imagine for a moment if our privilege allows you to, that you’re stopped in traffic for nothing, they arrest you, find a way to hit you, put you in jail, then kill you. #SandraBland
Or you’re a white person calling the cops for selling water on the corner causes this uproar, but imagine if you’re playing in a park with a toy gun, you’re a tiny 12 year old boy, cops come and they shoot you inside 2 seconds and you die. #TamirRice
I could go on for days. Imagine you are simply walking along the side walk after a “report” that you stole from a store and cops roll up and immediately find you so dangerous, you’ve got 40 seconds to live. #KajiemePowell
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22-year-old black man fatally shot by Sacramento police in his own backyard was carrying a cell phone, not a 'tool bar,' when he was shot, department admits #StephonClark…
22 years old.
Father of 2.
In his own backyard.

2 cops – neither of whom identifies himself as a police officer – fired 20 shots at him.

Police video shows fatal shooting of #StephonClark (warning: extremely disturbing)…
"About 6 minutes after the shooting, after backup arrives, an officer can be heard telling another officer, “hey mute.”

Sound then cuts out as cops apparently turn off their microphones"

If this f*ckery surprises you, you're not following @greg_doucette.
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