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1/ OK so here we are preparing for Trump’s primetime address from the Oval Office. I think it’s important to look back on how we got here and analyze Trump’s strategy. If you’re like me, you wanted Trump to do this on day one and every day since. It’s been hard to be patient
2/ It’s important to know that Trump always plays the long game and as every great strategist he doesn’t move all his chips in until the right moment. (Keep this in mind when you fear Trump will never hold people accountable for the corruption in 2016.)
3/ It only makes sense that this strategy and the timing around it was discussed and decided on going back to at least the transition. So as they sat around that table, why would they pick this option? Because it gave them a guaranteed win. That’s right, 100% certainty of a wall.
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Do you see what I see?
The freshman @HouseGOP for the 116th Congress
31 -newly elected (some are incumbents) of predominantly:
White Middle Aged Men
The average age is 49.5 years old
@GOP me 👏🏻slow👏🏻clapping👏🏻at the sole woman
Educated Suburban Women will deepen
Conversely the @HouseDemocrats Freshman class
34 females
Multiple Veterans
Numerous Ethnic & religious
Average age approximately 43.5
I don’t know about you but the this is what my political party looks like.
Inclusive, Big Tent, Ready to Serve
Thought you should know
*religions 🤦🏻‍♀️new rule no Spicy tweeting after midnight

/\snickers/\ I canz haz good ergrish and cheeseburgerz /\
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when you are the victor nothing is more classless than rubbing your “win” in the losers faces
Yet @realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr @GOP want to use the following terminology as it related to Democrats
First off Democrats are AMERICANS
Dangerous etc
Going to remind you,
Cruel and unnecessarily so
There are >100 unaccompanied minors who will never be reunited with their parents & the @HouseGOP @SenateGOP

Under the @realDonaldTrump @GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP
At LEAST 2,975 AMERICANS DIED in Puerto Rico
these were our Citizens and Trump fosses paper towels at them like they were caged animals
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Hey Twitter fam.
Me and The Wife have had a tough day, but I want to thank all of you for your immense kindness to us.
I have said repeatedly on here that reaching out to people--strangers--who are struggling is the best of us.
You all are the best.
I'm grateful for your support.
So I have a new series of tests to go through.
More specialists because of "co-morbidities" (confluence of things that can kill you).
More fun times with my exorbitant health insurance ($1,978.10 per month for an HMO--#ThanksTrump!) and the dreaded "prior authorization."
The plan is to keep living, writing, finish the two books that are overdue to the publisher (thanks for my fab editors) and keep loving The Wife who has loved me since we first met on the 26 bus on our way to our all girls high school.

It's a good plan.
I hope you'll support me.
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“parties withdrew their designations of “privileged” as to 12 audio-items that were under consideration by the Special the 12 items to the Government that day.”
12 audio recordings
@ericgarland @LouiseMensch @TrueFactsStated
Infrastructure Week is AWESOME…
Out of 1,262 items designated privileged by the Plaintiff and/or Intervenors, Special Master agrees with the Plaintiff and/or Intervenors:
595 are Privileged and 2 are Highly Personal.
also finds that 665 items are "not privileged."
cc @ericgarland @TrueFactsStated
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Hours of my work day and my very limited energy have been spent fighting with my health insurance company about my coverage.

As of January, my freaking premium now costs $1,978.10 PER MONTH.

This is what Trump did to sick people & everyone applauded last night at the #SOTU
I have no idea who has this kind of money but it's more than I make.

The sicker you are, the more expensive your plan.And there's no option because the #GOP allowed health insurance companies (who just got a huge tax cut) to charge whatever they want for coverage.
So The Wife, who is the same age as I am and who has the exact same plan, pays $239.00 a month for hers.

This is America right now for sick people. I would qualify for #Medicaid expansion if I lived in a different state, but I do not.

This is madness. Just madness.

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This former tax attorney is about to go on a #twitterstorm about this #BillionairesFirst tax program & how it is contrary to our values 1/12
#BillionairesFirst tax plan eliminates the adoption deduction. There are 125K adoptions a year that cost about 20K a year. 2/12
#Sec1308 eliminates the deduction of medical expenses. Until #MedicareForAll we need this deduction. 19% of Americans used this in 2015 3/12
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.@somuchweirdness suggests I explain how Trump stopping CSR payments actually effects ppl.

Because I always listen, will tweet that soon.1/
CSR payments reduce the size of deducts & co-pays for low income exchange consumers.

Insurers who participate must continue 2 pay them.2/
In the remainder of 2017, insurers will pay them as required-- approx $2 billion+-- but govt won't pay them back as promised. 3/
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