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I SWEAR TO @TheTweetOfGod THAT @GovernmentLegal ARE GOING TO SUFFER FOR WHAT #KeirStarmer WHO IS ALLOWING THE @AbuseLawUK TO CONTINUE AFTER 5 YRS 11 MTHS OF MY #HumanRightsViolations @abuselaws FROM @voicing_csa GANG @BrianWillmot @Phil_VCSA IGNORED BY @Donna_Peach
THAT MY #MentalHealthMatters ARE SEEN MORE OF A PROBLEM THAT SEEING MY #evidencescreamsmurder #CoverUp .

@ianpuddick WHO FEELS IT'S OK TO
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***Emergency Help Needed*** ***5 AISH Clients***

We need your help. When people contact us they have already exhausted each and every possible option for assistance and they NEED HELP NOW!

I have been given permission to share some info from the AISH Clients asking us for #Help
I have had 5 calls just this afternoon/evening from AISH clients who did not receive #AISH & have been frantically get ahold of their respective workers or even get a return phone call from the intake worker on call. #Help

Here are their stories: #YYC #CalgaryCares #Alberta
Client 1: Elderly gentleman with a walker and mobility issues. Is unable to go to the foodbank or travel due to medical issues. Has special dietary needs but AISH has cut off some of his benefits. NEEDS A SMALL FOOD HAMPER

#FeedYYC #FoodSecurity #FoodHelp #Alberta #Abpoli #Ableg
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I spent the morning on live tv with @global_leslie. But then I spent the afternoon trying to sort out a domestic situation.
A young family was affected Harvest Hills Cares Calgary is assisting this parent and three children with temporary accommodations

If anyone would like 2 help, please contact Jen @ 403-608-7224

If you can help by donating we accept etransfers:

Since this morning when we were on @GlobalCalgary with @global_leslie we have had over 83 requests come in for assistance.

We can’t do it alone. We need your help. Please Donate. We need help!

@Hell_Berta @GBrarNDP @jannarden @JoeMcFarland @paul_yyc @CherylCourt @burnaby1953
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@FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump
@FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump Image
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**Evening Update**

We were able to fill an additional 2 hampers on our list. We only have 4 hampers left to fill!

If we can raise funds to deliver the hampers tonight or first thing in the morning, we will be able to give everyone currently on our list a #thanksgivingCanada
We accept etransfers:


Our other donation info is in our Twitter Profile Bio.

We need $1155.00 to fill the last 4 hampers that are on our list.

If you can #Help that would be awesome!
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*Emergency Request*Help Needed*

Two urgent requests came in over night

We need #Calgarys Help!

No amount is too small. If you can help by donating please see our donation information in our Twitter profile bio

Etransfer: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary@Gmail.Com

Family info below:
First request:

The single father is looking for help with finding a few things for his new basement suite

He got emergency custody of his 2 girls and is starting literally from scratch

He needs a hamper (Medium to Large) that roughly will cost between $250.00 to $400.00
Second request:

A family of five is looking for assistance with furnishing their apartment as well as clothing and a Large to Extra Large food hamper.

This family escaped from domestic violence and are from Northern Saskatchewan.

Both families are grateful for #YYC’s help.
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Today was a long and busy day.

16 Food hampers went out and were delivered! Just drained and frustrated as yet another mom was on my mind all day today.

Racism and bullying was on my mind today too. There were times when I pulled over after a delivery and just cried. ImageImage
My emotions were all over the place. I went through the gamut of feelings but most of all I was angry.

Now I understand that government agencies have mandates to work under. However they also have discretion and emergency funding to help people.
Over the last few days I’ve gotten calls at all hours of the day/night from people feeling dejected 😔 depressed and hopeless.

What spurs me on....what keeps me and my team going is helping. Helping others. Even if it is only something simple as listening.
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This is Cara's Story. **Names have been changed upon request and for protection**

Cara has gone through a lot as a child. Growing up she had difficulties in coping with traumatic experiences that she and her other family members both lived with and went through.
Ever since she was on AISH, Cara and others we have talked to all recognized that all the AISH workers that our daughter and others have had to work with have always reinforced to their clients the lifelong message that many clients were unworthy of support, care & medical care.
Cara and her sister grew up in a home that had a mother with serious mental health diagnoses as well as an alcoholic father who left when Cara was 9 and her sister was 6.
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Can someone help? I dont want to see someone be separated from their animal like Mark & Jaxx are facing

Lets raise the amount of $795.00 so they dont get evicted on Friday They only have to last 7-10 more days before they are able to access housing due to being on a wait list 🙏

Etransfer: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary@Gmail.Com

PayPal info can be found in their profile bio on Twitter and on their website

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Another great episode in this series.

Important reflections on the contrast between workplaces that support and value the well being of the staff within them, and those that don't.

Must watch for leaders within #mentalhealth services who wish to create compassion cultures.

1:55 - 3:40

Great description of "homely" team where the health of staff was prioritised by the manager and colleagues "had each others' backs".

4:05 - 4:15

Contrasted with a workplace where in response to a toxic workplace culture she was "given the message" that "their was something wrong me", creating a "deep sense of shame".

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🦠Short #blog. I have been asked what I think could help deal with the divide we are seeing in people’s attitude towards #covid19, past, present & future. My 10 point plan! @CMPHN @C_MPartnership @ADPHUK @FPH @PHE_NorthWest @R_S_P_H @LGAWellbeing Image
1) Objectives, be absolutely explicit on what is it we are trying to achieve. #covid19 #objectives Image
2) Clarity of message, what do we want people to be doing at every stage! #covid19 #clarity Image
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TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
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Someone messaged us and asked us what the total would be to help everyone that is currently on our list.

To help everyone on our list we would need a total amount of $2435.00

That amount would let us fill all 23 hamper requests.
If anyone could help us reach that total, we could then put the minds of 23 families at ease because then they would not have to worry about having to feed their families. Having to feed their children. Having to go without eating just so they can make the food they do have last
You can help by donating to us or any other organization that feeds Calgarians in need.

If you would like to donate to us you can send an etransfer to:


You can also check us out on Facebook and our website at:

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Thread: 1/?

Late last night we had someone phone us at 11:45pm. It was from a mom of 4 who herself had not eaten nothing 3 days just so she could make the food she did have last for her children.
This mom had gone to the food bank and gone to the brown bagging for kids as well has utilized the free meals that are handed out throughout the city.

This is a mom who has tried EVERYTHING to find a job and get help from different organizations and the government.
She went to Alberta Works and was told she had to go after the dad for child support before they could help her. They gave her papers on how to contact maintenance enforcement and how to go to court for child support. That’s great but that doesn’t help her now....
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A WA forward that made my eyes moist. #compassion #WednesdayThoughts //

एक पोस्टमैन ने एक घर के दरवाजे पर दस्तक देते हुए कहा,
"चिट्ठी ले लीजिये।"
अंदर से एक बालिका की आवाज आई,
"आ रही हूँ।"
लेकिन तीन-चार मिनट तक कोई न आया तो पोस्टमैन ने फिर कहा,
"अरे भाई! मकान में कोई है क्या, अपनी चिट्ठी ले लो।"
लड़की की फिर आवाज आई,"पोस्टमैन साहब, दरवाजे के नीचे से चिट्ठी अंदर डाल दीजिए,मैं आ रही हूँ। "
पोस्टमैन ने कहा,"नहीं,मैं खड़ा हूँ,रजिस्टर्ड चिट्ठी है,पावती पर तुम्हारे साइन चाहिये।"
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The world needs #India to,
1) #question :
athāto brahma jijñāsā

2) #realise :
īṣvaraḥ paramaḥ kṛṣṇaḥ
anādir ādir govindaḥ
- brahma samhita

#Bhagavadgita #veda #Universal #cause #Karma
Modern science - "everything came from nothing", "everything is just matter and energy".
In that case, life has no value, and it does not matter if one decides to live or die.
Vedas state, cosmic consciousness gave rise to material universe, not vice versa.
Part of truth.
"Earth was created in few days"
Not sure if it considers general relativity.
The man was a yogi and taught love and devotion, and said was a son of god. Explained trinity.
Vedas state, atma - paramātma - brahman. Everyone is part and parcel of god.
Part of truth.
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WITH @willispalmer @David_Cameron @theresa_may @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn @HackneyAbbott @Keir_Starmer WHO IS THE ONE PERSON WHO WAS HEAD IF @cpsuk WHEN CLEARING @JimmySavileNews WHO IS NOW #leadership OF @UKLabour WITH EX @SW4Choice #AlexisJay WHILE THOSE

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We need your help. We have loads of people asking us for help due to the following:

-Job Loss
-Cant Pay Rent
-Cant Pay Utilities
-Cant Afford Medication
-Cant Afford Medical Supplies
-Cant Afford School Supplies/Fees
Having to choose between Food and any of the above items should not happen and isnt right.

Simply giving someone, a family, a couple, a senior food security for even just a month...takes immense stress off of a person.
That’s why there are great organizations and groups like the @CalgaryFoodBank & @HarvestHillsYYC

Everyone works together and does what they need to do for the city that we all care about so much.
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If anyone can help, we would be very grateful. We are seeing even more of an increase in requests due to CERB ending and transitioning over to EI. (Which many do not qualify for, yet we hope help in any form arrives soon)
If you are in need, please head over to our website: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary.Ca and click on the contact us now button.
If you can please consider donating we accept Etransfers and PayPal at the moment but will have more options in the near future.

Etransfer: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary@Gmail.Com

PayPal.Me/HarvestHillsCa… Image
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For #London psychic reading client: You expected me to be shocked that covid19 is rampant throughout your community. I'm not shocked. I'm more surprised that people believe the conspiracy theorists and then get violently ill. Why are people so complacent during a pandemic? #Nurse
cont. for #London psychic reading client: If you work on the theory, that one third of population can be falsely covertly influenced, what happened to the other two thirds of the population? This is all about giving a damn about others well being. Look at the world. #compassion
cont. for #London psychic reading client: Never mind aliens looking down on us and trying to work out how selfish the human race has become. This is more about psychological conditioning and how this is being used on public to help those in power. Do they care about human life?
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1/12. Covid-19 @ICMRDELHI responded early with ethical guidance suggesting no compromise on ethics or scientific validity & encourage research. Urged institutions to use innovative tech to support quality research with ethical safeguards @DeptHealthRes…
2/12. @ICMRDELHI ethics initiatives in @WHO @UNESCO #GlobalSummit. National Guidelines for Ethics Committees reviewing #Covid_19 research downloaded >30 countries from @ncdirindia website. Among1st such guidance in world @doctorsoumya @drharshvardhan @ProfBhargava @NITIAayog
3/12. Standard operating procedures (#SOPs) prepared and adopted by #Ethics Committees to facilitate fast track review through digital platforms & virtual quorum. Facilitated emergency unscheduled or full committee or #expedited meetings.
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#Crime to society is what disease is for body. #Justice is immune system.
Negative traits are the viruses and #criminals are affected cells.
First, immune cells try to fix the affected cells, if beyond repair, immune cells sacrifice affected cells to protect other cells.
It's a tough choice. Affected cells are part of the body. Whole body feels pain even if one cell is affected. Immune cells sacrifice affected cells with intention of collective good, not for individual gain.
That is how justice system should work.
Judge criminals for negative acts and ensure good people are not affected. Punishment should happen and with #compassion, not as revenge.
Essentially, all life is part of the supreme source.
Karuṇa (compassion) is basis of #dharma (righteousness)
#Krishna #Bhagavadgita #ISKCON
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