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Looks like u might have a @WindsorPolice problem guys. U inexplicably didnt get it done last night & now someone just sent this video of a Windsor Police officer 2 us. Audio with redacted video is next in the thread. #onpoli #cdnpoli @JustinTrudeau @ctvottawa @fordnation
First off this audio is NOT PG rated & the language is definitely NOT suitable 4 children or people who cant handle swearing. Second EVERYTHING he says about Minneapolis & the #GeorgeFloyd protests r false. I live there & experienced it all. So please read the rest of the thread
So our Governor DID call it a state of emergency in MN (well citywide) during #GeorgeFloyd & we had mandated curfews (1st time i have ever experienced a mandated curfew in my life) & he DID called in the National Guard so exactly NO this police officer doesn't seem have the facts
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Like Senator Clyburn said today, we are being played.

Just want to remind you guys that American contractors *get paid to do #falseflagops on protestors.* #TrumpRiots

2017: Video Shows Military Contractors Setting Vehicles On Fire At #DAPL Protests…
"...TigerSwan operatives hired by the pipeline co...used militaristic tactics to disrupt the massive opposition to the project, sending infiltrators into resistance camps, conducting aerial surveillance, and engaging in propaganda efforts.

Read up on some of Paul Manafort's favorite tactics in Ukraine, 2014:

"Streetfighting Men. Is Ukraine’s gov't bankrolling a secret army of Adidas-clad thugs?" #TrumpRiots…
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1) What about the #BoogalooBois who were documented by police & other sources as planning to move in on the #GeorgeFloyd peaceful demonstrations to forment violence, riots & property damage. See my time line around Memorial day.
2) What about the #UmbrellaMan in #Minneapolis who likely came in on #BoogalooBois general call for the #GeorgeFloyd protests, and #BrokeTheFirstWindows? He was later identified and found to be affiliated with a #WhiteSupremacist group.
3) What abt similar episodes of agents provocateur in both #Denver & #Atlanta, recorded on video & on my timeline? White outsiders to peaceful demonstrations did violent window smashing (one at @CNN HQ) & triggered violence in previously peaceful demonstrations? Then they split.
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ICYMI: @MalcolmNance gets #shouty on @StephMillerShow today.

Stephanie starts by telling Malcolm he has to give up his “Let’s Nance” theme song to @JoyceWhiteVance
“I try very hard not to use the T word....This is treasonous language. The man does not care about the United States.”
@MalcolmNance on @StephMillerShow
“SEAL Team Six was tasked to capture this guy. They didn’t get him because he had already run off to Moscow. But they got all the money, they got weapons, got equipment, they have intelligence. It was in the PDB. Donald Trump didn’t read it...”
@MalcolmNance @StephMillerShow
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This is propaganda. The spread of unverified disinformation designed to shift the narrative around the #MinneapolisUprising that shook the world & remove the rage & anger from an organic rebellion.
#UmbrellaManConspiracy ImageImageImage
Let's stop and think about why a small story based on allegations & anonymous verifed sources spread nationwide.
It's strategic to have legal documents "leaked"/"Obtained" by a journalist that focuses on crime write this story, and the journalist is credible.
It fits into the State's predetermined & fabricated script of white outside agitators (either anarchist or white supremacist--- whatever works best for the situation) being a major factor in the riots/protests/uprising.
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I still believe there is evidence that the officer knew #gerogefloyd and it may have been a hit. The @Whtitehouse and Trump campaign were staged to exploit it by killing FISA “business records” provision, Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, 50 U.S.C. §1861.
George Floyd killing may not have been just another random black victim. He may have been the star of a Trump campaign snuff film. Find the white provocateurs. Put a reward out for information leading to their arrest.
Do we know if #UmbrellaMan who attacked #autozone was arrested? @FBIMinneapolis You folks have no idea what you're dealing with. But ask, would section 1861 help you today? Nothing is random.
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Why would anyone want the riots to be MORE chaotic?

This is a classic tactic - using "Agents Provocateurs".

These are fake protesters (sometimes they're even actual police officers, acting with or without orders)

who deliberately add chaos & criminality to a situation because
...creating images of chaos, or symbols like burning police property, makes great news footage.

These images are a quick way to make a peaceful protest look violent.

And that means the leaders can justify using greater force.

The property that's being damaged or stolen...
... is all insured, and will all be replaced and repaired.

The real damage is that violent force will be used to subdue protesters who might otherwise have stayed peaceful!

And random people at home will see broken or burning property on TV, and think the force was justified.
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Minnesota officials have identified suspected white supremacists and out-of-state protesters as the source of much of the violence and widespread damage in the Twin Cities.

#fixedThatForYou @joshscampbell @CNN
IF Minnesota officials have indeed been monitoring white supremacists online, and knew they were inciting violence, WHY DID THEY ARREST A CNN NEWS CREW?
ALSO, this man who broke windows at AutoZone was clearly not a protester.

He calmly walked up, broke windows, calmly left. He is wearing a professional-grade mask.

He shielded himself from drone surveillance with an umbrella. He forgot about newsrooms-in-a-smartphone. Image
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Last night according to the St Paul mayor and law enforcement ... EVERY single person arrested on the streets was from out of state. #minneapolisRiot #georgefloyd
As much as we are fascinated by #UmbrellaMan or men, this is what we more often discover & unwind. A CHANGE(.)org petition was circulated earlier today by an apparent BLM activist to strongly encourage the Minneapolis DA to up or raise the degree of charges in #GeorgeFloyd murder ImageImage
We collected over 10,000 of these last night and if you look at them it almost looks like a botnet for hire operation. Lots of Korean boy band profiles, some Russian .. but mostly built up spam accounts. #MinneapolisRiot #GeorgeFloyd @WCCO @GovTimWalz ImageImage
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I know of at least 3 top-notch Intl #OSINT investigative groups digging into the "umbrella man". He causally walked up & broke out windows in the Autozone store before walking around to the back. This graffiti seems especially provocative. Hrs later Autozone was 1st bldg to burn Image
Later that evening this is one of the iconic pictures from the #MinneapolisRiot protest ... of the Autozone store burning. Photo credit I believe is to @NBCNews Image
Here is just one of many images of Umbrella man you can now find circulating on the internet holding the red hammer ... #MinneapolisRiot Image
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