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This is propaganda. The spread of unverified disinformation designed to shift the narrative around the #MinneapolisUprising that shook the world & remove the rage & anger from an organic rebellion.
#UmbrellaManConspiracy ImageImageImage
Let's stop and think about why a small story based on allegations & anonymous verifed sources spread nationwide.
It's strategic to have legal documents "leaked"/"Obtained" by a journalist that focuses on crime write this story, and the journalist is credible.
It fits into the State's predetermined & fabricated script of white outside agitators (either anarchist or white supremacist--- whatever works best for the situation) being a major factor in the riots/protests/uprising.
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#thread #BlackPower #BlackRevolution #BlackYouth History was made today in Ldn: Militant independent black working class youth-led history, in the face of an formidable array of forces railed against them from the govt, to the fascist,from left /#BLMUK to wellknown celebrities.
This is an account from the direct experiences of MXM members today, and also our close unified approach with @LondonBlackRevs and several other radical black formations.
The background today is nearly 10yrs of a general absence of radical grassroots resistance, the last time was Aug2011 when we rose up for 3 days after the police murder of #MarkDuggan #BroadwaterFarm crew.
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Clip 1 of 2 from #AllyProvocateurs

“The two types of people at a protest.”

Clip 2 of 2 from #AllyProvocateurs

“The two types of people at a protest.”

Complete lecture

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Already deployed in multiple states, over 10,000 guardsmen are scheduled to flood Minneapolis streets representing the first time in its 164-year history that the organization has been fully mobilized.
By: @AlanRMacLeod
#JusticeForGeorge #protests2020…
National guard stand by the State Capitol during demonstrations over George Floyd’s death, St. Paul, Minnesota on May 31, 2020. Damairs Carter | IPX
#riots2020 #protests2020 #GeorgeFloyd #JusticeForGeorge #COVID19 #MinneapolisUprising Image
The police resemble its heavily armed military. Between 1998 and 2014 the value of military hardware given to U.S. police ballooned from $9.4 million to $796.8 million, with police departments equipped with machines appropriate only for a battlefield.…
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Police in #Minneapolis shot independence journalist Linda Tirado in the eye with a rubber bullet. She was lost sight in that eye. That is fucking horrendous. I am sending her love and solidarity and in my next tweet, ways you can support her
Support @KillerMartinis via or Venmo Linda-Tirado-3
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The "destruction is mostly being done by white people (insert: white supremacist or Antifa)" is a State talking point attempting to racially divide protestors.

They are terrified that the ongoing protests are multiracial. #MinneapolisUprising #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter
Democrats are pushing that "white supermacists" are responsible for the rebellion.
Republicans are pushing that "white Antifa" are responsible for the rebellion.

They are trying to erase the legitimacy of the revolt and instill racial division. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter
The narrative that black people and other POC cannot possibly revolt without a White Man instigating them to, is inherently racist & denies rioters + rebels their agency anger, and voice.

Don't fall for these State tactics. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter
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A little thread of the ANTIFA role in the Floyd riots↓

They take responsibility, you don't need to take their credit to blame cartels and white nationalist

#riots2020 #MinneapolisUprising
#BlackLivesMatters #AntifaTerrorists
Along with them is other radical left groups as well
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If a country has:
- highest death toll in the world from a pandemic
- protests in at least 26 cities demanding justice for Black people killed by police
- a president who calls on his armed supporters to confront protesters outside the presidential palace

When’s the revolution?
Revolutions do not happen over night.

In 2010, #Egyptian police beat to death Khaled Said, 28. He was not the 1st Egyptian to be beaten to death. A photo his family shared of his shattered face, teeth missing, lip torn, jaw broken, inspired protests and was a catalyst of #Jan25.
I do not impose any model on Black American friends & comrades. They must determine how to move forward.

As an #Egyptian American, when I hear that a city with a curfew has no police in sight and only protesters out on the streets, I think of Egypt when Mubarak pulled the police
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There was and there is nothing “peaceful” about oppression.

When the oppressed and the marginalized rise up, “peace” is demanded *of* them in a way it was never demanded *for* them.

There is nothing peaceful about the State’s monopoly over violence which it delegates to police thugs.

There is nothing peaceful about the police killing of #GeorgeFlyod or #BreonnaTaylor or the countless other Black people they have killed.

“Violence begets violence” is always flung at the oppressed when they rise up against those oppressing them.

What do centuries of violence against the oppressed beget?

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LIVE: Day 4 of the demonstrations in #Minneapolis in response to the police murder of #GeorgeFloyd #Minneapolisprotests #UPrising #icantbreathe

There are so many demonstrations going on in the USA, it is hard to keep up with them all #GeorgeFloyd #riots #icantbreathe #BlackLivesmatter

Atlanta is now being burnt down

I will gather a list of Livestreams for Atlanta and report back…
Demonstrations in ATLANTA, Georgia #GeorgeFloydprotest #GeorgeFloyd #icantbreathe

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Black people leading the #MinneapolisUprising aren't just fighting for Black lives. The are resisting white nationalism, the militarized police state the empowers it, and the indifference of a political system that has sacrificed 100K mostly poor and working people to #COVID19
While fascist forces gather, tote guns to state buildings, empowered to do so by every branch of government, it is Black, Brown, immigrant, poor, working communities who are most threatened by this violence, and who are organizing to defend us all from it. #MinneapolisUprising
The hammer is about to come down hard on Black communities & organizers. We will each have to decide whether we stand with Black protesters--REGARDLESS of the tactics they employ--or if we stand with fascism, the police state, and the erosion of human rights. #MinneapolisUprising
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Conflict mapping the past two days of riots and popular uprising in #Minneapolis #minneapolisriots

column of National Guard Humvees reportedly moving north along Cedar
Taking stock of what's been destroyed around Minnehaha Avenue and East Lake street so far #minneapolisriots
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Se o assassinato de #GeorgeFloyd lembrou o de #EricGarner, a resposta da população lembra a resposta à absolvição dos policiais que espancaram #RodneyKing em 1992, em Los Angeles. Mineápolis em convulsão social #minneapolisriots
Delegacia de polícia em Mineápolis...
Manifestantes queimando a bandeira dos Estados Unidos #GeorgeFloyd #minneapolisriots

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