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Fantastic presentation by Sophie Weeks of @polareducators at #ASSW2023 that made me think about how to communicate across knowledge systems🧵 #Arctic #Indigenous #IndigenousKnowledge #bridging #traslating #Westernscience #policymakers
with different epistemologies, ways of knowing, ontologies, understandings of nature and human existence, and axiologies, values, value judgements, and ethics.
Using #art to demonstrate that even working within one knowledge system has translation issues when shifting mediums from drawing to speaking or reading. The drawing demonstrated that objectivity is in fact a myth, having scientists all draw the same thing can demonstrate that.
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Are #fruits essential?
Sugar Bombs: I believed in & practiced "An Apple a day" idiom for couple decades. However stopped few years back. Most med sized fruits like banana, apple, orange, pear that we consume provide 22-25 gms of #Fructose, that is 5 teaspoons of Sugar. Huge!
Fruits're similar to alcohol: Fructose is metabolized in liver (not small intestine). It doesn't provide any energy to the body/brain, so Liver has to convert & store the same as Fat : similar to alcohol. Fructose leads to fatty liver syndrome otherwise caused by alcohol
Fruits have changed over years: They've been made lot more sweeter & altered its structure (smaller or no seeds, more sugary pulp). Also too many chemicals used from seed to market including very long shipping & storage. By the time it reaches your plate, it's no more fresh!
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A quickfire thread based on a book I read recently titled " 80/20 YOUR LIFE " .

Disclaimer : This is MY interpretation & the ratio (80/20) is variable..
The essence here is to identify what matters & weed out the inconsequential & thereby manage time accordingly.
The #Pareto principle - 80/20 Rule is pretty well known & discussed in context of work & business productivity.
But it can also be applied practically in our day to day life in all possible aspects to ensure smooth sailing.
How do we do that? 🤔
Pretty simple actually !
Our Top priority goal must be a S.M.A.R.T goal aka :

Time based goal .

Everything is #time based as time saved can be used constructively for other purposes or even wasted happily ! :))
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Im Rahmen meiner für mich neuen Aufgabe als #Lernbegleiter bei @datev mache ich selbst sehr viele Erfahrungen rund um das #lernen, d.h. ich lerne selbst.

Für unser internes #LearningCoffee habe ich 10 Thesen aufgestellt, die ich auch hier teilen möchte. (Thread)
1. #Lernen basiert auf #Freiwilligkeit

Wir führen Gespräche über unser Konzept der #Lernbegleitung. Wir schaffen Transparenz über gegenseitige Erwartungen. Wir geben einen Ausblick auf die Zusammenarbeit. Wir lernen uns gegenseitig kennen. Aber die Teilnahme ist freiwillig.
2. #Lernbegleitung ist Verführung.

Man kann niemanden zum Lernen zwingen. Fremdgesteuerte #Lernziele sind nutzlos ohne Einsicht. Als Lernbegleiter weckt man bestenfalls die #Neugierde, bspw. durch die #Demut vor der eigenen Unwissenheit und das Aufzeigen der Macht der Frage.
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