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I had heaps of fun writing this with @ArcticTroy @ArcticFellow 👇🏻 we put forward a conceptual framework for an #Arctic Security Forum - something lacking. “Arctic Security and Dialogue: Assurance through Defence Diplomacy” @WarInstitute @MDiplomacyWORLD…
Arctic militarization & strategic competition in the region is ⏫ problem is: there is no effective forum for Arctic defence authorities to discuss the potentially emerging security dilemma or the spectrum of associated and relevant issues involving Arctic non-/State interests.
Some current security forums capable of hosting dialogue on Arctic military-security affairs do exist, but these are inadequate for any real strategic discourse due to the fact that the Arctic’s largest stakeholder is not considered an ‘equal member’ in these fora.
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1/4: Alexey Niubom was a participant in leg 3. When he arrived in Bremerhaven after almost five months, he just wanted to see his family in St. Petersburg as quickly as possible. But before 1 July there were no flights to Russia due to Corona.
#MOSAiCexpedition #teamstories
2/4: However, there were flights to Helsinki. Elena Tschertkowa-Paulenz from @AWI_Media Logistics checked with the border police in Finland, learning that from there it would be possible to cross the border into Russia by "personal means of transport".
3/4: So she went to buy a used folding #bike for Alexey. He took it with him on the plane to Helsinki, and there, Alexey & his bike boarded the train to Imatra. Finally, it was time to put the bike to good use. Because what would have been impossible by foot, was allowed by bike.
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Several #Arctic locations recorded land surface temperatures hitting 45C on 19 June, according to initial data from the @esa satellite Sentinel-3.

Here is what you need to know... (THREAD 1/7)
Also widely reported is a potential new Arctic temperature record of 38C in Verkhoyansk – a town in #Siberia, Russia – on 20 June

See @CarbonBrief’s Daily Briefing:…

So why is 38C potentially a new record, but not 45C?

The 45C reading is land surface temp – how hot the surface is to the touch – which is commonly measured by satellites.

The 38C reading is surface air temp – how warm the air is just above the ground. This is what is you usually see in weather forecasts and climate data.

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#ImageOfTheDay #ArcticHeatWave #ClimateAction #EUSpace
Many air 🌡️ records have recently been broken in #Siberia
On 19 June Land Surface Temperature (LST) reached 45°C at several locations in the #Arctic Circle
Data retrieved by #Sentinel3 🇪🇺🛰️
Check the 2019-2020 comparison ⬇️
A severe heatwave is affecting the #Arctic circle

Reports indicate air temperature reached 38° C in #Verhojansk in #Siberia 🇷🇺, and as shown by #Sentinel3 🇪🇺🛰️the Land Surface Temperature (LST) 45°C 🤒

This is a comparison between 2019 and 2020
#ArcticHeatwave #ClimateAction
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A year ago took one of the biggest decisions in my life, to go away from #Finland and come back to motherland #Cyprus. 20 years is a long time, but no regret, the Finns they taught me well. Cannot imagine being isolated there during the Covid19, Helsinki airport was my 3rd home
Left with sadness, missing the cottage, sauna and the lovely Amazon ladies. Most importantly my own 2 daughters, the 2nd home up in the #arctic circle. Don't believe that Greeks can stay wtout sun for 6 months, 3 metres snow, freezing temperatures at -40. I did it, proud of that
After a month in #Cyprus, my cousin asked my impressions. Said that you are living like #Kings, with big houses, not Ikea furniture, multiple cars, sea 10 min away, excellent food and wine, infrastructure that is good enough, a sun that is always available, even snow at #Troodos
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#Briefing #Rudskoy: Activity of the #US forces and their allies near the Russian borders has increased sharply. This April, a flight of #B1B strategic bomber was carried out near Kamchatka, and in May five such flights were recorded, one of which – in Ukraine – for the 1st time
#Briefing #Rudskoy: In all cases, our #AirDefence systems detected strategic bombers in a timely manner, established continuous monitoring and implemented measures to prevent incidents. Anti-aircraft missiles were also ready for immediate action
#Briefing #Rudskoy: @NATO's activities are becoming more active in the #Arctic. For the 1st time since the end of the #ColdWar, on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany, warships of the united naval forces of NATO held exercises in the Sea of Barents
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(1/7) A @ncaor_goa study: Glacier research is so treacherous at the “3rd Pole-the largest mass of ice & glaciers outside the #polar region”. Scientists in the Indian Himalayas [6Kft -17Kft] live on low oxygen, zip lines & paths blocked by giant boulder. Image
1/3 of the glaciers of the Hindu Kush #Himalayas [2175 mile long] are in danger. “We haven’t even scratched the surface in understanding how fast the glaciers are melting & what happens next” says Sharma, a glaciologist with @ncaor_goa Image
The mass balance of six glaciers of the many in the Hindu Kush #Himalayas range has alarmingly squeezed in the last decade to 86.9 sq. miles in 2019 from 115.8 sq. miles in 2009 & there are thousands like these.
#GlobalWarming @ncaor_goa Image
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Hi, we’re Kerry Koepping and Andrea Sparrow, some of the executive team members of the Arctic Arts Project. We’re part of a network of photographers, working in the #Arctic, who try to bring home an understanding of #climatechange through our work. #SciArt #gueSTAAR
We’re on a mission to provide visual storytelling that helps people understand the evolution of our warming world. We want to generate impactful imagery that is given context by current science. #seethingsdifferently #BenElkins
That’s why Kerry is an affiliate of @INSTAAR--we work closely with scientists because we need to get it right. We want to embed climate science into compelling stories. @KKoepping #BenElkins
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“The problem is that the Russian supply icebreaker became bogged in ‘the dense sea ice of the #Arctic’ and now ‘is making little progress’. The ice has been too thick for the Russian ice breaker to make its way as planned.”

#ClimateEmergency 🤦‍♂️
🧊 “Ice-free #Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist” (The Guardian 2013)
🧊 “Why Arctic sea ice will vanish in 2013” (Sierra Club 2013)
🧊 “Next year or the year after, the Arctic will be free of ice’” – Peter Wadhams (Guardian 2016)
GLOBAL WARMING SMACKDOWN! Tankers Trapped In Midsummer Arctic Sea Ice… via @JWSpry #Arctic #SeaIce #ClimateChange
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"In 2014, the Pentagon submitted a report that argued climate change was an “immediate risk” to national security. The Pentagon reiterated many of these concerns in a report five years later."

"I am a retired CIA officer and not a scientist, so I’ll leave it to the climatologists for the most authoritative assessment on the pace of climate change. But there is clear evidence that the Earth is warming, sea levels are rising and the Arctic is melting."

#CIA #Arctic
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The current #ColdWave spell in #Pakistan isn't normal!

Dr Ghulam Rasool, Regional Prog. Manager @icimod, M. Riaz, DG @pmdgov and @atsheikh blame #ClimateChange & #Smog for the prolonged #ColdWave spell in #Pakistan.

My latest for @TheNewsonSunday…
@icimod @pmdgov @atsheikh @TheNewsonSunday @Ajazaly @deb_comms @MaximShrestha @julienmh @UNDP_Pakistan @hnaqikhan @tahirrasheed92 @SamanIqbal3 @MattSwaine @viewmagazine Muhammad Riaz DG @pmdgov "The impacts of climate change are evident in the current cold wave episode. (&) Smog led to the formation of N02 (which) was converted to ozone (O3), (blocking) the solar radiation, due to which the day temperature was very close to night temperature.”
@icimod @pmdgov @atsheikh @TheNewsonSunday @Ajazaly @deb_comms @MaximShrestha @julienmh @UNDP_Pakistan @hnaqikhan @tahirrasheed92 @SamanIqbal3 @MattSwaine @viewmagazine Dr Ghulam Rasul, Regional Prog. Manager @icimod, “For past few decades, the monsoon season has been starting early or late. The last 2 decades happened to be the warmest stretch & climate variability & change highly affected winter and summer weather patterns.”
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Great read in @nytimes by @NathanielRich, focusing on the decisive decade when humankind first came to a broad understanding of the causes and dangers of #climatechange.

#ClimateEmergency #climateaction #climate…
"More carbon has been released into the atmosphere since the final day of the #Noordwijk conference, Nov. 7, 1989, than in the entire history of civilization preceding it."
"By the end of the 21st century, scientists predict that Switzerland could face a temperature increase of five degrees Fahrenheit because of climate change; by then, a majority of central #Switzerland’s glaciers will have disappeared."
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Joanna D. Haigh talks about the
#Sun, #SunSpots and #SolarActivity. She speaks and the elliptical #Orbit of the #Earth, the thousand of year cycles and the #ElevenYearCycle of Solar Activity, and stratospheric heat from solar radiation. 👇👇👇

#ClimateChange #ClimateScience
Solar Variability and Climate

Radiative forcing of #ClimateChange:

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Welcome to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 11/24/19.

This is where you'll find all the votes and quotes from our 18 House members as well as @SenBobCasey and @SenToomey.

#MoCTrack 1/19…
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey The folks at @538Politics have you covered if you want to assess what percentage of the time your MoC votes along with the Trump Administration’s agenda.

And we collect all of that for our 20 PA MoCs all in one place for you.
#MoCTrack 2/19
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey @538politics We averted a #Shutdown this week, but did so by having Congress pass a continuing resolution, aka "kicking the can down the road until the week before Christmas"
...when MoCs always make great decisions, right? (cough, #GOPTaxScam)

#MoCTrack 3/19…
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My analysis on potential #runawayclimatechange and the #IPCC goal of 1.5-2C target
And why/how i expect nasty surprises soon
First, a chart with trend lines showing warming speeding up
#methane #permafrost #arctic #antarctica
#ClimateCrisis #climatechange #gretathunberg
A few charts showing #breakout of temperatures, or potential #runawayclimatechange in 2019, from #alaska to #california or #europe
#ClimateAction #climatechange #gretathunberg
Why warmer soon? several factors
1/ the SUN
Sun is waking up, with solar spots appearing , and the solar minimum period is ending , with a weak solar maximum expected in 2023 .
Lagging time: 4 years
#sun #solarcycle #solarminimum…
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The Amazon the largest lung in our world is on fire😭.
It's time for humanity to stop & think seriously about what it is doing🤨.
Is this our legacy for future generations😠?
Is money more important than conserving nature😡?
🗣️We need the forests to survive.
🗣️Protect nature!
"The fires burning in the #Amazon rain forest are so large and widespread that smoke has wafted thousands of miles away to the Atlantic coast, according to the World Meteorological Organization"
Via @Miami_Rebelde
There is no "ngo" burning the #AmazonRainforest these are Cattle Ranchers, most of whom voted for #Bolsonaro. They're destroying the #Enviroment to steal #Indigenous land for themselves #NativeTwitter!#IndigenousRights #NativeLivesMatter
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Today, NSIDC's @MarkSerreze participated in @NOAA_ESRL's seminar series here in Boulder. He presented on "Monthly Variability in Bering Strait Oceanic Volume and Heat Transports and Links to Atmospheric Circulation, Ocean Temperature and Sea Ice Conditions." @CIRESnews #CUBoulder
Some takeaways: "As we lose the #Arctic sea ice cover, Arctic riches become more exposed and easier to get at."
"Bering Strait heat flow is key to predicting the timing of seasonal sea ice retreat."
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It's happened?
Bill is locked up in a secured location awaiting a military tribunal. Bill was arrested at approx. 8:30 am on Friday, July 26th in a completely covert operation.
Fighter jets overhead one hour ago...
"I am involved..We are gathering up a lot of suspects..don't want to spook them right now. But most of what's been said is true, there's just a lot more people involved than you think..."
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Unprecedented #wildfire activity in the #Arctic Circle in June 2019, with notable widespread fires in Sakha Republic, Russia for much of the last 3 weeks, as estimated with #Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service GFAS data based on MODIS 🛰️obs…
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@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper In the U.S. at least, air pollution is down since 1992 for every single pollutant the EPA measures. And our CO2 emissions are down since the mid-1990s, yet #ClimateCatastrophists claim NONE of that improvement has slowed global, or U.S. #ClimateChange.…
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper For more than forty-five years the Clean Air Act has cut pollution as the U.S. economy has grown.
Carbon dioxide is not pollution. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless.… #ClimateAlarmism #ClimateChange
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Watch the animated version & see how average global temperatures continually vary and move around erratically with no relationship or response to any nation’s #GlobalWarming prevention policies or actions.
#GlobalWarmingism #ClimateAlarmism #AlGore
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