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Heutiges Thema meiner Serie: Fructose-Malabsorption. In der ernährungsmedizinischen Sprechstunde hören wir oft von Patienten, sie könnten kein Obst essen, weil sie eine Fructose-Intoleranz hätten. Diese Begrifflichkeit ist jedoch verwirrend und sachlich nicht korrekt, denn es
handelt sich hierbei nicht um eine Allergie sondern eine Aufnahmestörung von Fructose. Bei einer Fruktose-Malabsorption (FM) wird Fruktose aus der Nahrung durch eine Fehlfunktion eines Transportproteins (GLUT-5) nicht oder nur begrenzt vom Dünndarm aufgenommen. Sie wandert dann
in den Dickdarm, wo Bakterien den Fruchtzucker abbauen, hierdurch entstehen dann die typischen Beschwerden wie Blähungen, Durchfall und Bauchschmerzen. Grundsätzlich ist aber bei jedem Menschen die Aufnahmefähigkeit von Fructose begrenzt (kennt jeder, der schonmal einen Berg von
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Are #fruits essential?
Sugar Bombs: I believed in & practiced "An Apple a day" idiom for couple decades. However stopped few years back. Most med sized fruits like banana, apple, orange, pear that we consume provide 22-25 gms of #Fructose, that is 5 teaspoons of Sugar. Huge!
Fruits're similar to alcohol: Fructose is metabolized in liver (not small intestine). It doesn't provide any energy to the body/brain, so Liver has to convert & store the same as Fat : similar to alcohol. Fructose leads to fatty liver syndrome otherwise caused by alcohol
Fruits have changed over years: They've been made lot more sweeter & altered its structure (smaller or no seeds, more sugary pulp). Also too many chemicals used from seed to market including very long shipping & storage. By the time it reaches your plate, it's no more fresh!
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Fructose Coingestion Does Not Accelerate Postexercise Muscle Glycogen Repletion

Our 2016 paper:

A thread with figures.

#fructose #glucose #glycogen Image
The gut absorption of the carbohydrate glucose is the limiting factor in using glucose drinks for energy during exercise (carbohydrate oxidation). Fructose is a carbohydrate that is absorbed differently in the gut than glucose. Sucrose consists out of glucose and fructose.

2/ Image
Therefore, a combined ingestion of glucose and fructose allows a higher total carbohydrate absorption rate, oxidation rate, and exercise performance. But does this combination also improve the recovery of the muscle carbohydrate stores (i.e. muscle glycogen) after exercise?

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THREAD: After 4 years on my health journey (and having lost >50 lbs.), here are my top 20 weight loss and #health tips, things I really wish I had known 20 years ago. #LCHF
1. Stop the Sugar - Avoid #fructose, sucrose, lactose or pretty much anything else that ends in -ose. #Sugar causes blood glucose spikes, which raises your levels of insulin, the main fat-storage hormone.
2. Limit net carbohydrates to 50g or less daily. Lower is even better, shooting for 15g per meal. Calculate net #carbs by subtracting grams of fiber from total carbs.
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for those who missed my @aberdeen_ucu talk today on #sugar, #breakfast, #health & #appetite, a wee thread on the fascinating properties of sugar...
full talk (poor sound qual) can be found here:

#sugar is demonised in the media, literally described as "evil". myths include: its addictive, causes cravings, makes you hungry, makes you overeat, makes you gain weight.

current #publichealth guidelines target reducing sugar
#breakfast is touted the "most important" meal of the day. what does "important" mean?

breakfast is the highest #sugar meal of the day so a good meal to target to reduce total sugar.

breakfast = complex to define, but broadly breaks the overnight fast (break-fast) 3/21
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