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1🧵A developing story of multiple outbreaks of #MarburgVirus in Equatorial Guinea, and Tanzania in Africa occurring over the last few weeks. Marburg is rare but holds a 88-90% fatality rate according to the reports coming out of the area. ImageImageImageImage
2🧵What I found most concerning was the particular locations of the outbreaks and their proximity to BSL-3 & BSL-4 Laboratories in Africa. While zoonotic spillover is possible, lab leaks do occur and so far there is no theory or evidence suggesting a natural host. ImageImageImage
3🧵What was even MORE concerning was the map of where Metabiota had confirmed locations of operations. Although most think Metabiota is long gone, think again. Metabiota joined #HEADA, in #Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Congo. ImageImageImageImage
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✅Virus In News : “Marburg Virus”🦠🦠.

- Natural hosts : Egyptian fruit bats.
- The rare,often fatal haemorrhagic disease.

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#UPSC #MarburgVirus #UPSC2023

“Marburg Virus 🦠”
✅Region of influence:
- Recent outbreak in Tanzania and Guinea.
- For the first time, it was detected in Germany and Serbia in 1967.
- Current cases revolves around countries of Africa like, DR Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Angola, Guinea.
✅ Transmission Route:
- Human to Human transmission is possible.
- Direct contact with blood,secretions, and bodily fluids.
- also can be transmitted via contaminated items like sheets and clothes.
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#MarburgVirus Ausbruch in #Tanzania - ein paar Fakten zur Einordnung: Das Marburgvirus gehört zur Familie der Filoviren, zu denen auch Ebola gehört. Es löst im Menschen ein schweres Krankheitsbild aus, an ca. 50% Infizierten verstirbt, bei manchen Ausbrüchen auch mehr (bis 88%).
Der Name kommt tatsächlich von der Stadt Marburg/Hessen, wo in den 60er Jahren das Virus erstmals entdeckt wurde. Es kam dort zu einem Ausbruch unter Labormitarbeitern (auch in Frankfurt & Belgrad), die infizierte Affen aus Uganda als Versuchstiere erhalten hatten.
Seitdem beobachtet man regelmäßig Ausbrüche in Afrika. Das Reservoir des Virus sind Nilflughunde, die damit infiziert sind, selbst nicht krank werden, aber das Virus ausscheiden. Menschen infizieren sich idR in Höhlen (Minen für Gold, Rohstoffe), in denen die Tiere schlafen
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The #MarburgVirus is a cousin of #Ebola & there are outbreaks now in Equatorial Guinea, on the borders of Gabon & Cameroon & on other side of Africa, in Tanzania, all on the heels of Ghana outbreak last year. @WHOAFRO @WHO & African CDC are mobilized.
There are 6 major subtypes of #Marburg which is a bat-carried hemorrhagic RNA virus. The subtypes seem to have different fatality rates in humans -- up to 100%. The current strains have not yet been genotyped, so it is unclear what is going on, @WHO says.
MORE Image
It's possible these are coincident events.
It's also possible something is going on w/bat populations across equatorial Africa, which would be worrying.
@WHO 's Dr. Abdi Rahman Mahamoud just said in presser there are "more questions than answers."
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#WEF | World Economic Forum officially began to advertise the Marburg virus, the PCR test and the vaccine against it🤔…

#WEFpuppets #Vaccine #Virus #ClownWorld #BillGates
#Marburg the Next #Pandemic | #WEF already launching #propaganda campaign for the next "#Catastrophic Contagion", the next #Plandemic | #MarburgVirus 🙆‍♂️
20-year-old clip from #AlexJones and Dr #RimaLaibow telling us about all that has been happening all these years

#WHO is already getting ready for the next planned "pandemic" ... they have already started introducing the global population to the existence of the next coming planned "pandemic" now!! -> Marburg Virus.

#WEFpuppets #Vaccine #Virus #ClownWorld #BillGates #ClimateScam
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#MarburgScam just as Todd Callendar warned....

THREAD 1/19 Image
2/19 In this podcast, Todd Callender warned that the next plandemic was already hidden in the lipid nanoparticles of the vaxxed. As you will see in this thread, all the signs are there that this was planned long ago… Image
3/19 Celeste Solum had warned us about the payloads in lipid nano particles in the past. These b1oweapons have been presented in NASA documentation. Image
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📃Decálogo de recomendaciones preliminares urgentes #GTUAAN-@GepiSeimc -#SEIMC sobre manejo clínico de #pacientes en españa en el contexto del brote de enfermedad por #virus #marburg en Guinea Ecuatorial 🇬🇶 🧵
Podéis descargar el documento aquí: seimc-rc-2023-recomendaciones_marburg.pdf
@javimembrillo et Al. A fecha de la emisión de este documento, según @WHO-AFRO y el #CCAES hay 9 fallecidos, 16 sospechosos y 4.000 personas en #cuarentena. GTUAAN-GEPI-SEIMC emite las siguientes #recomendaciones para ayuda en la implementación de medidas en centros sanitarios:
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¡Vamos allá! Lo prometido es deuda

Hace unos días se ha diagnosticado un (otro) caso de #crimeacongo en Castilla y León
Esta enfermedad, aunque recibe poca atención mediática, se ha convertido en endémica en 🇪🇦 y es, ni más ni menos, una fiebre hemorrágica... como #ebola o #marburgvirus
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Stammt #SARSCoV2 aus dem #Genlabor? Denkbar sind im wesentlichen zwei Szenarien:
1. Das Virus wurde absichtlich entwickelt, um gain-of.function Mutationen zu studieren / 2. Es wurde in der Natur/Patienten gefunden und im Labor untersucht.
In beiden Szenarien ist es dann unbeabsichtigt freigesetzt worden (die blödsinnige Theorie, es sei von wem auch immer als B-Waffe entwickelt und absichtlich freigesetzt worden, lassen wir mal weg).
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