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What does #Caste hierarchy and historical priviledge look like in the Temple Building Industry?​​​​​​​ A thread:

( In image: A prototype of a temple design made by Sompura Brahmins and executed by Dalit Adivasi stone carvers​​​​​​​)
SOMPURA Brahmins- main actors of the temple building industry, who work closely with religious organizations such as #BAPS. On one hand, they profit off the blood and sweat of #Dalit and #Adivasi workers who build these temples...
...On the other hand, they consider their touch impure. So, Sompuras touch, bless and do ‘finishing touches’ on the carved stones - made by #Dalit #Adivasi #workers - to make them ‘worthy’ of their temples
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Dear @jack and everyone else reading this. Please stop funding hate in the times of corona. @SewaUSA is a well-known peddler of hate and bigotry. #COVID19 #Covid19IndiaHelp

RT requested for rapid awareness!

See this:… & this:…
To better know the supporters of Sewa USA, one should look through the replies to the following tweet by @Profdilipmandal, who has had casteist and bigoted slurs hurled at him. Don't feed the hate machine, @jack.

#COVID19 #Covid19IndiaHelp #Caste
Here is an investigative report by @nehadixit123 on the involvement of 3 #RSS affiliates in trafficking of 31 tribal girls from the state of Assam in eastern India to Punjab in north & Gujarat in west. #COVID19 #Covid19IndiaHelp #StopFundingHate
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In the #USA and much of the so-called #1stWorld, we are in Act 4 of a 5 act Shakespeare epic we might call “Pandemia 2020.”...
In the #UK, they seem mired in Act 3, and in #Russia, #Brasil, #Peru, and parts of #Africa it is Act 2! In #india it seems they are against a wall at the height of the Act 1!...
Why is this so?
To determine this, we must begin in December 2019.

On 26 Dec 2021 the govt in #Taipei, #Taiwan warned every other govt on Earth that their intelligence had determined there was a vrus spreading in #Wuhan, #PRC & that they were banning all travel from #China...
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A Thread.
You know this Q of #caste and #untouchability tghat so pervades Hindu practices.
The standard #Hindutva defence is that it was an invention of the vile colonial British and their divide and rule policy. Let's assume they are right.
Now can we all agree as follows:
1. That the evils of the colonial era need to be reversed
2. So we should post haste get rid of caste.
3. #Hindutva should take the lead and #RSS shd order all their devout Hindu members to ensure that at least 1 sone-in-law or daughter-in-law was from a Dalit or "lower caste"
Now would not that be the most fitting "two-fingers" reply to the vile British who allegedly gave us the racism of caste and, according to this RajyaSabha MP, still practice racism in the Royal Household?…
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@naralokesh @ncbn @JaiTDP @PattabhiRamK1
So one of your party worker started @ChangeOrg_India
petition for political reasons to side track the issue you are facing from #Dalit and #Christian community opposition. Image
More details can be found :
@naralokesh @ncbn @JaiTDP @PattabhiRamK1 Please go through GUNTUR URBAN POLICE reply to one of your tweet for more information. Do not politicize everything in the name of #Caste #Religion and #Dalit Image
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Some thoughts/excerpts on "I could not be #Hindu" by a former #RSS sevak/worker Bhanwar Meghwanshi, a #Dalit.

The book is really worth reading, just like #Ambedkar's "Annihilation of #Caste".

It is a unique 'testimony' to the RSS's #casteism.

Bhanwar has realised, in the end, that establishment of #RSS was also a partly reaction to the rise of #Dalit politics under the aegis of #Ambedkar whose first anti-caste mobilisations (including the Mahad satyagraha and temple entry movements).

In fact, Deendayal Upadhyaya defended '#casteism' even more explicitly, in Integral Humanism, a text that is still considered as its ideological charter by the RSS and BJP and other RW fringe groups.

Bhanwar experienced this as well.

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@meenakandasamy Dear Sister,
Burning Manu smriti, wouldn't result into social development.
1. Less than 1% of #Hindus might know about it.
2. With the technological advancements and governance transparency, the walls between different #caste and #religion are breaking. 1/3
@meenakandasamy 3. The #people are becoming more self-centric, #opportunistic and mercenary; may be including you n me unintentionally.
5. Spreading #hate would cause an irreversible damage to the #society and would be irrelevant in nearby robotic age. 2/3
@meenakandasamy The #solutions:
1. #DigitalIndia in each governance process for transparency and better distribution of the resources to the needy ones.
2. #leaders with no self-centric, opportunistic and mercenary attributes.
3. #PopulationControlBill for balancing with nature. 3/3
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This is my little nephew's school-issued #poetry #textbook that's part of the curriculum. He's in 4th grade.

Annie Shrestha (@scoannie) & I did a little #analysis of d contents of this textbook & made some interesting discoveries.

#Nepal #Caste #Gender #NepalEducation
As you can tell (see image), Rato Bangala Kitab is the publisher. And this one is the 5th edition, published a year ago. The 1st Edition came out in 2062 BS (16 years ago).

#Nepal #Caste #CasteIssues #Gender #NepalEducation #NepaliLiterature #GenderIssues
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🚨🚩🔞🛑I am going to expose the whole #atheistRepublic #sexykali #hinduHating #Hinduphobic #pervert #rapist #hooligans #SickCult. Dear #atheist if you have an ounce of #conscience, i bet youll unfollow #arminNavabi #atheistRepublic. See👇 all:🕉️
(1/30) #lovejihad #HindusGirls Image
(2/30) Morality of #atheistHub: Normalizing #hindus to #pedofilo #Pedohunter : #atheistRepublic.
But #arminNavabi (Incessant Blocker)Refuses To Hear Our Pleas.
#underaged #hindus Matter #hinduDignity matters Image
(3/30)@AGAtheist_ (Employee of atheist Republic)
#sexykali , @ArminNavabi @AtheistRepublic Groomeers of #pedofilia #Pedohunter #pedofiliaecrime #pedo ImageImageImage
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"#Ram is written all over us. So, you see, we are the Ramayana."

The Ramnami sect, originally Dalits, have rejected the #caste system to adopt a bhakti path open to all with Ram at its center.

The Ramnami of Chhattisgarh were originally Dalits who rejected their caste and adopted a devotional path. They have distinctive tattoos and cultural norms, but the younger generation is giving up these practices.
Pandit Ram Das, 90, of Kodava village, never went to school, but he can write in four languages, he says. He rewrote parts of Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas, the holy book of the Ramnami, wherever it indicates class and gender inequality.
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Let's just back up for a min so that we don't lose focus

1. A #Dalit girl was heinously raped by 4 Upper Caste men and left to die on a field in the middle of the night.
2. When her mother discovered the body & the police was called, they said "Ask her to stop acting &get up"
3. After much hesitation, she was taken to the hospital ON A BIKE
4. She named her rapists, all FOUR OF THEM, while heroically struggling for her life on her death bed.
5. Her body was cremated at 2.30 AM w/o her family's consent. They didn't even get to see her body.
6. Post mortem report described the gruesome horrors that girl had to go through. (I just can't..)
7. UP police aided the victims and declared there was no #Rape
8. Her family has been caged inside their house ever since.
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Razib Khan:" [#Rao] is very good at what she does.
..making #money runs in Rao’s family—as it does with many Indian activists in the[#US], who have become leaders in the battle against ‘#WhiteSupremacy’.

..daughter of upper-caste southern Indian immigrants to the #UnitedStates
> her parents were doctors, which is not exceptional since nearly one out of every five doctors in the[#US] is of Indian origin, and somewhere in the region of one in 20 Indian #Americans has a medical degree.

..the median Indian-#American household income is nearly twice that
> of white Americans, and as well as medicine many others are in prestigious, highly-paid industry — including #SaraRao’s husband, who works in #finance and private #equity."…

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Review on Growth of Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Medieval India by Dr K S Lal. [#Thread ] #History #india #scheduledtribe #scheduledcaste #caste #indic #civilization #Hindus #hinduism #SanatanDharma #medieval #bharat
This well researched book is a gem for all those who are curious to learn the actual state of the present day STs/SCs during Medieval Ages, especially in Hindu Society.
It challenges and devastates the false extreme narrative built first by colonial Western Indologists and later popularised by Marxists Historians, that Hindu upper castes used to unleash unimaginable amount of inhuman atrocities on lower castes..
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An important and insightful thread (as usual) from @AshaRangappa_. She (as usual) provides excellent legal context for current events.

From the @anthropology side, a bit of calibration, since the terminology of "Aryan" & "AIT" have been misused politically in both nations:
The part of AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) that has been debunked is the Invasion part: #Anthropology, #archeology & related disciplines view an "invasion" of modern-day #Punjab as unsupported by evidence.

The influx of a different ethnic group was real, but probably peaceful..
3/n demonstrated by #linguistics & #genetics, the communities of Northern India & Pakistan are quite distinct from the #Dravidian ones of Southern India. That part is uncontroversial. The (dangerous) controversy is over what this all means. That's where #AIT comes in...
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👉Lot of talk about caste from all types of people
👉Enemies of Hindus want to fuel caste angle by pushing fake narrative, some stray incident
👉Some political party w/o understanding the British design n in guilt mode tries to overcompensate for caste oppression
👉With unending demand for rise in quota n votebank politics, upper caste Hindus think their children will be deprived of all opportunities in future
👉Lets see what's in store for us
👉India doesn't have history of caste hatred or violence before 1947
👉Whatever caste problem is there is due to caste base politics
👉After the phenomenal loot/plunder by muslim invaders n British, in 1947 we were left with little resources
👉Sad part is after independence we didn't get great committed leaders, corruption set in early n wrong
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Regardless of the medium putting down your caste discrimination stories and experiences on that particular medium is not a easy thing. It needs great mental strength and courage to do so. Because when you are writing it all the same time you are reliving all that humiliation and
bad experience again. And no one wants to do that. Many of us want all those experiences should be buried within ourselves forever. We don't want to revisit those places in our memory ever.
That's the haunting effect of these bad memories on one's mind. It's not a ordinary task at all and not everyone can do that. Strength and power to all those who are writing their caste encounters. Jaybhim 🙏

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And when I replied to Him with -
"Sir I am Buddhist sir."
he - " You donkey don't tell me that. Tell me your caste." Me - "I don't know my caste Sir." There was a huge laughter in the class for ten minutes.
When this encounter first happened to me I was totally unaware of my hindu caste, and my parents only told me "We are Buddhists and that's all. Don't tell anyone unless asked. Try to keep your mouth shut all the time before strangers."
These were the instructions.
So I was standing there in the class and looking down to my feet, completely confused. Experiencing my first ever public humiliation. Then suddenly my teacher's voice echoed in the class. He - "OK you fool, tonight you will ask your parents about your caste and tomorrow you
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I spent the last week driving the north coast, and my only companion was @Isabelwilkerson and her new (audio)book #Caste. It's massive, but I worked my way through it and can confirm that, as many critics have already reported, it's a masterwork. Well done, Isabel!

1/ Image
It would be impossible to adequately summarize a magnum opus like this on Twitter, so I won't try. But I will say that, while much of the ground Wilkerson covers was familiar to me (and will be familiar to many or most of the people who will self-select to tackle it), her. . .2/
tactic of setting American systems of oppression against those of Nazi Germany and the Indian caste system is effective. It makes familiar tales and lessons read as both new and poignant. It is as if she, at the outset of the book, puts new lenses in our eyeglasses and. . . 3/
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While CAA, 370, NEC, Ram Mandir have been huge wins, Hindus should now address #caste. We have never been scared of introspection, reform.
If identity/occupation based on birth was unjust then, it is downright ludicrous now.
Let’s not leave room for others to divide us.
There’s an intellectual argument that caste pride stopped Hindus from being mass-converted, but then we lost half of Bharat, namely AfPak, B’desh, NE and Kashmir nearly. It doesn’t wash.
Also, jati-varna being a theoretical matrix of work long descended into birth-bound tyranny.
If there is ever a case of throwing the baby out with bathwater, it is caste. If we try to hold on to it, it will always be exploited by upper castes and colonisers and Hindu society will forever be weak.
Caste has got so ingrained in our DNA that it will need a conscious purge.
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In June, California filed an unprecedented lawsuit against Cisco for discrimination based on #Caste. The complainant was a Dalit, the lowest of the low in India's caste hierarchy.

But this complaint was just the tip of the iceberg for in Silicon Valley…
In the weeks since the Cisco lawsuit was filed, over 250 Dalits came forward with similar complaints from companies like Apple, Microsoft Facebook, Google, Netflix, and many more — according to data provided to me by @EqualityLabs…
I also spoke to six Dalits who described in horrific detail how they have suffered decades of discrimination, bullying, and abuse at the hands of higher caste Indians who work at these companies. All, while suffering in silence.…
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#Ram is written all over us. So, you see, we are the Ramayana." The Ramnami sect, originally Dalits, have rejected the #caste system to adopt a bhakti path open to all with Ram at its centre. They have distinctive cultural norms, but the younger generation is giving them up. ImageImage
“We took our message not from god but from a man, a common man," the Ramnamis say of their legendary leader Parasuram, a #Dalit man born in Charpora village in the 1870s. The msg is of #equality, as they try to build a community free of caste, class & gender discrimination. ImageImage
Pandit Ram Das, for instance, has rewritten the poet saint Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas – the holy book of the Ramnami, where it indicates class & gender inequality. There is no sorrow in this world like #poverty,” says Mehtr Ram Tandon quoting Tulsidas.… ImageImage
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1 tweet mildly critical of #KanganaRanaut = 40+ hours of communal trolling, misogyny, abuse, lies. If you still think this is about #SushantSinghRajput or #nepotism, if you do not see that hers is a self-serving battle backed by the IT Cell & unrelated to Sushant, you are naive. Image
Tell me, #SushantSinghRajput's genuine fans, is it your belief that Sushant - who took a stand on Hindutva-Rajput extremism - would have approved of this? 👇🏾 What explains such tweets being sent by those who claim to be fighting in his name? #nepotism #outsiders #KanganaRanawat ImageImageImage
"Patti" is "bitch"/"dog" in Malayalam. "Patticad" is a play on my surname. This troll is basically calling me "The Vetticad Bitch". A writer friend says there are other obnoxious interpretations too for the coinage. & to think these trolls claim to care about #SushantSinghRajput Image
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"The book probes what it means to be Sikh and brings important questions of Sikh resistance into the forefront." #Captivating #Sikh #Caste Image
"Conclusions are evidentiary based that will intrigue anthropologists and history students as well as an average reader." #Captivating #Sikh #Caste Image
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THREAD: Troubled by many media reports & SM conversations where depression + mental health issues are assumed to be only causes of #suicide
Of course, we need conversations on #Mentalhealth & depression is associated with suicide. Why am I then bothered by this? Read on..1/n
In the West, studies show that ~ 80% of suicides have depression as a predisposing cause. Also in West, suicides peak is mostly older ppl (>60 yrs) + male:ratio is ~ 4: 1.
However India's suicide epidemology is different. In India, only ~50% have some mental illness...2/n
Also our peak suicides are in age group of 18-39 yrs + male:female ratio is ~ 1.5:1. So a lot of young Indian women dying of suicides.1 out of 3 women dying of suicide 🌍 are Indian. For women in this age group, suicides is No 1 cause of death, ahead of maternal mortality..3/n
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