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#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

VDH outbreak list now reports 78 linked COVID-19 cases, the result of attending or working at #Taylor elementary school in late April and May. It’s one of the larger documented school outbreaks in Virginia since they began keeping track.
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

VDH outbreak list now reports 41 linked COVID-19 cases, the result of attending or working at #ArlingtonTraditional elementary school in May.

The new variants are so contagious spread to family members is extremely common after exposure at school.
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

VDH outbreak list now reports 19 linked COVID-19 cases, the result of attending or working at #Discovery elementary school in May.

Why are we tolerating so much COVID in schools and putting infectious kids & teachers back into schools every week?
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1/ Yesterday CDC recommended that hospitals & healthcare facilities allow patients to keep their own N95 masks on

Some would think by now, these facilities should be offering visitors these respirators during a pandemic— but we are celebrating just being allowed to wear our own
2/ The science has not changed. The policy has lagged behind for two years. People are appropriately frustrated. More broadly, policy & comms around N95 masks have lagged for the community too, where ventilation standards are poorer and the average mask 👎🏼 than in the hospital
3/ Very simply— in a pandemic of a respiratory airborne virus, equipping the public with better masks— notably, respirators— should not be a huge point of debate. It’s a low hanging fruit
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Ultimate Freedom Day is forcing the most vulnerable into impossible situations.

How can we #StaySafe?
No testing. No isolating.

How can we judge our risks?
No ONS data, no government data.

How can we even access healthcare?
No masks.

With no masks and no isolating how can forced return to F2F work be viable in these circumstances?
We are choosing between #LivesAndLivelihoods

How can we send our children to school safely?
We are choosing between #educationANDlives

Why is the answer ONLY more vaccines?
Severely immunosuppressed may not have made a response to 4.

Where is the real world evidence this will make a difference?
No other country is offering 5 doses.

What about the other CV / CEV?
Vaccines waning.

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Since we're on our own now that "let Covid rip, have another dose of Pfizer & shut up!" is official US policy, I'm starting a master thread of things we peasants can do to better arm ourselves.
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#BetterMasks for kids < 5 yo

☑️ Filtration
☑️ Fit
☑️ Function

A short thread 🧵

Optimize filtration material:

☑️Surgical masks are good
Look for ASTM-rated

✅Respirators are best
Look for standardized filters:
Canadian - 95PFE
South Korean- KF94
Chinese - KN95

You won’t find a NIOSH certified “N95” for children.

NIOSH only regulates products for adults.

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#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

😡: Almost no students who are exposed are being told directly of exposures or quarantined.

We encourage parents w/COVID+ kids to DIY your own reporting to parents and families where you can; assume APS isn't going to notify exposed. It's up to you. Image
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

The worst school, with >13% of its students catching COVID in Jan, is #Montessori Public School.

MPSA was found to be one of the worst schools for ventilation + parents reported a lack of implementation for outdoor lunch in Jan. for some classes. ImageImage
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

So far, YTD, two dozen Arlington public schools have had more than 10% of their student body test positive for COVID-19.

In such an environment, removing masks when community transmission is so high seems like the ultimate folly. Image
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#KidsMasks🧵cont.: Over the past week, we have tried more vertical-fold #FFP2 #facemasks for kids. We haven't yet found any that fit my kids (or my!) faces properly. Here's why, and also some suggestions for adaptations to improve fit: 1/
2/ Here are the 4 masks we tried. The black one was the one we had already. It fits well on my kids (aged 15 and 11) except around the nose where the clip doesn't stay moulded, letting air out (and in) around the edges. Image
3/ These 2 masks are the same brand. But one is XXS and the other is called 'kids'. As far as we could tell, they were the same. NB, the earloops were different lengths (on the same mask!). They were too small; didn't extend under chin. Poor nose clip let air out - clear gaps. Image
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CDC came out with another incremental update on #mask & #respirator guidance today:…

Clarifies N95s aren't in short supply & can be worn again!

It's still not perfect, but it feels like we're at least inching in the right direction. Some thoughts via a🧵.
2/ New statement that most respirators (i.e. #N95s) "are disposable and should be discarded WHEN they are dirty, damaged, or difficult to breathe through."

So you CAN #ReuseN95s‼️
See, e.g.:

That's *much* better guidance than to toss after a single use!
3/ Also clearly states that:
"Loosely woven cloth products provide the least protection ... and well-fitting NIOSH-approved respirators (including #N95s) offer the highest level of protection."

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#BetterMasks #FitFiltrationFunction

@masknerd’s google docs excel sheet tabulating all his mask testing results is a goldmine of information!

I highlighted some of his data in the pictured table to further explore the validity of the “well-fitting medical mask” narrative

A few ASTM level 3 surgical masks were tested. Worn without modification, they had a filtration efficiency of 35-78% (via particle counter).

(Side note- don’t twist the ear loops- it makes the fit worse)

Is > 20% leak well-fitting? Not in my books.

With a mask brace to improve seal, the surgical masks performed better: > 92% filtration efficiency, not quite well-sealed N95 quality

To pass a formal quantitative fit test for respirators (ie N95s), one must achieve at least 99% filtration efficiency (fit factor of 100).

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1. FAQ for #BetterMasks in schools and colleges - a long 🧵

My goal is to provide information to parents, teachers, and students who want to protect themselves, but also to give sufficient background to allow people to advocate for policy changes.
2. Why am I doing this? Other than the fact that it is incredibly important given #Omicron, I have already prepared 3 versions of this for different schools this week. It is clear that many people don’t have the background needed to support mask upgrades.
3. The info below draws on insights from a number of experts, who I will try to acknowledge where possible. Apologies for any omissions. Errors are my own. Special thanks to @PatriciaFabianS and Wendy Heiger-Bernays @busphEH for their contributions to one of the FAQs.
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What are 'non-disposable' hi-fi #masks and are they effective respiratory protection? Another short 🧵...

Disclaimer: To demonstrate mask features/types, I will show example images of masks and credit their source. I do not endorse these or any brands, or specific masks.
2/ I will discuss 2 types of non-disposable #facemasks. The 1st has layer/s of #N95/#FFP2 material internally and usually cotton outer layers. They are marketed as being washable & re-usable. The 2nd is called an '#elastomeric' or 'half-face' #respirator. Images: @vogmask @3M
3/ Important: if the mask comes with a certification (e.g. CE mark in the UK/EU; NIOSH-CDC label in the US) then they have been tested and fulfil the requirements of relevant product standard e.g. #FFP2/#N95. If this is absent, the mask may use the materials but not be certified.
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1/ To get maximum protection from #covid19, you need great filtration AND fit.

If your mask doesn’t fit well, you'll breathe in unfiltered air from leaks around your mask.

That could make the difference between 60-70% effective filtration and 95%+

A 🧵 on getting a good fit.
2/ I'm assuming you are wearing one of the #bettermasks, such as an #N95, N99, N100, KF94, FFP2, FFP3, non-fake KN95, etc and that you're happy with it.

(If yours doesn't fit well or you don't have one of these high-performance masks yet, I get to that below.)
3/ All high-quality masks will come with instructions -- read them!

If you have a 3M N95, you can often find good video or printed instructions by searching for "wear it right 3m XXXX" where XXXX is the model number.

General basic instructions here:.…
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If you have more experience & credibility than Dr. @brosseau_lisa on topics of industrial hygiene, aerosol science & mask use, etc. - then by all means speak up.
Otherwise, dispense w/ silliness that surgical masks are safer than N95s. Use #BetterMasks.
3/ Regarding new mask mandates:
“Once you go into a store & you know you’re gonna be there for more than a couple minutes, you’ve got to wear a respirator.”: @brosseau_lisa
Look for NIOSH stamp & a tight fit. "If it has ear loops, it's not a respirator."…
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1/ Transmission & infection are very complex dynamic processes

To cause clinical infection, need adequate dose of inoculum

Adequate dose depends on many factors, including
-infectiousness of host
-use of mask & which type
2/ Some of those factors are modifiable, but that depends on what you are capable of doing

You cannot control the infectiousness of random people around you, what viral strain they have, or what type of masks they have on (if any)
3/ You cannot (always) control the ventilation of space you are in (esp for necessities like travel or grocery shopping etc)

You can sometimes modify duration of time in a place or proximity to others, but often you cannot (public transit)
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It's frustrating to see pervasive misunderstanding that N95 masks (respirators) need to be fitted or they are useless. Some of the same people champion surgical masks instead.
Illogical - If N95s don't work unless prof. fitted, how could surgical masks w/ big gaps work better? 1/
2/ The chart & thread here gathered by @akm5376 helps add perspective. Yes, a professionally fitted N95 provides tremendous protection! But even a un-fitted N95 is better than almost anything else, b/c the filtration is great & fit is already good.
3/ This is a nice thread by @claire_horwell on the differences between surgical masks and respirators.
(BTW, Prof. Horwell has been on a tear lately with a great OpEd & a number of great threads - worth following!)
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1. I tend to be an optimist. But I don't see how any amount of #COVID19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths, or disruptions will lead to fundamental change in our pandemic response. We have left it to individuals to protect themselves, battling against inequitable structural factors.
2. If there is a positive side, it is that people can be well protected with vaccine/booster, #BetterMasks, ventilation/filtration, rapid tests, and avoiding crowded indoor settings. We need to do much more to ensure it is not only those with means who can have those protections.
3. Policy changes are needed to truly make this happen. But if they are not forthcoming (and I fear they are not), we need to regain our collective spirit. If we are just out to protect ourselves, we will perpetuate disparities and prolong the pandemic.
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Many people have been asking about KF94 masks lately.

I lived in South Korea for ~4 yrs, and since early last year, I regularly bought KF94 masks from South Korea.

Here are a few tips on buying KF94 masks in PH. A thread.🧵 1/
First, what is KF94?

It is the Korean standard high-filtration mask. "KF" in KF94 stands for "Korea Filter" and "94" indicates the 94% filtration efficacy of the mask. It's comparable to KN95s from China and N95s from the US. 2/
Why upgrade your mask?

Here's a very informative CBS interview video with @masknerd:…

For some time now, more and more scientists are calling for #N95sForAll and #BetterMasks, esp since delta/omicron and that there are more supply now on the market. 3/
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😷 #FFP2 et école : des initiatives, en France et à l'étranger, pour équiper les enseignants et personnels.
Thread, appelé à croître (partagez ci-dessous celles dont vs avez connaissances SVP).
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1/ In the hierarchy of infection prevention, you have “more” & “less” effective ways to stop spread (used in hospitals)

But we can apply this concept to specific efforts aimed at reducing community transmission as well
2/ ‘Elimination’ or prevention of entry of a pathogen; I see rapid testing as a key part of this

If we could stop infectious people from entering public spaces, we could fundamentally stop super spreading

Cc @RanuDhillon @sri_srikrishna @michaelmina_lab @ADPaltiel
3/ In terms of engineering controls, restructuring spaces to improve ventilation = essential

People have tried to emulate this by moving activities outdoors when possible, opening windows, buying home filtration devices etc

@kprather88 @j_g_allen
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Following my @guardianopinion article, people asked which #mask I recommend. I won't recommend a specific brand or model but I can recommend features of masks that will enhance comfort and fit. This🧵relates to industry-certified masks. 1/…
2/ Firstly, what do I mean by 'industry-certified'? These respirators conform to (and have passed tests for) industry standards of filtration efficiency (at a minimum). To cut a long story short, mainly #N95/N99 (US), #FFP2/FFP3 (Europe/UK) & KF94 (Korea).…
3/ Although these masks pass tests for how well they filter (capture) particles & aerosol, and all are excellent at doing this, the actual effectiveness of your mask also depends on how well it seals to your face. This also depends on your face shape/size.… Image
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1/ A short & friendly thread on masks for NYE

To start, the mask that we were all supposed to have from 2008 that isn't in production anymore for unclear reasons.

It was replaced by bandannas when no one was paying attention.

I present:

The 3M 8670F

2/ Next we have the 3M 1870+

If you're a healthcare worker and you can get fit tested for this, do it.

You can work out in this.

You can scream at the CDC in this.

You can do basically anything in this. @CDCDirector you gotta try this one.

3/ Then we have the cousin of the 1870+

the 3M 9205+

This is the mask that shockingly has been hiding at your local Home Depot but that could have been your go-to for the past 2 yrs

Seems like the 8670F in disguise

We can blame Home Depot (or the CDC)
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So there was a respirator FOR THE PUBLIC for emergencies such as a PANDEMIC by 3M from 2008

How in the hell did CDC recommend cloth masks for this long instead of pushing the federal government to scale up production for every single American immediately 2 years ago?????
Link here — note the date: 2008…

h/t @AeonCoin
And this looks *a lot* like the 3M 1870– the respirator that is so comfortable I did an entire workout in the gym with absolutely no issues at all if we are going to bring this back to N95 being ‘uncomfortable’

I just don’t get why

Cc @CDCDirector @WhiteHouse @Surgeon_General
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1. Those who focus on “Most kids will be fine if they get #COVID19” are missing the big picture. If we let kids get COVID in the next few weeks (which is a foregone conclusion with #Omicron without multiple layers of protection in schools), we create some major problems… 🧵
2. Kids will infect their families, putting their health at risk and creating the workplace disruptions that seem to be our primary focus right now.
3. Kids will flood the health care system. And it’s not just about hospitals - pediatric practices will be overrun. And that will have a major ripple effect for other kids who need support, including the mental health challenges gripping so many.
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Kids return to school in 5 days. If we don’t have #BetterMasks (and more) for all staff and students, schools might technically stay open but with no one to teach or learn. Local and state leaders need to get these masks immediately to distribute staring Monday.
Universal #BetterMasks alone can reduce exposure dramatically relative to universal cloth masks, let alone no masks. They can be more comfortable than cloth, and you could get through the next couple of months for < $20 per person paying retail.
Cost is prohibitive for some families, and many districts couldn’t afford to provide masks for all. Where the gov won’t help, maybe PTOs can step up? Bulk purchase where those who can afford subsidize for those who can’t? State help for low-income districts? Let’s get creative.
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