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Bienvenidos a mi twitter profesional. Aquí encontrarás contenido relacionado con #programacion 💻y #psicologia 🧠. ¡Sígueme para no perderte nada de este contenido! Aquí te dejo todos los hilos que he ido haciendo, con muchísimo contenido útil y gratis. Hope it helps 😉⬇️⬇️⬇️ #it
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We’ve brought you 8 #meetups from last month to freshen up your knowledge in React a little.
Bury yourself in these #tech talks and learn about the most recent updates and methods in #React from experts all over the world.…
The Worlds Most Expensive React Component via @chantastic
We need to stop building expensive #React #components — components that promise the world but are impossible to maintain. Watch this video for a more productive way of working in React.…
The Stack of the Future via @kentcdodds
In this talk, Kent shows you how #Remix can help you get started with a solid foundation so you can focus on building out your ideas.…
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Here's a complete roadmap of topics to master VueJS

A Thread 🧵

#vue #vuejs #100DaysOfCode #webdevelopment #webdev #programming #coding #javascript #HTML #HTML5 #CSS3 #CSS #programming
1⃣ Prerequisite
- #HTML / #CSS Basics
- Basic #Javascript Concepts ✌️
2⃣ Vue Basics
- What is Vue
- Component Basics (Template, script, data, methods)
- Handling User Inputs
- Conditionals and Loops
- Computed properties and watchers
- Class Bindings (CSS Classes) 😀
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Are you looking for the most awesome #Vue videos? Well, look no further, we deliver exactly what you need. Here are the best ones from November, and believe us, they are all worth checking out.…
Jump into what continuous delivery and feature flags truly are. Learn how to reach continuous delivery in #Vue, using #Gitlab feature flags.
@kristianmzmz @codurance…
Get ready for @ErikCH telling you all the details of how you can create a full stack application including AWS Amplify, Appsync, Lambda, Cognito for Authentication and Authorization and more!…
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The fundamental problem of #web #development:

Turning trees into tables and back

(Thread 1/6)
It may seem simple as you may have some data in tables (hello, MySQL) and you want them on a web page (hi, <table>). But you start joining data from other tables and you end up displaying a tree in a table. How? You never know how to do it until you try to use that. UX!

But if you have tree-data, tree-database (hello, Mongo), and tree components on website, you still need tables to present the data of similar structure. It's all 2D and are brains are trained to get information presented as combination of 2 axes. Hello, tables!

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💜 It's time for new development fuckery, please welcome my next CREATION — Project Amber!
A long time ago I wanted to make my own Genshin DB but left it for a few months.... BUT then decided to remake it again!

You can visit it here:

#VUE #GenshinImpact
At first I tried to deal with CSS myself, and it was fine, but then one of my good friends recommended me #Tailwind, and it turned out very amazing experience! Felt like CSS got a separate programming language XD.

Thanks everyone who supported me with the project BTW!
Mostly I did it for fun, because I started (and I did) really enjoy programming stuff, and also wanted to do something useful for community (how without that).
Also, I kinda wanted to kinda recreate Genshin UI in HTML, and I did it, ahahahahaha!!!!
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Après la randonnée, passons à la #plongée pour voir si l'évolution ne serait pas le meilleur des processus d'#optimisation. Pas de généralisation"la nature, c'est mieux", les formules "dame nature", "à voulu", autre joyeuseté ne seront donc que des tournures poétiques. #DarwinWin Hammer shark skull by x-ray
Les #sphyrnidae (ou requins marteaux) sont une famille #poisson qui, vous le savez peut-être déjà, a l'originalité de ne pas être profilé comme les autres. Une tête plate, comme d'autre #requin, mais large formant un T caractéristique.
Les biologistes nous affirment que cette forme permet un meilleur #odorat et les yeux aux extrémités du T une meilleure #vue. Je traduis à ma façon :

+ de place pour les capteurs #optiques, #nociceptifs et #électromagnétiques (grâce aux ampoules de #Lorenzini).

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En esta ocasión os traigo un hilo donde os añado diferentes fuentes para poder descargar plantillas HTML totalmente gratis para poder usarlas en vuestros proyectos personales / profesionales.
Abro 🧵🙏
Espero que os guste y lo compartáis con todo el mundo que creáis que le sirva
1.- W3Layouts
Más de 4000 plantillas clasificadas en diferentes secciones como páginas personales, de negocios, de ámbito social... Os invito a que echéis un ojo y ya veréis, que merece la pena
2.- Web Flow…
Plantillas para diferentes objetivos. Podremos encontrar plantillas para usarlo en un negocio de fitness, tienda online, blog personal,...
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VUE components communication: How parent and child component communicate using props. How to use prop validators.

#VUE #100DaysOfCode #DevCommunityIN #DevCommunity #Props #vuejs
This repo is all about : How to use dynamic props in vue js.

#VUE #100DaysOfCode #DevCommunityIN #DEVCommunity #Props #vuejs…
This repo is all about how child sends custom event as $emit and inform parent to change data. parent receives ) and update the data and DOM changes automatically. Thanks VUE reactivity.
#VUE #100DaysOfCode #DevCommunityIN #DEVCommunity #Props #vuejs…
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We're back with the second part of our top 10 #Svelte meetup video selection of 2020.

Remember, you can read the entire article here, but if you want to scroll through the separate instead, just keep reading. 👇…
@WixEng's podcast featured both @Rich_Harris and Eliran Hezkia talking about why #Svelte is better than #React. However, convincing a team to switch frameworks isn't easy, and the guys are discussing that topic too.…
What to do if need to build a web component that can be used in two different places, but still has a standalone development and deployment process? You'll need #Microfrontends, and why not use #Svelte while you're at it? Evan Payne's got you covered.…
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So, what happened with @sveltejs last year? Our latest hand-picked top 10 selection will answer that question. You can check the videos here or by clicking on this link.

Below you'll find the first 5 videos in details.…
First up: @John_Papa's introduction to #Svelte. You’ll get tips and tricks for building blazing fast apps, and learn how it compares to #Vue, #Angular and #React.…
Here's @digitalix, a mobile developer, trying out #Svelte Native for the first time. He has some exciting insights to share with you.…
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I have been teaching #FullStack #WebDevelopment for over 5 years, and taking interviews for #FullStack developers for over 3 years now.
Here is a tiny thread 🧵 for aspiring #Developers 👇
1. 📜 Take up frontend first, easier to see results. Take up backend later

I personally learnt #NodeJS to support my #Android work, and later got into #Frontend. But if I only had to be a web developer, I'll redo it with frontned first.
2.💡 Focus on basics before frameworks. Framework ninjas with 0 in basics get thrown out in interviews

It is nothing short of depressing how many people cannot even start making a simple project with #react or #vue scaffolding. Don't be that guy.
DOM events, semantic HTML ftw!
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