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Excited for my first re:Invent and getting ready for the @ajassy keynote coming up!

#awsreinvent #AWS #cloud
Loving the opening music act 🎸
Zach Person is the musician playing, so awesome...

Here is his Instagram -
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Structural Design Patterns

🎭 Facade

💡Provides a simplified front face interface to hide a complex underlying code or architecture.


#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbies #Developers #programming #code #developers

✅ improves readability and usability by hiding more complex interactions behind a common and simple interface
✅ provides a context-specific way to interact with a more general functionality
✅ It can be the initial change in a monolith to a more loosely coupled code
What tries to solve?

▫️ Make the subsystems easier to use
▫️ Merge logics and hidden into a more understandable method
▫️ Limit the logic exposed
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Have had a chance to read a great article by @dangoslen:…

The lessons he learned at the beginning of his #SoftwareEngineer career are quite similar we've encountered on our path and put as principles for junior #developers.

What are those principles? 🧵
Principle #1: Don't listen to your ego — talk to your team

Stop caring about your thoughts of what other people might think about you. It shouldn't matter to you.

Always talk to your team when you are in trouble, share your thoughts, get answers/help, and continue growing.
Principle #2: Be braver — say (nonsense) aloud

A similar one, but still quite different: if you get an idea or thought - say it aloud during tech meetings, discussions, one on ones and so on.

Doesn't matter how bold it is - don't hold it back. Say, get feedback, and move on.
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Should #smartcontract code execution always be dispostive? Can code execution actually bind participants if litigation is always available? Does extrinsic goverance of #blockchains that may alter #consensus governance weaken, or strengthen a protocol? Who should care? /1
Short answer- everyone. #Developers #investors & #lawyers all need to understand #blockchain & #smartcontract governance to understand what it means to build on top of others' tech. Can you patent new art built on a blockchain? Will your software work if the underlying chain /2
upgrades its code? What if the underlying blockchain forks? How can a #smartcontract advocate for or against software changes to underlying #blockchain system functionality? Is it worth investing in a project built on a frequently shifting foundation.... /3
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I have been teaching #FullStack #WebDevelopment for over 5 years, and taking interviews for #FullStack developers for over 3 years now.
Here is a tiny thread 🧵 for aspiring #Developers 👇
1. 📜 Take up frontend first, easier to see results. Take up backend later

I personally learnt #NodeJS to support my #Android work, and later got into #Frontend. But if I only had to be a web developer, I'll redo it with frontned first.
2.💡 Focus on basics before frameworks. Framework ninjas with 0 in basics get thrown out in interviews

It is nothing short of depressing how many people cannot even start making a simple project with #react or #vue scaffolding. Don't be that guy.
DOM events, semantic HTML ftw!
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Just had a wild idea, so bear with me:
Imagine an #opensource #cryptocrowdfunding model for software products, the kind you buy from @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud and also the smaller players like @digitalocean and @Rackspace m, where there are no hardware licenses. 1/
You don’t even have to run the software or have access to the hardware running it in this model. Instead of #softwarelicensing, #developers set #crypto #staking thresholds which act as #digitalaccesscontroltokens; #stake x of whichever #Crypto, or y of another, with a discount 2/
when using the project’s #sidechain. So you get staking setup, and essentially get #APIkeys which allow you to join the network in r/w mode. Or you could say to heck with all that, I just want to pay someone. You can pay the network directly to do the work the software does. 3/
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"3 Months Coding Interview Preparation Guide"

I work at Dell & many #developers ask me how should they too prepare for “Big Tech” companies.

So, I created a roadmap of topics frequently asked in software engineering #Interviews

🧵A Thread🧵

#100DaysOfCode #InterviewTips
3 Months #interview preparation schedule

Week 0: Programming language
Week 1, 2 & 3: Data Structures
Week 4, 5 & 6: Algorithms
Week 7 & 8: System Design
Week 9 : Operating System
Week 10: Object-Oriented Design
Week 11: Behavioural question
Week 12: Revision.

Programming language -

The best programming language for your #coding interviews is the language that you’re most comfortable with. Prefer - #Java or CPP or #Python or #javascript

Brush up all the concepts of the #programming language of your choice.

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Dfference between null and undefined?

In JavaScript, undefined means, the value of the variable is not yet defined. And typeof undefined is also.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript
#CodeNewbie #developers #programmer
undefined: Declaring a variable without assigning any value to it, store a function return value to a variable but the function does not return anything, return statement does not return any values, a function parameter does not passed and the global variable undefined.
null: null means empty or non-existent value which is used to indicate “no value”. Even though typeof null returns object, null is primitive type and not an object.
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How to Learn React — A roadmap from beginner to advanced

Hii Dev's
This is a fundamental guide for #Developers this and also will try to make it easy and helpful one.

🧵A Thread🧵


1. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
2. Basic understanding of ES6 features.
1. Let
2. Const
3. Arrow functions
4. Imports and Exports
5. Classes
3. Basic understanding of how to use npm.

React Fundamentals/ Basics

1. Create React App
2. JSX, HyperScript, Virtual Dom
3. #CSS & Styles in React
4. Components & Props, Props Types
5. #HTML and Fragments
6. Special Props, Children, Key, InnerHtml
7. Conditions and Loops in JSX

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DOM Series #2

DOM Methods & properties

HTML DOM methods are actions you can perform (on HTML Elements).

HTML DOM properties are values (of HTML Elements) that you can set or change.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #html #developers #CodeNewbies #programming #webdev #DEVCommunity
The HTML DOM can be accessed with JavaScript (and with other programming languages).

In the DOM, all HTML elements are defined as objects.

The programming interface is the properties and methods of each object.
A property is a value that you can get or set (like changing the content of an HTML element).

A method is an action you can do (like add or deleting an HTML element).
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DOM Series - #1
The HTML DOM (Document Object Model)

When a web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document Object Model of the page.


#100DaysOfCode #javascript #developers #CodeNewbies #programming #html
JavaScript can change all the HTML elements in page
change all the HTML attributes in page
change all CSS styles inbpage
remove existing HTML elements and attributes
add new HTML elements and attributes
react to all existing HTML events in the page
create new HTML events in page
The W3C Document Object Model (DOM) is a platform and language-neutral interface that allows programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure, and style of a document."

>The HTML DOM is a standard for how to get, change, add, or delete HTML elements.
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JavaScript is programming language or scripting language. This thread is about what I think about Javascript.

Comment your opinion if I missed something...

#javascript #100DaysOfCode #javascript30 #coding #CodeNewbies #programming #developers #DEVCommunity
Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages
When it comes to making a website or app coding involves basically above 3 types of languages
- JavaScript is not a programming language in strict sense. Instead, it is a scripting language because it uses the browser to do the work.
Programming languages are high-level languages that need to be converted into machine level language because a computer can only understand machine level language or binary language (0 and 1). So we write the instructions in human-readable form and then we hit the compile button-
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SQL is the most popular database and many popular websites use SQL. So, here is a collection of the most asked #SQL interview questions to help you prepare.

Please RT for reach and bookmark for easy recall.

🧵A Thread 🧵

1. What is Database?

A database is an organized collection of data, stored and retrieved digitally from a remote or local computer system. Databases can be vast and complex, and such databases are developed using fixed design and modeling approaches.

#100DaysOfCode #developers
2. What is DBMS?

DBMS stands for Database Management System. DBMS is a system software responsible for the creation, retrieval, updating and management of the database.

#100DaysOfCode #developers
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I've just bought @GalZellermayer's new book "Manager in Shorts". I've read the first chapter (chapter 0) and can't wait for reading more.

"This book will make you aware." Image
@GalZellermayer Quote as I go thread

Chapter 1

"Aim to master 4 domains: T & 3 Ps:
Technology - you know: coding, design, architecture, databases, frontend, and so on.

Product - what are we building and why? Process - plan and execute.
People - (-:

“In this order”
Chapter 2

@GalZellermayer identified the above quote is lacking agility and accuracy. He mentions that @jewelia noted (and better expressed) that too, in her tweet
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Are you a developer or digital marketer looking for a quick way to connect to the @TwitterDev Labs APIs?

I've built a NuGet Package with coverage for all Endpoints:

- Filtered Stream
- Hide Replies
- Metrics
- Recent Search
- Sampled Stream
- Tweets & Users

Here you can see the APIs in use in a web application.

A Campaign has been setup to track tweets that mention "iphone" that are written in English.

This section contains an overview of the Campaign data such as Tweets with the most:

- Likes
- Comments
- Retweets
Here we can see the most discussed Person, Place, Organisation, Product, Hashtag, URL and Username:
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Last Saturday, @souvikdg and @hallidude chatted about the pros and cons of @CraftCMS on…. If you are deciding on whether to adopt #CraftCMS, you will find this thread useful. (1/13)
@souvikdg @hallidude @CraftCMS .@CraftCMS is a general purpose Content Management System (CMS) which differentiates itself from other #alternatives by offering a clean starting point coupled with great tools to build a #website. (2/13)
@souvikdg @hallidude @CraftCMS .@CraftCMS features a clear separation of concern between the content models, presentation and business logic. Since you begin with a clean slate, you have to bring your own #HTML and #design. There is no starter theme.
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@InfoQ on #Microservices
microservice architectural pattern is best used for implementing the "breadth" of business functionality. Engineers should avoid building deep call chains of services, as this can increase the probability of failure 1/2
Deep chains in #Microservices can also increase the challenges of locating and diagnosing issues. Code libraries can often be used more effectively to implement "depth" within services.
Good advice for #architects dealing with issues. Thanks @InfoQ 2/2
#developers should avoid building highly-coupled distributed #systems. Instead, they should build "resilient federations" based on standard domain-driven design (DDD) federations of services for implementing #Microservices
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I found my notes from my experience as a web developer at Shazam! It was my first & coolest job I ever had. Learnt a lot about myself. I'll be sharing what I learnt everyday for 30 days & would appreciate your help getting the word out in case it can help other #developers!
Here's my first bit about building a brand for yourself

A piece on hackdays, and how it can help strengthen your skillset

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1/ The "story" of #BattlefieldV is complex. While it is obvious #EA & #DICE no longer see significant long term profit potential (vs opportunity cost) for #BFV, how we got to today is worth revisiting. My experience tells me this...
2/ From the beginning, it *appears* the long term goal of #BattlefieldV was to follow the "beats" of the war, from the early European conflict zones to the end, and at the same time, make #BFV something more personal & "customizable" that previous titles.
3/ It's not hard to pull this from the structure we got, and it makes sense for a long running service title. #WW2 is a near perfect scenario (it's a war for God's sake) environment for a #Battlefield title that need updated over a 3-5 year period.
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1/12 Thread on our new report: 'Becoming more open: the view from four European cities'🏙️… #opencities #smartcities

@bsnaith_ from the 'open #cities' team is going to take you through some of the key points from the report...
2/12 All four of these cities – #Amsterdam, #Gdańsk, #Hamburg and #Helsinki – have made significant progress in the move towards becoming open cities. The report shares how they're developing data infrastructure, training staff, engaging with citizens and fostering innovation.
3/12 The report talks about some of the challenges of using #data and #technology, but also how being open and being trustworthy with data can produce better services for citizens, businesses and communities.
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Long Thread [Alert]

1/n Something big is up at @binance. First @Poloniex, then @steemit and now @CoinMarketCap. If we go by the reported news on the @TheBlock__ , this could be worth $400 Million. Assuming that it is not an #AprilFoolsDay prank...…
2/n Over the last 12 months, @cz_binance has acquired at least three companies - @BinanceJEX, @WazirXIndia, and @dapp_review. Looking at the big picture, it is a notable development as @cz_binance mops up the key players in the #decentralized fundraising space
3/n If you're looking to develop a #dapp, your best best is soon going to be the #Binance Blockchain. Why? Because it tacitly lets #developers know that it has the most well-oiled machinery in the much muddied #crypto space.
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Kom op, @rivm, maak asjeblieft een public API met de #corona cijfers! Inzicht door #developers @Rijksoverheid #OpenSource #crowd @WouterWelling @AstridOosenbrug
Voorbeeld; door @rivm data te combineren met @Flitsmeister zijn er misschien wel voorspellende modellen te maken met "hot highways"?.. Geef het aan #datascientists en de #crowd..
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We’re all biased to use the tools we know

Which is good in one sense bc we know the tools.

But challenging...because it may not be the best approach/tool for the job.

We need to consciously counteract our bias to use the tools we know (1/3)
So #developers need to counteract their instinct to solve with building. And #designers to solve with design. And #marketers to solve with marketing. And #prodmgmt to solve with [for another tweet]. Etc.

People realize this in retrospect. Binging on @IndieHackers today... (2/3) a “t”, technical founders mentioned that they wished they had resisted the instinct to build their way out of problems.

This episode was amazing as @arvidkahl and @SimpsonDaniK strike a great balance between research, discipline, and “building”.…
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According to my commit log, it's been almost exactly 2 years since I started building @desanahq as we know it today. This is how it went down. A thread 👇

#startup #developers #nodejs #javascript #ios #android #nativeapps #kubernetes
@desanaHQ When we (@michaelcobyburn and @SteveInJeans) started, I was keen to build something which would "scale". I thought "if this does well, it's going to have to cope with the demand". We had no money and we all worked full time doing other things.
As if things weren't challenging enough, I thought I'd also take the opportunity to learn some new things. Enter @nodejs "microservices" on @kubernetesio on @googlecloud. Oh, and we had to launch in time for National Coworking Day (18th May) which gave me less than 5 months...
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