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People often ask me why and how did I get Abhiram to start A Thirsty Mind. I have two reasons.
Firstly, he has grown up seeing my #workfromhome. It simply meant all his life he has watched me, #interview people.
Sometimes it annoyed him, but of late it is fascinating him. “How cool amma, you earn money by asking people questions, even I want to do that!” I said, why not?
Secondly, while toying with the thought of encouraging him to ask questions to people, Vendanth started his #podcast.
It resolved the challenge of using a particular medium for Abhiram to conduct interviews. Presenting here, an interesting episode of Curious Vedanth, where he talks to B R Rajeev, a CG Supervisor. #PodcastRecommendations
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Presenting an interesting episode from a fellow podcaster: Curious Vedanth. I must say, that Vedanth inspired me to start my own podcast.
In this episode of Curious Vedanth, he talks to B R Rajeev, a #CG Supervisor.
They talk a lot about how cartoons and other animated characters are brought to life on screen. Rajeev has worked on blockbusters such as .@Disney's #Tinkerbell and #Planes and the .@TheEmmys winning episode of @GameOfThrones
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Here's a common question on Postlab Drive:

"So I can edit online with Drive?"

Yes! And No. And Maybe.


#RemoteEditing #RemoteWorkflow #CloudStorage #SharedStorage #Animation #VFX #MoChat #PostChat #PostProduction
If you're a Pro or Team plan customer, Drive is available. Today.

• Pro - 100 GB Drive storage
• Team - 1000 GB (1 TB) Drive storage

#FCPX Libraries. #PremierePro Projects. MOV's. MP4's. Whatever.

So if you're reading this, update Postlab. 20.2.5. Do it.

"Can I edit online with Drive?"


1. In Postlab, connect your Drive.
2. In Finder, drag-and-drop your media to a folder on Drive.
3. Link to your media in your NLE.
4. Go!

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The time has arrived from economic standpoint to identify the pace of Information Technology Industry, Live Action Film Industry and Animation Industry. In the past three decades Information Technology, Live Action Films and Animation have gone through massive technological
advancements that result in mature industry. These three can’t continue to co-exist in a city considering macro economics. A city’s ecosystem is inclined toward the majority business. Economic growth influence standard of living. Newly found collective financial independence
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My answer to Why are most of the Indian animation movies and series story line is around religious characters?… #animation #films #movies #cinema #3danimation #religion
Marvel comics was founded in 1939. DC comics was founded in 1934. The character Batman and Joker from DC comics have been produced in so many comics, tv series, movies and 2d animations. Every time it has been produced, the story line and
the character have been through improvisation. The results clearly reflect on the screen in recent DC Movies.

Making a movie in Bollywood is a high risk business due to huge commitments. This is the reason we often seen successful regional movies are
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My answer to What is wrong with the animation industry of India?… #animation #3danimation @AnimationXpress
Only by cultivating the comic culture we can improve animation movies in India.
Empowering the lower base line of any industry that is utility market, help the lifestyle and luxury market to survive. In this case the base line is comic publishers and the luxury market is
3d animated movies. Marvel comics was founded in 1939. DC comics was founded in 1934. The character Batman and Joker from DC comics have been produced in so many comics, tv series, movies and 2d animations. Every time it has been produced, the story line and the
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🤓 @alysanahmias has a shared #Google doc with her editors in order to remotely track required changes.

🔢Have a timecoded list of changes
🔴🟢 Use a color-coded system for amends
📞Regularly speak on the phone to talk through the edits

Get organized!
Use a timecoded #spreadsheet to track the #animation cues needed for the #film.

@alysanahmias "I could be a little old-school, but there is no replacement for tone when having a creative conversation. I might seem harsh on paper and I want to ensure the tone is understood."
When working with #remote colleagues make sure that you have calls to get to know your collaborators.

Talk about your fav films, and your passions, so you understand their unique circumstances.
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Let's design this animation in Figma | Step by Step
👇check the thread 👇
@figmadesign @figmaafrica #figma #animation #design #app #ui #ux
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Beberapa fungsi fitur PPT yang bisa digunakan saat membuat PPT & saat presentasi

- A THREAD - Image
Because bosen ga ngapa-ngapain, mending berbagi info aja. Tapi ditunggu ya, gua mau bucin dulu hehe 😁
Kita mulai dari sini ya,


Ini bisa berfungsi untuk menandai atau mencoret2 slide kalian, cukup klik kanan, pilih pointer options, terus pilih pen,

Atau klo mau, coba ada tuh beberapa fitur di pointer options. ImageImage
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Creative Professionals in India requires a simple creative Contract Management platform as per Indian Regulatory. Most of the freelancing websites follow foreign contract templates. The platform should serve specifically creative sector needs and shouldn't be a generic one.
Such a platform will help to define the range for different type of creative service's cost. It will bring calculative transparency and help Clients with streamline budget planning. Thus restoring client's assurance in the creative service sector will eventually boost the demand.
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A running thread of things that @Twitter could do to unlock value for users. Will add to overtime. Please feel free to retweet and reply with your own, most of these below I have just taken and summarized from others. In no particular order. 1/♾ #JustKidding 🤔 or am I?
@Twitter I drafted a tweet on my phone but of course, can't access "draft's" on the desktop. So lets maybe start there. The desktop and @Tweetdeck version should be MORE robust than the mobile app not less. Tweetdeck, for example, has no bookmarks, emoji's, live video, polls, gif's, etc
@Twitter @TweetDeck There are SO MANY great meaningful quotes, threads, replies, and conversations that vanish into the Twitter ether, drowned out by hot takes, snark, and 280 character riffs on what some influencer or politician just did. Find a way to collect and resurface this treasure trove.
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A comic about Dismissal Pay by the talented @Lidthekid! [1/3]
#union #animationguild #animation #benefits
A comic about Dismissal Pay by the talented @Lidthekid! [2/3]
#animationstorygroup #asg #cartoons #unionbenefits
For more information about Dismissal Pay please visit:…
A comic about Dismissal Pay by the talented @Lidthekid! [3/3]
For more information about Dismissal Pay please visit:…
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My latest animation, all embroidered by hand!
#animation #cat #embroidery
Some frames and WIP shots
Wow, this is blowing UP 😮
I'm so happy that everyone likes this so much, I've been so excited to finish it and show everyone :)
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THREAD: Sekiro is basically a Rhythm game and heres how it uses #animation to set its difficulty. Every attack has set timings like riffs in a song but instead of chords it uses anticipation to tell the player which note to play next and when. Eg. This boss is super intimidating.
..until you learn that he only has two combos / riffs, and you only need two buttons to beat him. Those being Block (LB) and Jump (A). Every combo has a set timing for each attack and once you get the rhythm it becomes second nature.
His second combo starts the same but often ends early with an unblockable attack. This can be pretty scary at first since these attacks aren't always countered by jumping but once you’ve got the timing it’s just another riff in the song.
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🤓 Some of you were interested in how I did #LUNARKtheGame cutscenes...
(shameless promo, please check the Kickstarter here:
#screenshotsaturday #indiedev #pixelart #animation
🎬 Let's start that thread with that animation:
✏️ First, the background. Nothing very special here. I did it with Photoshop, layer by layer (mainly because in a preliminary version of the Trailer, there was supposed to be a parallax scrolling).
🚀For the ship model, I used Windows 10 own 3D Builder software (!) which is very simple and very easy to use. Perfect for my needs in this particular case (+ you can export in a format (.ply) Photoshop would recognizes better)
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Just landed in #Thailand & looking forward to speaking at the @AfiForum. At the event? Come say hello. #AFIF2019.
500+ of the world’s leading #investors & #FI will explore investment opportunities to foster inclusive financial markets across #AsiaPacific
#Davos #WEF19 or here at the Asia Financial Institutions Forum @AfiForum #AFIForum 2019 in #Bangkok: something to ponder this #MLKDay weekend & beyond. #microfinance #accessstocapital #fintech #finance #inequality
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Jadi saya berencana menutup tahun ini dengan membuat satu fan-art apresiasi terakhir untuk film #IntoTheSpiderVerse. Kemarin saya tweet di sini:

Saya mau bikin thread baru saja di sini. Mau share prosesnya. Selamat mengikuti!
Banyak yang sering tanya saya kalau bikin animasi gimana. Karena fan-art animasi yang mau saya buat ini hitungannya cukup simpel, saya mau share langkah-langkahnya. Pertama tentu ide.
Konsep yang saya pilih nggak terlalu kompleks, saya mau bikin ulang salah satu scene favorit saya di film #IntoTheSpiderVerse. Scene Miles terjun dari gedung. Bikin ulang tentu dengan komposisi yang beda dari filmnya. Saya sketsa cepat untuk dapat bayangan jadinya seperti apa.
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Hi Everyone, meet Bruffles. He's the first NPC character being developed for @linethegame. How did we arrive at this design & how will we get him in-game? Well, gather 'round & watch this thread as I detail the whole process. (Bruffles concept by the amazing @FromHappyRock)
For development, Bruffles is being used as a target for look development & animation/character exploration. At his core he teaches the player how to hill-slide, since that's his favorite way of moving through the world. He also allows us to explore how diverse our designs can be.
The design for what would eventually become Bruffles started with a sketch(attached) from my good friend Scott Flanders: He was helping out by doing lots of character lineup exploration for Line over a year ago.
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А я бы мог отсыпать фактов про производство мультипликации, по факту за лайк, как повелось. Ретвитните плиз, если интересна тема #animation
Сегодня анимационный рынок можно грубо поделить на сериалы, полные метры, и авторскую (фестивальную, инди) анимацию.
80% заработка студий от производства анимационных сериалов — это не продажа самих мультов, а продажа мерча с героями
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