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I'm about to buy a new MacBook Pro 13" with the famous Apple M1 SoC.

Let's see how ready it is for developers.

A thread ⤵️

Legend: 🔴 = not working, 🟢 = working

🟢 Rust is working!

`aarch64-apple-darwin` is part of the Tier 2 platforms,….

See the PR,….

#AppleSiliconM1 #rustlang
🟢 Python is working!

It is part of macOS Big Sur.

#AppleSiliconM1 #python
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Yesterday one of my colleagues asked me about how to boost MongoDB performance.
I explained to him, and now it's worth sharing:

Performance tuning for #MongoDB :

1. Create custom indexes for your queries.

Thread 👇

#javascript #Nodejs
2. If you use mongoose always use "lean", by default mongoose queries return an instance of Mongoose Document class, and these are much heavier than vanilla javascript objects.

#javascript #Database #MongoDB #NoSQL
3. Reuse connections (Connect once, use multiple times):

Don't connect and disconnect DB every time you query something. You should connect once,
at the beginning of your app.

Setting up a new TCP Connection is expensive time-wise, memory, and network wise.
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We're proud to publish our first State of Serverless report!
Thank you to our partners: @serverlessgurux, @snipcart, @triggermesh, @lvlupeng, @MeetupFeedio, @Cooperpress, @getiron, @Lumigo, @WebinyPlatform
#ServerlessSeptember #Serverless
Check it out:…
Here's a collection of several key findings based on the community's answers:

1. Currently AWS @awscloud is the leading provider followed by @Azure and @GCPcloud
2. The two biggest benefits of using #Serverless architecture are flexibility in scaling and speed of development.
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Free web hosting for your web apps.
These services can help you host the front-end and or the backend of your web app.
They also provide a random free subdomain so you can share your app.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #NodeJS #Python #webdevelopment

Thread 👇
A free platform where you can host both the front-end and Backend of your app.
Supports NodeJS, Python, golang, ruby.
Provides free SSL certificate and a free domain.
Easy to use
Has a CLI and integrates with version control
Allow cloud functions

A free static site hosting service for your apps.
It's provides a free SSL certificate
You get a free random subdomain name.
Can host only static front-end.
Has a CLI.
Integrates with version control
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Thank you @SheCodeAfrica @Kolokodess for giving me the opportunity to mentor amazing devs in the recently completed #cohort2 NodeJs track.
I am so proud to share the progress status of @OremeiPraise @lolalambe to mention a few 👇

#NodeJS #javascript #GirlsWhoCode
1 /n
API docs 👇……

looking forward to making more impact in the tech community in my little way.

#100DaysOfCode #NodeJS #javascript #shecodes
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I have been teaching #FullStack #WebDevelopment for over 5 years, and taking interviews for #FullStack developers for over 3 years now.
Here is a tiny thread 🧵 for aspiring #Developers 👇
1. 📜 Take up frontend first, easier to see results. Take up backend later

I personally learnt #NodeJS to support my #Android work, and later got into #Frontend. But if I only had to be a web developer, I'll redo it with frontned first.
2.💡 Focus on basics before frameworks. Framework ninjas with 0 in basics get thrown out in interviews

It is nothing short of depressing how many people cannot even start making a simple project with #react or #vue scaffolding. Don't be that guy.
DOM events, semantic HTML ftw!
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I love to use @StandardJS to enforce consistent code style in all my #JavaScript / #NodeJS projects. You can easily do that with:

npx standard

But I prefer to setup @geteslint for more extensibility.

🧵 Here's how I do it... 👇
1. Initialize a new project with:

mkdir new-project
cd new-project
npm init -y
2. install #eslint with the following command:

npm i --save-dev eslint
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Building a #nocode platform is a lot of work. Especially for a #solofounder. Here's how I'm doing it. ⤵️
1/6. I need to make some money on the project while the full nocode platform is being built. I've released "half" of the application as a #developer tool to auto generate a backend (#nodejs #rest #api) without writing code.
2/6. Using developers as the user base for the initial product is not random. They're easier to teach nocode tools to because they already know about software development. Concepts like a database schema aren't foreign to them. This lowers the customer support burden
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What have you learned by using/studying different programming languages?

Here's my personal 🧵thread🧵, but I look forward to seeing your version of this :)

#learning #coding
#PHP: sandboxing the lifecycle and data related to every request is often a good idea.

#basic (specifically #qbasic): my first language. Thought me to do "basic" things like variables, loops, functions and random numbers.

But, most importantly, it thought me that you can be #creative with #code as I started to use my learnings for generative graphics and audio.
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@nim_lang just did a quick (& stupidly simple) benchmark comparing asyncHttpServer with a plain @nodejs http server. The #Nodejs server seems ~3.5x faster than the #nim one... I did expect opposite results! Am I doing something stupid or is this expected? ImageImageImage
After setting up the @nim_lang "-d:release" flag and changing the @nodejs implementation to use the cluster module, these are some new results. ImageImage
@nim_lang is winning (as expected) but just slightly (62k vs 51k req/sec). Again, this is a silly benchmark, but nonetheless a good proof of @nodejs raw performance with async workflows!
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21 Best Productivity Tools that you must be using if you're a programmer

You can find the tools in this thread.

#javascript #productivity #webdev #reactjs #nodejs #deno #flutter #android #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #freeCodeCamp #devopsjob #career #learntocode #DEVCommunity Image
1. [](

All-in-one workspace. Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized — all in one tool. Notes & docs, Wikis, Projects & tasks.

_Free plan available_

#productivity #javascript #100DaysOfCode
2. [Basecamp](

The All-In-One Toolkit for Working Remotely. Companies change for the better when they work in Basecamp.

_Limited free plan available_

#productivity #javascript #100DaysOfCode
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#Nodejs is a monstrosity, a Mordor of architectural pitfalls, the plastic of programming languages - ubiquitous, toxic, and sadly here to stay.
Like plastic, it started off as useful and has now become ubiquitous & noxious.
1. There is no arguing NodeJS lowers the barrier to entry for application development. However that's where it should stay, an entry only
2. The lower barrier gives the same set of people from previous point a confidence that is misplaced at best and noxious at its worst.
3. The ecosystem fosters a culture that everything is a "component". Tell a NodeJS developer that what they are using is a "library" and they trot out their high horse, thumb their noses high in the air, and noisily claim that it is a component and not a library.
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Es un orgullo para la Comunidad de Desarrolladores de Argentina poder acompãnar iniciativas como el #ConnectDay junto a estas empresas @plataforma5la, @distillerylatam, @revistasg y @clarikagroup 💪
¡Hoy es el #ConnectDay! Desde CoDeAr estamos felices de poder acompañar a @wtmriodelaplata, @GDGCordobaARG, @gdgriodelaplata en este día de charlas y de compartir conocimiento en comunidad. Podés sumarte a la transmisión en vivo desde acá:
Comienza la primer charla sobre #DataScience y #Economía, en el contexto de las #transdisciplinas.
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My React Native Journey:
A while ago, I fell madly in love with #React. And recently delved into #ReactNative. My React Native journey hasn't been as smooth though. Due to the frequent updates of the react-native framework, existing tutorials quickly become outdated.
In this thread, I have curated some of the most relevant materials I have found, which have brought the much-needed balance to my learning journey. They are listed below:
1. The React Native Documentation: irrespective of what other material you chose. This always comes in handy for quick reference. And it's always up to date.
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1/12🔥A fast [thread] about what to expect after Hello World

🎉Congratulations! You have just written your first Hello World Express.js app in Node.

#javascript #100DaysOfCode
2/12 But you quickly discover any Error that happens in an async thread (like after an API call) will fatally crash Express.😢
3/12 We add a handler to capture all uncaught exceptions. Except, we also notice the #nodejs docs issue a Warning "It is not safe to resume normal operation after 'uncaughtException'."

So we're not much better off because we still have to halt the app.…
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According to my commit log, it's been almost exactly 2 years since I started building @desanahq as we know it today. This is how it went down. A thread 👇

#startup #developers #nodejs #javascript #ios #android #nativeapps #kubernetes
@desanaHQ When we (@michaelcobyburn and @SteveInJeans) started, I was keen to build something which would "scale". I thought "if this does well, it's going to have to cope with the demand". We had no money and we all worked full time doing other things.
As if things weren't challenging enough, I thought I'd also take the opportunity to learn some new things. Enter @nodejs "microservices" on @kubernetesio on @googlecloud. Oh, and we had to launch in time for National Coworking Day (18th May) which gave me less than 5 months...
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🔥🔥🔥 The #1 Recursion (Syntax) Twitter Thread

This thread will demonstrate an easy way to write recursive functions

The recursion will so be compared to a for loop for familiarity

Tail Calls and Performance discussed later, Syntax Only!

gist/theme at end 👇

Step 1: Create your iteration variable(s)

In recursion, it can be easier to set a default value. Pass `i` again when calling `loop` on the `return` line

#javascript #code #dev #es6
Step 2: Add a break condition

Like a for loop, add the break before you write your code. This will prevent infinite looping.

Notice how the for loop is a "continue" and the recursion uses a "break". That means the condition must be flipped for recursion

#javascript #nodejs
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I know you have heard of password #Salts which are similar to Nonces and used to add uniqueness to passwords and protect against pre-computed hashes (rainbow tables).

Did you also know about password #Peppers ? They are equally important too.
In modern web applications of today, you should #Pepper your passwords as well as #Salt them too before hashing them. Here is the order:

Original Password ---> Salt ---> Pepper ---> Hash ---> Store-In-DB.

However, if you #Pepper passwords wrongly. It could be very disastrous!
What do i mean by this ?

Well, the simplest (and safest - very important) way to #Pepper a password is to HMAC(Original_Password, key) it.

HMACs are resistant to length-extension attacks & brutes-force attacks.

There must be a #Pepper key used for the HMAC too
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TIL there's lots of ways of #seeding #fakedata into a #SQL #database. You can either

A. Seed it with purely random data all the way
B. Seed it with realistic data
C. Seed it initially with random data, but tie that data into other tables realistically
When you seed a database, you start off with enum (that's like a dictionary that doesn't change in size). If you look at a database schema, it's the tables that are only connected one time.

Then you focus on tables that have only have 1 foreign key tied, tied to an enum
Example with a basic HR database schema. Start seeding the outlier tables first, starting with the bottom-left most and bottom-right most tables, followed by bottom-middle.
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Struggling with debugging your #Nodejs app, like I am today?

Tinkering and copy/pasting #javascript not getting it done?

I'm taking a step back to tighten up my debugging process and tooling.

Here is a thread on my resources. If you have more, please share!

First, I'm rereading @gordon_zhu advice on asking good coding questions…
@gordon_zhu Next, I'm finally going to learn how to use Chrome Dev Tools and VS Code to debug Node apps.

I know a little, but not nearly as much as I should


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Atendendo a vários pedidos (do @raph_almeida) tá aqui
1RT uma dica sobre desenvolvimento web e carreira, talvez alguns causos...

(bem genérico assim terei assunto 😂)

#nodejs #php #functional #vuejs #devLife #devaTip

(Este bilhete é verdade.)
1. Eu tive muitas dificuldades em entender TDD, a prática era com a realidade.
Até que entendi onde estava o erro.

Não se trata de escrever testes, mas de escrever código testável.
Programação Funcional me ajudou d+, bem como injeção de dependências.
2. Prefiro livros sobre linguagens de programação ou arquitetura do que de frameworks, libs e afins

A chance de defasagem é muito alto, sem contar que muitos são uma "documentação guiada".
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Heya! This thread is going to be a mini-review of the @Surface Go for development purposes. #nodejs #javascript
The Surface Go is a 400 gram Surface device with a 64 bit Intel CPU, and Windows 10.
TLDR: I'm VERY happy. 😊
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Forgive the silence if you can.

I've been putting chess pieces in place for 2018, which is going to be a fantastic year. My efforts to help topple Eric Schmidt have not gone unnoticed, as my WordPress honypot was compromised and Yair Rosenberg gave his confession.

I was supposed to scrub the #nodejs affair during the pre-Trump era out of fear, but I did not. I believed it was the key to nail Silicon Valley to the cross if I played my cards right. I did, and thanks to the WordPress compromise points, we can finally talk Guccifer 2.0

Why did NodeJS and GitHub employees collude to erase evidence of trying to intimidate me in 2013? That's the same question as: Why has WordPress been quiet about the data they have on Guccifer2.0?

Dig away, anon. Every disgruntled dev has a database to sell.

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