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#BandaDaily #1:

When #coding something, always approach the problem iteratively.

That means that as #developer you go through roughly 5 stages:

1. Make a straightforward solution
2. Cover edge cases
3. Improve the performance
4. Improve the design
5. Reduce complexity

1. Make a straightforward solution

It's the basis of your work: it's rough, potentially inefficient, and may not work in the edge cases.

Copy/paste here instead of creating complex reusable components.

Here's the goal to create something that actually works, but not perfect.
As a junior engineer, you should be able to come up with at least one such solution, after thinking about the problem for a while, researching, and discussing with more experienced engineers.

If you still can't, the problem requires more expertise than you currently have.
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- Why are you doing #frontend projects?
- To practice #webdev
- Okay, why do you practice web dev?
- To land a dev position in a #tech company or startup
- Why do you need to land a dev position?
- I see. I want to secure my family's future.

🧵to remind you of the reasons:
One day, everyone who is going through the path of becoming #developer, experience this unsureness.

We feel unmotivated, tired, and somehow #anxious.

We may feel afraid of a lot of requirements out there to get a job.

We may have trouble in our personal life.
Honestly, there may be a lot of reasons for us to experience the decline.

There are many recommendations people give in that case:
- Take a break for a few days
- Change the location: e.g. get from home to a coffee shop (like Starbucks) and practice there
- Find a coding partner
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I have been teaching #FullStack #WebDevelopment for over 5 years, and taking interviews for #FullStack developers for over 3 years now.
Here is a tiny thread 🧵 for aspiring #Developers 👇
1. 📜 Take up frontend first, easier to see results. Take up backend later

I personally learnt #NodeJS to support my #Android work, and later got into #Frontend. But if I only had to be a web developer, I'll redo it with frontned first.
2.💡 Focus on basics before frameworks. Framework ninjas with 0 in basics get thrown out in interviews

It is nothing short of depressing how many people cannot even start making a simple project with #react or #vue scaffolding. Don't be that guy.
DOM events, semantic HTML ftw!
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Join Temitope Soyoye as she takes us on a 30 Days coding challenge.

Tag any aspiring developer and retweet.

Don't forget to follow us as well so that you get to see updates.
Who is this challenge for?
1. People don't know anything about coding but will love to learn.

2. Intermediate who will love to advance their skill set.

3. Enthusiast.

You will be learning, practicing and implementing at the same time.
What will be built?

Developer's Profile page. ImageImage
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The Ultimate JavaScript Free Resources Thread 🧵

Want to learn #JavaScript for free but not sure where to start? I've compiled a list of free resources that covers:

📘 Books
🖥️ Websites
📝 Free Courses
🎥 Youtube Channels


#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #Frontend #webdev
📘 Books 1/2

Search Google for any of these #free books, they will show as one of the top results.

Download or read them online, they will provide you with a deep understanding of JavaScript.

- Eloquent JavaScript
- You Dont Know Js
- Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
📘 Books 2/2

- Speaking JavaScript
- JavaScript: The Good Parts
- JavaScript For Cats
- DOM Enlightenment
- Understanding ECMAScript 6
- Human JavaScript
- Flavio Copes JS Handbook

#javascript #CodeNewbies #books #100DaysOfCode
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My React Native Journey:
A while ago, I fell madly in love with #React. And recently delved into #ReactNative. My React Native journey hasn't been as smooth though. Due to the frequent updates of the react-native framework, existing tutorials quickly become outdated.
In this thread, I have curated some of the most relevant materials I have found, which have brought the much-needed balance to my learning journey. They are listed below:
1. The React Native Documentation: irrespective of what other material you chose. This always comes in handy for quick reference. And it's always up to date.
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Já ouviu falar de #monepo? Existem muitos mitos a respeito desse tema, nessa tread eu espero quebrar vários deles:
Monorepo é a ideia de manter em um único repositório diversos projetos, normalmente interdependentes, mas não necessariamente.
Monorepo não é uma coisa do passado, diversas das maiores empresas de tecnologia usam essa técnica e diversas novas ferramentas Open Source estão surgindo para dessas mesmas empresas.
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GOV.UK stats for the month of July:
• Chrome - 41.92%
• Safari - 35.16%
• IE - 7.76%
• Edge - 5.20%
• SI - 3.98%
• FF - 2.60%
• Android Webview - 1.16%
• Safari (in-app) - 1.16%
• TOR: 0.31%

100% = 55,249,505 users (GA definition)

1/12 #browserstats
Top 5 Chrome browser versions:
• 75.0.3770.100 - 22.70%
• 75.0.3770.142 - 18.19%
• 75.0.3770.101 - 17.77%
• 75.0.3770.143 - 12.60%
• 77.0.3835.0 - 4.22%

100% = 22,901,762 "users" (GA definition)

Top 5 Safari browser versions:
• 12.1.1 - 69.10%
• 12.0 - 5.30%
• 12.1 - 5.29%
• 604.1 - 4.81%
• 11.0 - 4.50%

100% = 19,209,741 "users" (GA definition)

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GOV.UK browser stats for the month of June:
Chrome - 40.89%
Safari - 35.31%
IE - 7.99%
Edge - 5.34%
Samsung Internet - 4.01%
Firefox - 2.60%
Android Webview - 1.33%
Safari (in-app) - 1.32%
Others - 1.21%

#browserstats #frontend #browser
Top 5 Chrome browser versions:
74.0.3729.169 - 23.35%
74.0.3729.157 - 17.91%
75.0.3770.100 - 13.40%
75.0.3770.101 - 9.82%
75.0.3770.80 - 4.38%
Top 5 Safari browser versions:
12.1.1 - 55.10%
12.1 - 17.56%
12.0 - 7.31%
11.0 - 5.08%
604.1 - 4.38%
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This year for #merryCSSmas I'll be covering some of the most requested styling features and how they can be used with CSS. This will be a month-long series showing ways that simple, valid CSS, and simple JavaScript functions can work together to style anything you can imagine!
Dec 1: Parent Selector 🎄🎁 Though CSS doesn't have a :parent selector, you can create your own with a small JavaScript function and use a selector like [--parent] in your CSS stylesheets today!


#css #javascript Supporting your own parent selector in CSS with [--parent]
Dec 2: The :has() Selector ⭐️✨ Even though this selector has been specced in CSS for years, no browsers support it yet. Thankfully it's easy for us to support with a selector like [--has] in our CSS


#rwd #webdesign
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1/20 [Tweet Storm] Recursos que voy a seguir para aprender JavaScript

Se que aprender de verdad, en profundidad y bien cuesta y requiere mucho tiempo (meses o años), pero soy perseverante, cabezón y con fuerza de voluntad

¡Dentro hilo! 😋

#JS #JavaScript #frontend #learntocode
2/20 A re-introduction to JavaScript by @MozDevNet…
3/20 Quick Start to JavaScript: Volume 1 by @susanmsimkins…
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0/ Hilo: Springfield Tienda Online cc @springfieldmw
🛑 Errores objetivos
🤔 Errores subjetivos, apreciaciones personales
✅ Virtudes, cosas destacables
1/ Te da la bienvenida un intrusivo popup con descuento y newsletter.
✅ Accesibilidad: puedes cerrarlo con tecla esc
🛑 Imagen baja calidad
🤔 Alineación rara, centrados título y primer párrafo, pero no el resto
🤔 Área superior draggable, ¿para qué?
2/ Mensaje de cookies
🤔 Demasiado espacio con los bordes de la página
🤔 No hay interacción con el link “Política de Cookies” y “CERRAR”
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