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🧵1/10: The problem with #Crypto wallets today and how #Radix solves it! Saying that wallet user experiences suck in crypto, #DeFi, and #Web 3.0 isn’t a shock. But how are we more than 5 years into DeFi and it’s still so confusing, so blatantly risky, that we wouldn’t dream of…… Image
🧵2/10: The reason it’s not getting better is that the problem isn’t just bad wallets – it’s that every one of today’s #DeFi networks make it virtually impossible to build a good user experience. But with the upcoming #Radix Babylon mainnet update, that's about to change.…
🧵3/10: Introducing the #Radix Wallet, which will revolutionize DeFi by providing a mainstream-ready user experience. The goal is to make DeFi as safe and easy as traditional finance, and Radix is the first network with a full technology stack to make this possible. #RadixWallet
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Day 12 of #100DayswithMachineLearning

Topic - Installing Anaconda & Gather Basic Knowledge About these Tools - Jupyter Notebook || Google Colab

1⃣ Anaconda is a distribution of the #Python and R #programming languages for scientific computing (#datascience, #machinelearning applications, large-scale #data processing, predictive analytics, etc.), that aims to simplify package management and #deployment.
2⃣ The #JupyterNotebook is an open source #web application that you can use to create and share documents that contain live #code, equations, #visualizations, and text. Jupyter #Notebook is maintained by the people at Project Jupyter.

Blog Link -…
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Mengapa browser moderen adalah aplikasi di komputer kalian yang makan resource banyak dan suka bikin nge-lag komputer bagus nan mahal kalian?

Dan kenapa browser modern menerapkan teknologi kontainer jauh sebelum docker.

Sebuah utas panjang 🧵

#TentangPerforma #web #browser
Peramban atau browser adalah salah satu jenis perangkat lunak yang sangat kompleks. Sebenarnya tidak ada yang menyangka bahwa teknologi web seperti HTML, CSS, dan Javascript akan berkembang sangat pesat seperti sekarang.
Penemunya, Tim Berners-Lee bervisi untuk membuat dokumen saling bertautan satu sama lain. Dari situ, teknologi web di tahun 2023 sudah tumbuh lebih dari visi penciptanya.
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[1/🧵] Beautifully crafted thread. 👍

Even though I mostly agree with everything expressed, there are some mistakes made based on terminology starting with the word "token".

A thread (🧵) about my opinions, which are hopefully more uplifting. 👇
[2/10] Let's start with a definition of "token" and see if we can locate a suitable statement in the #web.

What is a token ❓
❝ A crypto token is a representation of an asset or interest that has been tokenized on an existing cryptocurrency's blockchain. ❞ Source:
[3/10] Even if the distinctions are small, claiming that #XRP is a token is strictly incorrect since #XRP cannot be a token.

Because #XRP has no issuer, it cannot exist as a tokenized representation of anything. XRP  XRP is the native cryptocurrency of the XRP Ledger. All
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Ya sabes que #Web3 es un ecosistema incipiente pero con gran futuro del #SectorIT. ¿Quieres aprender sobre el futuro de la #web con 4⃣ recursos 🔝🔝 GRATIS y 1⃣ de pago? En este HILO 🧵lo tienes TODO ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #blockchain #programacion #software #it
Como introducción, en sólo 2⃣h, @midudev con @gndx nos ofrecen esta tremenda introducción a #web3 con #javascript 💛 #programacion #blockchain #informatica #tecnologia
Si estás un poco perdido con el tema de #Web3, este vídeo de @CaveCoder es ORO puro. Un roadmap con todo lo que necesitas para adentrarte en este ecosistema. MUY 🔝🔝 #informatica #blockchain #bitcoin #programacion #tecnologia
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#programming with a fellow #dev can be more productive than you can envision!
#Containers provide an unparallel lift for #AI and #MachineLearning
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#capitalism requires what people call "magical thinking". it requires people to believe that impossible things aren't merely *possible*, but can be done routinely, and turned into a dependable cash flow. #AI / #AGI of the @fchollet / @JeffDean sort is a perfect example.

the very name "#AGI" gives the game away: the #programming boys daydream that they've invented a "general intelligence", a universal thinking machine capable of solving literally any problem—and #capitalism is willing to gamble on that. it's just what #business wants.

remember that the ideal corporation in #capitalism *does nothing*. it produces nothing, it provides no service, it solves no problems for anyone not in the ownership hierarchy—because producing things *costs money* and capitalists hate all expenditures for any reason.

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🔘How To Choose A Good Web Design Agency?

What’s a good #web #design #agency? A good web design agency has all the resources needed to provide a satisfactory result. They will listen to you and your business needs before proposing solutions...
👉Your Website is The First Impression of Your Business.

Why are physical storefronts and showrooms nice? They look good because people judge them by their appearance (in addition to factors such as customer service, quality, price, etc., of course). Websites are digital..
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-Virus Total ( Además de analizar URL analiza archivos de los que puedes sospechar, como por ejemplo los que te envían por mail.
-URL Void ( Es bastante popular porque utiliza diferentes motores para analizar y así indicar si el sitio al cual accedes es una amenaza o no.
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Perú 🇵🇪 en Web3

Ha aumentado un 120% en Búsquedas desde el 2020.

Perú tiene una de las mayores tasas de adopción en cripto.

Presentó un crecimiento de 1,100% en adopción cripto los primeros meses de 2022.

#Web 3 🔵
#Blockchain 🟣
#NFT 🟡
#Criptomonedas 🟢
El interés por región muestra a Junín como una de las regiones más interesadas en aprender sobre blockchain.

☀️Junín el año 2021 presentó un 26.4% en índice de pobreza. Una de las regiones más afectadas, sin embargo, sus ganas de educarse no cedieron.
Caminando a un tema más amplio: "Web 3" notamos que Huánuco presenta mayor interés. Junin en 6to lugar.

Huanuco crecio un 6% en uso de internet desde el inicio de pandemia. Eso es un aprox. de 56,000 nuevos usuarios. pero aún se mantiene por debajo del vol. promedio según IPE.
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#tech #numerique
📲 "NUMÉRIQUE : L'ÉTERNEL PRÉSENT" Découvrez notre dossier dans notre nouveau magazine n°143 :

En l’espace de vingt ans, les technologies numériques ont donné naissance à une compétition acharnée : celle visant à capter notre... Image
... temps d'attention que les géants du Web s’arrachent. Au point de reconfigurer profondément notre expérience du monde et notre rapport au temps. #web #GAFA

🌈 S'abonner ou offrir le magazine Nexus : Image
#santé #tech
👉 Notre article :…
Aujourd'hui, il peut être difficile d'imaginer la vie sans les smartphones et les réseaux sociaux. Ces technologies font désormais partie intégrante de notre quotidien, mais de plus en plus d'ados commencent à se sentir ... Image
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🔥 ¿Sabías que #HTML tiene una etiqueta especial llamada `template`?

Te sonará si has trabajado con #vuejs. Pero no te preocupes si no la conoces, te lo explico aquÍ abajo.

[ HILO ] ⇣ template tag in html5
La etiqueta `template` de #HTML te permite tener contenido oculto en tu documento HTML. Es como una guarida secreta* para tu contenido.

⚠️ *¹ No lo uses para como sistema seguro para ocultar contenido.
Y... ¿para qué? Tal vez te sirva para mejorar el #rendimiento de tu #web.
El contenido de la etiqueta no se añade a la página hasta que tú se lo indiques. (Sí, con #JavaScript)
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1/ Daily Report:
Despite endless media appearances, #SBF unlikely to testify on 13th.
Over 15.4 million ETH is locked in #Ethereum's staking contract.
3. SBF Concedes Alameda Enjoyed Special Privileges With #FTX.
2/ Daily Report:
SBF: Alameda Has The Highest FTX Borrowing Limits.
Uzbekistan Approves Rules for Issuance and Circulation of #Crypto Assets.
#Uniswap's On-Chain Vote on Fee Switch Proposal to Go Live in 14 Days.
3/ Daily Report:
Return of the #CEX : Binance Trade Volume Market Share Surges.
#Opera Crypto Browser to unlock instant #NFT publishing with Alteon LaunchPad.
#ENS price surges due to this metric, however there was a decline in…
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These are some of the best @Twitter bots you can follow to stay entertained and informed.

Comment your favourite Twitter bot down below!

#useful #bots #app #technology #kyloapps
1. Reader Threads Quickly (@threadreaderapp)

A #Twitter thread is a series of connected Tweets. This #bot can be helpful if you’re going through a #tweet with many #threads. Just reply “threadreaderapp unroll” & the bot will compile it into an easily readable blog-style format.
2. Download Videos (@this_vid)

As the name suggests, this Twitter bot helps you #download #videos on Twitter. If you want to download a particular video on Twitter, reply with “this_vid” to the tweet that contains the video you want to #save.
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🎯 Para aprender #web hay que hacer proyectos, te dejo 3 APIS con 3 ideas para desarrollarlo desde cero.

❤️ RT please
🦅 Red List of Threatened Species API

Desarrolla una aplicación informativa sobre todas las especies en peligro de extinción puedes filtrar por muchas categorías.
🏋🏽‍♂️ The FatSecret Platform API

Crea una aplicación con información nutricional. Esta base de datos tiene miles de registros listos para ser usados.
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Introduction to HTTP response status codes.

Everyone has probably gotten the classic 404 page-not-found error. That is an HTTP client error status code and there are a lot more of them.

#HTTPS #webdevelopment #Web
HTTP response status codes indicate whether a specific HTTP request has been successfully completed or not.
the http responses are grouped in five classes:
1. Informational responses (100 – 199)
A 1xx status code means that the server has received the request and is continuing the process. This code is purely temporary and is given while the request processing continues. For most tasks you won't encounter these much
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A #Metaverse Beyond #Gaming

Introducing #Exosama Network

• So, what is it?
• How big is it?
• What is the hype around it & @DonnieBigBags?

Get ready to "Expect Chaos" ⚡️


Let's begin with what is @ExosamaNFT Network

• Versatile L1 blockchain with a focus on #gaming, #music, #fashion, and #Metaverse

• High-performance #EVM capability (continuation of EWT tech)

• Ability to bridge to multiple #metaverses and ecosystems

Check out this talk where @DonnieBigBags admits to stumbling upon #NFTs 🤯 and accidentally building the biggest #blockchain game on @Polkadot

@RugRadio @farokh
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¡Buenos días ☀️, por fin es lunes!🗓️ Hoy en los #kiconsejos voy a daros unas pequeñas pistas para saber si cumplimos en nuestra web con la legislación vigente.🌐 #hilo #hilova
Como ya sabrás, si tienes una web, la normativa exige que cumplas una serie de regulación distinta en función de qué actividades tengas en tu web.
Sí, lo sé, el legislador es un plasta y también sé que hay mucho TOC con el tema de la privacidad, una cosa es que te compliquen la vida ( que lo hacen🤷) y otra que pases de cuidar al cliente que entra en tu tienda ( en este caso, online), así que, ¡vamos allá!
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Hay 5 herramientas que yo uso en todos mis proyectos #web.

1. Iconfinder
2. Un generador de #css gradientes
3. Descargar y usar Google Fonts como Web Fonts
4. Y un lorem ipsum para imágenes
5. La mejor documentación

Acá el thread 🧵

#codenewbie #100daysofcode #webdeveloper
Para descargar iconos uso puedes descargarte los iconos en #svg o png hasta 512px y hay muchos iconos gratuitos de calidad. 1/5
Nunca me he aprendido la sintaxis de #css gradients así que esta herramienta me permite generar el código con una interfaz bien bonita: 2/5
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#Mastodon si vous accédez au réseau par une tablette ou un téléphone, vous pouvez utiliser une #app destinée à cela. J’observe que l’app (iOS dans mon cas) est pratique et fluide (plus qu’il y a quelques années, mais elle ne peut, à mon avis remplacer complètement l’accès web. /1
Certaines fonctionnalités qui me semblent utiles, comme le fil public local (= tous les pouets postés sur l’instance) ne semblent pas accessibles par l’app, ça sera parfois regrettable. Ainsi, j’ai décidé de prévoir les deux accès possibles, de pouvoir passer de l’un à l’autre /2
Pour l’accès à #Mastodon par le navigateur #web, j’ai créé un raccourci par la fonction qui fait ça, je l’ai renommé à la création, et j’ai ainsi deux modalités complémentaires pour accéder à #Mastodon, avec un choix possible selon les moments. /3 – FIN
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What is an API? - a beginners Guide
API stands for Application Programming Interface.
APIs are mechanisms that enable two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols.
API architecture is usually explained in terms of client and server. The application sending the request is called the client, and the application sending the response is called the server
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Here's a list of free #PenetrationTesting and #RedTeam Labs you may set up in your own home to enhance your #hacking abilities :
1) Red Team Attack Lab
A simulated setting where red teams can practice exploiting #vulnerabilities in various operating systems.
2) Capsulecorp Pentest
#Capsulecorp is a lightweight virtual infrastructure operated using Vagrant and Ansible. One #Linux attacking system running #Xubuntu is included, along with four #Windows 2019 servers hosting a variety of #exploitable services.
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Want to learn #coding in 2022?

Here are the BEST FREE/PAID resources for you to learn as FAST as possible.


#programming #IT #cybersecurity #code #infosec #python #java #javascript #web
✋Before we start, make sure to RT the first tweet to spread these tips with others.
First off, you need to decide what language(s) to learn.

Below is a list of the most popular languages to help you decide which one is best for you:
(source:…) Image
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