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⚡️A Dark and Stormy Presidency⚡️
A threaded tale

It’s 4 days after the election and most of our votes have been cast and tallied. I rest uneasy, unsure about mine.

This is my tale of suspicious happenings in a place outside of checks and balances which I’ll call the voter-void.
Was it voter suppression? Was it election tampering? I can’t put that fine a point on it, but quite a few things sent shivers down my spine on the day I voted and in the days leading up to it.

Please, join me on this voter’s disturbing journey through our American democracy.
It was a dark and stormy presidency. ⚡️I needed respite. As the election drew nigh, a growing urgency for the rule of law was accompanied by faint yet distinct anxiety.

It was then I realized I hadn’t received my absentee ballot. 😨

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🍎 WA State🌲

DO NOT MAIL YOUR BALLOTS —They won’t be counted.

You must drop them off at a ballot drop box by 8:00 pm.

As #WaveCast captain of WA State, it’s my privilege to feature a few of our amazing candidates on #ElectionDay

Pediatrician Kim Schrier is the doctor we need in the House. She’s running in the #WA08 against Trump sycophant @DinoRossiWA who takes funds from the NRA.

Kim is for:


Former WSU chancellor, Lisa Brown is running in the #WA05 against @cathymcmorris who votes a whopping 98% w/Trump’s party lines, incl voting to gut healthcare every single time.

Lisa will work for her constituents, not Trump

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🚨 Report Re: Polls 🚨

From #WaveCast reporter @biglifejane:

I have been a poll watcher at 3 places in the last 16 hours (we still had early voting). People should report where the bottlenecks are. My hypothesis is Boards of Elections planned for a normal mid-term level... /1
...and turnout is way higher so they are not staffed enough. Voters need to plan for longer lines, and to stay in line. We also need poll watchers to be assertive and call in concerns so that things can be fixes. /2
Lines were very long this morning in the midwest and I expect it will be more so after work today. Thanks for all you are doing. Jane in #IL06. /3
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🌎After years of deleterious moves to outright harm the environment, why did Rick Scott take action and on July 9th and declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY because of blue-green algae blooms? 3 Reasons. Money, politics & urgency/necessity.…
👉These 7 counties were affected by the blue-green algae blooms: Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Glades, Hendry, Lee and Okeechobee.
⁉️And then on August 13, 2018, why did Rick Scott declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY because of “red tide” in the following counties: Charlotte, Collier, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Pinellas and Sarasota? (Lucky Lee County! Red + Green = Grey—Brown)…
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Thx, @jimmykimmel for this handy list of Republicans who voted against ppl w/ pre-existing conditions! #WaveCast

Now who to vote FOR:
What’s his name
Correction & apologies: @dbaria is running against Wicker in #MS. Espy is running against Cindy-Hyde Smith. Who should also lose her seat!
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🌊🗳️#Democratic Americans—the ones who are standing up for Democracy—have gone to "extraordinary lengths" to promote candidates and get out the vote. They've:

▶️Quit jobs
▶️Delayed school
▶️Moved across country
▶️Worked without pay

To stand up for Democracy and their country.
🙌👊Thank you to all of them.

@nytimes: Their zeal speaks to the historic political moment, in which a dizzying array of House races across the country have begun to feel as consequential as a presidential election.…
💥💥Swing Left @swingleft reported that they knocked on more than one million doors!!!
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A short thread.

Is Devin Nunes responsible for covering up election interference in 2016?

Nunes, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, has fought at every turn against allowing a thorough Benghazi-style investigation into interference in the 2016 election.
First of all, Nunes has limited the scope of the investigation and shut down hearings before they even got started.

“Nunes also led Republicans in the effort to fight the legitimacy of the investigation itself.”

Enter the nonsensical deep state theory.

Devin Nunes has scrapped to redirect the investigation into Trump and the 2016 election, and instead questioned the motives and behavior of the investigators themselves, blaming the FBI.

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Hello US friends!

1. VOTE. Seriously, vote. I get it, people are busy. If you haven't had time to do any other activism it's okay. But PLEASE take the time to VOTE.

#WaveCast #Midterms2018 #GOTV #MondayMotivation #ElectionEve
2. If you don't know where to vote/how to vote/who is running, please contact me, and I will help. Seriously, I will not shame you. I will help you. Do not feel embarrassed. I will cheer you for wanting to vote.

#WaveCast #Midterms2018 #GOTV #MondayMotivation #ElectionEve
3. If you need help physically getting to the polls, ask. I can either help find you resources or point you to people who can help.

#WaveCast #Midterms2018 #GOTV #MondayMotivation #ElectionEve
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Midterms aren't just about taking back Congress.

It's about taking back states where voter suppression & gerrymandering enable the GOP to draw district maps & ignore constituents on issues like healthcare.

Here are the most important governor races to watch.
(2) Think of these governors races as the big 10.

They're important because they'll break up a trifecta (where the GOP controls all branches of state government) or it's a flippable seat where the balance of power will lean Dem.

(3) In Georgia, @staceyabrams is up against voter suppression expert Brian Kemp. Stacey could become the first US black female governor.

This race is a tossup but big young voter turnout & a court decision to block "exact match" rules may turn the tide blue.
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Right now, hundreds of national reporters are researching candidates and races for the 1st time. Are you excited to hear their analysis? Yawn.

WE have been building this wave. Now WE are going to report this election & celebrate our wins. Together.

Introducing #WaveCast.
#WaveCast is a growing team of Twitter accounts - everyday activists who have been organizing through @IndivisibleTeam and local Dem groups, writing postcards, attending rallies & knocking on doors. These folks are committing to share the grassroots story you won’t get on TV.
Our #WaveCast reporters will be organized by state, and dedicated to sharing info on voting, key state contests & - of course - the US Congressional races that they have been volunteering for all year.

Wanna join in? No reporting experience necessary. /3
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