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Was proud that Congress did this to honor Emmitt Till and Mamie Till-Mobley, graduate of Argo High School (Summit IL). A brief story:…
1/ In March 2020, I had the honor of travelling to Selma AL to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge with John Lewis. John would die just a few months later and we had a huge group of civil rights icons who came to honor him "one more time".
2/ At breakfast one morning with Charles Neblett (an amazing man, and one of the "Freedom Singers") I asked him what gave Rosa Parks, MLK and people like John the courage to stand up and lead when so others were killed for doing the same.…
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The GOP's Congressional Leadership Fund concludes its final major filing binge before next week's election, dropping $29.4 million in 41 races.

Tonight's dump brings their general election IE total to just under $210 million, over $70 million ahead of their 2020 pace. ImageImageImage
Tonight's CLF buys (1/3)

#NY17 $2,593,204
#IL06 $1,913,350
#NV03 $1,509,471
#CA47 $1,484,309
#NV01 $1,447,925
#PA07 $1,419,827
#CA49 $1,343,586
#NY04 $1,324,750
#CA13 $1,162,594
#TX34 $1,050,079
#VA07 $1,031,830
#IL17 $996,760
#IN01 $899,304
#NY18 $786,512
#MN02 $653,079
Tonight's CLF buys (2/3)

#CA22 $646,452
#WA08 $644,145
#OR05 $636,737
#CT05 $604,832
#NY19 $599,291
#NC13 $594,582
#PA17 $567,250
#ME02 $527,500
#RI02 $506,313
#NY22 $497,750
#MI07 $453,800
#OR06 $447,500
#OH13 $402,750
#TX28 $356,186
#OH01 $340,851
#AZ06 $320,051
#AZ01 $310,380
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And here's the climactic burst of spending from the Democratic House Majority PAC, putting up...

$45.9 million in 57 House races...

adding #NJ11, #NH02, #IL06, #NY25, #IL14, and #NM03 to the board as targeted seats 68-73
Tonight's HMP buys (1/4)

#NY03 $2,091,249
#NY18 $1,987,496
#NJ11 $1,961,501
#NJ05 $1,961,476
#PA07 $1,687,355
#IL17 $1,674,366
#TX28 $1,579,645
#VA07 $1,480,888
#MI07 $1,480,436
#PA17 $1,366,568
#MN02 $1,349,450
#NY19 $1,317,868
#NH01 $1,262,355
#CA13 $1,170,657
#NH02 $1,083,220
Tonight's HMP buys (2/4)

#NY04 $1,073,658
#AZ01 $1,054,068
#WA08 $1,050,275
#TX34 $1,034,351
#OR06 $1,008,020
#OH13 $961,300
#IN01 $947,522
#NV01 $902,915
#PA08 $882,593
#IL13 $866,533
#NM02 $840,709
#NY22 $804,598
#OH01 $759,588
#CO08 $746,912
#ME02 $726,274
#NC13 $710,544
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I am deeply troubled by the recent explicit threats of violence at the Downers Grove Library. This is the direct result of public officials, and aspiring ones spreading hatred in our communities.…
Having a public voice comes with great responsibility. You can encourage voices of kindness and love or you can encourage voices of hatred and fear. My opponent, and the groups who support him are in the latter category.…
They are homophobes and fear-mongers who would incite violence and hatred if it helped scare good people into silence. It is the playbook of fascism.
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In #IL06 D vs D race,2nd term Rep. Sean Casten defeated 1st term Rep. Marie Newman for the Democratic nomination per AP. Newman defeated 8 term Rep. Dan Lipinski in #IL03 Democratic primary in March 2020 & won re-election, but chose to run in newly drawn #IL06 district this year.
Pelosi:”Congresswoman Marie Newman is a proud progressive in the Congress, who has brought energetic leadership to our Caucus.  On behalf of House Democrats, we thank her for her patriotic public service and will sincerely miss her voice in the House.”
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A good summary of the bill that @repblumenauer and I introduced today to overhaul our National Flood Insurance Program, to help homeowners rebuild more quickly and keep the program solvent in the wake of ever-increasing floods.…
A major driver behind this bill was a comment made to me at the beginning of my 1st term: "Insurance is for things that are expensive, rare and unpredictable. Thanks to global warming, flooding is only expensive."
From flooded properties along the Fox River, Mayors and Managers struggling to manage costs in low-lying parts of #IL06 and all the funding requests our office has received / helped fund for storm sewer upgrades, it's become ever clearer that flooding is NOT just a coastal issue.
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For the veterans out there, and their friends and family: check out the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project. It is really, really cool. And consider sharing your own stories, pictures and archives.
They've been building this database for a long time, one veteran at a time and then cataloging and linking their stories, leading to all sorts of connections, documentation and archives.
One of the more poignant stories was a VietNam vet who shared his story of being shot down and ejecting from his plane who, through the VHP found a picture, taken by another vet of the moment when his plane went down - they'd never previously met.
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Late last night, the Illinois legislature passed a 4th iteration of their new congressional map. Analyzed here:…
As with previous versions, it is heavily biased toward Democrats. There are 13 🔵 seats, 3 🔴 seats, and 1 🟣 seats.…
The map wreaks havoc with a lot of incumbents, especially Republicans. For instance, Mike Bost and Mary Miller are double-bunked in #IL12.…
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The latest (final?) proposed congressional map in Illinois is up and analyzed on the @FiveThirtyEight redistricting tracker:…
@FiveThirtyEight It's very similar to the previous proposal: 13 🔵 seats, 3 🔴 seats, and just 1 🟣 seat. It has an efficiency gap of D+13.…
@FiveThirtyEight The map makes #IL13, currently held by GOPer Rodney Davis, light blue. Davis could choose to run in neighboring #IL15 but that might set up an incumbent-vs-incumbent primary (either Davis-LaHood or LaHood-Kinzinger in #IL16).…
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Breaking: as predicted, IL Dems have revised their proposal to a safer, more aggressive 14D-3R gerrymander. It's still about as ugly as before, though.… ImageImage
As I hinted last Sunday, this version creates a new, much-anticipated Latino seat (#IL03) on the north side of Chicago. But, it would do so by merging the homes of Reps. Marie Newman (D) and Sean Casten (D) in a reconfigured #IL06.
This version also (very blatantly) merges the homes of Reps. Mary Miller (R) and Mike Bost (R) in a new #IL12, and puts Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R)'s house into Rep. Bobby Rush (D)'s plurality Black #IL01 (!).
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I'm proud to represent #IL06, the district once represented by Henry Hyde. And I'm delighted to see @POTUS proposing a budget that finally gets rid of my predecessor's anti-choice legacy.…
1/ The data is unambiguous: reducing access to abortions doesn't reduce the incidence of abortions. It just reduces their safety. Take away the access to safe procedures and women die.
2/ The Hyde Amendment, therefore has the practical effect only of compromising the health of lower income women who depend on government-provided healthcare. It is evil and inhumane.
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This is one of the most accurate pieces I've read about the current @GOP. Encourage all to read as we think about how to heal our nation after 1/6. A few additional thoughts:…
1/ First, the overwhelming majority of Americans are good people who believe in Democracy, rule of law and equality for all. We are a fundamentally good people.
2/ The problem is that we do not have a majoritarian government. But for peculiarities of the electoral college, neither George W Bush nor Donald Trump would be president.
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The omnibus spending bill the President signed into law included three major bills I introduced - one on student loans, and two (surprise!) on energy policy. Will do a thread on each: first what we did to help make college a little more affordable. Thread:
1/ Last year, I introduced the GRADUATE Act with @CongressmanRaja, @RepDebHaaland and @RepSylviaGarcia to repeal Section 455(q) of the Higher Education Act of 1965.
2/ This law limits access to federally-subsidized college loans to people who complete their degrees within 150% of the "published length" (e.g., 6 years for a bachelors, 3 years for an associates)
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I spent a few days before Xmas checking in our mayors in #IL06. Wanted to share some observations on a common theme that came up, and how you all can help: the COVID vaccine distribution process. Thread.
1/ First, the process is heroic, noble, unprecedented and chaotic. Good people trying to scale something massive, building the tools as they build the house in real time.
2/ Seen from some angles, that is awe-inspiring. Seen from others, it looks like a total cluster. As the old metaphor about the blind men feeling and elephant goes, we are all well served to avoid drawing conclusions from incomplete information.
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Democratic Candidate for US Senate in ILLINOIS
Democratic Incumbent
Dick Durbin
Donate here…

Here's a Thread of the Democratic Candidates for the #23GOP seats up in 2020
IL1 Democratic Candidate for
ILLINOIS 1st Congressional District #IL1 #IL01
Democratic Incumbent
THREAD of all Illinois Democratic Candidates
#Congress2020 #NoSafeSeats
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Illinois has a HUGE role to play on Nov 6th. The Dem WHIP (#2) and DCCC Chairwoman are up for election. There’s many flippable Seats/Districts and voters here, especially due to recent events. Take the House and secure the Senate. #LiberateIllinois

U.S. Senate #ILSen #twill

MARK CURRAN - @ElectMarkCurran




#DitchDick #LiberateIllinois

Illinois’ 1st Congressional District #IL1 #IL01

PHILANSE WHITE - @Philaniseforco1




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The suggestion that Jared Kushner may have intentionally allowed COVID-19 to run rampant in blue states has direct relevance to #IL06 and answers I still have not received from @FEMA.

1/ On April 2 of this year, @FEMA provided a telephone briefing to the Region V (midwest) Congressional delegation, during which time we were told that PPE, ventilators and other critical COVID materiel were being preferentially dispatched to developing "hotspots".
2/ A week prior to that call, Trump had said that he would prioritize resources to Governors who were "nice" to him.…
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Announced today: #EPAC's next round of endorsed Rising Star #GOPWomen candidates. More Republican women are running for Congress than ever before and we are in a STRONG position to take back the House with our endorsed candidates.…
@JeanneIves running in #IL06 is a West Point graduate, US Army veteran, and former State House Rep. She has lived in #IL06 for 27 years, working on tax reform and government transparency -- while raising her 5 children.…
@esther4congress is running in #IL17 and is an Army Reservist, small businesswoman, and attorney. She learned the value of serving her community through her parents who were missionaries along the US-Mexico border.…
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Some thoughts this morning in the wake of George Floyd's funeral, and more broadly about this painful (but necessary, if it leads to some positive growth) point in our history. Thread:
1/ Yesterday, on our caucus conference call, Bryan Stevenson pointed out in his amazingly eloquent and empathetic way how the sin of slavery wasn't the brutality; it was the narrative of inequality.
2/ To wit, a morally decent human being could not have engaged in the brutality of chattel slavery without first convincing themselves that the people they were brutalizing were somehow lesser than them.
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NEW at @CookPolitical: 10 rating changes (7 towards Ds, 3 towards Rs) as Democrats' edge in the battle for the House grows...
Basically, #COVID19 has all but frozen House recruitment & severely curtailed fundraising. That's an advantage for incumbents & bad news for upstates.

At end of 2019, median House D in a Trump district had $1.8 million cash on hand while median leading R challenger had $247,000.
Today, we've moved four freshman Dems out of Toss Up based on the weakness of their GOP opposition:

#IL14 Lauren Underwood (D) - Toss Up to Lean D
#MI08 Elissa Slotkin (D) - Toss Up to Lean D
#NY19 Antonio Delgado (D) - Toss Up to Lean D
#UT04 Ben McAdams (D) - Toss Up to Lean D
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All: We're trying something out right now to help our neighbors in #IL06 through this COVID crisis and hoping you might join in (thread):
We were trying to figure out what we had that could address some of the challenges we're facing and realized we have an awesome network of volunteers who are good people that want to help.
Meanwhile, there are a lot of elderly folks in the district who may be self-isolating and lonely, aren't on social media all day. Et voila:
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As we wait in DC to finalize our Coronavirus package, I've been talking with public health officials throughout #IL06. Thread here based on what we're hearing, and what you can do to stay healthy & safe:
1/ First, please recognize that our public health officials - hospitals, EMTs, community health centers, county health departments, etc. are on the frontlines. They are good people and are overworked. Thank them, and be patient with them.
2/ People are nervous, want to be tested, are frustrated that tests don't exist, want answers... our public health officials get it. Their success depends on how many people they can quickly treat; be respectful of their time & stress level.
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Dear Dem @HouseJudiciary members;
@RepJerryNadler NY, @JacksonLeeTX18, @RepCohen TN, @RepHankJohnson GA; Experts say @SpeakerPelosi’s flat wrong. Think for yourself.

“Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020”…
Dear Dem @HouseJudiciary members;
@RepTedDeutch FL, @RepKarenBass CA, @RepZoeLofgren CA, @RepRichmond LA; Experts say @SpeakerPelosi’s flat wrong. Think for yourself.

“Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020”…
Dear Dem @HouseJudiciary members;
@RepJeffries NY, @RepCicilline RI, @RepSwalwell CA, @TedLieu CA, @RepRaskin MD;
Experts say @SpeakerPelosi is flat wrong. Think for yourself.

“Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020”…
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Earlier today, we had a round table with domestic violence center managers, YMCA directors, health services officers, food assistance providers, air traffic controllers, lawyers, immigrant assistance groups and a farmer to talk about the effects of the shutdown. Thread: /1
For context, #IL06 has comparatively few federal workers relative to other congressional districts (4,255). But we have a HUGE number of people who depend on those federal workers who's voices also need to be heard. /2
Providers of family protective services noted that there has been a huge increase in call volume to rape crisis centers since the Kavanaugh hearing. Local YMCA is on a July fiscal year - they are already over last year's call volume. Let that sink in. /3
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