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Like most of us in here in #QuarentineLife I've got a lot of extra time on my hands. So I decided to make a thread highlighting the failure, ineptitude, stupidity, and hypocrisy of #Trump and his executive branch in regard to the #COVID19 pandemic
January 18th Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar attempts to speak with Trump about the virus but Trump does not listen and interjects, asking about vaping and when certain flavored vaping products will be back on the market.
Jan 22nd Trump said “We have it totally under control.” On January 30th Trump said that “we’re working very closely with China and other countries, and we think it’s going to have a very good ending for us.” Also stated that he trusts President Xi.
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The #archaeobalt project webinar is now live on our YouTube channel. We will be live until 2:30pm CET. Join in whenever you would like to hear more about our #archaeology #excavations in the South Baltic areas
The first presentation is by our PI Karolina from Gdańsk University - she is introducing the key concepts behind this EU Development Fund project. Starting with the idea of archaeotourism and the creation of a sustainable tourism route in the South Baltic.
We are now being introduced to the amazing archaeological site of Uppåkra in Sweden with a long term excavation led by Professor Mats Roslund of @lunduniversity
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(1) I really try to focus on issues and stay out of politics. It's a difficult task and sometimes I fail. Here's a quick thread for your contemplation and it applies to equally both #Democrats and #Republicans.
(2) First, there are sane and rational people on both sides of the aisle. Although their opinions might be different than yours, these opinions are based in individual experiences and beliefs. All of these people love the #USA 🇺🇸 and it's important to always remember that
(3) At the same time, there are also extremists within BOTH the #Republican and #Democratic parties whose actions and beliefs do not reflect the majority. In some cases, these individual can become dangerous and even promote delusions that can harm #America 🇺🇸.
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1-If there is anything good to be said about this #coronavirus pandemic is that the #MAGA #Qanon peeps are finally waking up to the fact that there is no #TrustThePlan or #TrustTheProcess at all
Just con artists preying on your fears and dreams while you donate to them all
2-And even if there is a #Plan, that plan certainly doesn't include YOU, but the rich and wealthy and the usual #NWO stuff re-branded as totally cool stuff and a #5DPlan for the current Admin doing exactly the opposite as #Qanon has said.
I have spoken to a lot of ppl in private
3-Over the last few days, on their realization that they were conned. This is encouraging news.
I got conned into believing #Qanon myself. And for a while there, I regurgitated the same talking points.…
However, I did make a point to reach out to peeps
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#SANDERS CONCEDED THE RACE 3/11, said millions decided his "friend Joe #Biden" was more likely to beat Trump. No blaming the #DNC, no cries of rigged election. He began: my #1 goal is defeating Trump. Time for ALL #Sanders fans & #dems to unite.…
#Bernie counted on overperforming w/ young voters, but nearly 3% fewer people under 30 voted in 20 compared to 16. This was the only demographic group where Sanders had an advantage. The drop in youth vote & the surge in ALL OTHER groups (who voted #Biden) cost Sanders the race.
#Sanders earned LESS of the vote in EVERY RACE in '20 when compared to '16. On average, he underperformed by 17.6%. He did 35.4% worse in VT. He was down 10.9% in #DemocratsAbroad primary this weekend.
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⁉️ What in God’s name is this ⁉️

⁉️ What #Democratic candidate (or their surrogate) goes on Russian TV ⁉️

‼️ I’m interested in getting Russia out of our collective as$es, not letting them get further up! ‼️
💥 For those bots saying the clip is old—yes it is—but the topic is current since Republicans are switching parties to vote for Bernie (in states with open primaries) as per Trump’s suggestion.
💥 And frankly, 2016 wasn’t that long ago.
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Remember when #Republicans #seceded from the #Union to defend the @PeculiarInstitution of #Slavery?

Neither do I.
Remember when #Republicans created the #KKK as an armed force of masked #terrorists to #murder newly #freedslaves and government officials that protected them?

Neither do I.
Remember when #Republicans enacted #apartheid in America through so-called #JimCrow laws?

Neither do I.
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1. #Resisters #democrats and fellow humans, please keep in mind that #Russia has already made their presence felt in the #Democratic primaries. Our intelligence bureaus already announced that #Putin is busy making sure #Trump is elected again. The stakes are higher than ever and
2. the pressure is mounting. #disinformation is the name of the game. As we get closer to November, you will be bombarded by information from all sides; some true, some untrue. The point of it all is to sow mistrust and suspicion among us. The weaker we Are, the easier we are to
3. beat. Don't you let them win! The battle is for the very soul of our great nation. Stay strong and be firm. Do not let them control the conversation. As the #OuterLimits opening stated, "We control the horizontal. We control the vertical." Putin knows he can't fight a strong
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The Most Epic #Vaccine Rant on Twitter I Promise You’ll Ever Read

The #EpigeneticWhisperer Is Super Duper Pissed

A Tweet Series By EW

I’m mad as hell & I’m not going to take it anymore!
-Howard Beale, Network, 1976

I’ve been hanging around this 🌎 for 4 decades now & I have 2 tell u that I’m really pissed off. I was born, grew up & have reluctantly participated in this hot beautiful mess called society. I’ve been looking around, taking notes, & there r way 2 many things pissing me off.

One societal catastrophe has been this 300 year #vaccine experiment on humans. The most outrageous lie ever perpetrated on the human race. It’s pissing me off something fierce. Let me count the ways.

1) The entire vax experiment was based on rubbing cow pox blister puss...

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U.S. Senate Democratic Debate | Find out where the U.S. Senate #Democratic candidates stand on the issues you care about before you hit the polls. They're facing incumbent #Republican Sen. @JohnCornyn in the March 3 primary. #texas #politics #VoteTexas #El…
@JohnCornyn First question of the night: Name one action or policy President Donald Trump has put into place that you support.
@JohnCornyn Chris Bell: "Donald Trump is the dark underbelly of America and John Cornyn is his No. 1 waterboy ... We need to take them down." #VoteTexas
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Lets talk about #Gold #Mining in #SouthAfrica. Specifically, lets talk about #AngloGold's exit from South Africa & its impact on say, #Lesotho #Migrant #Mine workers...
The latest #news in the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry is that #AngloGold Ashanti, the world’s third-largest gold miner, has sealed a deal to sell its last remaining SA asset as it exits the country after 22 years on the #JSE...
I will not be talking about the "WHY" aspect of #AngloGold's exit from the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry. Rather, my focus will be on the consequences of such a move for #Labour, #Migrant labour to be precise. Labour from #Lesotho, specifically...
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📣 Elizabeth Warren was the first #Democratic candidate that spoke out & said that Donald Trump needs to be impeached.

Now she's urging the House to take action to rein in our Attorney General, William Barr.

Vote #Warren2020; we need to stop corruption!

😡 Stop corruption in Washington, DC.

Elect Elizabeth Warren.

⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾 She is FEARLESS.
💸 To donate to Elizabeth Warren's campaign, click here.

Even if it's only $3 and you have $6 in your one of her very loyal supporters did!
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List of Buttigieg's billionaire donors (as of Dec 21):

-Len Blavatnik
-Emily Blavatnik
-Christopher Mckown
-Wendy Schmidt
-David Geffen
-Katherine Rayner
-Daniel Ziff
-Dirk Ziff
-Natasha Ziff
-Jo Carole Lauder
-Barry Diller
-Reed Hastings
-Jonathan Gray
-Jon Stryker
-Barbara Hostetter
-Amy Goldman Fowler
-Susan Pritzker
-Kathy Yarbrough
-Glenn Dubin
-Jennifer Pritzker
-Reid Hoffman
-Barbara Alfond
-Marc Lasry
-Cathy Lasry
-William Ackman
-Neri Oxman
-Nicole Systrom
-Jonathan Tisch
-Seth Klarman
-Philippe Laffont
-Anna McKelvey
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Cuz #china is trying to kill me and my race it’s time they start paying all my bills and not only
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Support✨Democrats Work For America✨

We're people-funded pac committed to electing #Democrats by
✔️targeting winnable races
✔️registering, protecting, engaging, mobilizing voters
✔️building coalitions; maximizing #GOTV efforts


🔁@DemsWork4USA, we're working hard & smart to organize, involve & channel grassroots activists to help #WinBlue, including assessing, vetting & early support of candidates in a multi-layered strategy.

🙏Support our work. Give if you can.

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#democratic primary: It's 12/1 and just over 2 months to the IA caucuses. So what the heck is going on in this primary that's being conducted in the middle of a constitutional crisis? Well, the bottom line is that young voters are steadier in their preferences than older voters.
Taking @surveyusa polling from Aug-Nov, we see that the 18-34 vote has barely moved for Warren (-1), Pete (+1), Biden (+2) and Harris (-1). For Bernie, there was a big drop of -10 from Aug to Sept, but has since stabilized at 35, highest of any candidate in that demo.
Among 35-49 voters, since Aug, Liz is +2, Pete (0), Bernie (-1), Joe (-5) and Harris (-4). Among 50-64 voters: Warren (+2), Pete (0), Bernie (-1), Biden (-4), Harris (-5). Among 65+: Warren (-13), Pete (+7), Bernie (+2), Joe (-4), Harris (-5).
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So why I think the #GE2019 is really not done yet. A short thread. The summary: I think a hung parliament is still a very likely and a desirable outcome for the UK. I first present some evidence on the former, and then my view on the desirability on the latter. #Brexit
1. Most opinion polls now point to a #Cons maj, including yesterday's @YouGov MRP. MRP is great in the tool box, but still relies on raw polling data. Here,, I argue here that YouGov samples for BES do appear structurally different and potentially biased
2. Opinion polls are still mostly conducted at national level, ignoring constituency-level factors. My PhD student @EleAla shows that in UK, turnout tends to be systematically lower the "safer" a seat is. And this effect is increasing in the poll national lead of the incumbent..
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3.🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
#regimechange #ProtectBolivia #ProtectDemocracy
1. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
2. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
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110 US Lawmakers Support #Iran’s Organized Opposition Mujahedin-e-Khalq #MEK-Iran… #Iranfreedom #freeiran #MEK #Iran @USAdarFarsi
1/2 A gathering was held in the #US House of Representatives with the presence of both #Democratic and #Republican lawmakers.…
#Iranfreedom #freeiran #MEK #Iran @USAdarFarsi
2/2 Delegates announced that supporters of House Resolution 374 condemning state-sponsored #terrorism&supporting the #Iranian people's desire to establish a democratic, secular&non-nuclear republic had reached 110 representatives from both parties.
#MEK @threadreaderapp
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What really is the Democratic Left?

Combating MSM, @DNC & the Right's misinformation campaign, propaganda & lies about where Left, Center & Right actually are politically w/ some fucking history & facts to protect our #Democracy from modern slavery #Neoliberalism.
French Revolution Nat. Assembly seating was origins of political Left & Right spectrum designations.

Left wanted reform, new constitution w/ Declaration of Rights of Man & of Citizen

Right wanted to continue Ancien Régime - monarchy & feudal nobility

1. Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.
2. These rights are liberty, property, safety and resistance against oppression.
5. The law has the right to forbid only actions harmful to society...…
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1/ @voiceofsandiego suspects @SDDistAtty @SummerStephan may be leaving the #Republican Party. Why? Read her rambling response:…

What is clear: #SanDiego is full of ambitious politicians who change party, office and/or districts to stay in/run for office.
2/ Related: 2 of 3 recent Chairs of @sandiegodems were "reformed" #Republicans

They changed their party registration then worked against #progressives when they run against #moderates. Women of color were especially impacted by moderate party policies & actions in 2018
3/ @sandiegodems used "member communication" $ to attack @CD4Monica @vivianmorenoSD in their elections

Both women won- despite institutional #Democrat opposition. Hopefully this teaches local Democrats about the power & need for #diversity & representation in #SanDiego politics
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🚨 Thread on rooftop solar & net metering! 🚨

This past week @mitenergy published a podcast in which we discuss the economics of rooftop solar, and, in particular, issues related to equity, net metering, & rooftop PV.

See the podcast below, & check out this thread for more!
Before I dive in, I want to note that many of the findings in this thread are early & stem from my PhD dissertation. I'm hoping that the #EnergyTwitter hivemind will provide feedback to improve the work. Please don't hesitate to *constructively* criticize. That's why I'm here!
As #Democratic presidential candidates lay out their climate plans, many have put clean power and justice at the core of their policies.

In my PhD dissertation, I dove into one energy justice issue: How does rooftop solar adoption and rate design impact vulnerable communities?
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