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#SaveOurChildren thread going to start out with the information that is easily understood. Sometimes when you are trying to #WakeUpAmerica the only way to do it is open there eyes slowly.…
Video footage of children being brought out of these tankers #WakeUpAmerica how can you call this a "conspiracy" if it in front of your eyes!
Now ask yourself why the American MSM isn't reporting on these things when it is easily available I myself can go straight to it and find it! So your own research if your interested in knowing what is really happening. I know the answers to these questions, the Truth is hidden!
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Yup this just happened, it is not hidden, you just have to look... I will be posting more but this is Boston area after little research to validate responses to exposing more or not... More to come, I need an effin break.. if anyone does their local area send to me I’ll add.. ImageImageImageImage
Interesting how Facebook allows this but yes I guess freedom of religion is how? ImageImageImageImage
Other areas within Boston plus Instagram and yes Twitter accounts... “TST” seems to be a thing... ImageImageImageImage
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Did POTUS just confirm!?
And before I get a hundred replies of “that’s a stretch” Let me say this. Yes it is a stretch. But factor in that Q is not posting at the moment & if we really did bust open the #wayfairtrafficking thing, I’d fully expect @realDonaldTrump to acknowledge it somehow.
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I think I've cracked the #heartshapedbox music video mystery and WHY #courtneylove killed #kurtcobain over #pedogate #pizzagate and #pedowood
Based on the imagery used in the video and lyrics from the song
Here we have the upside down cross a symbol used by those involved in #pedowood and the cult for satanic rituals
Note the band are in the dark except for Kurt as the light shines on his face
The man in the bed is on a fetus drip #adrenachrome
They believe that they have made a mockery of religion and god breaking all known taboos, I believe he represents #pedowood in one shape or form, note the crows gathering around his decaying decrepit body
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#pizzagate🍕🍕🍕 #wayfairtrafficking🐇🐇🐇 #BigTech #Pedowood THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT it is a worldwide NETWORK. THREAD...
1. In order to move any product, you firstly need distribution lines, shipping, cargo, etc. Killary is nicknamed "Evergreen". Why??…
This needs to be worldwide to get your product out. We have seen many stories about kids being trafficked in cargo ships, containers, ad nauseum…
Then they are brought in and out in cars, trucks any type of vehicle.…
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Abro hilo de mis hilos preciosuras jajaja para que puedan encontrarlos más rápido ❤️ Image
Sobre el hackeo a la Condusef
La entrevista que le hice a Anonymous Iberoamérica
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1/ So recencent disinformation around #wayfair #Wayfairtrafficing #WayfairTrafficksChildren has been covered… and debunked…. But lets look at the numbers and some of the findings
2/ @oneunderscore__ already covered that the probable origin is from Reddit's r/conspiracy (the front page of the internet's melting pot for all your conspiracy theory needs)
3/ @dappergander had also found that Canadian QANon influencer AmazingPolly had already dabbled in this conspiracy theory back on June 14
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With all of this #wayfair trafficking going on, I began to dig really deep. I was led to other websites and documents that seem innocent, but upon further inspection, too many coincidences. Now I may be off, but seems to me that a lot of gaming sites are harbors for #trafficking
I forget exactly how I came across this site, it may have been originally through #yandex but anyways, in looking up this sectional, I was led to this site and read the description and thought it was odd. ImageImage
When I clicked the See Customer Reviews, I was sent to When clicking on the button, I was led straight to general product page. Image
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There's a connection between the overpriced product in Wayfair websites and the name of young missing girls and it also connect with Yandex (a Russia search engine).
I Still had a lot question about this.🤔

#Wayfairhumantrafficking ImageImageImageImage
So know people are connecting the Samiyah wardrobe to the girl in the right who is missing in 2019, but in Her facebook said She never been missing. (I'l post the youtube video in the next tweet).

#WayfairTrafficksChildren ImageImage
The More you dig Wayfair child sex trafficking connection is so bleak its insane! But still, I have one question, why is this girl Samiyah Mumin alive and well, not missing? based on Her statement in the video?🤔

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#wayfair Thread number 2 - Other Weird Vendors

NO ONE thinks they are shipping kids in boxes, piss off

👇We see👇
MONEY exchanges
PEDO symbols

Read this review, items are NOT as advertised


Items with unique names were found selling for crazy prices. Unique names all matched names of missing people. (could be glow bait to distract?)

MANY other vendors were identified will overpriced items, some unique, some generic
Items include Book shelf, throw pillow...
Shower curtains, kids art, lawn ornaments, lots of kid related stuff, and much more

Many of the items prices changed as we researched, set to 50 bucks instead of 10k like when we found them. not all prices changed (More bait?)

5 vendors with 10k pillows
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Abro hilo de la TEORÍA de lo que está pasando con #wayfairtrafficking que neta si resulta ser cierto perderé oficialmente mi fe en la humanidad y más porque se relaciona directamente con la “teoría” de PizzaGate 🍕 Image
Todo comenzó hace unos días en Reddit cuando alguien de alguna manera se dio cuenta que Wayfair estaba vendiendo artículos bien equis CARÍSIMOS y con nombres de NIÑOS Y NIÑAS DESAPARECIDOS.

Como por ejemplo estas almohadas de casi 10 mil dólares. Image
¿vieron que es el mismo artículo, el mismo precio y la misma descripción excepto por los nombres del inicio?

Pueees...son apellidos de personas desaparecidas.

Ok, podría ser una coincidencia muy rara y tal vez una falla en el sistema de los precios... peroooo hay MUCHO MÁS. ImageImage
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I found this on Etsy just right now, I am so confused. #Wayfair #wayfairtrafficking
I know some people may see this as just someone selling art, it could be, but I found these paintings whenever I searched “Children” onto Etsy because I saw that Etsy was being questioned into the trafficking. The specific numbers, pricing, children, it’s just so unsettling to me
This is ETSY by the way. For anyone confused I added the wayfair hashtags for people to see this video because those hashtags were trending and I wanted this to be seen by as much people as possible. Also because both companies are being exposed for child trafficking
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Must watch!!

#wayfairtrafficking #WayfairGate

Look how many shares of #Wayfair the George #Soros Fund owns!! 😳
John Podesta Emails 👇👇

“Pillow Talk” 😳

Susan Sandler #BLM and Democracy Alliance Connection 😳

#Wayfair #wayfairtrafficking
#BlackLivesMatter #Pizzagate
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#wayfairtrafficking THREAD

1)Today Wayfair was trending at #4 on twitter. Why? People noticed ordinary products were selling for unreal sums of money from 3rd party sellers.
2) Aside from the unusually high prices, people then noticed the names (most of them uncommon names) on all of the products correlated to missing persons.
Wayfair is a e-commerce giant that sells 14 million items from 11,000 global supplies, the perfect platform to sell “products” under the radar without much over sight. Add in 14 million items and the likelihood of having red flags raised would be very slim...
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#Wayfair has a ton of overpriced products with the names and SKUs of missing children.

@Wayfair care to explain?
How are storage cabinets and throw pillows $10k all with the names of missing persons? Additionally, these are not common names.
If this trend proves to be a fact, why are you handling it as a conspiracy theory? In my opinion it is no longer a theory if @wayfair is being used as a third party to traffic children.
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Wayfair covering up sexual allegations in Jan. 2020👇…

Wayfair has concentration camps at the border under the nonprofit organization called BCFS

They have sold $200,000 worth of furniture to them👇…

Wayfair calls the concentration camps a Texas detention facility for migrant children 👇…

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So I saw the wayfair conspiracy and decided to investigate myself. Unfortunately all these overpriced products are deleted but I decided to go further and look up the item codes. Here is what I found...
(2) If you look up these codes, they lead you to disturbing pictures. WHY DO THESE CODES LEAD YOU TO THIS TYPE OF PHOTOS!?! #wayfairtrafficking
To make it worse, I though src was short of source code. But when you just look those letters up in order, you get this as top results!? Wtf does this mean??? #wayfairtrafficking
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1) Remember when many of us in the #QAnon community were saying that this was likely our “Dark to Light” week? This may very well be our #ShotHeardAroundTheWorld.

In the last few hours, #Wayfair has been accused of selling trafficked children through their website. ImageImageImageImage
2) #Wayfair has pillows and cabinets listed on their site for $10,000 and above. Each of these items have a different name, that correlated to a child that has recently been reported missing. ImageImageImageImage
3) Some of these children have been recovered, and though we don’t have the details, it may be due to an ongoing investigation, as many of us are aware undercover investigations have been ongoing.

According to comments, authorities have been contacted and an investigation opened ImageImageImageImage
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sooooo Wayfair sells storage sheds for upwards of $14,000? VERY suspicious
#WayfairGate #WayfairTrafficking
Also, notice the NAMES of the cabinets? People must be using the Missing Child Database to "shop" for kids. I'm sick to my stomach.
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