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Eine #Ü40Party, grösstenteils mit den Liedern, die zu meiner aktiven Discozeit liefen, so um 1992 bis 2000, habe ich schon unter anderen Accounts angefangen. Werde hier alte Tweets kopieren und neue Lieder anfügen.

Alice Cooper - Poison

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#Nirvana #Breed #Nevermind30
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video)

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Some books change your entire perspective and give you a new leash on life.

There are several books that have done that for me, but none have had as profound of an impact as #WhyBuddhismIsTrue by @robertwrighter

Below are the 13 best lessons I learned from this book 👇🏼🧵
1. Natural selection did not design your mind to see the world clearly. It designed your mind to have perceptions and beliefs that would help take care of your genes.
2. Natural selection (like the robot overlords from the matrix) engineered the delusions that control us and built them into our brains. Natural selection perpetrated the delusion in order to get us to adhere to its agenda - the agenda being to get genes into the next generation.
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This is of course - how most politely to put it - poppycock. Yes, the official so-called active cases count is dropping but that is not because India has the epidemic under control. New cases, officially, are at 85 k plus per day, deaths at 1100 a day.
Unofficially, of course, no one has a clue what the real numbers are. This is just the kind of false optimism and pseudo-science that today's Lancet editorial is all about. India is shoring up big real problems.…
This fetish with recovered cases is a peculiar affliction of those who want to put a falsely positive spin on the #epidemic. #Coronavirus infection is an illness that naturally recovers, (unless it kills). Recovery does not mean a bounce back to vigorous health for 10-15% of..
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The game #SnakesandLadders had its origin in India and was called Moksha Patam or Parama Padam or Mokshapat. It was used to teach Hinduism and Hindu values to children.

The British copied the idea and renamed it as Snakes and Ladders.
#SnakesandLadders originated in India as a game based on morality called

Vaikuntapaali - stairs to Vaikuntha, or Paramapada Sopanam - ladder to salvation

It was not just a fun game. It was based on the idea of teaching morality to kids. This teaching needs to be reintroduced
The morality lesson of the game -

a person can attain salvation #Moksha through doing good
by doing evil one will inherit rebirth to lower forms of life

In my view it was the easiest way of teaching the rule of salvation
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I think I've cracked the #heartshapedbox music video mystery and WHY #courtneylove killed #kurtcobain over #pedogate #pizzagate and #pedowood
Based on the imagery used in the video and lyrics from the song
Here we have the upside down cross a symbol used by those involved in #pedowood and the cult for satanic rituals
Note the band are in the dark except for Kurt as the light shines on his face
The man in the bed is on a fetus drip #adrenachrome
They believe that they have made a mockery of religion and god breaking all known taboos, I believe he represents #pedowood in one shape or form, note the crows gathering around his decaying decrepit body
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With the County in lockdown and knowing he'd be home, I took the chance to catch a few moments with @Recluseuk/@oldsamuelband lead singer/guitarist, @BrittRecluseuk learning that it maybe it wasn't Lisa Simpson that peaked his interest in music...

#lockdown #StayHome #interview
Do you remember when you were first aware of music?

BR: One of the earliest memories involving music that I have is travelling in my dad’s car to a holiday somewhere in England listening to Freddie Mercury’s I Was Born to Love You, I was pretty much raised on #Queen & #Elvis
BR: I must have been around 4-5 years old.

Are you a still fan?

BR: They are indelibly linked to so memories that I’m definitely fond of them. There are specific songs by each that make my trousers fly away, I look at you, ‘It’s Late’ and Innuendo..

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The Yogi said to the King, while at his palace, “So this is your caravan? Very luxurious. How long will you stay in it?”

“Ignorant man, mad as well, this is not my caravan, it's my palace, don't you see? Are you blind too?” said the King.


“Oh!” said the Yogi, “and who sat here on the throne before you?”
“My father” said the King.
“And before that?”
“My grandfather” said the King.

“And before that?”
“His father”, said the King.
“And after some years who will sit here on the throne?”
“My son, the Prince”, said the King.

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