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Yup this just happened, it is not hidden, you just have to look... I will be posting more but this is Boston area after little research to validate responses to exposing more or not... More to come, I need an effin break.. if anyone does their local area send to me I’ll add.. ImageImageImageImage
Interesting how Facebook allows this but yes I guess freedom of religion is how? ImageImageImageImage
Other areas within Boston plus Instagram and yes Twitter accounts... “TST” seems to be a thing... ImageImageImageImage
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This article is so wrong!!

"The claim was partially debunked by Facebook after it went viral, with independent fact-checkers labeling it as “partly false” —... 1/

‘Trolls’ Poppy Doll Goes Viral Thanks to QAnon Conspiracy Theorists – Rolling Stone…
.... the button between its legs wasn’t actually a button, but a sensor that was intended to be activated when the doll sat down".

I saw the video..
1. There's no mention of the woman be a CP...
2. Q Anon and Pizzagate was mentioned... thanks for the publicity
3. How can you debunk the truth?
4. The doll's "sensor" ( really?) When activated did make inappropriate sounds.
5. Why would the doll need a sensor on her crotch?
RS with this article reinforces their low moral level and the overt focus on sex .
Why is the story even in RS? E/
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So I came across this today and it reminded me of the #wayfairchildtrafficking scandal. I'll let you decide. So what does this "C" really mean?

#Hallett #QAnons #EllenDeGeneres #EpsteinIsland #TheGreatAwakening #Casper #OakIsland #HollowEarth #pizzagates

All about the packaging, right? Does this feel like the #wayfairchildtrafficking scandal? I'll let you decide. So what does this "C" really mean?

#Hallett #QAnons #EllenDeGeneres #EpsteinIsland #TheGreatAwakening #Casper #OakIsland #HollowEarth #pizzagates

Are they building a #Babylonian Temple? I guess #EllenDeGeneres Ellen and and #Epstein have been ghosted by Casper.

#Hallett #QAnons #EllenDeGeneres #EpsteinIsland #TheGreatAwakening #Casper #OakIsland #HollowEarth #pizzagates
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1/Did you follow the White Rabbit? What is the White Rabbit? What is a #redpill?

People waking up everyday. Are you one of them?

Maybe you found this because you searched #Adrenochrome #pizzagatelsreal #Pedowood or #pedogate2020 is REAL #QAnons

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The truth about Mountain Meadows, Utah: (Jerry Skinner Documentary) via @YouTube If you haven’t watched this 15 minute documentary then you can’t claim to hope to get the whole picture of what’s going on in the battle! This happened on 9-11 1857. 9-11 🤯 ImageImageImageImage
First let’s just say they have had a problem with sexual abuse since the inception of the church itself. Jacob Schiffs son Mortimer started The BSOAM and the LDS Church was pivotal in the founding also.… It turned ok I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️ they must of not noticed 💁‍♂️🤦‍♂️ ImageImageImage
Remember that one time absolutely know one in their right mind would ever possibly even for one second have remotely anything good to say about the Vatican and it was 2019!… The LDS made a very special visit to announce a secret 50 year relationship!
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Ok... The #WayFair and #WayfairGate buzz Abt #wayfairchildtrafficking seems to be dying down to some degree, but I had a theory occur a few days ago that I've sat on. Just gonna throw it out there to the #DigitalSoldiers and #QArmy and get y'all's take (#Thread )
2. So we saw the posts of the #Wayfair furniture and how the names of the outrageously priced furniture (and pillows) were "named" real names. Then, that was cross referenced to missing children with the SAME names and spellings.
3. Then, someone happened upon the same on other sites: WalMart, Amazon, Etsy, etc. I mean, a few times... Sure, coincidence. But how many times before a coincidence is mathematically impossible, right?
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I’m sure we’ve all heard of the #Wayfair scandal by now and if you haven’t... please inform yourself and do your research.

Child sex #trafficking has been going on for decades. It has been swept under the rug by corporations, organizations, politicians,
world leaders, Hollywood actors, and so many other people in power for years.

Whether you believe #wayfairgate to be true or not... the fact is that over 800,000 children go missing every year JUST in the United States and we can’t ignore that statistic.
So where are these children?

I’m sure some people will read this and immediately think “conspiracy theory”.

But here’s the thing. Sex Trafficking isn’t a conspiracy theory.
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A Wayfair delivery worker was arrested on 21 June 2020 as part of a human trafficking ring bust in Barnesville, Georgia (pop 6711). He was arrested while wearing the Wayfair delivery tshirt.

Barnesville is 30 min away from Wayfair LLC headquarters in McDonough, GA

#WayfairGate Image
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Leonardo #Dicaprio'nun hayranlari!
Melek Yüzlü Seytanin Pedofil oldugu gercegine
bir türlü inanamiyorlar.

Yasanan Sapkinliklardan
ve MASUM COCUKLARIN Kurban edilmesinden cok,
Leo'nun durumuna üzülen #MalDavarlar görüyoruz..


Tipki öteki Hollywood "Yildizlari" gibi,
Adrenochrome ve Pedofili sebekesinin tam göbeginde yer alan bir Ruh Hastasidir.

ayni zamanda Cocuk P.rnosunun Parlak Cocugudur.

Prens muamelesi gören bir Sapkin
Bir Kurban
Bir Pedofil.. ImageImage
Sokak sanatcisi Sabo'un;

#Adrenochrome ve #Pedofili'nin
ANA MERKEZi haline gelen #Hollywood
ve Hollywood'un SAPIK aktörlerine dikkat cekmek adina
Hazirladigi Afis..

"Bir zamanlar.. Pedowood'da"
(Pedo Diyarinda) Image
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I wonder if this would be called a mutual destruction photo? Done at key times to cement a deal.
It looks like this might have been a calculated op.

User drops anonymously. Look, here’s Bill and GM. News immediately writes articles debunking. Now you can’t find his REAL pic online very easily.

There are pictures of him connected to something.
This video would appear to be faked. MEMED. But why, by whom?

Who would make a video like this, not an amateur, portraying Wayfair as trafficking?

And why does Wayfair need Ray Chandler as their “recruiting manager”.

You all remember who Ray Chandler is, right? A. Mack x 100 Image
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97 yilindan beri bildigim bir GERCEK;
Küresel SAPIK Elitler
Kendi Kirli kanlarini
Taze COCUK-BEBEK Kaniyla temizliyorlar!
#Cocuk'larin söz konusu oldugu #Wayfair gibi
Böylesine Ciddi ve SAPKIN bir konu hakkinda
Girgir gececek denli ne icmis olabilirsin @haluklevent ?

Kimsin? Image
#Trendyol'un CEO'sunu taniyor olman,
Onu MASUM Göstermeye yetiyor mu?

Sen CEO'yu taniyorsun diye,
igrenc Gülüslerinle Karalamaya hakkin oldugunu mu saniyorsun?

Uluslararasi Pedofil SAPIK Jeffrey Epstein'i,
Senden Bin Kat daha Etkili/Yetkili olanlar Taniyor.

Ee? Image
#Trendyol'un #WayfairGate aciklamasi da
En az @haluklevent'in Özür aciklamasi kadar gereksiz ve anlamsiz olmus.

#Wayfair'i gölgede birakacak yeni dosyalar aciliyor.
Bu arada Haluk bey,
umarim "Yardimsever" olmana sebep olan #COCUK artik rüyalarina gelmiyordur..! Image
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Could the #wayfair CEO have connections to Obama and others that we know are apart of the cabal?? This could be a far stretch but I’ve made some connections. (A thread)
Of course us anons that dig deep already know in our bones they are most like connected but I did some digging to try and find that connection so let’s get started.
First, let’s talk about how #Wayfair CEO owns a children’s foundation, known as The Shah Family Foundation. Where Niraj Shah ( #wayfairCEO ) serves as the Board Director and his Wife is the President. Huge Red Flag 🚩 after finding out about #WayfairHumantrafficking
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#Symbolism will be their downfall!
#wayfairgate #Wayfair
Those that scream the loudest! #EllenDeGeneres you are revealed. We reverse your spells!
#QAnon #QArmy #Symbology #ChildTrafficking #HumanTrafficking #bloodsacrifice #organharvesting
TQ @FederalistNo78 for pillow pic 👍🏻
2. Sacrifice ~ Sac-Ri-Fice
Blood Sacrifice.
Sac: pouch of fluid
Ri: Religion Instruction
Fice: a small aggressive dog. Remember that Dog is spelled God backwards. #mirror. #ThesePeopleAreSick
Blood🩸in Greek is Ichor = Ambrosia or Nectar.
3. 💥Tons! I added on pic & will pull it 2gether next tweet.
📍Epicenter: Focus pt, earthquake or underground explosion originates (Earthquakes also =Awakening. A shock to mental)
📍Surrounded by bats. Prisoners
📍Fox: dog vixen
📍ZERO = 64 to catch capture, take by Hunting
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I think I've cracked the #heartshapedbox music video mystery and WHY #courtneylove killed #kurtcobain over #pedogate #pizzagate and #pedowood
Based on the imagery used in the video and lyrics from the song
Here we have the upside down cross a symbol used by those involved in #pedowood and the cult for satanic rituals
Note the band are in the dark except for Kurt as the light shines on his face
The man in the bed is on a fetus drip #adrenachrome
They believe that they have made a mockery of religion and god breaking all known taboos, I believe he represents #pedowood in one shape or form, note the crows gathering around his decaying decrepit body
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SON OF A B!TCH!! Excuse me but. For real!! 😡😲
RACHEL freaking CHANDLER, recruiting manager of #Wayfair. #wayfairgate What do [They] think it’s funny?! 🤬

ThanQ @Angel40043090 for the tag alert 🚨🙏🏻
2. No I don’t have a thread on her. I did. 🤨 Looks like I’ll have to redo some. But you will find some from other anons.

3. NOTE📝 I’m not saying it’s same actual person. I realize some are asking. No It’s the “name”. Rachel Chandler ie: Child Handler. Last yr all anons digging. They recycle♻️ names just like everything else. Makes it harder to find👩🏻‍💻 Think “Friends” 👉🏻 RACHEL Green, CHANDLER Bing.
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The prices correspond to addresses in Thailand. #wayfair #wayfairgate #frazzeldrip #WeinersLaptop
The prices correspond to addresses in Thailand. #wayfair #wayfairgate #frazzeldrip #WeinersLaptop
The prices correspond to addresses in Thailand. #wayfair #wayfairgate #frazzeldrip #WeinersLaptop
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1. Começou a circular na internet uma história de que a Wayfair, um site de móveis grande aqui nos EUA, vende crianças desaparecidas, o #wayfairgate.

2. A "evidência" da acusação são os preços astronômicos de alguns produtos e seus nomes compatíveis com crianças desaparecidas.
3. Não dá para emitir juízos definitivos, afinal existem comprovamente redes de sexo infantil envolvendo poderosos nos EUA.

4. Mas, via de regra, creio que, principalmente jornalistas, devemos seguir o chamado Padrão Sagan: "grandes acusações exigem grandes evidências".
5. E até agora, a acusação é extraordinária e a evidência é... Uma bosta.

6. O comércio online (onde uma das minhas empresas atua) é cheio de preços estratosféricos por diversos motivos diferentes que não envolvem tráfico sexual. Principalmente os chamados "marketplaces".
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Abro hilo de mis hilos preciosuras jajaja para que puedan encontrarlos más rápido ❤️ Image
Sobre el hackeo a la Condusef
La entrevista que le hice a Anonymous Iberoamérica
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1/ So recencent disinformation around #wayfair #Wayfairtrafficing #WayfairTrafficksChildren has been covered… and debunked…. But lets look at the numbers and some of the findings
2/ @oneunderscore__ already covered that the probable origin is from Reddit's r/conspiracy (the front page of the internet's melting pot for all your conspiracy theory needs)
3/ @dappergander had also found that Canadian QANon influencer AmazingPolly had already dabbled in this conspiracy theory back on June 14
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Wayfair Germany. A night light for 21k snd a pedo symbol on it 🤔
#wayfairgate #pedogate2020… Image
wtf? They added a part number over night. Searching for it via Yandex brought me here... a @Twitter account with 424k followers. How is this even possible @jack?


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What is this? You won't believe where I found it #wayfairgate
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Something is going on in Boston....
#Wayfairgate Image
The Boston Bombing were two blocks away🤔 Image
Found more checkered symbols on the church in Copley Square right next to Wayfair Image
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