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Nov 3 11 tweets 4 min read
Over 400,000 migrants bound for the U.S. are expected to cross the Darién Gap, an inhospitable jungle controlled by one of Colombia’s most powerful cartels.

They risk theft, extortion, rape and even death.

A broad regional effort is needed to change this situation.🧵: 1/11 Image Severe economic and security crises in countries like Venezuela and Ecuador have driven families out.

The Darién affords possibilities that other routes do not: its borders are porous, controls are poorly enforced, and many locals offer their services as guides. Image
Jun 5 10 tweets 4 min read
Our research on the links between climate, environment and conflict in #Somalia focuses on the impact of the devastating drought, compounded by conflict and Al-Shabaab’s harsh policies, on the displacement of millions.

🧵 for #WorldEnvironmentDay.
Deforestation in Somalia for wood burning and charcoal production leads to catastrophic consequences.

It exacerbates the effects of drought and floods and provides funding opportunities to the militant group Al-Shabaab.
Jun 5 15 tweets 7 min read
New Update | CrisisWatch

⚡ Four conflict risks in June

↘️ Twelve conflict deteriorations in May

❗ Country in focus: #Pakistan 🇵🇰

1/x ⚡ Conflict Risk Alert | #Sudan

Hostilities escalated between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, notably in Darfur region, where the growing involvement of tribal militias and armed groups threatens all-out civil war.
May 15 11 tweets 9 min read
The Spring update of @CrisisGroup's European Union Watch List is here.

Read on for recommendations from our analysts around the globe on how the EU can enhance prospects for peace in the #Sahel, #Kosovo and #Serbia, #Pakistan and #LatinAmerica:…

🧵: 1/11 Image The report starts with an introduction by @CrisisGroup CEO & President @EroComfort, where she highlights the role the EU can play in #Sudan, particularly by deterring outside actors from getting sucked into the fighting.…
Jan 6 11 tweets 4 min read
In 2022, Russia’s war in Ukraine overshadowed much of global politics and other conflicts exacted a high toll, with the number of people fleeing violence reaching a new high.

But there’s also been good news!

Here are @CrisisGroup's 10 reasons to be hopeful in 2023 ⬇️ Image 1️⃣ The deal between 🇪🇹Ethiopia's government and Tigray leaders could end one of the world’s bloodiest conflicts and offer relief to millions in northern Ethiopia. Plenty could still go wrong, but any lull in the horrific violence is good news.…
Jan 2 12 tweets 6 min read
2022 was a year of horrible bloodshed for many countries.

For 2023, we compiled a list of 10 conflicts to watch – in partnership with @ForeignPolicy.

🧵 [1/12]… 1️⃣ #Ukraine 🇺🇦

After nearly a year of fighting, there is no end in sight for the war in Ukraine.

The West should continue its balancing act of backing Kyiv while avoiding a direct clash with Russia and keeping the door open to negotiations.
Dec 1, 2022 6 tweets 5 min read
After a three-year rupture marked by vitriol, #Colombia and #Venezuela have resumed diplomatic relations.

Our newest report argues that, above all, the détente should generate significant benefits for citizens of both countries.

THREAD [1/6] 🧵👇… Rebuilding trust and redressing bilateral tensions will take time.

Coordination in health, security, trade, consular and other matters is vital to protecting public well-being, especially of #Venezuelan migrants and refugees in #Colombia. [2/6]…
Nov 30, 2022 8 tweets 4 min read
🇭🇹1. The political crisis and gang violence in #Haiti are generating shortages and making basic products impossible to afford.

@ICGlatam is currently in #PortAuPrince and this is some of what it has seen of this escalating humanitarian crisis. 🧵👇… ⛽️2. In mid-September, the G9 gang group blocked @TVarreux in #PortAuPrince, the country's main oil terminal. For 2 months, fuel could only be found in the informal market, where the price per gallon exceeded $30 USD (5,000 gourdes).
Nov 30, 2022 15 tweets 12 min read
#Russia’s attack on #Ukraine has put tremendous strain on the @OSCE.

Yet the organisation has unique value for European & Eurasian security.

With foreign ministers meeting in #Lodz tomorrow, here is how states can preserve the #OSCE:

#OSCEMC2022🧵[1/15]… Russia’s attack on Ukraine challenges the #OSCE’s viability as an organisation built to promote cooperative security arrangements between Russia and the West.
Nov 28, 2022 7 tweets 6 min read

How could the #MidtermElections impact U.S. foreign policy?

With @CrisisGroup experts @itbriscoe, @mwhanna1, @amanda_hsiao & @OlyaOliker.

Follow this 🧵 for key quotes and takeaways.

Or tune in to our YouTube live stream 👇
“If something changes U.S. policy on the war in #Ukraine it’s not going to be pressure from Congress, it’s going to be events on the ground,” argues @OlyaOliker.
Nov 9, 2022 13 tweets 5 min read
A far-right coalition is set to govern #Israel after #Netanyahu and his ultra-conservative allies won last week’s elections.

What are the implications for the country’s policy and foreign relations?

Q&A w/ @MairavZ & @USMEP’s Daniel levy 👇… The election represents a triumph of the far-right, with three ultra-conservative parties forming the winning coalition. The outcome will see former PM @Netanyahu return to power in spite of his ongoing trial for corruption.
Nov 9, 2022 9 tweets 9 min read

How can leaders at #COP27 better support countries which suffer from the combined effects of #climatechange & conflict?

🗣️ @nazaninemoshiri @AndrewCiacci & @OECDdev's Giorgio Gualberti.

Tune in 👇… 50% of climate-affected countries are also impacted by violent conflict. Yet countries who suffer from this deadly combination receive less funding than conflict-free ones.

Vital that leaders at #COP27 rectify this imbalance.

Tune in to learn more.…
Nov 8, 2022 13 tweets 4 min read
#Ecuador’s reputation as one of the safest Latin American countries is changing as homicides and violence rise at alarming rates.

2022 is already its deadliest year ever registered.

What’s behind this surge in violence?

New @ICGlatam commentary 👇🧵… #Ecuador had a stable security situation between 2011 and 2017 that former president Rafael Correa attributed to the adoption of a number of reforms such as the creation of a Ministry of Justice.

But criminal organisations were also invigorated over the same period.
Nov 7, 2022 12 tweets 8 min read
Climate change is fuelling deadly conflict in a number of ways.

@CrisisGroup we highlight how this dangerous dynamic works and what world leaders can do to mitigate it.

Follow this live #COP27 thread for daily updates on climate security.… .@RobBlecher testified before the U.S. Congress and explained the three main categories of security risks:

1) Cascading risks. How climate change can undermine livelihoods and induce competition over land, water, and other resources, driving conflict.
Sep 14, 2022 8 tweets 5 min read
“There is very little time left to save lives here in #Somalia” warns @nazaninemoshiri from Dollow, a town situated on the border with #Ethiopia. In the absence of a significant scale-up of humanitarian supplies, @FEWSNET predicts an alarming acceleration of death and destitution in the coming months as more and more families exhaust their last options for survival 👇
Sep 13, 2022 11 tweets 5 min read
One step forward, two steps back.

Such is the dance of the diplomatic saga that is the #JCPOA negotiations.

Today, the music has stopped and the #IranNuclearDeal is at risk of collapsing.

[Thread] 🧵👇… An important reminder: the process is not over.

Parties to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (#JCPOA) continue to express their intention to revive the deal.

Though it seems unlikely today, parties were very close to reaching an agreement in March earlier this year.
Sep 12, 2022 12 tweets 9 min read

What are the prospects for reviving the #IranNuclearDeal?

Tune in this live discussion with #JCPOA experts @AliVaez @EllieGeranmayeh & Naysan Rafati 🎙️

Questions can be sent through DMs for the Q&A. Don't miss our latest report on the current state of the #JCPOA negotiations, and where they are headed, in available online as of this morning!…
Sep 12, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
This Week | On Our Radar 🧵

#BurkinaFaso 🇧🇫

An improvised explosive device killed at least 35 civilians on Monday.

@mathpellerin says this attack stands out because it specifically targeted civilians as opposed to the army. #Haiti 🇭🇹

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Port-au-Prince & other cities on Wednesday to demand de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation.

@renaticas says this might indicate the reversal of a downward trend in the number of protests over the past year.
Aug 25, 2022 15 tweets 12 min read
East African leaders have agreed to assemble troops to combat armed groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of #Congo #DRC.

What is this joint force and what are its objectives?

@PMvandeWalle takes a close look in our latest Q&A.

[Thread] 🧵👇… The East African Community (EAC) @jumuiya is composed of #DRCongo 🇨🇩, #Tanzania 🇹🇿, #Kenya 🇰🇪, #Burundi 🇧🇮, #Rwanda 🇷🇼, #SouthSudan 🇸🇸 & #Uganda 🇺🇬.

The EAC’s joint force was designed to respond to the rampant insecurity in eastern DRC, a serious concern for the entire region.
Aug 24, 2022 16 tweets 12 min read
#TCHAD - Qui sont les absents du Dialogue National Inclusif & Souverain? #DNIS

Suite à l'accord de paix signé le 8 août à #Doha entre le Conseil Militaire de Transition (CMT) et ≈ 40 groupes politico-militaires, le DNIS a débuté avec beaucoup de chaises vides.

Pourquoi ? 🧵👇 Le #DNIS a commencé le 20 août à N'Djamena.

Environ 1400 délégués ont pour mission la reconstitution du paysage politique tchadien.

⚠️ Fait important, le DNIS est souverain et ses résolutions sont exécutoires.…
Aug 23, 2022 13 tweets 7 min read
Ground realities continue to shift the #Israeli-#Palestinian conflict away from the two-state solution that the #EU has long pursued.

The 🇪🇺 badly needs to update its approach.

[Thread] 🧵👇… Events in 2021 put Europe’s outdated policy in sharp relief:

The outbreak of violence, including the 11-day #Gaza war, showed how volatile the conflict remains.

Meanwhile, #Israel rejects a negotiated two-state solution & Palestinian leader #Abbas cancelled overdue elections.