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#BREAKING: #Switzerland votes YES in referendum to giving the police far-reaching & dangerous new powers that could to target legitimate political protest & subject children as young as 12 to coercive measures
@AmnestySvizzera @Amnesty_Suisse #BreakingNews…
#BREAKING: In Switzerland police will now be permitted to use foot shackles, no-contact orders, zone bans & preventive house arrest against people who have not committed a crime or not suspected of preparing to commit a crime” #BreakingNews @amnesty @LibyaLiberty #ThisIsNotADrill
Last month, @amnesty warned that #Switzerland’s new anti-terror laws - which grants sweeping new powers to police purportedly to prevent terrorist attacks - are a real threat to human rights

This roll-back of rights is happening across Europe & the world…
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It's incredibly thrilling to have this paper out at last! 🎉

"Spread of a #SARSCoV2 variant through Europe in the summer of 2020"

(aka The Tale of Europe, Summer Travel, & EU1)

But why should we care about summer 2020 now? Let's take a look...…

Last Sept, while looking for #SARSCoV2 sequences that could help us understand transmission across #Switzerland, I noticed a cluster that was present not just across Switzerland, but also the UK & Spain. This is the cluster that eventually came to be known as 20E (EU1).

EU1 had a mutation at position 222 in spike - this caught my eye.

From mid-summer 2020, EU1 (orange) expanded across Europe - becoming the most prevalent variant in most of Western Europe, & accounting for >30% of sequences in Europe by the end of 2020.

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Europe is already very wet. Its about to get a lot wetter.

The 2021 #EuropeBigWet is already underway. Now the Atlantic is about to fully flood the zone.
This is a 16-Day animation starting today and running till June 22nd. Its going to be a very wet #SummerSolstice.

#EuropeWeather #Europe #Weather

#Portugal #Spain #UK #Ireland #France #Spain #Belgium #Germany #Poland #Italy #Switzerland #Hungary #Ukraine #Roumania #Czechia
This is the GEFS ensemble rain forecast for Europe also over 16 days. When the computer simulations think together the conclusion seems to be that it is going to rain everywhere every day.
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In two weeks from now, the first #UEFA Euros match in #Baku will kick-off when #Wales meets #Switzerland.

The UK FCO currently warns of unexploded material, terrorists attacks to be "likely" and high COVID rates. I'd say all these risks are low, but there are other issues:
According to @ILGAEurope, #Azerbaijan is the most homophobic country in Europe. So better don't go, if you are part of the #LGBTQI community 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Sadly, #UEFA, as #FIFA, does not care much about safeguarding #LGBTQI fans...
Be aware that #Azerbaijan is one of the most restrictive countries in the world and certainly has the most restrictive regime in Europe. Vision #Belarus, just much worse, as all kind of international organisations report.
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"Why did EU-Swiss negotiations on a Framework Agreement fail?"

New article, by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. @C_Baudenbacher, President of the EFTA Court between 2003 and 2017, an independent consultant and arbitrator…
#InstA #EUSwiss #Switzerland @JHahnEU #efta
"After much agony, the seven-year long negotiations between the EU and Switzerland on the conclusion of a framework agreement have ended without result. In line with Brussels’ spin, public opinion tends to put the blame on the Swiss. But the matter is not that simple."
"In 1992, a narrow majority of the Swiss people and a clear majority of the cantons said no to Switzerland’s accession to the EEA Agreement. After that, the EU concluded two packages of bilateral agreements with Switzerland"
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Rotterdam looking incredibly glamorous, there. #Eurovision
This is basically Anywhere by Rita Ora, but without getting a restaurant manager sacked. #Eurovision
Good budget-saving move for them all to share the same dress, but I'm not sure it's going to look good on James Newman. #Albania #EUROVISION
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This 👇🏼 #Singapore seeing new large #COVID19 clusters, including #B1617 Changi Airport, Tan Tock Seng hospital. Shows a) #VOC import risk, b) better cluster tracking with low case numbers, c) now is not the time to relax measures 🇨🇭 (1/n)…
Excellent thread from @trvrb on growth of nee #VOCs with added analyses from @TWenseleers
Response to #B1617 #SARSCoV2 In #Singapore govt 3-phase model has just reduced group sizes from 5 to 2 and stopped indoor dining. #Switzerland, with >1000 cases daily planning large relaxation 🙈 #PrecautionaryPrinciple please…
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Almost all local authorities in the #UK outsource #postal vote counting to a company with links to the #Tories, gas, oil, and (possibly) Russia.
The electoral commission and local authorities don’t really know how the counting software works and whether the process is fair
or transparent. Postal vote turnout appears high in some Tory/Labour marginals in England and dozens of seats were won with less than a few thousand votes.
Who built #IDOX systems, maybe they’ll give us some reassurance? #McLaren software is the likely candidate as they are a software company owned by #IDOX. McLaren list one of their major partners on their website as ‘CROC’, a huge #Russian IT company
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#Japan, #UK, #Switzerland, #Norway, #France, #Canada, #Germany still oppose #TRIPSwaiver. Can someone translate a call to action in all these languages?
Like Canadian. @zainrizvi
French? Japanese?
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#SaudiArabia keeps ban on 20 countries when international flights on May 17 as part of preventive measures to curb the spread of the #coronavirus disease.
#SaudiArabia’s ban on 20 countries when international flights resume on May 17 will affect airline services to and from the #UAE, #Pakistan, the #US, #Lebanon, #Egypt, #Turkey and #India.
Included in the list of 20 countries that #SaudiArabia has a continuing travel suspension when international flights resume on May 17 are #Argentina, the #UK, #Japan, #France, #Germany and #Japan.
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#FrankSpeech under cyber attack?

It appears so.
Alot of web traffic is coming from the headquarters of the Communist Vietnamese hacking group APT32

APT32 also known as Ocean Lotus operate out of the city,
Ho Chi Mihn

The only Vietnamese City web traffic is flowing to FS from
APT32 ~ Ocean Lotus
Is a Nation State sponsored hacking group.

They are linked to CyberOne Group and half a dozen other subsidiaries of CyberOne.

Some of their targets and tactics.

More on APT32 can also be found here.…
Web traffic is also flowing into FS - #FrankSpeech from #China
To be expected.
Esspecially now that a platform is coming online that bypasses to swamps authority to censor. ⬇️
The comprised #Democrats, big tech, corporate USA and #Republicans have no say over FS.
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Coronavirus press conference, 20.04.2021, Switzerland
#CoronaInfoCH #Coronavirus #Switzerland #Covid19
The number of infections is stagnating slightly. "It is noticeable that there has been massively less testing since Easter," says Mathys. The R value has recently decreased, but since it is still above 1 at 1.1, the number of infections can still be expected to rise.
Mathys shows a comparison of the reported infection numbers and the wastewater data from Zurich. "It may be that the number of cases is underestimated," says Mathys.
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military deals?
danchenko's emails (july/august 2016) don't explicitly mention anything military, but i'm guessing he's one of the people who millian is referring to
u.s. energystream (livanios) introduction was in august 2016
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Check out these 50 scholarships, fellowships, graduate funding and tuition fee waivers to apply for in 2021:

1. Buhooth Scholarship Programme at Khalifa University of Science and Technology ($15,000 per year)


Deadline: May 3, 2021
2. University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for International Students 2021

Deadline : June 1, 2021…
3. Government of Mauritius Scholarships Program.

Deadline : April 30, 2021…
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#Thread about #CommodityMarket #trade #geopolitics #Switzerland :

Despite billions in sales, the names of the major commodity traders such as Vitol, Cargill, Trafigura, Mercuria or Louis Dreyfus are largely unknown to the general public.…
After all, the Swiss raw materials group Glencore has emerged from the dark after its IPO in 2011 and several scandals that made headlines.
The numbers are impressive: the three retailers Cargill, Vitol and Glencore made a combined net profit of around 76 billion dollars in the decade before 2011. This is more than Apple's or Coca-Cola's profit during that period
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Our livestream on police brutality as a form of torture is about to start. Join us here ->
We have been seeing an alarming prevalence of unprovoked levels of violence by police against peaceful protesters for several years now - Prof. Michael Hamilton @LawOfProtest
Demonstrations have become so large in the #USA that they have angered both the police and politicians and therefore the responses have become more excessive - Kerry McLean
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#Irish artist, Sarah Purser (1848 - 1943) was born #OnThisDay 173 years ago. Her family was prosperous with a background in brewing. Shortly after her birth, her father Benjamin decided to move the family from #Dublin south to Dungarvan in #Waterford

#OTD #BOTD #HERstory Image
2) Sarah would go to finishing school in #Switzerland where she learned to speak French and began painting. On her return to #Ireland she enrolled in the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art and would go on to attend the Académie Julian in #Paris Image
3) In the early 1870s Benjamin’s businesses collapsed and Sarah now had to rely on her ability to generate income from art commissions. While she did some landscape and genre painting, portraiture appeared to be her metier

#MaudGonne #WBYeats ImageImage
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7 March 2021 #internationalsolidarity thread.
#koufodinas_hungerstrike #antireport

International solidarity actions with hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas.

At the residence of the #Greece ambassador in #Bern, #Switzerland

#internationalsolidarity with hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas. On hunger strike since 8 Jan 2021.

For dimitris: attack against HSBC in #Zurich!
Read more:…

#internationalsolidarity with hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas.
The #Hague, #Netherlands
Anarchist hang-out: Solidarity with D. #Koufontinas!
Α graffiti was made in solidarity with D. Koufontinas

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After the historic verdict rendered yesterday in 🇩🇪#Germany, it is essential to remember that such judgments do not pop out of nowhere. To get there you need to have:
➡️ A solid legal framework enacted by parliament
➡️ Specialised #warcrimes units (investigators & prosecutors), endowed with sufficient resources
➡️ NGOs with the capacity to investigate, file complaints and/or support and represent victims
➡️ Courageous victims, sometimes ready to take significant risks as they step forward
➡️ A procedure fully respecting the rights of the accused and a fair trial that will legitimise the process and the verdict, whatever the outcome.

With respect to the war crimes units, proactive approaches do yield results.
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#Switzerland bans #AstraZeneca vaccine for ALL citizens as Europe declares war on UK jab

SWITZERLAND has made a shock move not to approve the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for use in its roll out of Covid jabs.…
#AstraZeneca has been granted protection from future product liability claims related to its #COVID19 #vaccine hopeful by most of the countries with which it has struck supply agreements, a senior executive told Reuters.…
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A list of countries that have a #WealthTax and how they work. THREAD:
#Norway has a wealth tax of 0.85% on individual stocks worth more than $170,000. Of this, 0.7% goes to municipalities, and 0.15% goes to the central govt. In 2017, the wealth tax made up 1.1% of all Norwegian tax revenue.
#Spain has a progressive wealth tax between 0.2% and 3.75% on stocks above $784,000.
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#NorthKorea #Pyongyang #TRADE

Last year, some 13 countries registered trading with North Korea, taking in a total amount of $ 13.09 million, down by one third from $ 35.16 million in 2019,
Voice of America @VOANews reported on Tuesday based on data disclosed by the International Trade Center. #Brazil, #SouthAfrica, #Switzerland, #Bolivia, #Mozambique and #Georgia, among others, are among those countries.
Last year, North Korea's exports to these countries totaled $8.06 million, down marginally from $8.36 million in 2019, while its imports dropped by about 80% from $26.8 million in the previous year to $5.02 million. Imports from #Brazil from North Korea plummeted the most,
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1,900 year-old controversial #Aramaic document known as the #TalmudofJmmanuel #TJ was discovered in 1963 by #IsaRashid & #BillyEduardAlbertMeier just south of the Old City of #Jerusalem, written by #JudasIschkerioth and found to be the source of the #BookofMatthew
After more exploring inside the #tomb-site (which Meier learned later had been the tomb of #JosephofArimathea), Meier & Rashid noticed something buried underneath a flat rock and it turned out to be the #TalmudJmmanuel scrolls along w/a few small artifacts
The #TJ #scrolls had been wrapped up together in animal skin which was in turn encased in resin, by then dry and crumbly
There were four rolls, each of which contained many leaves (each 30 by 40cm in size) of #Aramaic writing, obviously old and fragile but the writing was legible
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