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Very interesting data unveiled by the #WallStreetJournal, provided by @AntennaData.
To this day, ##WonderWoman1984, #Hamilton & #Greyhound still hold the records of spikes in daily new subscriptions for #HBOMax, #DisneyPlus & #AppleTVPlus, respectively.
But the data provided by #Antenna to the #WSJ also revealed an inconvenient truth: The Phantom menace of Churn is real. Almost 50% or more of the original subscribers of movies like #WW84 and #Hamilton are gone after 6 months in a streaming service.
The data provided by #Antenna also show how big series such as #Netflix #BigMouth or #Hulu’s #HandmaidsTale although not attracting as many subscriptions as big films, do a slightly better job in retaining most of subscribers attracted during weekend of release for longer.
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#spoilers for #wandavision and #ww84 follow...
Watched the WV season finale and WW84 yesterday. There were more similarities between the two than not, especially with both protagonists reanimating their lovers after their respective tragic deaths. #spoilers 1/
WV is the far better of the two, imo. The writing and acting were superb, and while WV started slow as a series, it eventually pulled me in. The chemistry between Olsen and Bettany is fantastic, and I hope to see it again. #spoilers 2/
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Here we go... 😊
1hr in.
I'm bored.
I'm so very bored.
OK, @cinemasins, I'm going to need you to destroy this one.
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I'm gonna do this now because tomorrow i'll be busy: this thread will explore the interview made by the great guys of @ComicBookDebate to Zack Snyder. here we go!
Zack showing on purpose the Crimeran picture right off th bat HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #WonderWoman
"I'm a big fan of Myth, and the power of the Myth, and i think in a lot of ways that's let me go to this genre in particular, because i think in a lot of ways comic books is a modern myth, is our way to figuring out the world we living in" [+]
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Sat down tonight to see if the harsh criticism of #WW84 is deserved. If anything, its detractors are too kind. I loved the original #WonderWoman, love #GalGadot, felt the love story angle, appreciated the direction of #PattyJenkins. But my Lord, this sequel is garbage. Thread:
First and foremost, the concept and writing are a disaster. A talented cast is brought to its knees by the plodding, contrived dialogue and juvenile plot. The blame here lies with director Jenkins, who wrote this monstrosity, and may have killed the film franchise. #WW84
#GalGadot remains a compelling star, but she and poor #ChrisPine have to wade through a hideous script that allows them none of the chemistry that drove the original. The wonderful #PedroPascal of #Mandalorian fame is reduced to comic villainous excess. #WW84
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Is this #HBOMax #WW84 film grain a compression artifact or was this intentional? The film is glorious but the grain is overwhelmingly distracting.
I’ve been looking closely at this and here’s what I thing. #ww84 added a film grain to get that 80s look, but expected the film to be on a big screen at a FAR FAR higher bitate. Whatever codec that #HBOMax is using is emphasizing the grain to the point of distraction.
Moving off the Xbox #hbomax app to a chromecast ultra to see if 4k helps #ww84’s film grain
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I wrote a whole-ass thread over on my personal account about why it was such a missed opportunity, but man it just sucked from top to bottom
I can suspend disbelief for an invisible jet and a cheetah lady and a magic crystal that grants everyone's wishes, but expecting me to believe Gal Gadot would save a Muslim child? 🤨
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HBOMax needs to upgrade their CDN
We're an hour into #WW84 and we've buffered three times, all three times the picture has degraded from 4k to SD.

We have a gigabit connection from Xfinity, and have never once buffered during playback from Netflix
This is on a Vizio TV with a hardwired network connection to the router.
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I get what some critics (& friends) are saying about #WW84 - but I loved it. The first one had more iconic moments/rewatchable action but this was a solid follow-up that captures the same humanity and hope with a better set of villains. It’s clear @PattyJenks gets this character.
Compared to the first action-focused film, it’s further down the line toward drama as well as Snyder-verse unpacking of superheroism. General audiences might not embrace it the way they did the first one but I think it’s a better movie for sticking to Jenkins’ vision.
If you don’t think Jenkins gets the character, just remember that Diana “won” in WW with her fists and powers (because WB wanted a big actiony ending) and she “wins” in #WW84 with love, compassion, and reason.
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As a #MerryChristmas gift from me to you, here are...


(plus my shiny new updated Media Map!)

#10. APPLE BUYS BIG… Image


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JUST IN: WB shifts release dates:
#Dune is now 10/1/21
#TheMatrix4 is now 12/21/21
#TheBatman is now 3/4/22
#TheFlash is now 11/4/22
#Shazam2 is now 6/2/23
#BlackAdam goes undated
WB event pics dated for 6/3/22 & 8/5/22
As of now, #WW84 is still arriving this Christmas.
With all the shifts from WB, here is an updated snapshot of the major theatrical releases arriving in 2020, 2021 and 2022, as of 10/6/20.
*Note Feb/March 2022 w/ Thor: Love and Thunder, The Batman and Doctor Strange 2 all within weeks of each other
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