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The Surp Pırgiç Church in Karaköy, #Istanbul is home to a unique ceremony that takes place once a year. The church was the first #Armenian Catholic church to be consecrated in the Ottoman Empire after the Armenian Catholic millet was recognised by Sultan Mahmud II in 1830.#Thread Image
When the church was first opened in 1834, Istanbul was suffering from a major plague outbreak. A painting of the Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus that was sent to the church as an inaugural gift from the #Vatican was paraded around the streets of Istanbul to ward off the plague. Image
Eventually, as the plague outbreak in the city died down, many attributed this to the miraculous powers of this painting in #SurpPırgiç. Sultan Mahmud II took note of this and gifted a diamond brooch to the church and its congregation. Image
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(1) והיום בפינת סופ"ש על טורקיה... הבחירות בטורקיה! כלומר, השיטה שלהם ששונה בתכלית מזו של ישראל. אתחיל מרקע באמת קצרצר: ניסיון ההפיכה הכושל מ-2016, שבו מואשמת התנועה של פתהוללה גולן (#FETÖ), התגלגל בסופו של דבר הוביל בשנת 2017 לשינויים מרחיקי לכת במדינה... 🇹🇷
#Türkiye #Turkey
(2) המדינה עברה ממשטר פרלמנטרי למשטר נשיאותי, ולפי שינויי החוקה שאושרו במשאל העם ב-2017 עם 51.41% תמיכה עוד נקבע, בין השאר, כי משך כהונת הפרלמנט תהיה חמש שנים והבחירות יתקיימו במקביל לבחירות לנשיאות. עם זאת, שיטת ההצבעה, אם משווים למשל לארה"ב, היא שונה מאוד... 🇹🇷
#Türkiye #Turkey
(3) בזמן שחישוב תוצאות הבחירות לנשיאות הוא לפי מספר הקולות הכללי (אם אין 50%+ בסיבוב הראשון אז הולכים לראש בראש בין שני המועמדים המובילים כמו בצרפת), ללא התייחסות למיקום הגיאוגרפי הגיאוגרפי, בבחירות לפרלמנט זה ממש לא כך... 🇹🇷
#Türkiye #Turkey #Erdoğan
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#Istanbul is a city of endless gentrification. The most recent episode in an endless series of urban transformation projects in the city is the demolition of the old brothels on Zürafa Street in Galata. #Thread Image
42 structures are being demolished in and around Zürafa Street. Most of these buildings, which had been used as brothels for decades, had little historical or architectural value. Image
The demolitions are supposed to clear the area from modern structures in order to highlight Byzantine & Ottoman heritage. This is part of an ongoing project to create a so-called “cultural space” in Beyoğlu. Image
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The main points of #Putin's statements:

📍#Ukraine, #Belarus and #Russia are a triune nation. What is happening in Ukraine is a tragedy, but Russia had no choice;

📍Negotiations with Ukraine began mostly thanks to #Lukashenko;

📍The Blitzkrieg by the West didn't happen;
📍In the current circumstances it is necessary to strengthen the integration of #Russia and #Belarus;

📍 #Kyiv does not comply with the agreements reached at the talks in #Istanbul;

📍The operation in #Ukraine will continue until the goals are fully achieved;
📍The #Ukrainian #Bucha is as fake as it was with chemical weapons in #Syria;

📍Those who impose sanctions better come to their senses.
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Travelling to Turkey
6. Istanbul/End
I moved on my journey from Şirince and Alaçatı to #Istanbul. The city that straddles two continents (Asia/Europe) across the Bosphorus Strait. Cultural influences of the many empires can be found in every corner of the old part of the city.1/3
I found Istanbul a very Crowded city. Not peaceful as previous zones but anyway, it was beautiful. I went to the old part of the city,board a ship to Bosphorus Strait, visited old beautiful mosques, great palaces,Galata Tower & walked in old streets & alleys and Taksim square.2/3
My journey ended in Istanbul although I liked to visit Ankara but it wasn't possible anymore. It was a great journey. Full of experiences. I learned new things & understood "life is limited" more!
I packed my backpack & left #Turkey. After 42hrs by bus,finally, I was home.3/3
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44 days of all out war and counting in #Ukraine, although remember #Russia first invaded in 2014.

This is the start of the daily thread, with the most important news and analysis.

More and more bodies of civilians are being found and more horrific discoveries are being made..
President @zelenskyy confirmed in his overnight address that #Borodianka is "significantly more dreadful" than what the world saw in "Bucha"

He gave no further details but many more civilians' bodies are thought to still be under rubble. 26 have been recovered so far.
The British Intelligence report this morning concentrates on east #Ukraine.

They reckon a delay before redeployment for some units, but new #Russia arrivals have been happening in occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

#StandWithUkraine Image
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1. The bear that appeared in the clouds over Istanbul, Turkey last September (at the start of the Lord's 7th month, no less) was NOT Callisto as I thought. Instead, the clouds were a detailed sketch of the Russian bear. Bears have been the symbol of Russia for centuries. But why?
2. Before I ask the big question, here's the link to the original video first. The channel 'Genenguy HHN' captured the bear's face hanging over Istanbul. Thank God it's still up. Video> via YouTube #Istanbul #Turkey #Russia #Bear #clouds (Ok. On with it!)
3. So, how did I get it wrong last September? And why the heck is a Russian bear floating over Istanbul!? I'll explain. Let's thread. (Attached: my original tweet on September 20th)
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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Update #Ukraine .
Diesmal soll´s nicht um die Lage an der Front gehen, sondern detaillierter um zwei Fragen:
- Warum die Ergebnisse der russ.-ukr. Verhandlungen kaum Hoffnung machen;
- Wie sich Russland in den eroberten Gebieten scheinbar langfristig einnistet.
Zunächst zur Erinnerung.
Am Dienstag ist in #Istanbul die nächste Runde der russ.-ukr. Verhandlungen gelaufen.
Erst gab es keine Details zu den Verhandlungsergebnissen, später wurden sie aber doch recht detailliert von den Verhandlungsdelegationen bekanntgegeben.
Zusammengefasst beinhaltet der neue Friedensplan, dass die #Ukraine auf einen NATO-Beitritt und jegliche Atomwaffenambitionen verzichten muss.
Das Land darf zudem keine ausländischen Militärstützpunkte, Waffensysteme oder Kontingente auf ihrem Territorium stationieren.
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#Ukraine and #Russia wrap up face-to-face #talks in #Turkey | Mar 29
- Russia’s deputy defense minister said that Moscow has decided to “fundamentally ... cut back” operations near the capital and another major city to “increase mutual trust.”…
#Russian said it will cut back on operations near #Kyiv to ‘increase trust’ in negotiations | 53m ago
- The #talks in #Istanbul raised flickering hopes there could be progress toward ending a war that has ground into a bloody campaign of attrition.…
Ukraine, Russia hold new talks aimed at ending the fighting | Mar 29
- the Ukrainian president said his country was prepared to declare its #neutrality, as Moscow has #demanded, and was open to compromise over the contested eastern region of #Donbass…
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Update #Ukraine .
Im Überblick:
- russ.-ukr. Verhandlungen in #Istanbul gelaufen;
- ukr. Truppen melden Gebietsgewinne;
- #Marioupol wehrt sich weiterhin erbittert;
- schwere Raketenangriffe in mehreren ukr. Städten;
- Moskau verlagert Truppen in den #Donbass .
Heute fand die nächste Runde der russ.-ukr. Friedensverhandlungen statt.
Türkei positionierte sich wieder als Vermittlungsmacht, da es gute Beziehungen sowohl nach Moskau als auch nach #Kiew unterhält.
Delegationen kommen in #Istanbul an.
#Ukraine #Russia
Die Verhandlungen fanden im geschlossenen Format statt.
Einige Fotos waren vor dem Beginn der Verhandlungen dennoch entstanden.
Details über den Verhandlungserfolg oder -misserfolg wurden nicht genannt.
#Istanbul #UkraineRussia
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#Morgenupdate #Ukraine

Wie immer: Vollständigkeit nicht garantiert.
Quelle ist zum Einen der Liveticker von @ntvde. Andere Quellen sind verlinkt.
Es handelt sich um einen Krieg. Infos sind daher immer mit Vorsicht zu betrachten. /TN #Russland
Fangen wir mit einer guten Nachricht an.

Am Samstag gab es einen Angriff auf eine nukleare Forschungseinrichtung in #Charkiw. Wie die #IAEA nun mit Berufung auf die #Ukraine mitteilte, gibt es keine Schäden am nuklearen Material.

Die Einrichtung war auch vorher allen bekannt.
Der #Kreml-Sprecher #Peskow hat noch 1mal klargestellt, dass keine Atombomben in der #Ukraine eingesetzt werden.

Verschiedene Medien verbreiteten Panik wegen seines #BBC-Interviews. Die staatliche Existenz Russlands & die Ereignisse in der Ukraine hätten "nix miteinander zu tun"
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Thread on #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine - March 29
The face-to-face negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations are about to start in #Istanbul. President Erdogan just addressed the two delegations before the talks

live on CNN Turk:
🚩In one of its latest updates the Ukrainian military made several interesting claims. The first is that they recaptured Kamyanka and Topolske south of Izyum. This would be the second successful counter-offensive near Izyum (still waiting on video confirmation though)
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#Zelenski, a medios rusos: "Ucrania se abre a negociar el estatus de #neutralidad" | Mar 27
- “Garantías de seguridad y neutralidad, estatus no nuclear de nuestro estado. Estamos listos para hacerlo. Este es el punto más importante”, ha declarado Zelenski,…
#Ukraine ready to discuss adopting #neutral status in Russia peace deal - #Zelenskiy | Mar 28
- #Security guarantees and neutrality, non-nuclear status of our state. We are ready to go for it. This is the most important point," Zelenskiy said.…
#Ukraine prepared to discuss neutrality status, Zelensky tells Russian #journalists | Mar 28
- Zelensky was speaking to Russian journalists in a #videocall, an interview Russian authorities had pre-emptively #warned Russian #media to refrain from reporting…
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@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
The deputy commander of the Ukr 503rd Independent Marine Infantry Btn has been captured in #Mariupol. He say the remnants of the unit have broken up in small groups to try to make it through the blockade
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
Georgian Dato Gobedzhishvili & Belorussian Dmitry Apanasovich from the "Georgian Legion" have reportedly been killed at #Irpen near #Kiev ImageImage
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
First footage of combat use of the new #ISDM Remote Mining System in the #Kharkov area
More info in link…
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To mark the #InternationalWorkingWomensDay2022 on March 8, as in dozens of other cities, night marches are held in #Istanbul to #protest #violence against #women and the decline of #womensrights. Like every year in #Istanbul, #women gather for this at the #Taksim Square. Image
This year, however, no permission was granted for the action, wherefore the #Turkish #police started to take preventive "measures" since yesterday, and installed #police barricades at many points of the large square. Image
While footage in #Taksim revealed the #Turkish government's pure fear of the #women's marches, a contradictory picture was revealed behind the blockades on the #Istiklal Street where #police was handing out #flowers to the #women. Image
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#Turkish theater actor Orhan Aydın:

"From all corners of my country, #voices of #people are resounding and calling the #government to #resign, #protesting the #electricity #price increases."

#turkey #inflation
On the initiative of the @istanbul_tkp, people took to the streets against the price increases in Istanbul's Gazi district protesting: "Stand up against the robbery!".
@yemeksepeti and @banabi #couriers closed their contacts for the third time #protesting the low increase in their #salaries. Representing the unionized #couriers gathered in front of the company's General Directorate in #Levent.
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--yanlış anlama içerir, ya hepsini oku ya hiç başlama--

1- Sizi "Kot-Kola" "na-caiz" günlerine götürmeyeceğim.
Nedense hala kola içmiyorum ama kumaş pantolonum da hiç yok
Eşarp/sarık/takke/sakalla örtünene/örtünmeyene saygım aynı.
2- 2000 de 18 maddelik bir rapor sunmuştum.
Maddelerden biri özetle; programlar için saz çalan-söyleyen arkadaşlar arıyor, alkışlıyoruz.. lakin, biri enstrüman-şarkı-dans kursuna gitmek istese, en hafifiyle "vakit israfı" diye vazgeçirmeye çalışıyoruz..!
3- Klasik nurculardan farklı olarak Çağ ve Nesil serisi okunurdu, başkası yasak değilse de makbul değildi..
Medeniyet, adalet, hikmet, siyaset ve kavmiyet konularında kaynağımız Risale-i Nur, yöntemde Gülen, fıkıhta Ö.Nasuhi..
Elmalı tefsiri bile sonraki icat, vakit mi var ki ?
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The most exciting restoration/conservation project currently taking place in #Istanbul is doubtlessly that of the long-neglected Bukoleon Palace, an ancient #Byzantine structure built on the shores of the Marmara Sea in the 5th century. ImageImage
The restoration work is being carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (@IbbMiras) and is set to conclude by the end of this year. The Bukoleon Palace will be converted into an open-air museum. ImageImage
There have been many exciting finds since conservation works began. A 1600 year old fountain (dubbed the oldest fountain in #Istanbul) and thousands of pieces of pottery are among the recent discoveries. @mhrpolat ImageImage
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After making my own garum, I've put it to good use making a 2,000-year-old recipe: Aliter lenticulam ("Lentils Another Way") from Apicius.

Definitely the best lentil dish I've ever made—and incredibly unusual flavour palate. The Romans were on to something! Here’s how I did it…
Here's the whole recipe. No measurements provided! The recipes in Apicius, attributed to a 1st-century AD gourmand, are short on details...and literary style.
"Cook the lentils, skim them, strain..."
Keeping it Mediterranean, I used Greek lentils, about 300 grams, soaked overnight (not in the recipe, but, c'mon!)
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The Turkish authorities are preparing to deport Syrians recently arrested in Adana

Read more:

#Refugees #Syria #Turkey #Adana #Istanbul
Turkey... Arrest of 8 Syrians after they appeared in a video posted on social media
The Turkish authorities are preparing to deport Syrians recently arrested in Adana
The Turkish authorities announced the arrest of 8 Syrians, after they appeared in a video clip that spread on social media, in which they appear carrying knives and roaming in a street in Adana province, according to what was reported by the Anatolia Agency on Friday.
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7 ISIK ve 7 SIR..

AKP Parti tüzügü
Partinin amblemi
7 hüzmeli #Ampül'dür

ISIK Kaynagi degil,
ISIK Sunucusu'dur

Sunucunun aktiflesmesi icin
#anahtar lazim.. ImageImageImageImage
ISIK icin iki sey gerekiyor
1-Anahtari acmak
2-ve dügmeye basmak..
(14 Agustos 2001)

islam tarihinde
islam dininde
islam inancinda;

Ampul var mi?YOK
#SARI renk var mi?YOK
7 hüzme var mi?YOK

#Erdogan'in SARI ampulu'nu
yakip söndüren #anahtar kimlerin elinde? Image
hic yagmasa da
sürekli gürleyip duran biri..

Gürleyip de yagmamak;
#Teslimiyetci #yönetim
ve #liderler icindir

Bu tür liderler;
her konuda
#Geri #Vites yaparlar

renkelri #SARI'dir

yurtici ve yurtdisi tüm konularda
geri vites yapmasinin sebebi budur.. Image
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Cumhuriyet tarihimizin en büyük içmesuyu projesi olan Melen Projesiyle İstanbul'a 20 Ekim 2007'den itibaren su akmaktadır.💧

3 yıldır şehre 1 m3 su dahi getiremeyenler, suyun %59’unu Melenden aldıklarının farkındalar mı?

Detayına birlikte bakalım👇👇
2⃣ Hafıza-i beşer nisyan ile malüldür.

Özellikle 30 yaşının altındaki vatandaşlarımız daha iyi bilmesi için;

✅1994 öncesi #İstanbul’un içler acısı durumunu hatırlatmalı,

✅Sn. @RTErdogan’ın liderliğinde yaptığımız muazzam içmesuyu yatırımlarını anlatmakta fayda görüyorum.
3⃣1994 öncesi İstanbul’u yönetemeyenler susuzluktan şehri Kerbelaya çevirmişti.

Musluklardan günlerce değil, aylarca su akmadığı için vatandaşlar semtler arası mekik dokuyordu.

Kadınlar ellerinde bidon ve kovalarla su tankeri yolu gözlüyordu.
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