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“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels. This is exactly how the BBC has been able to spew left wing propaganda for decades now, how have we let it get away with this & what we can do about it. Thread 1/18
The BBC is not some sort of benevolent “Auntie” as it claims to be, it is also far from impartial despite what the liar & anti-Semitic @OwenJones84 states, it is exactly the sort of organisation which Guardianystas and Remoaners support wholeheartedly it is for metro-elites. 2/18
It is so morally bankrupt almost 1,000 people are jailed each year for not being able to afford to pay the licence fee. It has powers of control that are frightening, it also pays its “talent” & behind the scenes staff fortunes as long as they are the right kind of “diverse” 3/18
The BBC has spent this entire week lying to the feeble-minded far left fascists about @realDonaldTrump in order to drum up support for their stupid EU centric outlook, it is no wonder why they deliberately hate the English working class & are totally contemptuous of them. 4/18
It was so easy to brainwash stupid Remoaners as that is exactly what the BBC are best at, they have been practicing manipulating emotions for so long these people know exactly what they are doing, it is why they focussed almost entirely on Jo Cox’s death in referendum week. 5/18
This was falsely used to blame Brexiteers otherwise Brexit would have won by a landslide as Project Fear had failed, ever since the referendum result the BBC have been desperately trying to help overturn the outcome, this has been obvious & their desperation worse. 6/18
Fortunately more people are starting to wake up to how the BBC operates. However, for people who are simple-minded Remoaners they will never be capable of seeing through it & like a drug addict needs their next fix they can’t wait for more bad news to try & blame on Brexit. 7/18
The worst part is the BBC knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to their feeble-minded Remoaner viewer they constantly seek ever more “diverse” casting and now is openly re-writing history to suit their anti-white English multicultural narrative. 8/18
The BBC hates right wing free thinkers, it is why their talking points are always the same, they are the British equivalent of CNN, they are fake news & Remoaners have embraced it. Is it any wonder there is a generation that is (for the most part) unable to think for itself? 9/18
Both CNN & the BBC use talking points & are masters at deceptively editing clips in order to sway the feeble-minded group-thinkers of the Left to believe them & this is only going to get worse over time, they are lying to their audience whilst pretending to be impartial. 10/18
They constantly accuse Brexiteers of racism while ignoring the overt racism of Remoaners the “comedy” shows they produce are also left wing but the Far Left are unable to take a joke about Corbyn despite Thatcher being the brunt of most late night “comedy” shows in the 80’s 11/18
This genuine belief there is some anti-Corbyn plot in the BBC is complete nonsense but feeble-minded Corbyn supporters can’t take any criticism of their absolute boy & blame it on David Baddiel as he is Jewish. This is ridiculous but just try telling Corbynystas the truth. 12/18
This is all part of the deliberate and systematic attempt to indoctrinate and dumb down viewers with their Liberal, multicultural agenda, where white English people are increasingly portrayed as the evil villains to their brainwashed audience who believe what they are told. 13/18
They have for years employed pedophiles & then banned people from appearing on the BBC to discuss it at the time it was happening, this is hypocrisy of the highest order, but the BBC don’t care as the brain-washed metro-elite Remoaners will always agree with them. 14/18
Thick actors come onto to regurgitate their hatred of the English & so is it any wonder we are all taught to hate ourselves? Well I for one will never hate myself, England or Britain can see through the BBC unlike the self-proclaimed metro-elites who think they are smarter. 15/18
After Project Fear failed the BBC were shocked as they were not expecting it, now they have had time to adjust, they constantly belittle Brexiteers & push their pro-EU propaganda, this is why Remoaners have become so completely ludicrous & desperate & detached from reality. 16/18
You only need to glance at the BBC news to realise every single story they can find that is anti-Brexit is moved up the reporting ladder, whilst every story that puts Remoaners in a bad light is completely ignored. This is not an impartial organisation & has never been. 17/18
All this is doing is destroying their own organisation but they are so stupid they cannot realise it, just as the feeble-minded Remoaners most of them are. Anyway, here is how you deal with the BBC, stop paying the licence fee & don't watch it. 18/18
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