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Something which cannot be repeated enough times.

"EEA migrants pay more in taxes than they receive in benefits."

(From the final report on "EEA migration in the UK", Migration Advisory Committee, September2018)

@the3million @eucitizenschamp @InLimboBrexit

"EEA migrants contribute much more to the health service and the provision of social care in financial resources and work than they consume in services."

"There is no evidence that migration has reduced the quality of healthcare."

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One of the founding principles of #StopFundingHate is that if we have to oppose discrimination in all its forms - be that racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, misogyny, anti-Traveller hostility, disabilism, transphobia or other forms of anti-LGBTI hate 1/…
Being a consumer gives each of us a voice - and everyone has the right to speak out & raise concerns with the companies we shop with if they advertise in media that fuel discrimination & hate /2…
Media outlets are free to print what they like within the law. Equally, companies are free to choose where they do & don't advertise - and consumers are free to seek to influence those advertising choices /3…
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On a day where the Mail on Sunday was looking to doxx leading Remain campaigners despite those campaigners having received real death threats, why not support British businesses who put values first and who refuse to advertise in the Mail? Plus their pants are ☺️👌
The Mail on Sunday wanted to sow division by falsely painting Remainers as a wealthy elite. Well we’re not, but we *are* consumers, and that gives us power. Use it against the Mail on Sunday and others who bankroll or otherwise back Brexit. #StopFundingHate
Want to know who to boycott and who deserves your support? Here’s a non-exhaustive list to start the ball rolling.…
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Some key reasons why this model of campaigning is so effective: 1. The automated nature of online advertising means brands are often unaware exactly which websites their ads are appearing on - they often haven't consciously chosen to be on Breitbart, Mail Online etc /1
2. The nature of online advertising also means it's often easy (& cost neutral) for a brand to exclude a toxic website from their online advertising because the ad system can automatically find them an equivalent audience elsewhere. So there's not much to lose in doing so. /2
3. Most (admittedly not all) advertisers really do not want to be visibly aligned with racism, misogyny, anti-LGBT hate & other forms of bigotry - not just for ethical reasons, but also for hard-nosed commercial ones - why would you alienate your customers if you can avoid it? /3
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[Thread] Here’s an example of how misinformation can spread online, and then find its way into the traditional media… /1
On December 10th, UN member states are due to adopt the new Global Compact for Migration - a non-binding agreement which endorses the principle that governments should stop funding media that fuel racism & xenophobia. You can find the full text here:… /2
Objective 17 of the #GlobalCompactforMigration is the key bit that relates to the media. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but here’s what it says: /3
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You are listed as partners of Svenska Branschforum AB.
Martin Hagwall is member of the board and CEO of Svenska Branschforum AB.
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I've just submitted a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation against a certain few 'newspapers' for 25 years of lies and misinformation regarding the European Union.
I've had a response from IPSO, their response email is below.
#StopFundingHate #ExitFromBrexit #StopBrexitSaveBritain…
IPSO Response "In order to proceed with your complaint, we will need you to provide copies of any articles that you would like to complain about, and an explanation in your own words of how you consider these articles to be inaccurate." #StopFundingHate #ExitFromBrexit
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