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HISTORY -- With Nzekwe Gerald Uchenna



> Life of Great Power Mike

> Power Uti : Beef with Power Mike, Drug Use, Arrested for Wife's death

> Two Current Top Nigerian Wrestlers.

Wrestling is a traditional sport embraced in every town and village, modern wrestling is relatively New in the Country.

The history of wrestling became popular in Nigeria as a competitive Olympic around 1980's after the establishment of ...
the wrestling federation .

Some Pioneer Wrestlers such as Michael Okpala (Power Mike), Late. Michael Bamidele, Maman Zaria, Ben LionHeart, John Eke Uti (aka Power Uti) among others made the country recognized in the world wrestling through their ceaseless efforts and abilities.
This Nigerian wrestling hall of famers showcased the country at international Wrestling Championships.
They also laid foundation for upcoming Nigerian Wrestlers.
This Wrestlers actually made names for themselves,and created history that has continued to be a reference upto date.
Hardcore Wrestling Academy was later introduced in Nigeria to operate under the federation. It was formed in Onitsha, Anambra state to bring up able-bodied youths who are interested in the game of wrestling and can as well stand out to represent the country in future times.
In order to Shorten the Thread abit, we will only look at the life of the 2 most Popular Nigeria Wrestlers; Power Mike and Power Uti in detail. These are Nigeria Wrestlers of yesteryears.

Later,consider Power Lee and Apollo Crews in brief.

If you guys are ready,....Let's Go.
THE LEGENDARY POWER MIKE (August 8, 1939 – March 11, 2004)

The great Michael Okpala a.k.a Power Mike was a Great Nigerian Wrestler and Promoter of the Sport. He had an eventful life that spanned for 65 years, 1939 to March 10, 2004.
His prowess in sports which showed early in his life while he was at Adazienu Central Primary School, Anambra State, eventually, took him across the globe.

Mike Okpala, who was later known by his ring name- Power Mike,...
Began his major Sporting Career as a Strongman. Were he displays enormous strength.
Later in life,he made wrestling a household sport in the country when he clinched the world title in the 70s.

Let's take a look at the life and achievements of this Great Legend, Power Mike.
Early life :

Power Mike was born as Michael Okpala on the 8th of August, 1939 to Echeobi and Janet Okpala at Neni, in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State in the eastern part of Nigeria.
He was the first born of a family of three.
When he reached elementary school age, he was enrolled into the Anglican Primary School at Adazi-Enu, a neighbouring town to Neni, in Anambra state.
It was at this primary school that he started building his athletic career by being active in sporting events.
He was so interested in boxing that he became an amateur boxer.

In 1952, After finishing primary school, he left his village for Onitsha, in order to learn how to organise and run a trade business.
In 1952, While at Onitsha, he joins the Dick Tiger Boxing Club as a middle weight amateur boxer and meets Dick Ihetu Tiger his role model.

On leaving Onitsha, he left for Kano to specialize in the business of buying and selling tyres.
During an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic he realized his dream. This realization sparked his rebirth and he acquired a new name, Power Mike.
Power Mike The Strongman:

While in Kano State, Power Mike started a Superman Strongman show business which made him popular locally.
His imaginative exhibition in Kano virtually cast a spell on people from various social backgrounds because they were yearning to see him perform.
His Showmanship took him around the world in the mid-50's. His act included such feats as using his bare hands to bend a six-inch nail, lifting four heavy men with ease, engaging several men in a game of tug-of-war, using bare hands to break a coconut,..
carrying incredible weights like 12 bags of cement, held vehicles in motion to standstill and so on.

In 1961, he started a Nationwide tour which took him to Onitsha, Enugu, Aba, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Jos and Kaduna.
In 1964, Power Mike went to Ghana and his performances there were a tremendous success. He later toured Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal.

In 1967, he traveled to Europe, accompanied by his friend Engr. Onyeso, the Igwe of Nri.
Between 1967 and 1969, he was a trainer and instructor at YMCA, Tottenham Court Road, London. He toured all over England, performing in clubs as African strongest man.

In 1967, He got a one-year contract in Sweden after which he went to Greece.
While at Greece, he meet a Wrestling Promoter who convinced him to become a Wrestler, because of Power Mike's Huge Physics.
That was how Power Mike switched and became a wrestler.
Power Mike the Wrestler :

A wrestling promoter saw him performing as a superman in Greece and took interest in him.

He was trained by Katie Abdulkalie of Lebanon. Initially, he did not like the brutality in wrestling. However,...
he later became an acclaimed wrestler and one of the best that Greece could boast of at the time.

When he left Greece, he went back to Britain to compete, and thus he truly started his career as a wrestler.
In 1970, He came back to Africa and in the same year he defeated Gambia's Massambula to become the African heavyweight wrestling champion and titleholder.
He wrestled in Madison Square Garden, New York, known as the Mecca of professional wrestling.
In 1973, he defeated Ali Baba of Lebanon in Kampala, Uganda, to become World Heavy Weight Wrestling Champion
also in the same year,
Johnny Kwango also became a victim of Power Mike's when he (Mike) defeated him in Lagos.
In 1975, he defended his world title against Ali Baba. And he defeated Ali Baba again.
This happens to be Power Mike's last fight in the ring.

It is note-worthy to say that, Before his retirement, Power Mike wrestled and defeated alot of notable wrestlers like ;
Johnny Kwango of West Indies,
John Tiger of Canada,
Joseph Kovacs of Hungary,
Derek Withinton of England,
and Jude Harris who he fought in Lagos,
and a host of other notable worldwide superstars.
Power Mike the Wrestling Promoter :

Apart from Power Mike's professional wrestling prowess, he was also a Promoter of the sport and his Power Mike International Promotions brought foreign wrestlers into the Nigeria Shore. These Wrestlers include The Great Mil Mascaras,..
Dick the 'Bulldog Brower', Buddy Rose, Michael Hayes, Mighty Igor, Ox Baker, The Mongols, Carlos Colon, Chris Adams, Tex McKenzie, Thunderbolt Williams and so on to the shores of Nigeria.
In 1976, Power Mike retired from active wrestling and then focused on international Wrestling promotions.
His Wrestling Promotions Outfit later found the likes of Power Uti.

In 1984,Some of the fights that took place during Powrr Mike's Wrestling Promotion in Lagos, includes :
Ox Baker Vs Power Uti :

In 1984, in one of Mike's Promotion, Ox Baker fought Power Uti in Lagos.
Ox Baker was eventually beaten by Power Uti.

After his lose,Ox Baker went gaga. He was deeply upset outside the ring because of the loss.Spectators started running hekter skeeter.
Mighty Igor Vs Ray Apollo :

In the late 70s and early 1980s, The Mighty Igor was the most Popular wrestler on Nigerian TV .
He was billed as a strong man from Poland.
He had a habit of bringing Polish sausages to the arena and sharing them with cheering Supporting fans.
He also liked taking pictures with fans, especially little kids. He rarely talked during interviews (his manager spoke on his behalf). He was probably the most popular wrestler in the IWA.
In Nigeria back then, anything that was larger than usual, more powerful than usual or heavyz duty was nicknamed “Mighty Igor”.

In 1984,Mighty Igor came to Nigeria to face off with Ray Apollo of Trinidad and Tobago at National Stadium in Lagos.
Mighty Igor shockingly lost to Ray Apollon .

So many Nigerian Sport lovers went to that Power Mike Wrestling Promotion at National Stadium Surulere, Lagos, just to have a glimpse at The Mighty Igor..

In September 2002, Mighty Igor died as the age of 70, due to heart failure.
Mil Mascaras Vs Ben LionHeart

In 1984, Mil Mascaras too was among the Super stars that Power Mike brought to Nigeria.

Originally, it was Power Uti that was Scheduled to fight Mil Mascaras. But, Power Mike changed it to Ben LionHeart, due to Power Uti's back bite of Power Mike.
Power Uti was then billed to face-off with Mr. Fuji.

Mil Mascaras defeated Ben LionHeart, and the Nigerian Spectators were displeased and became rowdy.

It took the fight between Power Uti and Mr. Fuji to calm the Spectators down : Power Uti defeated Mr. Fuji.
Mil Mascaras and Andrew the Giant.
Tex McKenzie.
Power Mike's Death :

In March 11th 2004, Michael Okpala (Power Mike) died at the National Hospital, Abuja after a protracted illness.

Chief Michael Okpala retired as undefeated World Heavyweight wrestling champion, so he died as Nigeria's undefeated wrestling champion.
While also being a household name in the world of Nigeria and African wrestling.

Power Mike was remarkable for the legacies he left behind. He devoted so much for sports, his chosen fields. He not only promoted sports, he used it as a tool to build friendship, brotherliness ...
and Upliftment of the dignity of the black race.
Most interestingly, he displayed rare spirit of sportsmanship.
He was indeed a unique gem that left his footprints in the sands of time.

May the Soul of this Nigerian Legend continue to Rest in Peace, Amen

John Eke Uti ( Power Uti) is a Nigerian Professional Wrestler, who is Currently into Church Ministry work.
But during his hail days, he ruled the rings in Nigeria and abroad for about 20 years before finding himself in missionary work for the Past 15 years.
Early Life :

John Eke Uti (a.k.a Power Uti) is from Ogbagu Ogume in Delta State, Nigeria.
He was born in 1962, And had his elementary school in his home town in Ogbagu Ogume in Delta.
After his elementary school, Power Uti came down to Lagos State to continue his education.
But, after he watched a Program on Television were Body Builders were on parade,
Power Uti got Interested and decided to go into Body Building.
Power Uti started using books as guide and lifting used lorry engines, Heavy Irons, Heavy Stones and other heavy items.
He later approached the Presenter of a then Television Program known as 'Sunday Rendezvous,' to allow him appear on the program.
The presenter eventually gave him a chance to appear on air on the show.
Power Uti later met a Nigerian actor, the late Enebeli Enebuwa (Andrew), who advised him to go into wrestling because of Uti's great Intimidating Muscular body.

This is how Power Uti abandoned his education, and focused on Wrestling.
Power Uti's Beef with Power Mike --

Power Uti accuses Power Mike who was his earlier Promoter for making his early start into Pro Wrestling,difficult.

In 2011, during an Interview, Power Uti allegedthat his Wrestling journey to the top was made tough/difficult by Power Mike,...
whom he accused that, told him in early 80s to Travel to Trinidad and Tobago, instead of the USA, where American Great wrestlers like Mill Mascaras, Mighty Igor and Argentina Apollo were waiting to receive him.
Power Uti's first contact with wrestling happened after he begged the late Promoter, Power Mike, to allow him take on a National heavyweight champion. That was after every wrestlers in Nigeria that he (Power Uti) challenged, had refused to enter the ring with him.
And because of the Desperation in Power Uti to fight, he told the then Wrestling Promoter (Power Mike) not to pay him.

Power Uti said, "after developing his muscles in the unusual way, he found it difficult to put them to regular use despite being anxious to fight.
“In 1981, I challenged the National light heavyweight champion, Sunny Sparkle, to a fight but he refused.

Then I went to another champion, Tarzan Eze, and told him that I could beat him in a wrestling fight. I meant to upset him, but he did not accept the fight,” says Uti.
“I was frustrated. So, one day, I went to Power Mike and told him I needed to fight. At that time, Power Mike was promoting a fight in Lagos. but he told me later that all the wrestlers were not ready to fight me.
Then,Power Mike went and told the National Heavyweight Champion at the time, Timesman Udo, about me.
Timesman Udo replied Power Mike that, he was like a father to me and that he would kill me in the ring.
“We then signed a contract for the fight under Power Uti International Wrestling Promotion.
I beat Timesman Udo throughout the match, but each time I pinned him to the mat, the referee will be counting slowly until Udo will recover.
"I eventually exhausted my techniques. it then happened that, when Udo got me once, the referee wanted to count quickly. But the spectators at the Indoor Sports Hall of the National Stadium who have been irked by the referee's inimical Officiating were all angry,...
so they invaded the ring and chased Timesman Udo and the referee away.
But Chief Sholanke, who was the chairman of the Nigeria Wrestling Board of Control and his secretary, Olu Aina, declared the match a draw.
That was my first fight ever, but I was robbed of victory.”
Power Uti did not need to win anyway, because the Promoter of the fight, Power Mike who initially saw it as a suicide attempt for Power Uti to enter the ring with a National Champion, was so impressed that he told Power Uti to prepare for an international fight immediately.
After beating Power Gun of Great Britain in Lagos, fans’ favourite, Luiz Martinez of America’s International Wrestling Association was lucky to have survived the massive figure of the Nigerian wrestler, who had begun to move with the speed of light.
Power Uti gives an account of the fight. “Martinez was popular in Nigeria because the people watched the American wrestling tapes on local television stations regularly at the time. It was a popular fight and the people thought I had reached a point where I would be disgraced.
But after beating him so much, I injured myself out of inexperience. so he quickly pinned me to the mat and won. He came back to me and raised my hands, taking the microphone from the announcer, he said that very soon, I would rule the world,” said, Power Uti.
Also in Nigeria for the fight were Argentina Apollo, Mill Mascaras and Mighty Igor, all from the then popular IWA.

Power Uti was eager to make the best of the moment so he went to Apollo to help him in the act of wrestling. He agreed but told him to come to the USA for training.
"I told Power Mike because I did not want to do anything behind him. But he said America would not be the best place to go. Instead, he said he would assist me with flight ticket to Trinidad and Tobago, where I would meet Ray Apollon the great wrestler.
They were friends during Mike’s day as a wrestler and they maintained contact.

According to Uti, Power Mike then sent him to Trinidad and Tobago to settle a debt he owed the international wrestling promotion that helped him persuade Mascaras, Igor and others to come to Nigeria.
"Power Mike did not fulfil the financial agreement he had with IWP, and I did not know. So, when I reached Trinidad and Tobago, I was under-paid by the company. I had 63 fights under its licence, but I returned home with little money.”
On his return, he came with Apollon and during a discussion about another fight, Power Mike told Apollon that he had difficulty in bringing an American wrestler, who was to fight with Power Uti, to Nigeria.
Mill Mascaras and other American wrestlers were also coming for the fight, so Apollon told Power Mike to make Power Uti fight Mascaras because he knew that the Nigerian could beat Mil Mascaras despite his power and techniques.
Power Mike was happy because he knew that he would realise huge profit.
Power Mike then promised me N9,000 for the fight, which was big money at the time. He said they should drive me to my house.
But on our way to my house, I told someone in the car that my trip to the West Indies was almost a failure because Power Mike did not tell me what I was going to meet over there.Those in the Car, after dropping me, they went back and told Power Mike all I said.
Power Mike became angry. And to get back at me, he cancelled the fight between me against Mill Mascaras.

"Power Mike then told me that I would have to fight Mr. Fuji, and that my fee would be N500.
“After considering the situation, I accepted to fight because, I wanted Nigerians to see that I returned a better experienced wrestler.
On match day, Mill Mascaras fought Ben Lion Heart and won because Ben LionHeart had a bad day, and he was booed by the crowd.
And inorder to arrest the situation, the Fight Promoter, Power Mike quickly called me to his room and begged me to put up a good fight in Order to save the show.
I could have used the opportunity to demand for more money, but I did not.
I fought well to win back the fans and i also beat Mr. Fuji.
Power Mike made so much money from the sale of the tapes.”

The win over Mr. Fuji in Nigeria, then Paved the way for Power Uti's move to the US, where he won the world junior heavyweight title.
His manager was a former American wrestler, Mr. Haiti.

Power Uti then defended the title in Nigeria, but recalls that Peter Ruteya, who Promoted the fight, never paid the wrestlers their dues.
But just when he was to be involved in a juicy bout against ...
Playboy Buddy Rose in America, Power Mike enticed him with a fight against Ben LionHeart, begging him to knock him out of wrestling completely.
Ben LionHeart was the Commonwealth champion at the time.
Power Uti recounts, “He (Power Mike) wanted me to beat LionHeart, as a revenge for LionHeart's flop against Mill Mascaras, that almost ruined that Power Mike's Wrestling Promotion.
But,I did not want to deal with Power Mike again, but he begged me.
I therefore, demanded N3,500 upfront payment, and he paid immediately.

Power Mike then came up with a press release where he stated that Ben LionHeart would not get anything if he lost in the contest.
But,After Power Mike gave it to Daily Times for Publication, I went back to Power Mike to change Our Initial agreement to a contract fight, but Power Mike was annoyed.
He refused to promote the fight, but I got Kola Balogun Promotions to go ahead and Promote the fight.
To stop the fight from happening, Power Mike quickly travelled to the UK with a letter from the NWBC to strip Ben LionHeart of the title.”

"It was a ploy that worked, as the fight was also called off.
And that was the end to Ben LionHeart's wrestling career. And till LionHeart's death, he did not get the chance to feel the breath of the ring ever again.

But, Power Uti later returned to the US to beat fans’ favourites, Buddy Rose and Ox Baker, Rocky Johnson and Uganda Giant.
In the process, he had the record of being the first man to hold the Continental Wrestling Alliance junior heavyweight belt and world heavyweight title, both title at the same time.

Power Uti says it happened because some American promoters gambled by offering him the chance,...
thinking that he would lose to Dino Rosetti in a winner takes all contest. With the two titles under his belt, Power Uti had the chance to determine his own fees.

With the sport in its twilight at home in Nigeria, Power Uti gives reasons for its collapse,...
blaming greedy Promoters and lack of updated knowledge about the sport among the wrestlers in Nigeria.

“The promoters know nothing about the sport but they are after the profit. They put the wrestlers at risk.
I was shocked when I heard about the the death of a wrestler at the National Stadium recently, because the promoter did not provide any medical facility. You can not do that in America.”
But what prompted him to see wrestling as a career? Uti explains that he was encouraged to fight when attempts to appear on the now rested NTA’s Sunday Rendezvous failed. A veteran actor advised him to put his frame to better use and be a wrestler.
"When I came to Lagos from Ogbagu Ogume in Delta State to continue my education, I was surprised not to see anybody from my village on the television. I was desperate to appear on television, so one day, I saw a programme where body builders were on parade.
"I had started building my body at the time, using books as guide and lifting used lorry engines and other heavy items. I approached the presenter and he gave me a chance to be on the air. I was in love with Sunday Rendezvous and wanted to appear on the programme.
That was when I met the actor, Enebeli Enebuwa, who told me that I would be a better wrestler with my body.”

After 15 years of not fighting, Uti returned to the ring on January 29 in a tag team fight against Havoc and Manu the Samoans in America.
It was a competition organised by the Veteran of Foregh War Hall Brick in New Jersey.The National Wrestling Super Stars of America promoted the fight.His partner was Nigeria Nightmare.He says the win marked a return to the sport after unexplainable factors led to his 15yrs break.
"People did not want me to come back to wrestling but I have won the battle that threatened to wreck my career. I am back,” says Uti.

During the break, Uti had a diploma certificate in church administration and started an evangelical group that visits the sick in hospitals.
Power Uti was later scheduled to defend his title in a contest tagged Resurrection of Nigerian Big Time Wrestling. His opponent was an American champion named Festus.

“It’s a winner takes all contest because Festus is staking his CWA heavyweight belt. I have a world title belt".
Power Uti and Drug Involvement :

John Eke Uti (Power Uti) revealed he was introduced to drugs in his formative years as a Wrestler.

Uti, who fought many great wrestlers including Luiz Martinez and Mr. Fuji, said he was Naive at the time and relied on drugs as a youngster.
In 2011, Power Uti In an interview Confessed that, it is hard to stop Athletes from taking drugs, because they’re often sold the false belief that it can sustain them at the top.
"You can’t stop people from taking drugs. I used to take it, when I first started training at the National Stadium.

"By the Spirit of God I later discovered I did not need it to excel.
"The devil is simply using drugs to capture the Youths and it is sad.

"You can excel without taking drugs, It is just the lie of the devil,’ Power Uti explained.
> Power Uti's Wife's Death and his Arrest :

On October 24, 2017,
John Eke Uti was docked for allegedly killing wife, and was granted bail

Power Uti was hauled up before an Ebute Meta Magistrates’ Court, Lagos, for allegedly killing his wife, Toyin 38years, who had 4 Children.
Uti, was arraigned before Magistrate Bola Folarin-Williams on a two-count charge of murder and disrespect of corpse.

After going through the case file, Mrs. Folarin-Williams said she did not see anything both in the accused’s statement and in the police investigations to show ..
that the accused killed his wife and quashed the remand application brought by the police.

She, therefore, admitted the accused to a bail of N500, 000 with two responsible sureties in like sum, who must be blood relations and also work with reputable organisations.
She directed that the case file be duplicated and a copy forwarded to the State Director of Public Prosecutions (DPPs) for legal advice.

Jimah Iseghede, the prosecutor told the court that the accused committed the offences on October 10. at No. 17, Oremeji St., Ilupeju, Lagos.
He alleged that the accused beat his wife, Toyin, 38,to death and abandoned the corpse in a room to decompose.

Power Uti was first taken to Ilupeju Police Station before being transferred to the State Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department for further investigation.
The offences contravened Sections 165(a) and 223 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

If found guilty, the accused (Power Uti) faces a death sentence.
In November 2017, At the resumed hearing in the case , Power Uti was not  produced in Court by prison authorities.

Barrister Endurance Nkenchor, lawyer to Power Uti said that his client didn't beat his dead wife, and neither did he kill her..
"Just that when the wife was sick the in-laws alleged that he rushed the wife to the church instead of hospital.

"They also alleged that when she finally died he took the corpse to the hospital and doctors confirm the wife dead, instead of depositing the corpse in the mortuary,
the in-laws alleged that he took the corpse back home and then to a church and started praying to revive the corpse. 

"He was also given a miracle mantle and since he didn't have money,..
he took it home and the corpse was in that state for more than 24 hours in which the corpse got swollen, that is why they alleged that he didn't treat the corpse decently."
Power Uti's Side of the Story Regarding his Wife's Death :

Reports had it that Toyin who had died on October 9, 2017 was alleged taken to a church by Uti and kept there for days instead of a hospital/morgue.
Following this development, Power Uti was arrested by the police and was detained at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, Yaba.

initially, Power Uti refused to speak on the death of his wife,However, he later broke his silence while in Prison.
He narrates how it all happened and clears the air as to how Toyin the mother of his four children died. He said, “My wife complained of having headache, on the Friday before the Monday she died. We felt it was just as a result of stress and that she needed rest.
The headache persisted and even when my cousin came visiting on Saturday,he offered to take her to the hospital but she refused and said she will be okay that it was nothing serious.

”the fact remains that as a family, we have always enjoyed good health and have never visited ..
the hospital except for child birth/Immunisation.As a wrestler,when I go for a fight and get injured. I would always return back to the house and once my wife massaged me I am okay. I believe that was why my wife objected to going to the hospital even when the headache persisted.
"On Monday, I prepared the children for school and took them to school. When I got back home, I discovered her condition had become worst so I immediately rushed her to Gbagada General hospital. Unfortunately she gave up and was confirmed dead at about 10:25 am .
On the circulated report that he took his wife’s corpse to a church for spiritual attention, Uti said. ” I never took my wife’s corpse to any church. The doctor confirmed her dead in the hospital and there is proof. You can go to the hospital and confirm.
But then I am of the opinion that if my wife had gone to church on Sunday, she may not have died.”

Speculations had it that Toyin may have died as a result of domestic violence but Uti said, ” I am a wrestler and I know my capabilities. I never raised my hand to hit my wife.
I loved her and would never do anything of such. The truth remains that I did not kill my wife. Why would I have killed her, to gain what?

On the possible cause of her death, Uti said, ” yes we are waiting for the autopsy report and I have no fear about that because I ..
know I am innocent. In fact they should ask her family what caused her death, they have a terrible family secret which she revealed to me before her death.”

When asked what the secret was, he said. “I will not say it now until when I am finally freed.”
Investigations revealed that Uti and Toyin until her death were not traditionally married for the ten years they lived as husband and wife. Our correspondent asked why it was so and he said, ” when I went to her family ten years ago to make my intentions known,..
she was already pregnant then and the family said we cannot do the traditional marriage because she was pregnant then. They advised we go for a registry marriage which we did in Ife, Osun State.
"But I however noticed that the attitude of the family had changed towards me in the last years for reasons best known to them especially since their father died.”


Currently, PRO Wrestling Africa (PWA) Heavyweight title holder, is Nigeria’s Godspower Ikpide, popularly called Power Lee.
Power Lee hails from Oghwe, in Itsoko North local government area of Delta State.
He started his pro wrestling career in 1987 and turned professional in 1990.
Since he started his professional career, he has been privileged to compete among the best superstars in Nigeria, namely Super Samson, De Executioner, Super Apama,..
African Mr. Perfect, Jimmy Palm “De African Dream” and a host of others.
> SESUGH UHAA (Apollo Crews) :

Sesugh Uhaa is a Nigerian America born WWE Wrestler in US.
His ring name is Apollo Crews.
He was Born August 22, 1987, in Sacramento, California, U.S.
He is 6 ft 1 inches (1.85).

In August 17, 2009
He started his career in 2009, originally working under the ring name Uhaa Nation, and made his breakthrough in 2011, when he was signed by the Dragon Gate USA promotion.
In 2015, Uhaa signed with WWE and was assigned to its developmental brand NXT, where he was given the ring name Apollo Crews.
He was promoted to WWE's main roster on April 4, 2016.
The End

Sources : NGU Library Collection, Wikipedia, Isaac Ayozie, Anthony Anaedu, Vanguard Newspapers, Femi Atoyebi, News Agency of Nigeria,, Adelanwa Bamgboye

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