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Some pretty remarkable healthcare initiatives have taken off in #Nigeria in last few years. (If you’re interested in discussing what has NOT been done maybe don’t bother, this particular thread is about what’s BEEN done).

As always implementation & Monitoring/Oversight are key.
At the very top of the list I’d put the BASIC HEALTHCARE PROVISION FUND. Stipulated by the National Health Act of 2014, but not implemented until 2018 budget. 1% of Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF), to go into a special Fund for Primary Health Care. In 2018 that 1% came to ~N55bn.
When it comes to Primary Health Care - the FG has only supporting/supervisory roles. The real actors are LGAs and their ‘parents’, the States. So the BHCPF money isn’t being spent by/inAbuja, it’s going to PHC facilities nationwide — as Opex budgets & Reimbursements.
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REVEALED: Senate’s running cost could have provided one million boreholes! | TheCable…
@NGRSenate @bukolasaraki @benmurraybruce @dino_melaye @SenMarafaKabir @SERAPNigeria In a country where 46 percent of its citizens are currently living below the poverty line of $1.90 or N693.5 per day, the running cost could have been used to solve some basic needs. In this piece, TheCable looks at what that amount could have been used for in different sectors.
@NGRSenate @bukolasaraki @benmurraybruce @dino_melaye @SenMarafaKabir @SERAPNigeria HEALTH
It is no news that Nigeria lacks an effective healthcare system. #Cancer has been identified as one of the leading causes of death globally. For a country of 198 million people, there are just four radiotherapy centres.…
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The #Nigerian judiciary is often said to be "The last hope of the Common (Wo)Man". It's a venue for deliberative decision making & authoritative statement of the standards that govern us all. The quality of decisions coming from there in recent times is now cause for concern....
4 recent decisions illustrate a worrying pattern of perverse reasoning from #Nigerian courts & tribunals. In Jan 2019, the Code of Conduct Tribunal, a body controlled by the executive arm, issued an ex-parte order to suspend the Chief Justice of #Nigeria…
A lot of attention is rightly paid to the seriousness of charges against Chief Justice #Onnoghen. But precisely because of that, they deserved dispassionate due process. Now, few ppl will accord them serious weight because of the deep deficiency of process…
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#Nigeria's #GDP growth remains just above 2% YoY in Q1 2019, albiet lower than in Q4 2018.
#Nigeria: Real #GDP continues to grow at slightly more than 2% YoY in Q1 2019 (+2.01%). However, this represents a slowdown from 2.38% growth in Q4 2019, and is still well below growth levels before the 2014 oil price crash.
The slowdown came from both lower non-oil growth (+2.47% vs +2.70% in Q4) and a deeper contraction of oil #GDP (-2.40% vs -1.62% in Q4). It was the 4th consecutive quarter of decline in the #oil sector.
#Nigeria #Africa
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Attacks on civil, political & associational rights are now de rigeur for populist authoritarianism. These attacks take the form of systematic constraints on #CivicSpace. @godfreymusila's new rpt for @freedomhouse tracks how these attacks spread in #Africa…
Since 2004 in #Africa, according to the rpt by @freedomhouse, many #African countries have attempted, adopted or are in the process of adopting laws or policies improperly constraining the #CivicSpace & political rights…
To begin with, at least 12 #African countries, including: Algeria, Burundi, Ethiopia, Egypt, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, & Zambia, have adopted laws adversely constraining NGOs & the #CivicSpace since 2004
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Despite all the tough rhetoric, #Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, tells top political & military officials in a religious-type meeting an hour ago in #Tehran that #Iran does not want a war with #America.

Nothing surprising here. The ayatollahs long abandoned the slogan Great Satan for the #US and actively sought strong ties with #Washington under #Obama WH. In #Afghanistan & #Iraq, the #IRGC & Gen. Soleimani quietly cooperated with US military & intelligence, until recently.
In return, again under #Obama WH, the #US turned a blind eye as #Iran/#IRGC/#Hezbollah expanded influence from #Nigeria to #Malaysia, thru #Yemen/#Gulf, and hosted elements of #Taliban+#AlQaeda as guests inside Iran, but without allowing them to be operational.
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This is an unverified public service announcement & is reproduced as received since I felt it’s #TooImportantNotToKnow ..

The #LagosStateGovernment in collaboration with all Partner agencies (NPHCDA, WHO, UNICEF, CHAI, Save the Children, JICA, Rotary etc.) will be conducting-
A Statewide #PolioOutbreak Response Campaign for children aged 0 months to 59 months old in the bid to eradicate Poliovirus from the Country...

#Nigeria is unfortunately one of the three countries in the world and only country in Africa with endemic polio.
In recent times, circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus has been isolated in a few LGAs in Lagos and this has necessitated an outbreak response.

Three rounds of the outbreak response campaign will be conducted.
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There is a thin line between contributing to knowledge through research and prioritising public health response during outbreaks. For us at @NCDCgov, our responsibility is to find the right balance, as they are interdependent.
Both research and response are critical. We can not do one without the other. It is important for countries especially like ours, to focus on building strong foundations. Supporting communities to improve health systems that will build trust and save lives
Over the last 3 years, there has been an increased interest of global institutions- public health, research and funding institutes, in the work we do especially in response to #meningitis #Lassafever #monkeypox. We need research to develop new tools to improve response
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Ahead of Workers Day on Wednesday this week, I would love to share about the amazing Team of people working to ensure health security in #Nigeria
This tweet by my brother & colleague @chukslassacare has several RTs! Grateful that people are learning more about the extraordinary efforts done by health workers in managing infectious diseases in #Nigeria. The growth of #FMCOwo is an amazing one to tell
Nearly every week, we have colleagues deployed as NCDC Rapid Response Team members, away from their families and 'comfort zones', working in states to support outbreak response, with no extra benefits but the personal fulfillment each person feels
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BREAKING: oppressed Nigerian Muslim cleric Sheikh #Zakzaky and wife Mallima Zeenah have been examined by team of doctors led by @ihrc.

Both have been held in illegal detention by the Nigerian army since the end of 2015.

#Nigeria #FreeZakzaky #ZariaMassacre
For anyone who doesn't know:

Sheikh Ibrahim el-Zakzaky is a Muslim scholar and founder of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, a sociopolitical organisation based in #Zaria, northen #Nigeria.

The Islamic Movement of #Nigeria was successful in promoting Islam and inspired tens of thousands of Nigerians to join the movement.

The group is anti-corruption, anti-sectarianism and pro-Palestine.

#Zakzaky #Zaria
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I just finished reading the judgment of the Abuja High Court in the trial & conviction of IG Wala for criminal defamation & incitement. The word "perverse" is reserved for these kinds of judgments & proceedings. This is not about Mr. Wala & what anyone may or may not think of him
It's impossible to describe in words how terribly awful the judgment of the Abuja High Court in the case & conviction of #IGWala is. So, let me try & illustrate in a few lines the problems with the judgment & why no one, not evn those who dislike him as a vocation shd crow abt it
There were 4 counts against #IGWala, for criminal intimidation; managing unlawful society; public incitement; & criminal defamation. The prosecution laid no evidence to prove the count of criminal intimation, so the judge threw it out. That left 3 counts.
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Let's look into Yahoo Yahoo from a legal stand point.

Yahoo Yahoo as it's popularly known is basically internet fraud.

it started first through letters, then graduated with faxes, and now done via e-mail.

#YahooMail #yahooyahoo #internetfraud
Yahoo mail was the most popular email medium at the time hence the adoption by popular culture.
When you send money to people you do not know personally or give personal or financial information to unknown callers, you are increasing your chances of becoming a victim of telemarketing fraud.
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Zamfara in the last 7 days has not ushered in the desired results following Military deployment. The Military and the bandits, at best, have been playing a cat and mouse game.
At one moment, expectations rise to the impending routing of the bandits in one particular forest and in the next moment the bandits have melted unscathed to other forests.
For instance, we are witnessing an upsurge of banditry and disturbing violence in Safana and Batsari areas in Katsina state. Media and public attention on this front is at zero level, but not any less more troubling than what had been reported in Zamfara.
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I was pissed off at @udoilo, @Nwankpa_A and @MTechLaw that they didn't send me a ticket to watch the movie #4thRepublic, but the money I just spent was worth it.

I'll desist from gifting you a full synopsis, but you can watch a short preview here -
Both @HenshawKate and @LindaEjiofor put in star shifts, and the movie did something that a lot of Nigerian art ought to do.

First, it covered the gender related issue women face when running for a political office. Remember @naijavote's excellent book?

Those issues are real.
Just imagine this: Mabel King’s opponent extended an offer for her to be his 3rd wife after he won; her party members undermined her; her lawyers disrespected her authority.

Of course, this is #Nigeria where every woman is either a prostitute, or just a pussy to be fucked... 🙄
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On an interesting day for #Nigeria's judiciary, it's useful to recall the experience of Bangladesh's 1st non-Muslim Chief Justice, Surendra Kumar Sinha. In July 2017, CJ Sinha presided in a case over the constitutionality of the 16th Amendment
The 16th Amendment was an effort by the ruling Awami League of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed to ransack Bangladesh's judiciary, sacking judges at will under an artifice of protecting the integrity of the Bench from judicial incapacity or mis-conduct…
A 7-person Supreme Crt panel led by Chief Justice Sinha struck down the amendment in a 799-page judgment on 3 July 2017, holding that neither individual Judges nor the judiciary is nor shd be accountable to the Executive
branch because that is inimical to judicial independence
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To correct a misconception: #Nigeria has not yet qualified for the #FIFAU17WC. Still need a point from the final game. #U17AFCON
There is a scenario in which 3 teams can still finish on 6 pts, in which case results against Tanzania will be discounted. Only the results in matches between the three tied teams will be used.

*If* that scenario plays out (Nigeria lose to Uganda, Angola beat Tanzania)...
...then even on the first decider, all 3 teams will have 3 pts from matches against each other. Goal difference between the 3 teams will then come into effect, and since Nigeria (hypothetically) would've lost to Uganda...
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Dear @segalink, It has become imperative that I write you at this auspicious time. This is important, not just in the spirit of Egbon (senior) that you are to me but also a future leader & mentor that you are to many of us.
Suffice to say, this message is not in any way an offshoot of the air split that transpired  between yourself and the most estemm Dr @obyezeks a day before.

Well, you might just call it the 'catalyst'.
In my celestial observation of trend and events as you would always love to say. I have observed that if not curtailed, there is a bad precedent being set by most of you distinguished and respectable personalities on this street.
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Yesterday was a terrible day for civic freedoms & constitutional expression in #Nigeria. The "conviction" of IG Wala on charges of criminal defamation, unlawful assembly & incitement was almost certainly designed to chill civic freedoms. Here's why & how…
The allegation is that Mr. Wala made false allegations against the chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), Abdullahi Mukhtar. Assuming this to be the case, this is easily redressed through proceedings in civil not #CriminalDefamation
#CriminalDefamation was invented by colonialists to knee-cap the anti-colonial struggles. It has been struck down as unconstitutional in most African countries, including most recently, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Gambia. #Nigeria can't do worse…
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Children advocating for the immediate construction of their classroom in Kano #ConstructTurawa
A primary school with dilapidated classrooms in rural Kano. Some children take classes outside under a tree 🌳 This is #Nigeria in 2019
Follow me through this mind blowing journey on how government irresponsible is affects poor rural life
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I've had interesting and very stimulating discussions this week, that highlight the critical difference the government structure in a Federal Republic like #Nigeria creates for health security, compared to countries with unitary systems of government

Our role at @NCDCgov as included in the #NCDCAct requires us to 'support' states in outbreak preparedness and response. However, the dependence from states on the national agency is very high. Yet, we cannot ignore, because when we do, people die.
Health is on the "concurrent" list in #Nigeria, i.e responsibility of Federal & Sate govts. Unlike our security architecture which is centralised, our #healthsecurity is de-centralised. No clear line of control & we've to work hard to collaborate & cooperate across govt levels
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Tomorrow, in Addis-Ababa, the Peace & Security Council (PSC) of @_AfricanUnion meets in emergency on the situation in Sudan under. Nigeria will chair it. It's the 1st meeting of any policy organ of the #AU on the epochal situation unfolding in Khartoum…
Sudan matters to the stability of Africa in a way that arguably no other country does. It is a complex, big, fragile country with borders to the most complex & fragile regions of the continent. The potential for regional stability contagion are huge if Sudan is distressed
Sudan is critical to stability in the #Sahel, North Africa, the #GulfOfAden, the #NileBasin, the #GreatLakes, East Africa; the Horn of Africa, Central Africa & #WestAfrica. There's no other #African country whose wellbeing can so ripple through the continent like Sudan.
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Analysis of @OfficialAPCNg Response To @atiku Petition At Presidential Tribunal Panel.

Not Only Atiku, You All Are Nigerians.

By: @kadetumi

Dear Nigerians from the former Northern Cameroon, we acknowledged the psychological torture you must have suffered as a result of current dehumanising and treasonable response of @OfficialAPCNg to the petition of one of you, Alhaji @atiku Abubakar, at the Presidential Tribunal
Please know this is not the position of we, the people of Federal Republic of #Nigeria, but that of the @OfficialAPCNg and its presidential candidate in the #NigeriaDecides2019
Mohammadu @MBuhari.
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This is an important conversation for us to have.

#Nigeria can scarce afford to be looking to project influence when our primary challenges are at home, so in the geopolitical game, we are toast. @FulanNasrullah @bigbrovar @andrewfootie @chrisngwodo
Like #Zamfara, like #Borno, like #Benue, like #Kogi (last night), like #Ebonyi, like #Adamawa.

Looking at a few maps and our issues become quite clear. They are no accident. This is a map of #Nigeria's subnational HDI. We'll come back to it later...
In the 1960s, the government conceived of two economic corridors largely following the colonial rail lines. We didn't build on them, but the 2NEC was completely abandoned.

It is no accident that until #Zamfara, the majority of our internecine conflicts were along the old 2NEC...
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