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#Turquie #TurkeyElections
Le Hizbullahı turc fait son entrée au parlement
ce groupuscule terroriste ultra violent se rachète une virginité politique et je crois qu’il est utile de faire un focus sur eux.
Qui sont-ils ? ⬇️
Ils ne vont pas siéger sous l’étiquette Hizbullahı évidemment, ne serait-ce que parce qu’ils sont sur la liste des organisations terroriste des USA (inscrits en 1997 en même temps que le PKK - et je crois qu’ils n’en sont pas sortis, mais si je me trompe corrigez moi)
Le Hizbullahı n’a rien à voir avec le Hezbollah libanais chiite

C’est un groupe sunnite radical, kurde, créé pour combattre le PKK d’Öcalan, et qui s’est illustré dans les années 1990 par ses attentats, assassinats, viols collectifs et torture dans le Sud-Est de la #Turquie
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[𝗜𝘀𝗿𝗮𝗲𝗹 𝗲 𝘀𝘂𝗮 𝘁𝗲𝗰𝗻𝗼𝗹𝗼𝗴𝗶𝗮]

O que absorvi nesses últimos 7 dias e Israel?

Como já sabem, aplicativos como @waze, @Wix, @fiverr, #ICQ e @Viber, e equipamentos como pendrive, processadores Intel e drones foram tecnologias criadas e desenvolvidas em Israel.

@waze @Wix @fiverr @Viber @38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @gustavoramos Esse pequeno país histórico que parece estar em um passo perpétuo à frente de grande parte do resto do mundo quando se trata de tecnologias futuristas.

Meu pai (que trabalhou 31 anos viajando o mundo) citou-me Israel 🇮🇱, onde fui pesquisar e me aprofundar ⬇
@waze @Wix @fiverr @Viber @38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @gustavoramos - para então apaixonar-me ainda mais com o livre mercado, onde um país com uma população de 7 milhões de habitantes, #Israel possui quase 70 grandes empresas de tecnologias nacionais, consequência disso é o país referencia em telecomunicações. ⬇
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The American Jewish Congress released a statement on May 8, 2023 on Bashar Al Assad rejoining the Arab League. This is a good time to recall why this is not a good idea after #Assad attended an Arab Summit in #SaudiArabia over the weekend. Read this #thread⬇️/1

The #AmericanJewishCongress is alarmed that efforts are underway to rehabilitate #BasharAssad. Before any normalization, Assad needs to talk to the opposition, eliminate #Iran presence in #Syria, and initiate a political transition in accordance with UNSCR 2254. /2
Sharing our concerns about rehabilitating #BasharAlAssad is more than half of Syria’s population displaced by #Assad’s actions over the past decade, says @JackRosenNYC, President of #AmericanJewishCongress. /3
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As #Russia and #China torture their populations, the fire of hearts stoked by the remembrance of history, which they deny and attempt to obfuscate/distort, spreads and engulfs.

The fire hurts, but the hurting is right, it is good.

It is direction; it is to be trodden.
No other direction brings #Humanity further.

The #Holocaust happened; The #Holodomor happened, the #Uyghur genocide is happening, the #Tibetan genocide is happening.

Through painful turmoil, we toil. A great many other foul conflicts rage; their fires of the heart hurt too.
#Palestine and #Israel both claim to want peace, neither can be first to stop the violence, neither wills to turn a cheek or implement full reconciliation where little ever sprouted.

#Iranian women remain targets, victims, punished; men remain slavers, cherished, what is holy?
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On November 12 1985 President Doe was nearly overthrown.

Ex ally General Quiwonkpa attempted a coup to end Doe’s tyrannical rule over #Liberia 🇱🇷.

Liberian #history would’ve changed if not for soldiers from #Israel 🇮🇱 who came to aid of Doe.

These events led to civil war. Image
After the 1980 Coup the “People’s Redemption Council” governed Liberia.
They invited members of the former opposition, the Progressive Alliance to help govern the Country.

They would end up leaving the government when it was clear the PRC was just a bunch of corrupt thieves. ImageImage
Even members of the PRC became concerned when Doe began killing dissidents, and his rivals in the council.
It was obvious to everyone Liberia was coming under the one man rule of a corrupt murdering maniac.

In 1985 General Quiwonkpa organized a Coup against the Doe Regime. ImageImage
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🧵Latest w/ @sfrantzman: #Israel's Elbit is ramping up its production of multi-purpose rocket and drone launchers in Europe, as the Netherlands is buying the firm's PULS system which #Spain also appears to be favoring for its new rocket artillery program.…
2. On May 17, Royal Netherlands Army announced on social media that it had contracted Elbit for supply of 20 of the truck-mounted PULS systems. Earlier in April, Dutch government had stated that the country would spend around $650 million on long-range weaponry.
3. The move is the latest example of how countries are increasingly turning their attention to ground-based strike capabilities, particularly artillery rocket systems, after how vital they have proven to be in #Ukraine’s defense against Russian invaders.
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Beberapa hari sebelum pawai "hari bendera" sayap kanan Yerusalem, ketegangan tinggi di seluruh #Israel, Tepi Barat yang diduduki, dan Jalur Gaza yang diblokade, Image
mengancam akan mengganggu #gencatan senjata yang dicapai antara Jihad Islam Palestina dan Israel pada hari Sabtu setelah setidaknya 33 warga Palestina tewas dalam pengeboman Israel selama empat hari. Seorang warga Israel juga terbunuh oleh tembakan roket Palestina.⁠
Penyelenggara bulan Maret mengharapkan jumlah rekor – sebanyak 100.000 – untuk berpartisipasi dalam pawai, yang merayakan penaklukan Yerusalem Timur pada tahun 1967 dan #pendudukan berikutnya, atau yang oleh pemerintah Israel disebut sebagai “penyatuan kembali” Yerusalem.⁠
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Le mercredi 16 mars 2016, à 13h30, ma femme, mon fils de 14 mois et moi-même décollions de l'aéroport de Tel Aviv à bord du vol @EL_AL_AIRLINES LY333 à destination de Bruxelles, d'où nous devions ensuite nous rendre à Paris en voiture de location, pour une semaine en France. Image
Nous passions par #Bruxelles pour y rester une journée avant de prendre la route de Paris, et y passer aussi notre dernier jour avant de rentrer en Israël la semaine suivante. J'avais donc réservé un hôtel pour la nuit du 21 au 22 mars, notre vol retour étant le 22 mars au matin. Image
Après quelques jours passés en France à nous ressourcer auprès de notre famille et nos amis, et à nous goinfrer de pain, de vin, et de fromages, nous sommes donc repartis vers la Belgique dans notre voiture de location, le lundi 21 mars, pour passer un dernier jour à Bruxelles.
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Meet the #Israeli right's new hero:
Orian Ben Khalifa was convicted of unjustifiably beating up a young Palestinian woman, knocking her to the ground, dragging her to a police station, grabbing her by the neck & shaking her..

Israel's Security Minister reinstated her immediately ImageImage
2\ #Israel's Security Minister reinstated Orian Ben Khalifa back at Israel's border police right after an Israeli court convicted her of unjustifiably assaulting a Palestinian.

Israel's Minister for Advancing Women's Status is calling her a Heroin for being up an unarmed Arab! ImageImage
3\ Right wing #Israelis are in love with the Magav officer Orian ben Khalifa precisely b/c she mercilessly assaulted a Palestinian who did nothing to her.

Orian is known for violently assaulting Palestinians on a regular basis in East Jerusalem. Image
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The #SupremeCourtOfIndia has made some strong remarks about the abuse and weaponization of the #EnforcementDirectorate for political purposes.

It has also strongly censured a lower court judge in a case where bail was not given.

The Supreme Court reminded the lower court judge of a fundamental principle of #jurisprudence: bail is the norm, jail is the exception. The Court made the scathing observation that the said judge should go back to law school.

These are only two examples of how #BJP governments have been abusing power and bending the law to suit their desired ends.

One could point to the extrajudicial measure of "#bulldozer justice," which has been practiced by the BJP governments in #UP, #MP, and in #Delhi.

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#Iranian leaders are stoking conflict between Israel and #Palestinian militias, likely to enable the IRGC to transfer military equipment into #Syria with a lower risk of Israeli interdiction. Today's Update from CTP and @TheStudyofWar:… 1/9 Image
#Iranian weapon shipments into #Syria could trigger a new escalation cycle with #Israel that risks entangling US and Coalition forces. 2/9
Ultra-hardline political factions are mounting a political campaign against pragmatic hardline Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, likely to restrain him from pursuing major political reforms. 3/9
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2 weeks ago, I was asked to explain to the UN the Nakba's impact on Palestinians today, so I told my family's experience of the Nakba's dispossession & displacement 3 times.

The last being the siege that's forcing young Palestinians to choose between displacement or slow death! Image
2\ The 1st Nakba my grandfather lived through was when he had just bought a farm with all his savings in Hamama.

He refused to leave when #Israel was founded, so 167 days later, the IDF depopulated & looted his village, then razed it to the ground. He became a refugee in Gaza! ImageImage
3\ 19 years after the IDF forced my grandfather out of his ancestral village, he experienced a 2nd Nakba in 1967, when Israel occupied Gaza & he was kicked out again, to Egypt. A penniless refugee for the 2nd time.

He returned to Gaza in 1994 with the Oslo accords.
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The Arabs NEVER rejected peace in 1948
They repeatedly offered a 1 State solution with equal citizenship to all

Zionist leaders opted to create #Israel, inc. by ethnic cleansing

Palestinians only rejected the partition of their homeland & losing 51% of it to a Jewish minority🧵 Image
2\ Jordan's king met twice with Golda Meir in 1947/48.

Each time, he offered to give Jews in Palestine full autonomy under his rule with full equal rights, but Meir rejected.

Even then, he instructed his troops not to attack the parts of mandate Palestine designated for Jews. Image
3\ The head of the Arab Liberation Army met with Zionist leaders & offered them full equality & citizenship under his rule.

Josh Palmon from the Jewish Agency attested that "I'm sure Jews would've done good business under him." Zionist leaders rejected! Image
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🇵🇸#Nakba75: o que é a catástrofe palestina?

Todos os anos, no dia 15/05, palestinos
e apoiadores da causa relembram a #Nakba (do árabe, “catástrofe”), referindo-se à limpeza étnica da Palestina e à destruição quase total da sociedade que habitava os territórios pré-1948. 🧵 Image
Neste dia, #Israel passou a existir: sua criação foi um processo violento que envolveu a expulsão forçada de milhares de palestinos de suas terras para o estabelecimento de um Estado de maioria judaica, de acordo com as aspirações do movimento sionista. Image
As forças sionistas tomaram mais de 78% da #Palestina histórica, limparam etnicamente e destruíram cerca de 530 vilas e cidades (a exemplo do Plano Dalet), e mataram cerca de 15.000 palestinos em uma série de atrocidades, incluindo 70+ massacres. #Nakba75 Image
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1/ Article by @LahavHarkov @Jerusalem_Post: PCHR - one of the NGOs leading international legal attacks against 🇮🇱 - openly expressed support for “armed struggle” against Israel.

❗️In 2023 the org received funding from the European Union and Switzerland.

Read on for more 👇 Image
2/ Immediately following the recent #Israel-#Gaza conflict the Gaza-based PCHR publicly declared its affirmation of the "right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation by all available means, including armed struggle." This NGO is funded by the 🇪🇺, 🇨🇭, 🇳🇴, and 🇮🇪. Image
3/ To be clear, each and every rocket fired from Gaza at #Israel is a war crime. It is unconscionable that a so-called human rights group would suggest thousands of war crimes are legitimate "resistance".
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EVERYTHING #Israel accuses Palestinians of doing (often falsely), it had openly done way worse to establish & maintain the Israeli state:

e.g. blowing up cafes & buses; human shields; celebrating civilians' death; glorifying terrorists; hiding weapons in civilian areas...Quick🧵 Image
2\ Terrorism was a tactic Zionist militias openly used to establish #Israel

Blowing up cafes, buses & crowded markets was 1 of their favorite strategies. This list only shows Irgun terrorist bombings in 1937-39👇

Irgun became part of the IDF & their leader Shamir became PM! ImageImage
3\ Even 3 decades after #Israel was founded, the Israeli Defense Ministry continued to use terrorism for combat

Defense Minister Ariel Sharon (later Prime Minister) used to blow up cars, bikes & booby-trapped donkeys in crowded civilian areas in Lebanon ONLY to sow chaos & fear! ImageImage
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This whataboutery is 100% false!

#Israel (NOT Egypt) militarily closes our air, water & land spaces; FULLY controls our financial system with extreme restrictions, the entry/exit of goods & foreigners, & access to the West Bank; regularly bombs us; & is the occupying power! 🧵 Image
2\ The Egyptian borders are actually open to passenger movement, but subject to restrictions imposed by ISRAEL in the 2005 Agreement on Movement and Access.

The agreement gives Israel oversight & ability to blacklist people from leaving/entering! Image
3\ Foreigners (e.g. tourists, investors...) can only cross into Gaza through Israel, & the IDF does NOT allow any of those in except some few Int. NGO workers & diplomats; hence the siege!

Egypt is allowed, per the 2005 AMA agreement, to let in extremely limited exceptions.
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Quick🧵Debunking #Israel's "Human Shields" lie used as a blanket excuse to justify killing ANY Palestinian civilians:

e.g. IDF officials admit they 100% knew children & women would die in their strikes. They went for it anyways & called them "collateral damage" & "human shields" Image
2\ Amnesty found ZERO evidence of Palestinian combatants forcefully taking civilians as human shields or preventing them from evacuating targeted areas

The #Israeli org Breaking the Silence interviewed 100s of IDF soldiers, but never encountered evidence of those "human shields" Image
3\ #Israel's own courts, however, found evidence of Israeli soldiers taking Palestinians as human shields at gun point

IDF calls it the "neighbor procedure"

Amnesty, HRW, BTselem... all found evidence of Israel taking Palestinian human shields since the occupation began in 1967 Image
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This morning #Gaza - and its two million inhabitants - remains isolated from the world through #Israel's siege on land, at sea and air.
In 2019 @NRC_Norway requested the expert opinion of @MarcoLongobardo on the legality of Israel's closure on land and obligation to allow safe……
He concluded that the #Gaza Strip is under #Israeli occupation, notwithstanding the 2005
Disengagement. Israel still exercises sufficient actual authority over the
maritime territory and airspace of the area, over its borders, and its fundamental
supplies, so that the test……
Israel must consider the Gaza Strip as a portion of a wider single territorial unit
also comprising the West Bank. The obligation to consider the Gaza Strip and
the West Bank as a single territorial unit is rooted in the law of occupation, the
principle of self-determination……
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Half of the Israelis are either in the shelter, by the door of the shelters on standby or have all activities paralysed, and the Palestinians haven't fired one single bullet yet in retaliation for #Israel's crimes triggered by @netanyahu. +
The Palestinians discuss the best way to retaliate to stop #Israel's assassinations policy. The Palestinian response is expected to be heavy and painful to prevent @netanyahu from capitalising on his crimes when he faces a severe domestic crisis.+
The Palestinians will have to think about the best response to impose deterrence over @netanyahu, who is expected to refrain from further killing or continue if the Palestinian retaliation is not harsh enough. The "Axis of the Resistance" is brainstorming together the best plan.
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Read CPJ’s new report, “Deadly Pattern: 20 journalists died by Israeli military fire in 22 years. No one has been held accountable.” below:…
#ShireenAbuAkleh’s “shooting sent a chill through the Palestinian and foreign press corps, which again saw that reporters on assignment can be killed or injured with impunity. It also robbed the world of a vital, on-the-ground source of news about Israel's actions in the occupied……
"Israel, as a self-styled liberal democracy, stands out among Western nations for its refusal to open criminal investigations in line with international standards into media deaths."

CPJ's Director of Special Projects @RobertMMahoney in @haaretzcom…
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🧵: In CPJ’s new report, “Deadly Pattern,” CPJ provides recommendations to #Israel, to the United States, and to the international community. Image
In our new report, CPJ calls on Israel to open criminal investigations into the cases of murdered journalists Shireen Abu Akleh, Ahmed Abu Hussein, and Yaser Murtaja

Read all of our recommendations to Israel →…

#EndImpunity #PressFreedom… Image
In our new report, CPJ calls on the United States to provide an urgently needed comprehensive public update on the status of the FBI’s investigation into the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh.

Read all of our recommendations to the United States →…… Image
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#Israel launched 31 missiles to assassinate 12 Palestinians in #Gaza, of which 9 civilians (including children and women) and 3 Islamic Jihad commanders. 20 other civilians were injured. @netanyahu is trying to trigger a war to divert attention from his domestic crisis. ImageImage
#Israel asked all the settlers around #Gaza to reach nearby shelters, expecting a retaliation to the Israeli assassination.

The Palestinian resistance groups are expected to unite against Israeli aggression after the funerals.
The Islamic Jihad was expected to send a delegation to #Egypt this morning. #Israel was informed about the coordinated trip and carried out its assassination act.

The battle is expected to start today after the funerals and last several days.
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