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BTS have been giving us fragments of a story through 5 years, but they wasn't in order. We have tried to put them together, what's the result? Let's see! 🧐
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This, is a thread about all the story timeline, so we are going to use all our theories. We’ll link them through the thread! (This is going to make the thread even longer... just saying...)
First, we have to determine, when this story begins. It was believed for some time that the theories begun in HYYH. We don't believe this, we think it started at the beginning, in BTS Debut.
If you want see our theory of why, here it is:
To begin the timeline, the past of the boys. JH is abandoned for her mother 😨, SG's mother dies in a fire 😢, V's father hits him 😫 and we believe JM saw someone being shoot 😭
Our theory about that here:
The notes make a jump to 2013, to BTS Begins. The VCR of the concert, shows the boys going to the school. They are late, and are punished to clean a storage room for it.
In the notes, is the year 19 not 2013. Here is our theory about the real years:
Then there is a jump of a few months in The Notes. But we believe we can fill this time with the comic of BTS ¨HipHop Monster".
If you want to know why we think this comic is in the theories look this thread:
In the comic, BTS goes to the school, and together start a rapping club. At the beginning RM was the only interested. But after, all the members start to take it seriously. Yes! We think BTS makes music inside the story too!
To see why we think BTS make a music group inside their story, look this thread!
In the next Note, they go to the beach in a very special date, 06.12.2013. Their debut. BTS have use this date a lot of times in the theories, in a photoshoot they even have tattoos with the date, and in short wings too
This is only pure theory without proof, we believe, is there when they formed the band, and give it the name BTS. (that's why in the tattoos, they have written BTS too)
They are BTS as a music group already, as we can see in the CD they play in the school. For The Notes, we know they usually hang out in a storage room

We believe it could be a music video, that the group BTS inside the story records in their own school
They are still together, but we see they are starting to have problems. V keeps checking out his phone. We don't know who he is expecting to call him (all the members are with him, so we guess family or a girl) Maybe his fear of phones isn't just because of RM?
Until now, nearly everything is perfect. They hang out in their room, and make music together. But something is going to separate them forever. Jin believes no one is in their room, so he tells the principal about it. But SG and JK are there. Protecting JK, SG is expelled
After that RM moves out of the city, JM goes to the hospital, JH start taking pills he does't need... The group start to fall apart. This happens just before the year 2015. In this year they all going to be alone (Why you do this to them BigHiiit!!)
In 2015, we only have one Note. JH confesses he takes pills, and says that when he dances he doesn't take his eyes off his reflection on the mirror. This scene takes place in Danger.
In Danger we could see too JK breaking a piano. He is angry with SG for disappearing after being expelled. JK says in a Note, that he sees the piano and SG as just one being, so he is taking his frustration with the piano
But the thing that really makes us think Danger happens in 2015, is this image of the story of BT21. Chimmy is boxing like JM in Danger.
This is why we think BT21 are in the theories:
In the back, there's a calendar, this is a calendar that was draw, they didn't just go to a store and buy the calendar from that year. They look up how June of 2015 was arranged and copied it. So danger happens in 2015
Let's make a summary, They met because they were late to school, (BTS Begins) they start making music together (HipHop comic, Boy in Luv, WoH) SG is expelled, they separate (Danger)
After that, time pass... Like falling pages of a calendar...
The next thing we know about them, is a Note, of RM. He is running away from his family, and he is coming back to the city. His family is poor, so he can't afford a house. He ends up living in a trailer
And when we see RM in a trailer? In Run. At that time, in The Notes, the members start seeing each other again. In one, they say V makes graffiti, as we can see in run. But there is something strange in this mv...
This scene. What happens in here?
First, Time travelling. There are two things that hints time travelling. The furniture of the room changes...
AND, we can see this scene in epilogue too. The image distort, and if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of a vhs tape being REWIND
There are a LOT more hints about time travel if you want to know them check out this thread:
So, what happens in that scene, is time travelling, but other thing too. (we will talk about the time travelling part later) JK is in the floor, he just had a fight with SG. But why suddenly the rest of BTS is throwing a party?
If we look at the clothes of SG, he isn't the one that fought with JK, and for the clothes of JK, he isn't the one in the party either. Plus the members in the party don't seem to be able to see JK. JK only see to camera, but doesn't see them either
The reality, is that this two moments happened at the same time and date, but in different parallel timelines!!!
Okay, let me explain this, in a graphic way. Imagine two parallel lines, that represent different timelines. The lines don’t cross, so the person living in one, can't see the person living living in the other. In one is JK alone, in the other the party
This represent time, but let's rotate the lines. Now we can only see ONE line, this image would be space. The scenes are in different timelines, so they can't see each other. But they are in the same space, so we see it like one superimposed single image
This explains why sometimes they're in the happy world, and next moment, in the most depressing time of their lives. Now, we are in the “Depressing line", we'll talk about the happy one later. In this image he even has the same clothes, but the feeling is completely different
Apart of this scene, around that date, there is a Note that is the first time Jin is hinting time travelling. That's why we think, that normally when Jin time travels to the past, is to this moment. Plus we can see him reunite with RM, in other note not far away from this one
+19 (Original ver.)
The next Notes, tell us about SG in a fire, and V attacking his father. That's why we put INU next in our timeline.
But why everyone is so depressed in INU? Because they have been apart from Jin. We knew this, Jin leaves them alone, and everything is a disaster 😂
Like in Run, we can see all the members having fun, at the same time that they are suffering. The two timelines from Run are still going
Something strange happens with this mv too. (Obviously, We are talking about BigHints here)
There are 2 versions, +15, and +19 (original ver.) Yes, one is more explicit that the other. And BigHit want us to believe that's why they made 2 versions. But this is far from the truth
First, if it's only because it's explicit, they would call it (explicit ver.) or something like that. The ends are different too, and some scenes
In the +15 version we don't see V stabbing his father, JH collapsing, or SG with fire (😭) Yes, that could be for the age limit. But they don't only censure scenes, they put new ones
This scene only happens in +15 INU. SG throws the lighter, like deciding to not set the room in fire. So, this two versions of the video, are two different timelines too
Wait, how BigHit called the +19 version? Oh yeah, original, because it was the ORIGINAL timeline! (without words BigHit, you leave me without words)
Jin is travelling back and forth, like a loop, but not exactly. He doesn't repeat the same actions, because he remembers everything from the previous timeline. Remember The Note when he says "doesn't repeat the same failure..." REPEAT, so he remember that he is repeating it
In INU we only see two of the times he tried to fix everything, but read the paragraph of The Note again, there has to be more times. He wouldn't be thinking of giving up if not. And, look at his face, he is F** TIRED of going back
Okay, even we, while writing, are starting to get lost. Let's summarize again! 2013/2014 - School > 2015 - They are alone > 2016 They reunite again, and the timeline splits (Run, INU happy/sad) > Jin start a “loop” in INU trying to save everyone
In this loop, we believe jin tries one time to separate himself from the boys. So in one timeline he disappears from the photos
For what The Notes tell us, the next thing is.. Prologue! V attack his father on 20th May, and they go to the beach on 22th May. Plus, JH told us in the shooting of Prologue
They all go to the beach. But, Jin decides to time travel again. He does it in Euphoria, the video that goes next in the timeline. Why we think this is the next video? One ends literally the same as the other begins. This isn't same but different, is the SAME
What is Euphoria exactly then? We are in prologue, and Jin time travels > they show us how the time is reversing > Jin is again in INU room (We are now at the beginning of INU) > they show us the changes In INU >
After that, if we follow the timeline (after INU is prologue), we are again at the beginning of "Prologue" but a new version. This time different, but the same
Now is time to talk about on which timeline are The Notes. We believe is the timeline that started in euphoria. In the Notes, V never really attacks his father, and JK save SG from he fire
As we know from The Notes dates, Highlight goes next! Jin talks about the day in the beach in Euphoria, and says that after that day, they separate again, like we see in Highlight.
What happens in highlight is pretty self explanatory. 😭😭😭
So this is our time line until now, with the HYYH story videos in order!
But, at the end of highlight, Jin travels back in time again, to try to save the girl. What happens after? This is our last theory, that we made from the last Note (Jin, 3 Aug 22) obviously, could be totally wrong, we don't have a lot of info yet...
Remember that "happy timeline" of run and INU? Maybe Jin tries to travel back in time like always, but instead, he goes to a parallel timeline! one he has never been before.
In the Note, They all want to make Jin remember their times together, why would they want that if they were horrible? Maybe they are from this "happy timeline"
In that case this is our final timeline!
And this happy timeline from where it comes? We believe in this timeline, Jin didn’t betray the rest of the group, telling the director about the room
We think that’s what really started the butterfly effect, the one that doom them all, the one Jin looks for when he travels back in time
And that's all! We told you it was going to be LONG, we didn't lie there! 😅
But this isn't all BTS Story, there are videos we don't mention here! Don't worry! We are starting to write threads about them!!!
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