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Have you ever heard of a Reality Index?
Neither have I until about a week ago.

Today I'm going to dive into an AI network that is combining paradigms of AI, autonomous robotics, and Blockchain, to prompt realities into existence.


👇 Image
Week #1 the core team behind Roko proposed via snapshot and acquired the following node infrastructure.

2 Million $POND tokens for running relays on @MarlinProtocol layer zero relay network.

1034 $TAO for delegating to @bittensor_ validators for decentralized computation
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🚀 We are live! Here is the correct streaming link for all of today's discussions and performances, starting with a panel on complex time with David Krakauer, James Gleick, Ted Chiang, and David Wolpert in a few moments (measured linearly...):

"One of the ideas we had with #InterPlanetary was, 'What would it take to make science hedonistic? And instead of telling people to do it, you'd have to tell people to STOP doing it?"

- SFI President David Krakauer sets the tone for this weekend's celebrations
#IPFest Image
David Krakauer: "Do you have a favorite model or metaphor for #time?"

@JamesGleick: "You've already mentioned a river; that's everybody's favorite. Borges said time is a tiger. People talk about it as a thread. We ONLY talk about time in metaphors." Image
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Presidente do Grêmio Náutico União, Paulo Bing, no ar agora na #RádioGaúcha falando sobre os ataques racistas a Seu Jorge. Começa lamentando os fatos que ocorreram e diz que é caso de Polícia, mas também interno no clube.
"Quero me solidarizar ao @seujorge", diz Paulo Bing.
Ele diz que o clube tem atletas negros e que a Daiane dos Santos é o maior exemplo disso.

#Timeline #RádioGaúcha
O presidente diz que estava no show do cantor, mas não viu qualquer manifestação racista.
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... attending the #advertisements #workshop at the #BHC2022MidYear w/ @susmitadrc @AnneHummert look out for post-conference proceedings for great resources on #archives for #advertising #history #bizhis
With these images, @susmitadrc @AnneHummert and the audience discussed how #advertising created new #anxieties #bodyodour #Fear 1920-1950 Perhaps @AiHisano and @sevenofnein can say more! #senses Image
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~•●•~ #Missstand #Verdacht ~•●•~

Wir haben den #Tweet von @router111 in der #timeline (TL) entdeckt. Nochmal gelesen. Ungläubiges kopfschütteln. Nochmal gelesen.

Wir hätten da mal eine Frage an die Damen und Herren #Politiker ;

Wieso wird bei Ihren Besuchen nach Bedarf
wieder die #Maskenpflicht sowie die #Testpflicht angeordnet, wenn Sie eine #Schule besuchen? Sowohl das #Personal als auch die #Kinder müssen jeden Tag ohne #Maske und ohne #Testergebnis in #Klassenräumen sitzen. Wir verstehen da jetzt nicht so ganz, warum für Sie #Schutz gilt,
aber nicht für #Schulpersonal und/oder die #Kinder ? Sind #Lehrer und #Schüler denn nicht #schützenswert ?

Wir fragen nur für Freunde und hoffen auf eine Erklärung zu diesem #Missstand ! ♥

Danke :)
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"If we’re going to face up to the seemingly insurmountable tasks ahead, hope isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity." "Imagining a better future ... isn’t about escaping from reality, it’s about finding your way when you're feeling lost."--Peter Hemminger…
Elegant Six-Page Proof Reveals the Emergence of Random Structure | Quanta Magazine…
#KahnKalaiConjecture, #MathematicalProof, #EmergentStructures, #RandomSets
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I believe #Web3 will be a #SpiritualCatalyst inspiration for a #Consciousness #DimensionalShift for #Humanity in the #Future

We can physically #Manifest #WorldPeace by clearly visualizing, emotionally feeling, taking action towards our #CollectiveGoals

Much of religion & spirituality has been about #RaisingConsciousness or #HigherVibrations many #EnlightenedOnes as #SpiritualGuides who got information from #DivineBeings which are incarnate or #HigherBeingSpecies which are carnate, native to this Universe or TransUniversal
A culmination and immersion of all these #Prophecies are beginning to merge into a One Collective Divine Understanding

We must prepare ourselves for a 5D Shift

It will be bad before it gets worse, but this transformation is needed for us to ascend to higher levels of existence
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Für alle Radler unter uns. erlaubt Euch Eure Twitter Aktivitäten transparent zu machen. Ich freu mich bei einer 9-18-27 Auswahl am meisten, dass ihr alle da seid, weil ich's gerne noch übersichtlich mag.


Diese Seite verlangt keine Twitter Authorisierung. Ihr könnt selbst mehr über Kontakt Kreise eines Konto herausfinden. Dabei zäht nur Aktivität dieses Kontos. Es ist also ein guter Twitter Finger Print. Viel Spaß in meinen Kreisen.…

Betrachtungszeitraum kurz. Diskussionen & wiederholte Drukos schlagen sich nieder. Retweet ↔️ endorsement.
Drukos ↔️ Zustimmung

Circle 1

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/12/2021…
Fans Pour Funding—and Faith—Into a Hit Drama About Jesus…

#entertainment, #movies, #TheChosen, #ChristianThemes
Reductionism vs. emergence: Are you “nothing but” your atoms?…

#emergence, #reductionism, #science, #philosophy
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/08/2021…
As Bradford pears remain a nuisance in South Carolina, methods of attack range from bounties to bans…

#InvasiveSpecies #landscaping #BradfordPearTrees #EcosystemDamage #mitigation
Build Back Better’s Insulin Pricing Benefit Isn't Enough…

#pharmaceuticals #insulin #PriceCaps #legislation #consequences
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/30/2021…
Manatee death rate spikes to highest number in nearly 50 years…

#manatees #DeathRate
Brilliant GIF shows how Humans, Birds and Insects Breathe…

#GraphicVisualization #breathing #animals
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#SummerWells 🦄 #timeline major ⚠️SA DV TW⚠️ I am taking my time on this as this is NOT an easy case to cover.
There are a lot of stopped thoughts because I’ve had to pause and re-approach the timeline. 💔 #SavingSummer
⚠️SA DV TW⚠️
#summerwells #timeline #savingsummer 🦄
#summerwells #timeline 🦄
⚠️TW⚠️ SA DV
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Another rough draft of the #summerwells #timeline. This isn’t an easy case to dig into so I’m sorry but I’m taking a break for the evening and will start again in the morning.
⚠️DV SA TW⚠️
Thank you to all my followers who invest so much time in helping and loving on my family! And info is appreciated.
#savingsummer 🦄 #summerwells #timeline
⚠️DV SA TW⚠️
⚠️SA DV TW⚠️
#summerwells #timeline #savingsummer 🦄
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Tonight’s #timeline. What a weekend we had speaking to as many people as we could about this case! I have spoken with law enforcement and kept what might hinder the original case off the timeline for now but I promise it will come!
1/5 ImageImageImageImage
To all of you who wanted to fund our trip thank you so much! And I know I didn’t end up doing a hunt so I donated it all plus some of my own funds and we were able to donate $300 to Gabby’s foundation!
2/5 ImageImageImageImage
Thank you to everyone who has helped create this timeline 🖤 I wouldn’t be here without y’all and I’m ready to announce we will next be working on the summer wells case!
3/5 ImageImageImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/01/2021…
Five ways to ensure flood-risk research helps the most vulnerable…

#research #ClimateChange #flooding #resilience #demographics
Neurons Act Not As Simple Logic Gates, But As Complex, Multi-Unit Processing Systems…

#neurons #dendrites #behavior #nodes #MultiUnit #ProcessingSystems
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So for the most original, most comprehensive #timeline of the #CCPVirus #COVID19 #outbreak , with evidence all from Chinese media(some were already deleted) and other reliable sources. Just evidence, no conspiracy.…
A group of programmers collected and edited this, with all due seriousness. Then some other people who care about the future of humanity translated it into English, in a hope that this can be translated into other languages too.
Archived original documents are all provided inside this.
I'd say this is a VERY important contribution to the world. And I am honored to be trusted with it and chosen to publish it.
Please do read and spread it!
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Es gibt aber noch jede Menge anderer Gelegenheiten, Gutachten zu verfassen, z.B. für zur Veröffentlichung vorgesehene Publikationen. Das können ganze Bücher sein - in den Genuss kommt man als Reihenherausgeber*in (ich bin in drei Editorial Boards), Beiträge in Sammelbänden oder
Artikel für Zeitschriften. Begutachtet wird #doubleblind (Gutachter*in und Autor*innen werden nicht benannt), #singleblind (Gutachter*in weiß, wer der*die Verfasser*innen sind - so ist das übrigens auch bei Drittmittelanträgen) und #open #PeerReview (beide Seiten wissen
voneinander). Weil @ferdinandsnotes, @mdanganh und ich nicht nur unsere Leidenschaft für #Medienlinguistik teilen, sondern auch unsere Faible für Transparenz, haben wir vor drei Jahren das @jfml_journal gegründet. Das Bild zeigt das Logo der...
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#Albanians terrorists started the war.
They killed those #Albanians who opposed it.
They exposed civilians by hiding in villages & using its inhabitants as human shields.
They used their casualties for foreign media, the more, the better for the propaganda.
What did you expect?😏
2. Ultimately, your #terrorists called the cavalry to help them win an otherwise unwinnable war.
Weak & disgusting as a whole.
10 times more #Albanians died out of it.
But thousand of #Serbs died also.
Then, your terrorists ethnic-cleansed #Kosovo in peace time.
Whose genocide?😏 Image
3. We call peace-time the post 10/06/1999 period after the #Kumanovo agreement.
And yet, between 10/06/99 & 31/12/2000, 860+ civilians were killed, & 425+ disappeared, per the HLC list endorsed by Pristina.
That was also a war.
A war against disarmed civilians.
Under KFOR's eyes.
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#journaal #nieuwsuur In deze deep dive aan de hand van Q-berichten zet Katie G zeer gedetailleerd uiteen welke rol militaire inlichtingen momenteel spelen:…
Misschien moeten NL Amerika-correspondenten instructies krijgen van #journaal en #nieuwsuur om toch eens wat dieper in het aspect van militaire inlichtingen te duiken bij de strijd om de verkiezingsuitslag.
#journaal #nieuwsuur Ik weet dat mijn hoop vergeefs is. Die correspondenten mochten de belangrijkste speech van Trump afdoen als 'geraaskal', zichzelf verschuilend achter de NYT als 'betrouwbare bron'. Zij gingen volstrekt voorbij aan de werkelijke betekenis van die speech.
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#journaal correspondent Daisy Mohr loopt weer eens achter de ontwikkelingen aan en kan alleen maar zeggen dat de 'explosie enorm was'. Daar heb je dan een correspondent voor. Er zijn meerdere uitspraken van officials die iets zeggen over oorzaak.
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A general #timeline of Beijing's 40 days' national security law legislation for HK:

May 21: NPC pre-opening presser announced the resolution to strengthen the legal system and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security in HK was on agenda
May 22: NPC deputy chairman Wang Chen gave a report to the congress on the draft resolution.

May 23: Vice premier Han Zheng received HK's delegates to Beijing and said the law would only target an extremely small number of people.

May 28: The resolution was passed in NPC with 2,878 supporting votes, 1 opposing vote and 6 abstention votes. Premier Li Keqiang talked briefly about the law at the NPC closing presser. Public security minister Zhao Kezhi vowed to "instruct" HK police on quelling unrest.
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