@Racismdogowners Alright, I read through your thread last night. In replying, I'd like to preface this by saying that yes, you raise some good points, and no, I don't think you're a frothing-at-the-mouth racist.

But if I'm being honest, I struggled with more than a few aspects of this response.
@Racismdogowners I struggled with your dismissal of the concerns of POC () in the same thread that you accuse the GOP of doing the same. While you brush your objectors off as "white conservative Twitter", a quick search suggests that that's not an entirely fair assessment.
@Racismdogowners Having browsed your account, I also struggled to imagine you accepting "I didn't mean *all* black conservatives" as a fair defense, were "conservatives" to be replaced with virtually anything else.
@Racismdogowners I struggled with the suggestion that it's conservatives who hold up a "standard for black people", while you recount example after example of black conservatives who don't seem to have met your own standard for them.
@Racismdogowners Likewise, I struggled to think of conservative journalists who shame black individuals for not conforming to some mold for blacks, whereas it's fine for Ta-Nehisi Coates, Dahleen Glanton, etc., to act as arbitrators of who gets their "black card" revoked or reinstated.
@Racismdogowners I struggled with the ease with which you seem to be able to account for the ideological departures of some (not ALL!) black conservatives as an attempt to "court white audiences", as opposed to simply expressing their own sincerely held beliefs.
@Racismdogowners I struggled to understand how you thought it could help your argument to express how you *loved* (past tense) Ben Carson, right up until he "opened his mouth".
@Racismdogowners Sorry, was that not fair? Was that an uncharitable?

But you, what, sincerely believe that Ben Carson doesn't know the damn difference between someone pursuing a green card and someone shackled to the bottom of a damn boat?

Sure, let's talk about charitable interpretations...
@Racismdogowners We do have some common ground, though - Candace Owens' approach isn't my particular cup of tea, and I find "democrat plantation" to be unnecessarily provocative at best, and minimizing of the true horrors of slavery at worst.
@Racismdogowners (But I did struggle to find your condemnation of Biden for suggesting that Romney wanted to "put y'all back in chains". Can you imagine someone like Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan saying that?)
@Racismdogowners Then we get more tweets about black conservatives dog-whistling, and more examples of black conservatives that you take issue with, and I struggle to see where this is all going, or how this somehow repudiates the idea that you take issue with black conservatives in general.
@Racismdogowners But sure, we do at least arrive at what seems to be a tacit endorsement of a couple counterexamples, who are impressively awarded with the "moments of enlightenment" badge. My gosh, they must be blushing.
@Racismdogowners And then I struggled with the ending. After a monologue decrying the problem with this black conservative and that (but finally holding up two "good" examples for their moments of agreement with you), we then slap down the conservatives for their tokenism.
@Racismdogowners I mean, this was rough for me. It was a lot of words, but for a defense that you aren't generally opposed to black conservatives, that was a hell of a lot of time dedicated to swatting black conservatives around.
@Racismdogowners But let's be fair - I really haven't been very generous in how I handled that whole thread, was I? You probably feel a bit misrepresented, or feel that maybe I'm just playing to my followers.

But my dude, have you seen your own account?
@Racismdogowners Most of the stuff you call out is legit racist, and I'm here for it. But you also seem to like barking at anything you disagree with. As a litmus test, I tried searching for Larry Elder, just because you hadn't already mentioned him. Literally, this is the first search I tried:
@Racismdogowners That's not racist, you just disagree with him.

But, ostensibly, we don't need to take him seriously, because he's just another token black conservative, courting a white audience, and doing their dog-whistling for them, right?
@Racismdogowners Next name I searched for was Kanye, and of course: you barked at some dude for posting a "Kanye 2024" flyer.

I know it's a tough one, but surely you can imagine SOME hypothetical reason to support a black man for president that isn't deeply racist. Right?
@Racismdogowners Want to call out racists? Cool, I'm down with the public shaming if applied judiciously.

Want the benefit of the doubt? Practice it.

Want to convince us that your comment about black conservatives wasn't exactly what it sounded like? Then, holy hell, this was not a good thread.
@Racismdogowners UPDATE: well, I'll be damned. No sooner had I accused @racismdogowners of giving Biden a pass, than I come across this remark in their interview with @ianmillstein (racismwatchdog.org/blog/2018/8/20…). So, in the interest of fairness, let's clearly acknowledge that here:
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