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Down at the City Council meeting October 25th! Some of the items include what to do with Ballot Measure P’s wrong wording. Send it to each household knowing people have already voted by mail?? It will be interesting...
All Councilmembers present except @OliverBaines. @ClintOlivier steps in to handle invocation this morning. @GarryBredefeld pulls consent item 1-M for discussion. First proclamation PG&E re-bate check presentation in the amount of $1.6 million to the City of Fresno, Department of
to the City of Fresno, Department of Public Utilities for water line design. A five year project using gravity. A $2.8 million savings for the City.
@ Proclamation of “Assured Senior Living Solutions Day” (mentions they host Senior Citizens Day at Grizzlies Games and that @MayorLeeBrand could attend for free 😜) David &Rachel Reed is honored for his work with dementia.
@District5Chavez proclaiming Iron Workers (IWAC) Local 155 who also helped with Fancher Creek Clean up days.
@PaulCaprioglio Homecoming Day at Fresno State football this Saturday night v Hawaii. Red Ribbon certificates for local elementary. Bike Unit in District 4 has been impactful. Homeless Task Force has been helping along Shaw. Coffee with a Cop day occurred for third time.
@GarryBredefeld Thanks Iron Workers. They are backbone. He had a District meeting and thanks all the City Staff that were present. One issue was water fines. He asks about pilot program. Jane Sumpter says data being accumulated and will be released by end of December. He feels
this was Government Overreach. City Manager @wilma_quan says there is already a scheduled staff report on Council Agenda. @stevebrandau has asked City Attorney for a moratorium on water fines until that report is released. Survey confused residents. City Manager asks meeting
with Brandau and Bredefeld to work on this moratorium. Brandau Also has soccer event “Make a Difference Day” occurred at Chuckchansi. @Esmeralda_Soria thanks police for helping with annual Zombie Crawl in Tower District. Inspiration Park will have a Trunk or Treat Event.
SB 1 was passed last year for road work. @Esmeralda_Soria says you can go on City Website and see where the $3 million allotted to Fresno are going. Next year $9 million in road work ( unless it is overturned in November) Caprioglio also having Trunk or Treat at Wesley UMC.
November 3rd at Revue in Tower District will be showing Coco as well as Day of the Dead event. Consent item 1-M regarding awarding Pepsi exclusive contract for Convention Center. @GarryBredefeld asks how does that connect with Save Mart Center and the $20,000 seems low. Staff
says it is based on a calculation and attendance #’s. Will continue while waiting for more information. Has been non-exclusive contract thus far. Moving on to 3-H to Approve Creed LED light fixtures throughout City if Fresno. This is part of PG&E zero interest turnkey conversion
to LED. City of Clovis uses Cree light fixtures and have had good use with them. Will start in December with conclusion in Fall 2019. @stevebrandau asks why another company wasn’t used? Scott Mosier says they were not up to City standards. They can resubmit. We are also using
PG&E’s competitive bid process. Would be more difficult to sole source another local light fixture company but possible. @PaulCaprioglio says PG&E is the company that keeps on giving (helps when you are a monopoly 😜). @Esmeralda_Soria asks about roll out? Mosier says December
first. North Fresno has a lot of underground issues that local staff will start repairing. South and Central will have new light fixtures first as they have less of those issues. Decorative lights: will be able to re-lamp those light types in time for PG&E crew to switch out.
Approved 5-0 with Baines and Olivier absent. Moving to Measure P clerical language error either by City and /or County Clerk. Council going to Closed Session for portion of this and will report back.
Staff is slowly coming back from Closed Session. Brandau seems heated about something. It is 11 am now. Going to 10 am item first: Citizens Public Safety Advisory Board workshop. Body cam language was signed by Governor Brown. Also survey will be tabled as new Council will occur
after the new year. Also meeting with every district’s community based policing. They have found each district commander does it differently depending on their specific community. @MayorLeeBrand thanks all the hard work by the Board. Will help build bridge of trust between PD
and the Community. @stevebrandau asks if Board about Measure A (cannabis). No but did talk about proposed Public Safety Ballot Measure. Ending Workshop and moving on.
TEFRA hearing for bonds for The Vineyards at California Armenian Home. Not to exceed $27.5 million. @PaulCaprioglio “Zero liability to the City. Just a formality. “ approved 6-0.
Conclusion from 2-3 past council meeting regarding a vacating of a Private Street that the public had been using for past 30+ years as well using it as an emergency exit but now developer wants to build on it and emergency ency exit is not needed. Neighbors would like it still.
Family of lot owner speaking. Said there was a temporary covenant in 1986 by City to use it for fire safety access. Asked to be removed in 2011. Fire Chief speaking now: access not needed anymore by FFD. Approved 6-0
Closed Session: Measure P: authorize to spend up to $50,000 to print correction on Ballot Measure. @stevebrandau says multiple versions were sent by City Clerk Office (who works for Council and not @MayorLeeBrand ). A 41 word ballot was sent by council to Clerk. Pro-P has more
Wording which was also approved by Council . This 74 word was published in Bee by County Clerk however the shortened version was put on ballot. Should pro- Measure P staff caught this? Should City Attorney ? Both Ckerks? All should’ve caught it according to Brandau. @BalchElliott
alerted City Attorney Doug Sloan who contacted @Esmeralda_Soria A special side meeting occurred to decide what City should do? Not all Councilmembers present. Brandau wondered why it wasn’t added to October 18 Council meeting? Instead that 18th was canceled. Special meeting pro-
posed for Monday but a quorum was not found and instead pushed to today. @stevebrandau says mistakes happen in private sector too like his carpet cleaning service. A proposed postcard will be sent out explaining mistake and then correct 74-word ballot language. He makes motion
to send out postcard to each voting household provided Yes on Measure P will give up any liability to City over this. @OliverBaines (is now present ) says this was an unique item and wanted complete picture before agendizing this earlier. 4-5 entities made mistakes on this. We
made a more complete picture on this mistake by waiting. @stevebrandau says Yes on P side could have pushed this quicker. Asks Mayor if he is ok with this solution. Mayor says yes and it was a big mistake by City. City Attorney says Yes on P agrees to not sue and approved this
new language. @Esmeralda_Soria says October 18th Council meeting had little on agenda but when this mistake came to light pushed for Monday Special meeting but no quorum was achieved. @GarryBredefeld asks if Yes on P folk had their chance to review ballot first ? YES a ten day
window. County published corrrct version in the Bee but wrong version on Ballot. Bredefeld asks if County changed on website yet? NO. Price is $50,000 to $85,000 in cost to send to each household. Bredefeld asks if County will help defray? Or Yes on P folk? NO just City. Also
will this postcard come across as an endorsement from the City for Yes on P? @Esmeralda_Soria says it specifically says it is not an endorsement. Bredefeld will Vote No. @PaulCaprioglio says 10- day review window to catch mistakes wasn’t followed by YES on P. Feels Yes on P
folk should’ve caught it. Also is there any harm caused by language snafu? He says No as there is lots of articles on mistake and may in fact helped YES on P. He says this $85,000 could be spent on his community center instead. Will vote NO on this. @District5Chavez says this is
is an attempt to correct this mistake as well removing litigation. Doesn’t think this postcard will be that helpful among all other mail but releasing of liability is important and will Vote YES. @ClintOlivier thinks this postcard may be construed as an endorsement from City.
Thinks this will influence electorate. (But also said this postcard won’t have any influence ) @Esmeralda_Soria says she will be supportive of this motion. Will ask County Clerk to change their website to 74 word version. Approved 4-3. Breaking until 1:30 for lunch.
Council returning from their lunch adjournment. ( I am watching from home)
WORKSHOP - To consider expenditure of proceeds from sale of parking lot located on H Street between Kern and Mono, and applying proceeds to public safety needs. Sponsors: Soria & Bredefeld
@GarryBredefeld says we can’t use the complete $1.9 million for public safety. @wilma_quan City Manager Thanks Councilmembers who Met with her. Chavez and Soria would like some of the dollars for police dispatchers. Police Chief Dyer says personnel needs are most needed. When 911
is called residents like to get quick response. This doesn’t always happen. 95% of 911 should be answered within 15 seconds. Fresno is typically 75%. State gave money for updating dispatch office. 86 jobs filled but 13 are trainees but wont come online until January/ September.
No new police officers added for 2019. Most new officers in 2018 were funded by grants and can only be used for certain uses like at schools. 3 positions opened. Civilian jobs are drastically under-filled like in Records. Equipment is often old technology as well older vehicles.
Dispatchers is largest need for Chief Dyer. At least 11 more. State thinks it should be 42 more. $58,000 per dispatcher needed. Current dispatchers Tanya Keller and Susan Miller speak on their profession. A larger updated center is needed in order to hear especially in a large
incident with lots of calls coming in. A new center has been promised for 20-30 years. They have a heavy heart knowing callers are waiting. They don’t want asbestos but would like windows in new building. Fire Chief Donis doesn’t want this to be Police v Fire. No new firepersons
added in 2018 and 2019. 77 on staff per day. Call Volume increases steadily. Civilian levels are below pre recession. Equipment is outdated and big ticket items. @GarryBredefeld would like an action item on this. @stevebrandau asks about ASET Management Act where City properties
would be sold. It would need to be enough to fund it for 5 years. $100,000 in Fund now. This $1.9 million could pay for 8 dispatchers for five years. Bredefeld says we could use all the money now if 5 Councilmembers would agree rather than spreading it out. Brandau says it should
take a lot to unwind ASET Management Act since we just formed it. End Workshop on this.
Actions related to Orange Avenue Disposal Company to increase per-ton charges due to unforeseeable costs due to change in law and economic conditions. Cogeneration plants have closed , salary
increases , rising fuel etc. $32 a ton. And if Prop 218 fails this will need to change (?). Fresno Chamber of Commerce in favor. @nathanalonzo559 @GarryBredefeld asks rate increase $35 per ton from $32. Fuel is doubled minimum wage has gone from $6 but now heading to $15.
Bredefeld thinks 20% increase isn’t moderate. Staff: 2019 will be 10 years without increase to residential rates but won’t be sustainable. Market variables is hard to judge over a 20 year contract. Bredefeld is troubled by 20% increase and it will be passed onto ratepayers.
He would ask Council to reject this proposal. @stevebrandau asks Staff what does this vote actually do? A: Per ton rate, a trigger that an RFP will occur if we have to come back again with a rate increase due to new fuel tax etc. Reserves are paying for prop 218 now but now
*not sustainable. Brandau says minimum wage increase is well known but has heartburn over retroactive portion of this. Asks if an automatic RFP goes out after 20 years could be added now as an amendment. Future council could change it if they want. Soria also wonders about
retroactive portion. @ClintOlivier says trash privatization was first item he ever had to vote on and it was hard to understand the issues. Government was providing free service to commercial customers. When switched to private haulers the cost was more. Some customers had big
bins but only paid for small. Or were getting pick up 3 x a week but only paying for one. Industry has changed due to privatization on top of other variables like China not taking recycling anymore. Private haulers has made changes to these variables where government could absorb
it easier. He will Vote YES on this. @OliverBaines is supportive as well as this is the current market now. If you want to run Government as a Business than this is how it is. Why retroactive? Staff: haulers have been absorbing the cost and we are now trying to make them whole.
Two 5 year contract extensions can occur after 2024 but Council could end it there too. Approved 6-1 with Bredefeld voting NO. Moving on to related item Solid Waste agreements with Allied Waste and Mid Valley Disposal. Contracts would go until 2031. Price paid to City for
recycling will drop to zero. Public @nathanalonzo559 from Chamber of Commerce is in favor of these contracts. Good for General Fund and transparency built into contract.
Council approves contract for waste haulers 7-0. Authorize the use of a lease-purchase agreement to finance purchase of two Type III fire engines in the amount of $767,500 as part of the department’s eight-year apparatus replacement program, utilizing a Cooperative Purchase
agreement with Boise Mobile Equipment. Approved. Authorize the use of a lease-purchase agreement to purchase six fire engines in the amount of $4,426,049.10 from Smeal Manufacturing utilizing a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement Approved too
Anti Slum Enforcement Team’s (ASET) quarterly report. 500 units inspected. Many photos of units in poor condition although some have gone thru receivership and then sold to investors.
Some before and after photos
@wilma_quan asks council if an annual workshop is needed instead?@stevebrandau likes the quarterly reports. “Praise the lord for seeing these before and after photos”. Moving on to WORKSHOP regarding Infor Enterprise Asset Management.
If you were given a $100 and had to use it only on waste water? You would ask And expect service for that $100? 50 million gallons a day to 500,000 people. 58 million gallons treated per day.
FresGo can relay the concern within one hour to a crew. Benefits by better staff usage and more efficient.
Could Save $350,000 over the life of the software. Approved in 2019 budget. Have found savings like valve A lasted only half as long as valve B and that motor was better to replace rather than repair. There are $5 billion managed by this software. Pays to maintain it.
Passes 6-0 with @PaulCaprioglio absent. Moving on to unscheduled communication. Now Efficiency Units or Micro apartments presented by Assistant Planning Manager Dan Zack. Can be nicely appointed but lower rent. Good for Downtown. Living room/bedroom would be lowered to 150 sq ft
There is a potential project that would be able to take advantage of this and want to be ahead of the game. @OliverBaines knows a developer who could use something like this and he will make a motion to approve. 5-0 with @GarryBredefeld and @PaulCaprioglio absent. Going to
Closed Session. Next meeting November 8th.
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