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(1) Updates thread #1: Investigation into series of suspicious packages.
(2) A total of 10 suspicious packages under investigation at this time.
(3) "We are discovering things by the hour."

For me, "non biological" rules out ricin and cornstarch. It could be inert or otherwise. I've seen no evidence yet that any of the devices were capable of causing physical injury. They cause fear though, making them terroristic.
(4) We didn't learn a lot of new info in this presser. But it's good to see the NYC authorities doing the great job they always do in counter-terrorism. These pressers are part of reassuring the public, calling for info, & dispelling rumors/disinfo.

(5) Most senior Democrats have been their usual hyperpartisan and inaccurate selves, but at least in this comment, this mayor is being reasonable. OK that last bit about the media is unhelpful but the rest is good, for once. It matches President Trump's remarks.
(6) When the obviously dishonest liberal media start treating Steve Scalise with the respect of covering his near-death story & that of the 5 others injured, I might soften my view of them. Not before.
(7) I'm sourcing quotes from CNN's live updates page NOT bc I view CNN as credible or honest, but bc I've found their reporting of the quotes made by officials in these kinds of incidents to be the fastest, most accurate compared to other outlets. I know what claims to discount.
(8) Anything CNN says on the updates page can & will be cross-checked later when more info is available. In some ways, they are a better source than, say FOX, bc their partisan bias is front & center where we can see it.

I'll take the official's word over "reports" & "sources."
(9) There is no need for the FBI to say atm if the packages were from Florida or not. All of us with common sense know that it would harm the investigation to release anything more than "need to know" info.

The US Postal Inspection Service is an outstanding agency, BTW.
(10) The blaring "Trump Critics" headline is media malpractice. We knew CNN before this, they'll never change.

Calling them "explosive devices" without a modifier (potential, suspected, possible) is also malpractice, bc it's dishonest.

Link to updates:…
(11) Everyone calling them that in the period before officials say a device definitely was capable of harming someone, is lying by omission or intent. They are suspicious packages. Also, if officials confirm the explosive capability of one device, it doesn't apply to others.
(12) Some more tips on wording. It's true to say the devices were SENT TO certain individuals, whether or not the address is correct, or their mail is handled remotely. It's true to say a certain package was received by the person if the receipt was made on their behalf.
(13) To assess a photo of a package with postage stamps that have not been stamped by the USPS, we need to know when the photo was taken. Was the photo taken before the package was sent, then made public when the story broke? Are items ALWAYS stamped by USPS? At what stage?
(14) Authorities arrested 56 year Cesar Sayoc of Broward Co., Florida. Has a long criminal history including an arrest for "threat to bomb" as far back as 2002. A DOJ press conference will start shortly. I see clear signs of mental illness in the information available so far.
(15) Of course, the Left has immediately accused us of calling it mental illness & ignoring political affiliation. I don't care. There are different degrees of mental illness, & it's very hard for authorities to deal with someone like Sayoc over the years, to prevent crime.
(16) Politicians right now should be:
>Promoting unity
>Supporting & appreciating law enforcement
>Doing everything they can to promote public safety
>Focusing on policy, in the election campaign.

Trump, McConnell, Scalise & others have been doing just that.
(17) Former US Attorney Andrew McCarthy on FOX helpfully pointed out that for now, the DOJ only needs to provide enough evidence to charge & hold the suspect in custody without bail. The later indictments will provide the full story. Says the likely charges carry a life sentence.
(18) Sayoc was reportedly living at his mother's address, possibly in the van. Similar to so many other cases like this.

The total number of suspicious packages recovered is now 14. I've still seen no evidence that any of them contained a bomb. Yet they are reported as such.
(19) Watch the presser here:…
(21) The announced charges will likely be upgraded as the investigation continues. There are 5 charges with a total maximum sentence of 56 years, coincidentally the same as Sayoc's current age. All they'd have to do is multiply the counts by the number of packages sent.
(22) The #Stingwray is here.

#TrumpsFBI is not #ObamasFBI. Don't @ me with criticism of Wray, Sessions, Rosenstein, or any other handpicked Trump appointee. These men are making America safe again, & we have an election to win. #GOPUnity #VoteGOP

(23) Director Wray rightly reminds us "we are not out of the woods" in terms of other suspicious packages that may still be out there.

Always be vigilant, #SeeSomethingStaySomething. The FBI dropped the ball before Parkland, but IMO they have been improving all the time since.
(24) NYPD Commissioner O'Neill spoke next. Thank God the NYPD & DOJ's SDNY are leading this investigation, they are the best in the business IMO.

All the LE agencies around the country that have worked on this are exceptionally skilled. We're so grateful for them! #ThankACop
(25) USDA SDNY Geoffrey Berman is fantastic. I've read numerous press releases this year about similar cases he has led. Studying the complaints and indictments themselves is a better way to learn about this work than reading media stories.
(26) I've gone on record before about the damage to America that results from threats to Presidents and former Presidents. This is the main charge Sayoc faces for now.

As much as I detest Obama, any threat or attack on him is bad for the country. Period.
(27) The Left will seize on Session's response to the question on Sayoc's political motive. He started with "I don't know," which is the standard law enforcement response at this stage of an investigation. They'll ignore the strong opening statement he made against terrorism.
(28) "Exactly what the doctor ordered" - great response from Wray about the President's approach to counter terrorism. I'll bring you the full quote when it's available. Excellent stuff.

He urged anyone with info to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI or
(29) If you want live updates without the liberal bias of Shep Smith, switch with me to FOX Business at this link.…
(30) The stock market has started to pick up again since the DOJ presser, which usually happens. Two things I've been saying for a while:

>Markets always get volatile through an election year.

>Don't look at short term trends. The 5 year trend is solid growth.

We'll be OK.
(31) Sayoc's van has arrived at the FBI office & uncovered. There is no attempt to conceal the fact it's full of pro-Trump, anti-liberal stickers & images.

James Hodgkinson's van was covered in Bernie Sanders materials.

He injured 6 people & Scalise was likely to survive.
(32) It's not "whataboutism" to remind the fake news liberal media about Scalise & 30 others who nearly died on June 14, 2017.

They barely covered this historic mass assassination attempt, & some of them literally said the GOP targets deserved it.…
(33) Whataboutism is a moral necessity. We must not let this logically fallacious response Ds use deter us from calling out their hypocrisy & double standards.

Don't be intimidated by their words at this time. You KNOW Trump & the #VoteGOP denounced Sayoc's acts from the start.
(34) Absolutely this case and these midterms are about whether we want America to continue to be a nation of laws, where all are equal under the law.

Clearly, the GOP is for law and order. Democrats are not.

You can see that on any issue covered in the campaigns.
(35) One of many examples of the bad takes we always see. Look, in all likelihood, Sayoc does detest the Democrats as much as many of us do. The difference is, we don't want to actually harm anyone, even if it's just to make them scared of receiving an actual bomb in the mail.
(36) If the impartial evidence gathering of law enforcement shows that Democrats were involved in what Sayoc did, that will be interesting & highly relevant to the prosecution case.

But it won't change the message Trump, the GOP, & I have sent.

ALL violence is unacceptable.
(37) Read the criminal complaint that was filed with the court:…
(38) The prepared remarks given by Director Wray at the presser. I'm looking for his answers to questions, too.…
(39) Wray: "We can confirm that 13 IEDs were sent... we’re still analyzing the devices in our [lab], these are not hoax devices."

Yes they were improvised explosive devices, not hoax devices. HOWEVER, current publicly available evidence shows they weren't designed to explode.
(40) The devices could have accidentally exploded, & needed to be treated as potentially live devices. They would have caused distress to anyone targeted, everyone around them, and the general public. Regardless of politics.
(41) Like so many of my threads, this one has sprouted a directory of the several threads I will write about this case. The next thread can be found at the link below.

If you like my threads, please RT them, bc I'm shadowbanned & every RT helps us.

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