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2 years ago I had my 2nd @ASTRAZENECAUK #COVIDVACCINE
Within hours there was a burning feeling going from my trunk towards my face
An increase in intense itching, pins & needles
Vibrations in my foot, leg & thigh
Tight feeling going around my chest, ribs & back

Nerve pain down my neck, I thought I had shingles
shooting pains in my legs, arms & face
Increase in joint pain
Increase in fatigue
A sort of trembling inside my trunk
My thinking got worse, I was having to practice in my mind what I want to say
& other symptoms I can’t remember
Why did I have the 2nd #COVIDVACCINE after having problems after the 1st?

Initially a lot of the original symptoms were thought to be caused by my #diabetes so I was advised to have the 2nd one

But after the increase in symptoms after the 2nd, we knew..
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During the #Welsh #covid briefings @Eluned_Morgan talked about #mentalhealth

I remember her saying to reach out to others if you were struggling

A few months later I emailed her, asking for help with #VaccineInjuries

She didn’t care
@Eluned_Morgan had someone to reply on her behalf

The reply

You had the information prior to the #CovidVaccines , so patients can make an informed decision

#CanWeTalkAboutIt Image
With a link to the current side effects for @ASTRAZENECAUK Product

I call it a product, the same as my Neurologist called it a PRODUCT in my clinic letter Feb ‘22

Look at the link

Then LOOK at the LEAFLETS I’d received 2/3/21 & 18/5/21… ImageImage
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Abraham fails to save the cities of #Sodom and Gomorrah

But did he fail?
Is hard work that does not yield the expected result a failure?

In this post I discuss the end of #Abraham's negotiation with #God in Genesis 18:29-33…

#TheHebrewBible #BibleStudy Image
#Abraham continues to negotiate with #God about how many righteous people will save #Sodom and Gomorrah. This finishes when Abraham realises that there are not enough #righteous people to save the cities. Was all his effort in vain?
Absolutely not. At minimum the #trial gave us a guide to how to run a just trial. It also taught us about #collateraldamage. But even more, as we will see soon, Abraham’s efforts saved Lot and his family.
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Population of #Australia: 25 million [25, 844, 504]

Deaths WITH #COVID19 as of Aug 22, 2021:

Age 0-9: 0

Age 10-19: 1

Age 20-29: 2

Age 30-39: 4

Age 40-49: 5

Age 50-59: 17

Age 60-69: 45

Age 70+: 900.

Of the 900, over 75% of these deaths occurred in #LTC homes (691).
Age 30-39: 4

Age 40-49: 5
Age 50-59: 17

Age 60-69: 45
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Die #CDU will eine Hackerin verklagen, weil sie Sicherheitslücken in derer desolaten App aufgespürt und darüber informiert hat.

So geht Digitalfeindlichkeit im #Neuland Deutschland 😠
Details, worum es geht... hier zum nachlesen
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Open Letter to @erinotoole & @CPC_HQ
Your base is cracking.

Foundations in buildings are often taken for granted - as if once they are in place, they never need our attention or energy ever again.

And for a time, that may very well be true.

Over time however...

...both internal & external forces start to slowly attack & weaken the cohesiveness of the individual particles that once bonded together for one purpose.

Your base was bonded together by small "c" conservative principles that valued the rule of law,...

...fiscal conservatism, strong military, strong foreign policy, AND a belief that any infringement on our fundamental freedoms should be questioned & challenged by a strong opposition!

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A few hours ago, the @OttawaCitizen posted an article entitled, "Face to Face with COVID deniers in the ICU."

Here is the reply I posted:

- It is OK to believe that some people will get really sick...and some with die from COVID-19.

- It is OK to realize that the vast majority of those patients are elderly, have at least 3 comorbidities (affecting heart, lungs, immune system), AND live in a cohorted care setting - such as LTC.

- It is OK to realize that smoking is a HUGE risk factor for respiratory infections - and one that is often forgotten or discounted by patients, the health care system and media.
(Still looking at vaping and CV-19...)

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We knew QUITE early on who & where the high risk population was.

Our previous plans ALL included focused protection...
AND mitigating the impact on the rest of society.

BUT...@fordnation & @celliottability caved & threw all that...AND US, out the window.

The #CollateralDamage to our children, education, health care, cancer care, mental health, small businesses, families, job loss, bankruptcy, etc. - is mind-numbing!

The virus is now both #endemic & part of the #seasonal mix.

The rest of the world is opening up & Ontario will be left behind in the dust.

BUT, BUT,...BUT...we MUST INSIST that #reopening is NOT conditional!!!

NOT conditional on masks, vaccination status or social distancing.

Time to start living!
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/06/2021…
The Birth of the Administrative State: Where It Came From and What It Means for Limited Government…

#AdministrativeState #OrganizationDesign #constitution #government
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April 14 2021: "Toronto's SickKids ER has seen a 25% increase in visits involving #suicidal ideation...

Financial stress in families has led to #housing & food insecurity in children. #Children in dysfunctional families have suffered neglect & #abuse."…
"Because of these adverse experiences [] there has been a decline in #mental #health, social & emotional devt, #cognitive devt, & to a certain extent, delays in language devt.

'I must say that what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg'"

#Children as #CollateralDamage
"skyrocketing" # of cases involving anxiety, #depression, suicidal thoughts, inattention, obesity, eating disorders, obsessions & compulsions in children.

'& the list just goes on'

... physicians say the #psychological & social consequences will be long-term for young people." Image
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#COVID19: THE #GREATRESET July 9, 2020.

"1) individuals w/ pre-existing #mentalhealth conditions like #depression will increasingly suffer from anxiety disorders; 2) #socialdistancing measures, even after they’ve been rolled back, will have worsened mental health issues;" Image
"2) #socialdistancing measures, even after they've been rolled back, will have worsened #mentalhealth issues; 3) in many families, the loss of income consecutive to unemployment will plunge people into the "#death of #despair" phenomenon;"

#Lockdowns Image
"4) #domesticviolence and abuse, particularly against #women and #children, will increase as long as the pandemic endures;" Image
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#Kollateralschaden im #Cyberkrieg

"...Unternehmen geraten zwischen die Fronten internationaler Hacking-Operationen. Und Deutschland? Will Firmen nicht schützen, sondern lieber mithacken..." 1/x

Kommentar von @maksumuto…
"Experten sagen: Wer sein System nicht direkt geupdatet hat, kann davon ausgehen, dass er nun eine chinesische #Hintertür im System hat..." 2/x

#Fronttür #Backdoor #YouNameIt 🤷‍♂️
"IT-Sicherheitsunternehmen haben nicht genug Leute, um allen Firmen zu helfen, die jetzt Hilfe bräuchten. Ein IT-Profi spricht von einer Art Cyber-#Triage, also Hilfe nur für ausgewählte Firmen." 3/x
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#mRNAPfizer #collateraldamage
De 21 Belgische doden zijn wederom niet gerelateerd aan het vaccin.
De plus 30 doden in Noorwegen werden ook uit de cijfers van het EMA Europa gehaald!……
hier kan u zelf kijken naar de soort van bijwerkingen die Begië rapporteerde in het EMA up to date tot 02/02/21:…
sudden death: 5
covid en covid-pneumonia: 7
lung infiltration:1
pulmonary embolism:1
pulmonary infiltration:1
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Fascinating (but not surprising) that MOST #ANTZ call out from their ECHO (Echo echo) chambers claiming to know what ALL #vape 'fans' think. So here's a tweet thread from a persons who #vapes and is a fan of #TobaccoHarmReduction, to clarify what ONE person in that group thinks.. Image
I'm completely in favor of 'phasing out' combustible #cigarettes. #THR products like #vape, #snus & #HTP could do that in a decade or so if the moron #ANTZ (like Ruth) had not demonized #nicotine & currently .. 'fight' against alternative nicotine products.
But when an #ANTZ says 'phasing out', my auto-correct inserts 'prohibition', and I definitely don't support that. It is a #HumanRight for people to choose to consume drugs, and the role of (ACTUAL) #PublicHealth ppl should be to encourage them to do so in the safest way possible.
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The #1 influencer for World Economic Forum/United Nations is resurrected in order to promote "#digitalization for all" as the #FourthIndustrialRevolution brings civil society into it's fold. "Access to #digital #education" prioritized over nutrition, water, & sanitation. #WEF
"Amply, an online attendance-taking system [] to track “impact,” is being piloted through #SmartStart a S. #Africa pre-school franchise.

... financed in part through #UNICEF’s innovation venture capital fund... registered over 3,100 [] as of spring 2018"…
"The tone they use when talking about this lack of “#trust” in the development aid space is steeped in a racist, colonial mindset. The “trust” issue provides cover for their real agenda. Pen & paper methods don’t capture enough #data, & digitized data is what they most desire."
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Deloitte, 2017: "Operations will cease to be delivered by humans."

Deloitte: The #Future of Operations, Deloitte Global Impact Report, Nov 13 2017


#Covid19 is the conduit to the #4IR now in full motion. As people come to terms w/ what is being forced upon humanity, we will soon regret that we did not unite to oppose to draconian lockdowns/expanding surveillance that will serve to protect/insulate ruling classes from revolt.
#UBI (universal basic income) is a tool designed by the rich to stave off #Molotov cocktails - while at the same time enriching themselves even further. The ruling class knows full well what they are unleashing - but the citizenry does not.

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Die #IT-Umgebung des indischen #AKW's Kudankulam wurde nicht nur gehackt, sondern als Command and Control Server benutzt.

Hoffentlich war die #OT nicht auch öffentlich am Netz!

#KRITIS Sektor #Energie #nuclear #nuclearsafety #Resilienz #Cyber #Security

Zur Unterscheidung:

IT sind Informationstechnische Systeme (#PC #Laptop #Windows #Office, #Buchhaltung...)

OT sind Operative Systeme (#ICS #SCADA #SPS #HMI #PLC #Steuertechnik...)
Angemessener Stand der Technik #SdT wie in #KRITIS gefordert wurde offenbar im #AKW nicht eingehalten.

Strikte #Trennung zwischen #OT-Steuersystemen und #IT ist eine wesentliche #Sicherheitsmaßnahme!

Weitere #Maßnahmen und #Forderungen finder Ihr hier.…
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