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'Explosive UAP Whistleblower Article' published by 'The Debrief' authored by Leslie Kean & Ralph Blumenthal

Here is what went on before and explains the back-channel efforts of what I'm told happened at the Washington Post and the New York Times
Pentagon Push-Back & The Media Cowards

NYT & WaPo
Senior Desk Editors

Julian Barnes of #NYT @julianbarnes
Shane Harris of #WAPO @shaneharris

Did these media outlets and the respective named journalists bottle one of the biggest stories in history, potentially one of the
biggest articles since #Watergate and #IranContra? they were both given the chance to run the #thehill UFO #whistleblower article and they both turned it down, if this is correct and this is what I have been told did happen, these guys and those media organisations need to be
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: 'We buy ugly houses' is code for 'we steal vulnerable peoples' homes'; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ A Depression-era photo of a...
Tonight (May 11) at 7PM, I'm in #CALGARY for @WordfestTweets with my novel *Red Team Blues*; I'll be hosted by Peter Hemminger at the Memorial Park Library, 2nd Floor.…

2/ Image
'We buy ugly houses' is code for 'we steal vulnerable peoples' homes': The pervasive, predatory sleaze of Homevestor, "the #1 homebuyer in the USA."

3/  Image: Homevestors https:/...
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I appreciate the #NYT for finally covering that recent anti-#trans laws are a political strategy, not driven by real concern for children

However, I wish they would acknowledge the ways in which their inaccurate reporting amplified misinformation & contributed to where we are 🧵 Image
For example, @mega2e amplified fear-mongering around gender-affirming medical care for adolescents by falsely claiming researchers from a large NIH-funded study on the benefits of gender-affirming medical care for #trans youth never reported their results:
I let the #NYT know about the error in @mega2e's piece, and they ignored it. They've yet to issue an apology or correction, despite the fact that the results are now also published in @NEJM
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1. allora, cerchiamo di fare ordine sulla fuga di documenti segreti del #Pentagono sulla base delle poche informazioni certe emerse finora
2. i documenti sono file del #Pentagono, NON "cablo": i cablo sono le corrispondenze diplomatiche. NON risulta che, come scrivono giornali come Repubblica, siano stati rubati, il presunto responsabile della fuga di documenti vi aveva accesso legittimo con una security clearance
3. la security clearance è l'autorizzazione del governo americano ad accedere a documenti classificati. Esistono 4 livelli di classificazione:
1) unclassified
2) confidential
3) secret
4) top secret
poi esistono restrizioni speciali all'accesso ai documenti
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🧵#PentagonLeaks: Ein junger Waffennarr, Rassist & Antisemit, soll für das leaken der geheimen #Pentagon-Dokumenten verantwortlich sein, der auf einer Militärbasis arbeitete, um zwei Dutzend Mitglieder einer Chat-Gruppe auf #Discord zu beeindrucken. 1/x…
3/x Laut dem von der W-Post befragten jugendlichen Mitglied der Gruppe hatte OG „eine düstere Sicht auf die Regierung“ und stellte die Regierung und insbesondere die Strafverfolgungsbehörden und die Geheimdienste als repressive Kraft dar. Er schimpfte über „Regierungsübergriffe“.
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1/7 Il 20 marzo di venti anni fa aveva inizio la criminale e illegale aggressione e #occupazionemilitare, guidata da #USA e #GranBretagna, dell'#Iraq, "fondata" sulla #menzogna delle inesistenti #armididistruzionedimassa del regime irakeno. >
2/7 Nonostante la contrarietà del #movimentopacifista internazionale che ne ha denunciato per tempo la #follia (dichiarato "l'altra superpotenza mondiale" per la sua estensione dal #NYT); >
3/7 nonostante abbia provocato oltre un milione di #morti (come ha rilevato l'organizzazione indipendente International phisicians for the prevention of the nuclear war); >
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I'm a Harvard-trained psychiatrist who has spent a decade studying #trans youth mental health

After 100+ #NYT contributors expressed concern about the paper's #trans youth coverage, the NYT replied it's "proud" of its work

Let's take a look at the work they're proud of 🧵
In one recent piece, @mega2e falsely claimed that researchers from a large NIH-funded study on the benefits of gender-affirming medical care for #trans youth never reported their results:
I let the #NYT know about the error in @mega2e's piece, and they ignored it, despite using me as a source in their past coverage
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#Zionist-#Leyen's Revenge:
#EU #Ombudsman - page down at least since Feb 14, 2023, 8:22pm CET.
EU institutions and bodies profiles | #EuropeanUnion!btCjND ImageImage
#Zionist-#Leyen's harsh #revenge:
#Ombudsman's last webpage saved Oct 7, 2022
The European #Ombudsman, Emily #OReilly, works with the institutions, agencies and bodies of the @europeanunion to achieve the highest standard of #administrative practices… ImageImageImage
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At the beginning of February 2022, #Biden warned that "if #Russia invades #Ukraine with tanks and troops, then there will be no more #NordStream2"
#ItsDone #NordStream: Fourth leak found as Russia and West trade blame over alleged sabotage of gas pipeline | Sep 29
- #EU and #US have stopped to directly accusing Russia, a #Kremlin official was rebuked after hinting that #Washington was #responsible.
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5 articles ou sujets de l'actualité états-unienne qui ont retenu mon attention ce lundi 30 janvier 23 au matin.
#EtatsUnis #Actualités #USNews
(Manifestants et policiers à #Memphis #Tennessee pendant une grève en 1968, University of Memphis Digital Commons)
1. Les suites de la mort de #TyreNichols après son tabassage par la police de #Memphis au début du mois.
Bon papier de l'AP qui dresse fait le bilan après la mise en examen des suspects et la diffusion des images terribles de ce lynchage…
Dans le #NYT papier intéressant sur l'unité "scorpion" dont sont issus les meurtriers présumés: cela ressemble fort à une BAC a qui on aurait que tous les coups sont permis dans un contexte de grande insécurité…
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President #Biden ignores question on why #classified documents were found at his think tank | Jan 10
- the classified documents that were found at the #PennBidenCenter for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in #Washington, D.C.…
'Storm Joe #Biden's homes', #Trump tells #FBI after classified documents found in private office | Jan 10
- "When is the FBI going to #raid the many homes of Joe Biden, perhaps even the #WhiteHouse? These documents were definitely not declassified."…
#Trump Wildly Speculates #Biden Gave #Classified Docs to #China Before Adding Denial No One Asked For: 'I Certainly Wouldn't Do That' | Jan 10
- #Not a good situation for our Country to be in!”
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A sad irony that peak fiat would be #FTX - a "crypto" exchange. Fiat shills at #NYT say "it is just like #JPMorgan" in showing the need for a central bank. Close miss: It is just like JPM a moral hazard of centralized money production, regulation, lobbying, and other collusion.
FTX's event "Crypto Bahamas" in April gave it all away when speaker Bill Clinton concluded that "crypto is obviously serious." I'd rather be the jester calling out the naked king than courting the "serious" people in finance and politics.
How odd that the jesters are considered "toxic". Nothing is more toxic than this typically decadent combination of shills, crooks, careerists, and journalists, virtue-signaling on how they'd solve all the world's problems.
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@IMVErlangen (1/14) Dank für die hier erhobenen Einwände! - Im Verhältnis zwischen empirischer #Untersuchung und #Tatmotiv steht unter üblichen kriminologischen Verhältnissen, in denen sowohl Untersuchung des Tathergangs als auch Motivsuche ...
@IMVErlangen (2/14) ... nicht von äußeren Interessen überlagert wird, die angewandte #Heuristik nicht zur Debatte, wobei zusätzlich zur genauen Beschreibung des Tathergangs und nach Vernehmung etwaiger Zeugen ergänzend ein schlüssiges Motiv des Täters eingefordert wird, ...
@IMVErlangen (3/14) ... das eine innere Folgerichtigkeit im Hinblick auf das Geschehene liefern soll, was sich bei erdrückender Beweislage zwar erübrigen mag, aber für den Richter dennoch in der Ermessensfrage des Strafmaßes Relevanz besitzt. ...
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Decided to consolidate my #BidenCrimeFamilly Posts into a thread, so that everyone has the resources. There is probably more, but this is a good start #BigTech #ElectionIntegrity #pedo #censorship
At the same time, everyone knew this was real. Here is the FBI document stating they had the laptop…
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1. #NewYorkTimes carries my photo. ⬇️ This article is also an example of all that is wrong with coverage of climate science by the international media.…
2. It publishes a piece on a paper that if not exactly “supernova of stupid”, is still very inconsequential. Possibly the only reason it got published is because it is written by senior white male academics. I can't imagine any journal publishing anything like this by me.
3. Of all the things #NYT could have written about, they chose this article. Their prerogative. They talked to me for an hour, where I told them that this journal article has been written from a western privilege point of view and miscontrues scientist pact with society.
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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By Motoko Rich and Hikari Hida

By Motoko Rich and Hikari Hida


#NYT Image

>the period during World War II when about 1,500 Koreans were conscripted to work in the mines as subjects of Japan’s colonial rule.

This is the false part
Noworker from the Korean Peni. came to work by National Requisition Ordinance
#NYTimes Image
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1. ieri sera #NYT ha ottenuto poco più di 3 minuti del video del #Pentagono sull'attacco #drone USA che nell'agosto scorso ha sterminato una famiglia afghana di 10 persone tra cui 7 bambini:mistero perché desecretato dopo appena 4 mesi (inglese):…
2. non ho mai visto nulla di simile: mai visto che un documento scottante come quel video sia stato desecretato in 4 mesi! Nel caso del video #CollateralMurder,#Reuters provò a ottenerlo con #FOIA per 3 anni: nessuna speranza
3. viene da chiedersi perché video sia stato desecretato.Non ho spiegazioni,semplicemente mi chiedo: Amministrazione Biden sta rivedendo policies su attacchi con #droni vista la strage di innocenti(9 su 10),ci sono scontri interni che hanno portato alla desecretazione record?
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If there is the possibility of aliens existing in our Galaxy, they would be laughing at us in this moment, because they would observe how incapable we are of stopping all ridiculous things that are happening including wars we are waging #mythread
on #Russia #Ukraine #USA
#EU 1/1
#Baerbock calls for stable relations with #Russia but sees fundamental differences in frosty meeting with #Lavrov, stating Russian troop presence near #Ukraine had “no understandable reason” #Psaki says Russia could launch an attack in Ukraine “at any time”. 1/2
Baerbock opened dialogue by suggesting there is "no alternative to stable relations btw Moscow & Berlin”, confirming that she and the federal government want to continue to work on that. #FAZ 1/3
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@davidsirota - Radical Just because you arent SURPRISED by a story exposing corruption, that doesnt mean it's an unimportant news story.

Goldman Sachs ripped off it's client, @etoys, for a Billion$ - Twice
@POTUS - @GaryGensler - must do a RICO case!
. Image
@nytimes reporter @opinion_joe helped save another stock fraud with #NYT March 2013 article "Rigging IPO Game"

NYT article details @GoldmanSachs scammed @etoys with massive under pricing / kick back scheme; that resulted in eToys bankruptcy
@GoldmanSachs partnered w @BainCapital to bleed out, bankrupt and deliberately destroyed eToys public company using MNAT & Paul Roy Traub law firms betraying its court approved clients of @etoys - for their secret ones of #GoldmanSachs of #BainCapital
. Image
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In 1 hour, I'll watch and report on the Julian #Assange extradition hearing at the London #HighCourt. I am watching it via videolink:it was impossible for me to plan to attend in person: the UK authorities granted access to journos just 18 HOURS before the hearing
3. Day 1: the Julian #Assange #ExtraditionHearing before the UK #HighCourtOfJustice starts now
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#HRW's predictably anti-Israel report on #Gaza quotes the UN that Israel killed "260 Palestinians, including at least 129 civilians."
Uh, Who were the other 131?

HRW doesn't say it: they were combatants & commanders - legit military targets.
Some of those civilians...
#HRW continued...2/
Tragically, some civilians were #Hamas' human shields.
As I pored over lists of Gaza dead compiled in #Israel, I found a case that would repeat itself: a senior Hamas commander, his wife, & 15 y.o. daughter.
Legit in laws of war, but listed as 2 civilians.
#HRW 3/
It came as no surprise that .@evanhill, producer of the @nytimes hatchet job on #israel for the buildings that collapsed on Wehda St, is a former HRW employee. Wehda St is a major HRW report topic.
It becomes clear #NYT & HRW shared research, fixers, & cinematographer.
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Does this newspaper have an editor?
ِReducing the significance of the government's role in destroying water resources by mentioning drought/climate change first is absurd. This regime created this man-made drought. No talk of #IRGC's projects that destroyed Khuzestan's resources.
Does #NYT investigate the #Why, #What, #When, #Who and #How of the problem & #Rafsanjani, #Reformists and #IRGC imposed destructive dams & water diversion projects from 1989 to 2005 that were continued under #Ahmadinejad and #Rouhani? Dams that are killing marshes and rivers?
Does #NYT dig deeper to see how those reformists who occupied the US Embassy in Tehran later led the #Iran_Water_and_Power_Resources_Development_Company and were behind the #Karkheh & #Gotvand and #Karun3 dams that are part of the problem? Ali Zahmatkesh, Mohammad Na...Karkheh dam is one of the m...Gotvand dam. 3 dam forced over 10 ...
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#BREAKING Proof of @nytimes fraud in its #Gaza Hit Job against #Israel.

The NYT shows only 10 seconds of #Hamas narrow tunnels.
The video WAS TAKEN IN 2014!

Pic 1. 2021 vid. Min. 7:00. Man red Kaffiya.
Pic 2. Same man in 2014.
He's wearing PIJ emblem…
2/ NYT: There were no videos of the Hamas tunnels in May 2021?
Were NYT local fixers & photographers working for or scared of Hamas?
Was the 2014 clip added in the NY office?
Here's a trustworthy video from Qatari source.
3/ After the @nytimes journalistic jihad vs Israel with the front page gallery of kids supposedly killed by Israel, & now using 7 y.o. footage to misrepresent the threat of #Hamas tunnels, the #Israel government probably has only one choice.
Persona non grata status for #NYTimes
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