We should be freaking out far more than we are. We know Trump is working w/ Putin. We know he's a sociopath & traitor who would gladly destroy America or Americans. We know he's lawless & wants to be dictator, not president. We know GOP is backing him & clearly in Putin's pocket
Those who think this is no big deal & point to the many times prior presidents declared states of emergency aren't getting it. Trump is NOT a normal president. That declaration expands his powers dramatically & allows him to do things that would be illegal now.
Read the article - under a state of emergency, he could shut down Internet, freeze our bank accounts, take over websites, collect our communications. He could turn America into a dictatorship overnight. Don't say GOP won't let him do it. They will. They're part of this treason.
An old thread where I talk about how Hitler and Putin declared national emergencies in order to seize complete power.
I'm being told I'm an alarmist & this could never happen - America wouldn't allow it, yada yada. That will be the death of us. Prominent historians & experts on authoritarianism have been saying for more than a year it could happen. Psychologists are warning us about Trump too.
America is not exceptional. I will grant you our Constitution is strong, but what happens when Constitution is ignored - say a party decides NOT to check a lawless president. When SCOTUS is compromised by partisan judges installed by Trump to protect him.
It CAN happen here. I also keep hearing people say America would rise up if Trump tried it. Really? We already are in a pretty serious state democracy-wise & media isn't sounding the alarm & most of America has no clue.
I think it more likely it'd play out exact same way every other outrage committed by Trump has played out - we'd be shocked, incensed, would tweet furiously, pundits on @MSNBC & @CNN would debate the outrageousness of it & then we'd shrug & settle down to dictatorship.
Life would still feel normal in many ways, so we'd adjust. Drink more vodka, I guess & finally understand why Absurdist literature is so popular in authoritarian states.
Here are some outrages we've already adjusted to. Kids in cages. Massive prison camps built on the border. An administration that releases fake data & altered videos & lies to us so much we no longer consider government credible. (Take a moment to consider how abnormal this is.)
See, it's not just Trump who lies. That's bad enough. We rarely talk about the far more dangerous problem that his entire administration lies to us & GOP lies to back him. False data. Altered videos. That's not mere accidental misunderstanding-level lying. That's disinformation.
We have a government feeding us disinformation & calling the media an "enemy of the state." I mean, every time I consider that, I think HOLY SHIT. This is what dictatorships do. I'm not sure if we're halfway-there or already settled in.
Half the country is brainwashed by the state TV propaganda channel & don't know it's the equivalent of Pravda. Far more insidious is Sinclair, which owns a third of local networks & makes them put out pro-Trump propaganda in a way that's more subtle & therefore more dangerous.
Here is the biggest problem people have in understanding the danger. They still think the problem is Trump. It's not. Trump is just the horrible puppet installed by Putin. The real problem is who helped Putin install him. GOP. Extremist Christians. Billionaires. Nationalists.
You know how Trumpers freak out about a global conspiracy of elites trying to dominate the world. Well, their anti-Semitic fear-mongering fantasy is bullshit. But the irony is - there IS a global conspiracy. Putin is fucking with the whole world.
To install Trump he colluded not just with GOP, but with NRA, extremist Christian groups, nationalist groups, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, possibly Israel. He's not just fucking with us, either. He's behind Brexit, riots in France, puppets in other countries.
I don't want to make Putin seem like some criminal mastermind. He's just the head of a Russian mob government that has made allies out of every corrupt motherfucker out there. World is being jerked around by a bunch of corrupt mobsters & billionaires who will never have enough.
The corruption runs deep, but it's not coming from any one nation or one culture. You have corrupt politicians in countries that normally hate one another collaborating to get whatever it is they want at that moment. That's why it seems so unreal, so overwhelming.
Here in the US, though, the vital thing to understand is that GOP are very much a part of it & aren't merely afraid of Trump or worried about his base. Please read my thread from yesterday to understand why I believe that -
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