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Day 3 of the #NC09 hearing starts now. Andy Yates is on the stand @wsoctv
Marc Elias is now asking Andy Yates about McCrae Dowless’ criminal history. Yesterday Yates said he wasn’t aware of Dowless’ fraud and perjury convictions #NC09
Yates says no campaign has ever asked him to do a criminal background check. Dr. Harris did not ask him to do one. Yates says he doesn't know any employee or consultant for the Harris campaign that would have been tasked to do that #NC09
Elias is now asking Yates about an AP article with the headline, “Mark Harris says background check on McCrae Dowless missed his felonies.” #NC09
Yates says he doesn't know which political consultants Harris is referring to as missing Dowless' felonies. Yates does not know of any other consultants who would have conducted a background check. #NC09
Yates says he was not aware that state investigators found evidence Dowless may have illegally handled ballots in 2016 #NC09
Andy Yates says he was not aware of This American Life's coverage of McCrae Dowless for his actions in 2016 #NC09 thisamericanlife.org/606/transcript
Marc Elias is now asking Andy Yates about each line in this paragraph-- asking if it is consistent with what Dowless was doing for Harris #NC09
Andy Yates says if he knew about any of this it would have raised a red flag. He says if anyone in the campaign knew about this they should have told him #NC09
Dallas Woodhouse is mentioned a number of times and was interviewed for this coverage. Yates says no one in NCGOP, including Woodhouse, told him about it #NC09 thisamericanlife.org/606/transcript
Marc Elias is now going to play @DallasWoodhouse's interview #NC09
Andy Yates says Woodhouse never discussed with him his interview where he said that people who commit election fraud should go to jail. Yates agrees people who create absentee ballot mills should go to jail #NC09
Yates says people who hire people for absentee ballot mills should go to jail if they knew that was what they were paying for #NC09
Andy Yates does not recall if Mark Harris thought Todd Johnson's results in the 2016 primary in Bladen were unusual. Harris said in an interview he thought they were #NC09
In an interview Harris said that Dowless' workers would offer their assistance to absentee voters and serve as witnesses if needed. Yates says he was not aware that this was part of Dowless' program #NC09
Andy Yates says it is surprising Mark Harris never mentioned to him about Dowless’ workers serving as witnesses and offering to assist absentee voters #NC09
Yates says the Harris campaign has informed his counsel that they intend to pay the $34K needed for Bladen absentee as cited in this FEC filing #NC09
Yates says Dowless would receive a monthly fee, money per absentee ballot request form and reimbursements #NC09
Yates says the campaign never agreed to a win bonus for Dowless or himself #NC09
Yates says he would find it unfair if the democrats had a system where they would put initials on absentee ballot request forms and be notified about issues with them. McCrae Dowless is accused of doing this #NC09
Before the hearing, Andy Yates says the last time he spoke to Mark Harris was on a Sunday night around 11 to talk about a news report that he thought was unfair #NC09
Yates says he got the impression from Mark Harris that Harris thought McCrae Dowless was getting a bad wrap and falsely accused #NC09
Yates says he has not had any conversations about a special election. Elias rests. Harris' attorney's turn #NC09
Andy Yates says the original checks he wrote to Dowless were addressed to McCrae Dowless, not his full name Leslie McCrae Dowless. Yates says when he googled Dowless he searched “McCrae” not “Leslie” and that’s why he didn’t see his fraud and perjury convictions #NC09
Yates says McCrae Dowless informed him Bladen Improvement PAC didn't play by the rules. He says he described a group that would be "very unscrupulous." Yates says Dowless detested the Bladen Improvement PAC #NC09
Yates says he does not remember Dowless going into detail about Bladen Improvement PAC's turf #NC09
Of note-- Alexander Dale is doing the questioning for Mark Harris' team today- not David Freedman #NC09
Based on what Dowless told Yates, Yates says he had no reason to believe Dowless was operating an illegal absentee ballot program #NC09
We are on a 10 minute break
Yates says he hasn't heard any testimony about irregularities outside the absentee program #NC09
Andy Yates has been on the stand for six hours #NC09
Yates says if Dr. Harris knew about Dowless' workers being witnesses on ballots, that doesn't mean Dr. Harris knew of wrongdoing #NC09
Anchor @AllisonWSOC9 is live at Noon with a recap of Yates' testimony from this morning. Watch live here: wsoctv.com/live-stream #NC09 @wsoctv
Yates says he can't recall any time Dr. Harris was not transparent with him. Harris' attorney rests. Now NCSBE members are asking questions #NC09
Yates says McCrae Dowless had workers in Cumberland County during early voting for the primary. He doesn't recall how many. #NC09
Yates says given everything said in the past couple days, Yates says he doesn't think anyone on the campaign should have known about Dowless' dealings. He says there may be people on the Bladen BOE or people in Bladen who should have known #NC09
Yates says it shocked and floored him the McCrae Dowless would have any relationship with Bladen County Improvement PAC #NC09
Yates says he had very little oversight over Dowless' activities. He says his agreement with Mark Harris did not reference Dowless at all, to his best knowledge #NC09
I should note-- attorneys for other races that have not been certified are now questioning Andy Yates. The attorney questioning Yates now is working for a local candidate in Robeson County #NC09
Yates reiterates he has no idea whether he can believe anything McCrae Dowless told him, in light of the past two days of testimony #NC09
Yates says he does not know why most of the absentee ballot activity in Robeson County was in the St Paul’s precinct #NC09
Marc Elias asking questions again now to Andy Yates. Yates has been on the stand for 7 hours #NC09
Andy Yates says courtrecords.org came up in the Google search for McCrae Dowless #NC09
Before June 30, 2017, this is what a Google search for “McRae Dowless” looked like #NC09
Andy Yates does not remember what exactly he searched. He thinks it was “McRae Dowless NC” #NC09
Yates says he did not click on google’s suggestion, “did you mean McCrae Dowless.” #NC09
Yates says he spelled “McRae Dowless” the same on courtrecords.org #NC09
Yates confirms this is what the page looked like. Yates says he didn’t know whether Dowless was convicted of assault of a female. He says “I saw no reason to be concerned.” He says numerous people vouched for Dowless’ character #NC09
Yates says he did not purchase the full report from the website. Yates assumed the assault on a female charge was a misdemeanor and the charge did not warrant more scrutiny of Dowless, again because of how many people vouched for him #NC09
Yates says McCrae Dowless told him he wasn't having much luck getting absentee ballot request forms in Cumberland County #NC09
NCSBE attorneys are questioning Yates again #NC09
Yates says most of the request activity in 2017 was in Bladen County. #NC09
NCSBE’s Kim Strach is asking Yates about this picture of McCrae Dowless that includes a flyer saying don’t hand your absentee ballot over if someone asks for it. The flyer is under the ash try. Yates says Dowless never talked to him about the flyer #NC09
Yates says he has never had a phone conversation with John Harris where John expressed concerns about McCrae Dowless or his activities. He says if that happened, he doesn't recall that #NC09
John Harris is Mark Harris' son. He is also an assistant US attorney for the Eastern District of NC #NC09
And now a local candidate in Robeson County's attorney is questioning Yates for the second time. He is introducing new evidence. The chair of NCSBE said lunch break will follow. He was hoping to start lunch at 1. I don't think that will happen #NC09
"Let's not ask him things he doesn't know about," NCSBE Chair Bob Cordle says #NC09
Yates says he knows nothing about this local judicial race in Robeson County #NC09
And now we are on lunch break. After 7.5 hours on the stand, Andy Yates has been excused. 2:00 we are back #NC09
On his way out, Andy Yates declines to say whether Mark Harris should be certified or whether there should be a new election #NC09 @wsoctv
🚨 We're back and John Harris is being called to the stand. John is Mark Harris' son and the assistant US attorney for the Eastern District #NC09 @wsoctv
John Harris is representing himself #NC09
John Harris says he is an assistant US attorney for the Eastern District. He says he is here as a private citizen not in an official capacity #NC09
John Harris says in mid-December he searched his emails and found emails between himself and his parents. When he found them, he contacted his dad's counsel and asked if they were considered privileged. He said he was told they were not #NC09
John Harris says he supported his father's campaigns in 2016 and 2018. In 2016 he was working in DC and would serve as a sounding board for his parents. In 2018 he was in Raleigh and would also be a sounding board #NC09
NEW: John Harris says he discussed his concerns about McCrae Dowless with Andy Yates in mid/late June. "I raised concerns.. that McCrae Dowless was a part of the 2018 campaign." He says he doesn't remember exactly what was said #NC09 @wsoctv
John Harris says his impression from Andy Yates was that Yates was a little weary about working with McCrae but that he was going to make sure he was going to do what he said he would do #NC09
John says they set up an extra layer of security by having McCrae Dowless paid by Red Dome instead of the campaign #NC09
John Harris described McCrae as "shady" in his recollection of what he said to Andy Yates #NC09
John Harris says he was surprised at the lack of record keeping that Andy Yates described. His understanding on how McCrae was paid is different than what was discussed #NC09
John Harris says on election night of the 2016 primary he noticed the Bladen County absentee results were strange #NC09
NEW: John Harris emailed his dad and mom after the 2016 primary suggesting the results “may be worth investigating.”

“The absentee by mail votes look very strange.”

John Harris says his initial thought about the 2016 primary results was there was a mistake or counting error, his mind didn't immediately go to fraud #NC09
John Harris says he heard on the 2016 primary election night from his dad that Todd Johnson had someone doing absentee for him in Bladen #NC09
NEW: John Harris says he was concerned in 2016 that someone was collecting absentee ballots and he discussed his concerns with his father #NC09
John Harris says he learned in April 2017 for sure that McCrae Dowless was involved with Todd Johnson's absentee program in the 2016 primary #NC09
Team McCrory sent out an email blast about McCrae Dowless’ complaint about BCIA PAC. John Harris forwarded the email to his dad saying “preaching to the choir.” His dad responded “guess he didn’t like the Dems cutting into his business.” #NC09
John Harris says he spoke to his dad the day after his dad met with McCrae. John says his dad told him about McCrae's absentee ballot program-- encouraging people to request ballots and returning to encourage them to vote #NC09
After Mark met with McCrae, John emailed Mark the law that makes it illegal to collect someone’s absentee ballot. #NC09
John told Mark over the phone that collecting ballots is a felony. He says he also learned over the phone that McCrae had a criminal conviction. #NC09
John said his primary concern on the phone call was that if McCrae is shady and it is a close race, Rep. Pittenger will send everything after him to determine if something went wrong #NC09
NEW: John says he has no reason to believe that his father, mother or anyone on his campaign knew about what McCrae Dowless was doing #NC09
NEW: John says he absolutely believes McCrae Dowless told his dad that he told his workers to not touch a ballot. But John never believed McCrae. He says that's because the numbers didn't add up #NC09
On McCrae’s absentee program, John Harris emailed his father saying “good test is if you’re comfortable with the full process he uses being broadcast on the news.” #NC09
John Harris says his impression on the phone was that his dad's mind was already made up about hiring McCrae #NC09
John doesn't know if he ever asked his dad whether he asked McCrae if he collects absentee ballots #NC09
Mark Harris listening to his son testify #NC09
John Harris did not monitor the absentee data in 2018 like he did in 2016 because his second child was born around that time #NC09
John Harris says he assumed his dad and his dad's campaign were making sure that everything McCrae Dowless was doing was legal. #NC09
NEW: John Harris says "I think they were lied to and they believed the person who lied to them." #NC09
Marc Elias is now questioning John Harris #NC09
John Harris says his view after the 2018 primary was that local races were driving out democrats #NC09
John Harris says he is not aware if his dad suggested to his counsel that there was illegal activity #NC09
John Harris says once he saw the batching data and he thought collection was going on in 2016, he thought they were targeting apartment complexes. #NC09
On the line, “you can shoot bull to a bull shooter,” John says it was a typo and it should read “you can’t shoot bull to a bull shooter.” #NC09
John Harris says Mark Harris made the decision to hire McCrae Dowless before he hired Andy Yates #NC09
John Harris says he reminded his parents that he believed what Dowless did in 2016 was probably illegal #NC09
Heading into today I was not expecting John Harris' testimony. All of it has been notable. #NC09
NEW: John Harris says his parents believed McCrae Dowless. But--- "I didn't" #NC09
Harris says the first line of this email sent by his dad was in response to his catching concerns, “mom brought up a good point... maybe they just go with the person to their personal mailbox.” #NC09
NEW: John Harris says he thought what McCrae Dowless was going was illegal.... “And I was right.” #NC09
We are taking a 10 minute break #NC09
John Harris recalls his dad informing him about McCrae's criminal record but he can't recall what the charges were. He thinks it was possibly related to McCrae's truthfulness #NC09.
John Harris says his dad talked to McCrae regularly #NC09
John Harris says once his dad made the decision to hire McCrae Dowless, they never discussed John's concerns about him again #NC09
John Harris says he assumed wrongly that his dad's campaign was overseeing Dowless' efforts to make sure he wasn't illegally collecting ballots #NC09
Marc Elias says John Harris raised the red flags at the right time and raised them repeatedly. John Harris agrees he raised red flags #NC09
John Harris says he has had limited contact with his parents since the investigation launched for his and their protection #NC09
John Harris says he was mostly disturbed but less shocked when he saw workers admit to picking up absentee ballots. Marc Elias is finished questioning John Harris #NC09
NCSBE Chair Bob Cordle says today's hearing will be finished by 5:30 because Mark Harris has a medical appointment. Cordle confirms there will be a fourth day of testimony. Tomorrow the hearing will start at 9 am #NC09
John Harris says his dad is an honest person. #NC09
I just stepped outside for my live shot but I want to add this to the thread. We are all done here today #NC09
Harris Attorney David Freedman says Mark Harris didn’t know his son would be testifying today #NC09
Freedman says until Lisa Britt testified Mark Harris believed McCrae Dowless #NC09
David Freedman says Mark Harris is to trusting. He says he took the people of Bladen’s word over his son #NC09
David Freedman says Mark Harris will explain tomorrow about the red flags that may have been raised before Dowless was hired #NC09
Marc Elias says he didn’t know John Harris was going to testify #NC09
Marc Elias: “his son is raising red flag after red flag and his father is trying to justify hiring McCrae Dowless.” Elias says Harris wanted the same results as Johnson despite the concerns #NC09
Marc Elias says John Harris’ testimony was devastating for the Harris campaign #NC09
Correcting typo on earlier tweet, David Freedman said Mark Harris is “too” trusting
An afternoon no one, including Mark Harris, expected

John Harris testifies he raised numerous red flags to his father that he thought McCrae Dowless could be engaging in illegal activity.

Emotional testimony. Live report with @AllisonWSOC9 at 6 #NC09 wsoctv.com/live-stream
As his son made final remarks, Mark Harris wept.

"I love my dad and I love my mom. I certainly have no vendetta against them. I have no family scores to settle. Okay? I believe they made mistakes in this process and they certainly did things differently than I would have" #NC09
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