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If you are age 20-40 and are trying to decide if you should go to that party or hang out with your friends.... Imagine a bowl of 1000 M&Ms which will all give you COVID19. You reach in to grab a few.... what can you expect? 1/8
700 of the M&Ms will give you fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath. Lots of patients describe it as having "lungs on fire." 2/8
440 of the M&Ms will give you some pretty awful muscle cramps and aches. 3/8
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ICPC seizes Multi-Million Naira Landed Property from Bauchi State Governor

Pursuant to its powers contained in Section 45 (4)(a-c) of the Corrupt Practices & Other Related Offences Act, 2000, ICPC has seized a multi-million naira property belonging to the Bauchi State Governor,
Senator Bala Mohammed, formerly Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The property which houses Zinaria International School is located at Plot 298 Wuye District, Cadastral Zone B3, FCT, Abuja.
Intelligence-led investigation revealed that Senator Mohammed in his capacity as the FCT Minister, had allocated the said property to a school that had himself and family members as directors and shareholders, despite an existing right of the Fed. Min. of Agric. over the land.
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Super idée de @UlysseRabate d'éclairer la situation actuelle (dans les quartiers populaires essentiellement, & évidemment après #VilleneuveLaGarenne) avec #DoTheRightThing (1989)

Do the right thing – à propos des quartiers populaires via @AOC_media
ça marche admirablement bien sur plein de plans: Mooky (Spike Lee himself) en livreur de pizza légèrement exploité; les appartements surchauffés d'un pâté de maisons de Brooklyn; la canicule (du moins à l'heure actuelle celle d'un mois d'avril d'un climat déréglé)
Mais aussi la bavure policière (une strangulation, qui rappelle des épisodes récents @Blklivesmatter), et "en conséquence" à tout ça (la canicule, la bavure, etc.): une émeute dans le quartier!
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It’s a sunny Saturday. I’m in clinic.

I’m on the phone. Sure, virtual care is great for some conditions. But not for all.

The 73 year old with shingles. The 2 year old with a pulled elbow. The 66 year old with heart failure. The 56 year old who keeps mixing up her words.
I love being a doctor. I am fiercely protective of my #patients.

There is a lot I do as a #familydoctor. But sometimes my patients need more specialized care.

Healthcare for my patients has been delayed by #Covid19. They are in limbo.

I worry about that.
Waiting has a cost. While some people are okay, some patients deteriorate on #waitlists. They get sicker. Some of them die.

Our healthcare system was already working at 100% capacity before the #coronaviruspandemic. We cannot afford to lose even one family doctor or specialist.
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It appears that the TrumpPlague Administration's latest recovery tactic for America is assigning dimwits to troll on the internet.
Addlepated Orange Man is channeling dim child groupie alt "lite" surrogate son Charlie Kirk today. Why won't Eric and Jr call to say hi? Doesn't Donald have something better to do?
I know we need to liberate some states (check open carry, open containter and neckbeard regs please) I know that Donald has run out of our money. He is very angry at Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi. Biden Bad! China Bad. But I think Donald has run out of internet secret sauce.
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Physicians in outpatient clinics (family MDs, specialists) have been severely affected by #COVID19, w/ decreased pt volumes & shift to virtual care. However, we are waiting for @ONThealth+@celliottability to compensate us fairly for our work. (Thread 1/12)
Despite implementation of telephone billing codes, they’re not expected to be processed by @ONTHealth until June, which means MD’s don’t get paid for work done in March-June 2020 until July. This is unacceptable & inappropriate. (2/12)…
.@OntariosDoctors continue to manage acute/urgent cases & prevent pts from ending up in overwhelmed ERs. We still immunize babies, care for pregnant women, perform essential assessments in person & virtually. The tele codes also aren’t equivalent to regular billing codes. (3/12)
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Different communication approaches will have varying degrees of effectiveness for an array of calls to action.

Billboards, radio spots TV ads, newspaper ads, phone calls, door knocks and postcards are not all equal in getting voters to register, or enroll in VBM, or to vote.


But, because getting volunteers to write postcards is easiest and doesn’t cost the organizing group, we see it being picked more and more often without regard to effectiveness.

When the organizing group moves the cost burden to volunteers, they can afford to care less...

...about the results. Because any result is good when it’s “free” to them.

Eventually volunteers will become savvy consumers of the activism opportunities. In the meantime, it frustrates me to no end to be on a call with someone who, in the face of numerous logical...
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As a pastor, I have something to say about Trump's call to "pack the churches" on Easter.
The Jesus I follow and proclaim explicitly cared for the most vulnerable and for those who forgotten, overlooked, or mistreated by the powers-that-be.
He himself died at the hands of the state at the order of one who had abdicated his actual leadership responsibilities, with the support of unthinking masses who had been whipped into a frenzy by religious leaders who were most concerned about their own institutional power.
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Put on this shirt today because the people that think Gatsby parties are fun are also the people who think going out to bars right now is a good idea. #selfisolating #COVID19 #DoTheRightThing
(Words in next tweet)
“Ain’t no party like a Gatsby party bc a Gatsby party don’t stop until 2 ppl are dead & everyone is disillusioned with the Jazz age as a whole.”
B4 anyone accuses me of wanting ppl who are employed in such establishments to starve or become homeless: helping a pandemic is not a good solution to the lack of a social safety net. A social safety net is the solution.

That said, I’m not mad at anyone who HAS to go to work.
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1/ UK response to #covid19. Some people are saying we must follow the expert advice of the gov. and trust in their judgement. And I agree we should be trusting expert advice right now. But what we don't know is what's being said behind closed doors.
2/ We don't know if the gov. advisors are tearing their hair out, battling with Boris and Cummings to take it more seriously. None of know what is actually being said.
3/ They keep saying 'the scientific evidence informs our decisions,' and yet plenty of scientists and experts outside of the gov. are saying the response is weak.
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@ClimateOpp [1/14] @ClimateOpp why did you tell @jdickerson & @60minutes that "sea level rise is accelerating," when all the best long measurement records show that coastal sea-levels trends have NOT significantly accelerated in >90 years?…
@ClimateOpp @jdickerson @60Minutes [2/14] The Dutch, for obvious reasons, have been paying close attention to sea-level for a very long time. Their measurements show that there's been no significant acceleration in rate of sea-level rise in response to rising CO2 levels:
@ClimateOpp @jdickerson @60Minutes [3/14] Venice is one of the very few sites which have measured a statistically significant change in rate of sea-level rise: it DECELERATED slightly (probably because they curtailed groundwater pumping in the 1980s, to reduce subsidence).
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This is your daily pension announcement: Part one, the AIMCO backstory and evaluation of their governance and cost structure. I have got such a rage on today there might be several parts. Bob Ascah's blog is our starting point. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension…
He remains a Fellow of the Institute for Public Economics after a long career at the University of Alberta, ATB, and the Alberta Treasury. May I remind you now that Travis and AIMCo's current strategy is to hope this mess will die down. #itwont #SpoilerAlert
Now, this blog post is from 2017 so it is a bit dated. Remember the other day when I tweeted about how the ATRF and LAPP moves were supposed to make us more like BC? BCIMC specifically? And, that was 💩💩💩 because retirement funds like BC Teachers can leave BCIMC at anytime?
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All GOP Women Senators are NOT created equal...

Lisa Murkowski is NOT Susan Collins
Murkowski was the only GOP who did NOT vote yes to Kavanaugh
She voted to save Healthcare
She voted against Trump in the Nat'l Emergency
She's stood up before

@lisamurkowski can #DoTheRightThing
Susan Collins disappointed us
We can't count on Susan Collins...
But I'm not ready to give up on Susan Collins
I was surprised to find the GOP who voted against Trump more than any other GOP was Collins

@SenatorCollins you need to to #DoTheRightThing for Democracy AND Reelection
Joni Ernst has a tough race ahead & is polling under 50% for reelection
49% of Iowans recently polled DISAPPROVE of Trumps performance
Joni Ernst has stood up toTrump before. In 2016 she turned down the chance to be Trumps VP...

@joniernst stand for a Fair Trial #DoTheRightThing
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It's astonishing to me that these 23 GOP House Republicans are slated to vote against impeachment on Wednesday, despite the fact that they are leaving the House after the next election.

Hard to believe that most of these Reps aren't leaving because of Trump's strong-arm tactics.
🇺🇸 Why not #DoTheRightThing and vote to impeach Trump before he does more damage to our country?

Why not?

You're leaving!

Trump cannot touch you anymore.

If you or your family are being threatened, get protection now.

🔎 Remember, when this is all over, everyone will find out what's really going on.

🔍 Vote the way you want to be remembered for your public service; NOT the way Trump wants you to vote.

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Last weekend I was sexually assaulted on the Queen St streetcar WHILE WEARING MY BABY. It’s taken me a few days to process & now I want to talk about it. Thread. @ttchelps
While wearing my 4 mos old daughter in a baby carrier on my chest, a man started invading my space & leering at me. I moved over one seat trying to avoid him. He then proceeded to make lewd tongue gestures at me. I told him to stop. Things escalated quickly & badly from there.
He leaned over and slid his hand up my thigh, trying to grab my crotch. Let me reiterate, my infant daughter is strapped to my chest at this point. I jumped up and shouted at him, “Don’t f*cking touch me! You’re f*cking disgusting!”
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Constituency Projects Tracking: ICPC recovers 3 Ambulances and 500KVA Transformer from Senator Buruji Kashamu

#Thread #DoTheRightThing #IntegrityPays
ICPC has recovered 3 Ambulances and a 500KVA Transformer which are Constituency Project items, from Senator Buruji Kashamu.

The items were part of 2016 Constituency Projects meant to be distributed to Ogun East Senatorial District. They were discovered at his Constituency ...
... Project Office in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State .

The three ambulances which were procured at the cost of N6m each, were meant to be supplied to Obada Healthcare Centre, Oke Sopin in Ijebu North Local Government Area; Community Health Centre, ..
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ICPC Secures Final Forfeiture Order on Property worth N209 Million

A Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court sitting in Nyanya, Abuja, presided over by Hon. Justice Muawiyah Baba Idris, has granted ICPC, a final forfeiture order on a property
#DoTheRightThing #IntegrityPays
..worth N209 million belonging to a staff of the Budget Office of the Federation.

The property, a shopping mall, known as Jerijo Plaza and Event Centre, located at No.6 Muham Street, Off Abacha Road, Karu, Nasarawa State, is believed to have been acquired by ....
..Mr. Henry Ilemona Oyibo with the proceeds of crime.

Mr. Oyibo’s travails started when ICPC profiled him as a result of investigation into another matter. Further investigation revealed that he could not have acquired the property from his legitimate income.
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On-going ICPC CPTG Exercise: Relief in Sight for Otuo Community in Edo State

Otuo Women and Children Hospital in Otuo, Owan East LGA, Edo State, started under late Ambrose Alli and was completed under ....
#ConstituencyProjects #DoTheRightThing #IntegrityPays
@NIQSlive @pacacng @TrackaNG @UdemeNG @ptcij @daily_trust @MobilePunch @GuardianNigeria 2. ...Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as Governor, Edo State but without staffing, medical equipment and supplies.

ICPC, tracking constituency projects in the community, discovered that the Federal Government had procured requisite equipment, supplies and an ambulance ...
@NIQSlive @pacacng @TrackaNG @UdemeNG @ptcij @daily_trust @MobilePunch @GuardianNigeria 3. ...through Hon. Pally Iriase-sponsored constituency project executed in 2017 National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA).

ICPC found unopened equipment and supplies in the hospital building which had become overrun by bushes. ...
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Constituency Project Tracking: ICPC recovers Six Tractors from Senator
The on-going tracking of constituency projects by the ICPC and its partners through the Constituency Projects Tracking Group (CPTG) initiative has yielded ....
#ConstituencyProjects #Thread
@NIQSlive @TrackaNG @ptcij @UdemeNG @pacacng @SaharaReporters @MobilePunch @TheNationNews @GuardianNigeria 2. ... yet another significant result with the recovery of six tractors meant for the use of farmers in six local government areas of Bauchi Central Senatorial District. The tractors formed part of a N430 million contract for the supply of pumping machines and other .....
@NIQSlive @TrackaNG @ptcij @UdemeNG @pacacng @SaharaReporters @MobilePunch @TheNationNews @GuardianNigeria 3. ..agricultural machinery to farmers in the senatorial district, which was awarded in 2015 by the Federal Government as part of Senators’ constituency projects across the nation.
The CPTG team for Bauchi discovered that N76.6 million was paid for the tractors in December 2015..
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I don’t know the canon of thinking about gender in Spike Lee’s whole opus, so I’m going to have to admit ignorance there & take my licks. But holy shit #DoTheRightThing—as entertainment, mystery, artwork—still seems like a perfect film. Happy 30th, DTRT.
The depiction of language conflict is jaw-dropping. Right before the riot the groups on block lose music & sports as a common language—and communication goes up in flames.
All along there’s been language conflict. Caribbean English, Radio Rahim’s loudness, Mother Sister’s quietness, ominous Italian-American slurs, Puerto Rican Spanish, Korean, Korean English, 80s hip-hop dialect...
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.@SouthwestAir PLEASE provide this family with accommodation in Chicago. They're stranded in the freezing cold airport and you won't pay for a hotel for them for the night.

They've been thru hell. They were held in detention and the baby is recovering from heart surgery.
@SouthwestAir SA > Chicago > Boston (Original flight); THAT didn't happen --instead, plane ran out of gas & now mom is in Indianapolis & waiting for plane to get refueled.

Once refueled they'll get to Chicago & will ask for hotel @SouthwestAir counter. We'll keep y'all posted.
Thank you all so much for offering to support. We want @SouthwestAir to provide lodging to this family because it's their fault they MIGHT be landing in Chicago in the middle of the night.
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Watergate whistleblower, Deep Throat, was the final nail in the coffin for Nixon. MARTHA MITCHELL hammered in the FIRST, only to be gaslit, discredited & publicly shamed by Nixon & his aides.

🔥Easy or no, we must EACH be prepared to #DoTheRightThing🔥…
Mitchell was ridiculed for calls to Washington press, her accusations of corruption in the Nixon Administration, & her charges that she was a “political prisoner” held captive in a hotel & drugged. Nixon admin encouraged questions of her sanity. In the end, she was proven correct
To this day, psychologists use the phrase “Martha Mitchell Effect” to refer to someone whose descriptions of real experiences are incorrectly labeled as 'delusions'.

We see a resurgence of this today, courtesy of constant gaslighting by Trump & his admin.…
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Dear employer, how many of your employees are fully engaged at work? Are they working just to get the job done or are they working from a position of shared committment to the vision? It's okay if you can't answer this now but you need to get them talking...
They need to talk. The atmosphere should encourage them to speak up. It's most dangerous when your employees stop talking to you and start agreeing to everything you say. Don't assume that you're a great leader or dictator because they assent to everything you say.....
Silence doesn't always mean consent or agreement. Some employers are so wonderful that their employees are happy to watch the business fail so they can move on to the next ship. It's not the best for employees to keep changing employers but truth is the employer feels the pain...
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