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180413 JIMIN (log)

* Thread in live-translation style

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- They've just arrived to Japan this day to prepare for the Japan fanmeeting and other schedules. It's approaching 2AM, he's just gotten back to the hotel (?) from recording a music broadcast show.
- Lately, due to the comeback coming up in 1 month, we've been preparing, the recording has been completed and the mixes are almost finished too. The choreo for some songs have come out too so they're been practicing, the jacket photos have been taken, MV hasn't been filmed yet
- All preparation is almost complete, so he's really looking forward to it!
- He feels that since they're doing a CB for the first time in a while, and for the first time, the time in between their CB was rather long, this time period felt very long for them, and he thinks this
must be how the fans felt as well. During this time period, it's not like they didn't work. They still continued to prepare and work but he feels that the time period spent not being face-to-face with the fans was quite long, so he wants to see his fans as soon as possible.
- He felt this particularly this time around.
- Lately, he feels... good! He feels really good. My face right now, does it not ... look like it's feeling good!? (shows cute face). I'm alone right now so I'm a bit sleepy, that's why.

* Guys, he is not sad! He's just tired :)
- As the year crossed over to 2018, he had many things to think about. And through spending some alone-time, he was able to think about things a lot. In interviews from the early year, he was asked questions about what would be his dreams or happiness going forward.
- When he received this question, Jimin said "I think I'll have to think about that from now on".
- As the year became 2018, the members were in quite an exhausted state - physically and mentally. And so, he says they all went through a bit of a hard time together. "I did too."
- As this year came, he wondered: "For what reason, am I fighting with my life for this, for what reason am I doing this work with the feeling that "no other path can cut it but this one?" I felt that I wanted to become self-aware and conscious of this fact once again.
- "It might sound a bit strange, but without any other meaning, I wanted to make myself aware of this reason once again, so that's why I answered that way in the interview as well"
- "For the first time since becoming an adult, debut, and after debuting, I became curious about himself, came to have more thoughts. And as Iwent through this, the time I needed alone got a bit longer. I felt quite a often that I was lonely."
"I'm not really the type to lean on one's shoulders, nor do I know how to do it well, and that I'm worse at leaning on than listening to. The only people I believed I could confide in were going through a hard time as well so it was a situation where I wasn't sure what to do."
- "So for that reason... To think about it, to search for it, I spent a lot of time alone. I think I had a tough time for about 3-4 months. After going through this, there was an opportunity and time period where I was able to recover. There were 2 big things:
One of them was that in the midst of those hard times, I came to Japan with Hobi-hyung to do our shedules. When we came back to Korea, I looked up a lot of OUR videos. Our music, our music videos, our performance videos, our photos."
"And while looking through these, I came to a video of us performing YOUNG FOREVER. We were performing this song at a concert. But the video wasn't of US performing, it had captured the scene of our fans, singing the song. At that time, we weren't singing and only the fans were."
"When I watched that...I cried a lot. I don't know exactly what I was thinking at the time of watching it, or why I was crying, but I had the thought: "THIS is the reason! Even if I'm not sure of other things, this is the reason". And I wondered what I had been thinking about."
"It kind of felt as if...something hit me hard on the head. I had the thought: "WHY was I forgetting this!?". Then, with this thought, I wanted to comeback sooner, do our concerts, meet, see, and be together with the fans in one place, sing together. I had these thoughts a lot."
(The 2nd reason):
"Then in March, we got the chance to go on a trip all together. When we went, just us, we didn't do much - we cooked meat, talked all day, played games, made food. For 3 days, that's all we did, but for the entire 3 days, we had such a good time."
"These people next to me; these people who I need... To see them being so happy, more than the thought of "this is the reason" like the previous time, it felt more as if my mind was becoming clear. Like I was feeling better. Like I was being healed. I think that's how it felt."
"And when we came back, the overall mood/air of the team got a lot better, and the time we spent talking to each other became longer. And so, I felt that it had been a good time for all of us."
"Having gone through these tough times and after "waking up" from these events, although we were doing other schedules, I suddenly felt that the term (leading up to the CB) was so long. And so, when I snapped out of it, we were already in a situation of preparing (for the CB)."
"So I snapped out of it and worked hard (*pumps fists adorably*), and then being in a situation where things were nearing completion, I was looking forward to it so much, I wanted to come out and let them hear our music quickly, show our photos and how we took them, because
we all came out so well, all the members. And that we came back to you with "this" kind of song, that we worked hard to record, that it suits us so well, that we wanted to show them as soon as possible. I had these thoughts a lot."
"Anyway, I'm saying that these are the kinds of thoughts that I had been having, and that these are the events that took place. And so lately, after my mind cleared up, I'm in a state where I feel so much better and... Firstly, since we came to Japan for the first time in a while
to do our fan meeting, we'll have a good time, make good memories, and go back. Then, if we do well in our final preparations in Korea and come back showing our best sides, then I think even for the members who are going through a tough time right now, and for me too,
we'll be able to find a reason again- ah... no. What I felt, "this is the reason"- I think that the members can feel this once again too and do well as they normally have done. So with this thought of wanting to come back quickly, I'm currently in the process of waiting. Yes. :)"
"And finally, the thoughts come to mind most from this year... As we went through many things, our fans: really, truly, they have become our reason. They have become the reason for our existence, so we'll continue to be together, and going forward, we now have a reason to
keep singing, keep performing. And so, I'm really happy. So! I think, was it at the Golden Disks? SMA? After receiving the award, Namjoonie hyung in his acceptance speech said something, and it was something that I had wanted to really say, so I felt really happy he had said it."
"Anyway after once again becoming more self-aware, and believing that I found the reason that I had been searching for, I'm in a state of feeling very...good!"
"Because after snapping out of it and now, I have a reason to keep going! Ah, anyway, that's how I've been living! It's my first time recording a log close to 20 minutes. Ah... Anyway, tomorrow, no it's today now... in about 7 hours, we're scheduled to go to Osaka to do the
the handshake event with our fans, so I think I should wash up and go to sleep quickly! We'll finish up our schedules in Japan well, go back to Korea, work hard to prepare, and with the goal of doing well for our come back... I think I'll have to work hard!"
"2018, April 13th. Jimin's log. The end."
Thank you so much everyone, for keeping up & being patient while I added to the thread. It was quite personal, heavy material and I wanted to be sure to deliver his words in the most accurate way possible. I'll try to fix up this thread & post a translated transcript later today.
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