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"According to a Jan report in the WSJ, Cohen not only hired RedFinch Solutions — a small IT firm owned by Liberty U chief info officer John Gauger — to RIG ONLINE POLLS in Trump’s favor ahead of his presidential campaign...."
Michael Cohen "....also paid Gauger (Liberty University CIO) to enlist a female friend to create and run the Twitter account @WomenForCohen."

WomenForCohen account, follows Becki Falwell, who is Fawell, Jrs. wife. No surprise there
WomenForCohen also follows Eric Trump Foundation (Hi Lynne Patton), normal, yet it also follows some really dodgy, questionable accounts...

Paying for poll retweets to fight Cancer? 🧐

Moving on....
WomenForCohen follows Sergei Millian:
Women for Cohen follows J.D. Gordon....
WomenForCohen follows Hannity, DJT Jr, Falwell, of course.

Also follows Pastor Mark Burns, Pastor Darrell Scott, and Omarosa. @Omarosa really should spill the tea on #BlacksForTrump. Come on Omarosa! 🤓

Remember when Pastor Scott's name came up in the #CohenTapes? 🧐
Pastor Burns came up in the taped convo too. What were Cohen and talking about during that conversation? Well, this convo was about A POLL...what poll? 🤔

Trump: "And your guy is a good guy. He's good..." asking about Pastor Scott. "Can we use him anyomore?"

Link to the @washingtonpost piece with the convo:

The Trump-Michael Cohen tape transcript, annotated

Trump confusing his #BlacksForTrump people - Pastor Darrell Scottt - and Pastor Mark Burns, here, because, you know, all Black people look alike: 🙄
Michael Cohen is the source of these #BlacksForTrump relationships.

"Michael Cohen introduced Darrell Scott to @realDonaldTrump years ago."

National Diversity Coalition for Trump - is Michael's creation. Michael's spot empty now 😁

"Trump's National Diversity Coalition (via Michael Cohen), domain registered 3/16:"

Recall, Michael brought Lynne Patton to Trump: 👀

"Patton is described as having worked as an actress in LA & recovered from her drug addiction before becoming a paralegal in CT & then joining the Trump Org in '09.."

Michael Cohen, also appears to have helped Diamond & Silk set up their pro-Trump grift in 8/15:

(See next tweet for the connection)

Showing you that Michael Cohen's college roommate, (Laurance Rassin) had Diamond & Silk's website, registered at his place of business:

Russians began targeting African Americans, 9/15, per reports. Diamond & Silk reg’d their website domain at Cohen’s college roommate’s biz address: 8/29/15.

Interesting coincidence, no?

"Inside the Pro-Trump Effort to Keep Black Voters From the Polls"

"Diamond and Silk YouTube video, critical of policing in America, 3 yrs ago (1/2/15):

'Have policing of Black America change over the past 300 years..."

"Diamond and Silk YouTube video, supportive of Donald Trump, 2 yrs ago (8/12/15):

"Donald Trump gives hope to Black Lives. Our message to all Black lives."

Interesting timing, no? 🚩🧐

(9/28/15) Diamond & Silk's LLP and trademark app filed in NC (a few wks after first pro-Trump video in 8/15):

"For entertainment services....variety show featuring commentators of news..."  

Their website reg'd in NC, out Cohen's assoc's address. 🤔

Diamond & Silk...taking a little cash from White-supremacist, Paul Niehlen.

Weird! 🙃 Also, WHY? 🤓

(11/22/16 and 8/4/16) Diamond and Silk recv'd pymts from Trump and white-supremacist Paul Nehlen

"According to 2016 FEC records, Diamond and Silk were also paid by alt right candidate Paul Nehlen, a disgusting, outspoken racist & admitted white supremacist."

7/26/16: National Diversity Coalition for Trump, tweeting:

"Michael Cohen on Fox News Hannity bringing the real truth on Hillary"

Who's the first reply? Why, Michael, of course! 😁 I wonder if he was running this account too?

Going to go back, and take a look at some of the first tweets for WomenForCohen....

Looking at the LAST WomenForCohehn tweet (12/28/16), first:

"We can't wait!!! You will do a fantastic job! You are amazing leader & speaker"

What's the subtweet about? A Pre-inaugural ball...

Sponsored by who? Why, Trump's Black people, of course. "NDC":
For anyone wondering, these people at Trump's "National Diversity Coalition" that Michael created - they are NOT pillars of the Black community:

Trump Surrogate Pastor Mark Burns Be Lyin’ and Gets Caught on Camera

theroot.com/trump-surrogat… via @TheRoot
"In a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Victor Blackwell, Burns’ claimed biography essentially fell apart....there was the issue of his military service. Burns claimed to have spent six years in the army reserve. Yet another lie, as the U.S. Army noted when contacted."
They have the bad King, Alveda King, MLK's niece. She's the crazy lady that goes on anti-abortion screeds on Fox. Here she is saying that we need to pray for Maxine Waters.

Maxine Waters is going to get Trump's financials 😉

(I have to pause for a bit, will respond to replys when I return 🤓✌🏽)
*Cohen and Trump...
Posting the video from above. Alveda King: "We need to pray for Maxine Waters" 😒

(May the Lord strike Alveda King with a lightin' bolt):

To review - from above (third tweet in THREAD):

"Michael Cohen "....also paid Gauger (Liberty University CIO)... 👀


❓🤔 Thoughts? The account stopped tweeting, 12/28/16.

12/16/16: WomenForCohen account: "Snazzy looking & ready to #MAGA"

"Snazzy" is something that older Black people say. Just sayin.'

Moving on...

Going to go back to the begin of the WomenForCohen account. First Tweet was 5/2/16, retweeting Michael Cohen:

As reported by WSJ, this account was set up for Michael, by the CIO of Liberty University, Gauger in 5/16:

Michael Cohen collected $50K from Trump’s company to pay for ‘tech services.’ The contractor says he got much less, stuffed in a Walmart bag.

Claudia_Patriot, was the first person to reply to the first tweet on the WomenForCohen account:

(She cray)

Anyone know "Claudia_Patriot"?

She looks to be in the age group of someone who would say, "snazzy" 😁

moving along...

"Equal opportunity for all women"
The second tweet on the WomenForCohen account (5/3/16), is a tweet about former Eric Trump Foundation employee, and now HUD employe, Lynne Patton:

(as you already know @mrspanstreppon ✌🏽👑)

Next, a lawyer and his client:
"No wonder @realDonaldTrump chose @MichaelCohen212 as his right hand man! He's charming, intelligent, & handsome!"

I'm going to skip a bit, just trying to get a sense of the account...
Cohen interview with Hannity, starts with Trump talking about "taking their oil"

Second woman to appear in the WomenForCohen account: Sally Kohn.

Wayne Dupree appearing in WomenforCohen account: 5/24/16:
Wayne Dupree, the black version of Alex Jones:

Trump just retweeted a fringe radio host who has attacked the Florida school shooting survivors


Goes on for a while of WomenForCohen just retweeting Michael Cohen.

Was this michael, or the "female" that he had Gauger retain, to run the account?

"Thankful and appreciative of the women @/womenforcohen who get what true leadership looks like #yourock #thankyou #trump2016."

"Another fan! @MichaelCohen212 is loved around the world!"
Michael is a "twitter #sexysymbol" 🤓
Alot of these accounts that WomenForCohen is retweeting, look fake.

Just a reminder, Lynne Patton paid for fake Twitter support:

"Her Twitter account took a hit after fake followers she purchased were purged by the platform."

Lynn Patton purchased fake Twitter followers, from a FL company called Devumi:

The FL company, Devumi, was started by German Calas, out of a Mexican restaurant in W Palm Beach. He says he went to Palm Beach State College.

(That's Trump country, BTW.)

And, other Trumpkins utilized his services.

"The Follower Factory"

See that face. Another Black Trumpkin. His name is slipping my mind though 😁

Devumi guy, German Calas:

"...denied that his company sold fake followers and said he knew nothing about social identities stolen from real users. “The allegations are false, and we do not have knowledge of any such activity,”
"Remember this story about the company selling bots to increase their customer's "soc media presence".

The guy who ran the company, German Calas, used to run a music search engine.

They've been manipulating every platform. For yrs. All for profit."

"German Calas = CEO
Belle Charanek = Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Durgee = Marketing Director
Fred Deocariza = HR Manager"

Love you guys ❤️ <chef's kiss> 😘

"Impersonation and deception are illegal under New York law,” New York Attorney Gen. Eric Schneiderman wrote on Twitter. “We’re opening an investigation into Devumi and its apparent sale of bots using stolen identities.”


"The settlement prohibits Devumi...from engaging in any of the same misconduct....This settlement marks the first finding by a law enforcement agency that selling fake soc media engagement/using stolen identities...is ILLEGAL."

Thanks, @NewYorkStateAG !

The first appearance of Diamond & Silk, on the @/WomenForCohen account 6/4/16:

So we have Lynne Patton 5/3/16, and then D&S a mo later.

Within that time-frame, recall, the only other woman featured on the "women-centric" acct, was Sally Kohn. Weird! 🙃

Diamond and Silk, mocking "ItaliansForBernie" on WomenForCohen TL


When you scroll through the WomenForCohen account, lots of RTs are gone.

Change of heart, or bots being removed? 🤔
WomenForCohen Birthday video to Trump, from Diamond & Silk, 6/14/16:

Every single tweet, GONE...
6/21/16: the first appearance of the Falwells on WomenForCohen account.

Recall, Michael paid their Chief Information officer at Liberty U, to set this account up.

Note that #/TrumpTrain hashtag:

RT'g "Linda Suhler, Phd"

#MAGAt account, RTs Breitbart continuously....

Diamond & Silk: "it's a movement!" 6/28/16

"That meme has been retweeted several times. Don't blame @MichaelCohen212 4 what Americans truly Believe about Crooked Hillary!"
Replies to Diamond & Silk's "Crooked Hillary" (6/28/16) tweet, GONE...

WomenForCohen: "Thank God this stud is working hard..."

Michael: "appreciate the kind words"

🤣😂 Faahhhhhhk! @ninaandtito

Backing up a tiny bit: noting the first instance of the #CrookedHillary hashtag on the @/WomenForCohen account (6/17/16):

"Don't let #crookedhillary steal our guns!"

That tweet takes you to this link, where you can't see the article, unless you give them your email address: "Headlines & Politics"

"Headlines & Politics is a member of the exclusive Intermarkets portfolio alongside the iconic Drudge Report and trusted political commentary from NewsBusters.org, AnnCoulter.com, CNSNews.com, and ThePoliticalInsider.com."

I missed this one: WomenForCohen, #CrookedHillary hashtag (6/8/16):

The day before the TrumpTower meeting, and Parscale was there on that day 👇🏽

"Website Exposes This Gigantic List Of Clinton Scandals" 6/8/16:
Trump Tower server activity spiking, 6/8/16: 👇🏽

"6/8/16: RU conspirators creating handle @BaltimoreIsWhr, inviting Americans to participate in anti-HRC flash mob using hashtag #BlacksAgainstHillary"

Of course, the "website of HRC's scandals" posted on 6/8/16, has been removed:

"DC Leaks" also initiated 6/8/16, per DOJ:

"On or about 6/8/16, the Conspirators launched the public website dcleaks.com, which they used to release stolen emails...."

Lemme see what else WomenForCohen was up to around that day....brb
OMG this is so f*cking funny! 😵

@knowledgevendor 🤣
There's a day gap on the @/WomenForCohen account.

No tweets on 6/9/16 - Day of Trump Tower meeting. Kinda interesting...was tweeting every day just prior.
(I'm going to pause for now and watch Mary Poppins with my little one - which, is one of my favorite childhood movies.

I like the old one, she likes the newer version.

Don't @ me! 🤓🤣)
Going to leave you with this:

A shocking article:

"Inside the Pro-Trump Effort to Keep Black Voters From the Polls
Breitbart staffer recruited Sanders activist Bruce Carter to get African Americans to support the Republican—or stay home."

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