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Today my 12 year old asked me why people still support trump. I answered that I really didn’t know. Later, while mowing the yard, I thought about it and came up with several reasons.
As I thought about it, I realized that a lot of the reasons sounded like things various characters from the Office would think. Here’s what I came up with:
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Once again I encounter that "All American" anti-intellectualism that starts w/the fact I actually use my PhD as a title instead of pretending I don't have that credential at all, assuming that a PhD means nothing. You wouldn't find that attitude in Europe

--at least, nowhere near as predominate as it is in the USA.

Some time ago I developed a policy of refusing to respond to willfully ignorant #MAGAts who won't read any information I provide when I DOCUMENT my POV w/links. It rarely happens w/true #resisters▶️
...but it happened just now

[she provided no resources of her own--I would have read them if she had, at least if she provided me w/same courtesy]

What she sees as "overbearing" is my insistence that I won't waste time w/people who don't at least▶️
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Back when I lived in America we didn't kick a guy when he was down. Not even if he was on the other team.
It wasn't a perfect country but I liked it better.
2. I was grateful that Eric Swalwell dropped out - he was just a confusing factor. He was never going to be President in this decade. He had a point, and he made it, and he said, "Done. I'm out."
3. So I put a harmless platitude on his announcement, "You didn't fail..." blah blah, because that's what you do as part of a civilized society, and it brought out the #MAGA #GOD #CHRISTIAN mob with blood in their eyes.
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They are saying they finished the “wall” and now they are ready for phase 2.

$20 million collected. Some bulldozers worked for a day then were stopped. Florida is investigating.

Go get them for another $20 million.
This is what they built.
They had to build a 200 yard road to get the equipment to the site first. Something tapped about before.
maybe 800’ near a power station, on a hill. Because every border crosser in the desert chooses the hills instead of a flat desert. I am dying here
And some comments...
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1. If the @GOP loses the @WhiteHouse and net -13 seats from @SenateGOP the #KochBrothers taxes can go to 90% and there can be 13 members of Supreme Court. The GOP needs to be put in a bind: wait too long to dump Trump and torch the #KochBrothers who own them, or remove Trump.
2. So I would not impeach Trump now but I would tee up to impeach Barr, @stevenmnuchin1 & maybe #Kushner. Gives the House the ability to do the kind of discovery that is being obstructed. These folks are the window into Trump criminality. Trump's only defense is to dump them.
3. Either way, it's a win for @SpeakerPelosi and the rule of law. And would be must see TV. And for Trump's white-supremacist #MAGAt base, it's unlikely that crew is going to shed a tear for the Three Stooges. And you need to peel away Trump's soldiers before you take him on.
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"According to a Jan report in the WSJ, Cohen not only hired RedFinch Solutions — a small IT firm owned by Liberty U chief info officer John Gauger — to RIG ONLINE POLLS in Trump’s favor ahead of his presidential campaign...."
Michael Cohen "....also paid Gauger (Liberty University CIO) to enlist a female friend to create and run the Twitter account @WomenForCohen."…
WomenForCohen account, follows Becki Falwell, who is Fawell, Jrs. wife. No surprise there
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15 hours of radio silence-
Donad that's not like you,
Mueller report is coming I hear-
and it's probably gonna indict you.

Are you freaking out right now?
These are scary times...
I'd be scared as fuck too,
If I'd committed all those crimes.

16 hours quiet now and we're still counting,
Surely the tension you're feeling is BIGLY mounting.

I don't feel bad for your dumbass-
Not even one tiny little bit,
Did you drop your phone in the toilet- before this morning's Tweet shit?
Here we go!-he has awoke!,
Someone get his Diet Coke!

Talking about 4G, 5G, even 6G,
Need to tweet faster; DECLARE AN EMERGENCY!

When will he launch his Twitter attacks?,
Probably after he eats his Big Macs.

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Hmmm, yet you are exhibiting a logical fallacy-correlation vs. Causation. Your logic, in July more ice cream is sold than in any other month, also in July, more people suffer from heat strokes than in any other month. Your conclusion, ice cream causes heat strokes...😂😂😂😂
No moron it's hot in July! This is why you never answered my request. I said show me where CEO'S resigned IN RESPONSE to the WH policy. I do not care about your conspiracy theories confusing causation with correlation. #theresistance #RESIST #resistance #magat #maga #CULT45
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