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Very interesting new take down of a Romanian Troll farm of accounts posing at African Americans posing as Pro-Trump. Just Breaking story by @oneunderscore__ #infoOps #disinfo #osint #infosec…
The suggestion is this troll farm was run by this cutout fake account David Adrian @DavidAdrian_USA. This is his account before he changed it to a new one that got subsequently suspended. #infoOps
Here are a couple of memes David Adrian @DavidAdrian_USA from the Romanian troll farm recently tweeted. I was just able to pull them from the Google Cache. Guessing there will be more interesting stuff to glean from Archive[.]org
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Fellow Patriots PLEASE SHARE/RT for us so we can reach @POTUS this weekend!
RE: Disappointed 6yr old Black Patriots in South Dakota Matter
Dear Mr. President,
You'll be here in my beautiful Black Hills and we won't be able to see you or the fireworks. We tried.😢
It breaks my ❤️ because I and my little family were #BlackVoicesForTrump BEFORE the # ever existed.🗣🙏🏾We voted and prayed for you and rejoiced in the morning when the witch was defeated on Nov.9th2016! I was ON FOOT when I started using my little Twitter acct solely to support
@realDonaldTrump, there was no #TrumpTrain to ride❣️Check my TL❣️I have no "connections" or 💵,only donated a lil over $54 to the campaign, but I was an #anon/#DigitalSoldier since the start of #Q's op and have countless hours wracked up on that battlefield (#GenFlynndicated), so
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Apparently some my & @jasonism13's old #zines may be in the @DePaulU library, as this guy carried them in the late 90s/early 2000s.
While I disagree w/Anthony on a lot, we do both hate govt overreach.
We learned a bit about activism/organizing thru him as well...(1)
(2) Back when we played in the #hardcorepunk band #Skullkrusher, we also did some anarcho//punk zines. Mr. Rayson carried them in his Anarchist Black Cross #Zine Distro. He often had a table at our gigs.
Here's an interview with him from a few years ago:…
(3) Anthony Rayson actually connected us with the 1st #AnarchoCapitalist people I'd ever met. I honestly don't know much on his economic positions as we didn't discuss that as much as general antigovt organizing. Although he's definitely in leftist circles, he's antibolshevik.
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🔴 #Hilo 503 - #ObamaGate

1. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al pensar que, votaron por él, #Obama quería lo mejor para todos los estadounidenses mientras estaba en el cargo.
2. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al pensar que @HillaryClinton ganó la nominación demócrata de manera justa y directa y nunca trató de socavar a #Trump Trump. #LockHerUp
3. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al no mirar a #Trump como un serio contendiente cuando anunció por primera vez su candidatura. #MAGA #TrumpTrain
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I will never forget one of the coolest experiences of my life was attending a Trump Rally in Tampa in October 2016.
I had never attended any political event in my life before this. To be fair, I never even had an interest in politics or politicians before the 2016 Presidential Campaign. I never voted in any election before either.
I had never witnessed so many excited people in one place! Everyone was on board the #TrumpTrain!
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"Breaking: Chinese War Against The United States"

1/There is a horrific story here but the Mockingbird Media has clearly decided to ignore it
News around China decodes a Chinese silent but colossal war against America on 5 different platforms, if not more…
1-There are reports about a Chinese pedophile ring, tied to some names in America.
2- There are verified rumors about Coronavirus build in a laboratory in China.
3- Evidence of Chinese censorship & propaganda in American media including major news channels & newspapers.
4-Evidence of some American universities run by Chinse government.
5-Probable cooperation between the Chinese government & high-profile American elites & billionaires.
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2-For me it is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN?
"The whole political sham since 2016, the Russian Gate, Pee Gate, Ukraine Gate, and the impeachment theater were not played just to entertain you but to hold the ground for Crooked Hillary to run again."
2-"The political establishment couldn’t afford to lose and when they lost the Presidential “seat”, they kept sticking to the Presidential “ground” and the false hope that they will obtain it in four years."
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1-Ukraine’s fired prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden & his company “Burisma”, repeatedly insists that Burisma was the reason 4 his firing. Joe Biden’s as the U.S VP withheld the U.S aid 2 Ukraine as leverage unless the gov fires "the prosecutor investigating his son"
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1-I wrote this book in Apr 2019 to fulfill my duty as someone who knows. It's not about selling books but leaving footprints. It is on U 2 B informed & inform ppl. U can't forgive Urself as the #Agenda2030 is already in action. Bushfire is the tool to evacuate & possess Ur land.
2- "From Agenda 2030; An Imminent Danger To Humanity" All Rights Reserved.
“Sustainable development” is the UN’s fingerprints & its weapon 2 establish its final NWO. It is hypnotically repeated using NLP technics AKA Neuro-Linguistic Programming 2 print on our subconscious mind"
3-"Many international docs including the UN & the EU’s R based on a disaster which will happen in the future & 2 “protect” ppl against this disaster, blueprints like agenda 21, agenda 2030, global governance 2025, etc, are written as a constitution 2 govern “after” this drought"
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I want to be honest with frens: I dropped out of understanding how our government operates a long time ago (more than half my life).

As a child, I was homeschooled from 1st grade - 9th. My mother had prayed, and God told her homeschooling was the look, and she said okay. At 12 years old, I tested in the 98th percentile for 12th graders. I was well-mannered, and got along well with adults--even moreso than ...
people my own age. I was often called "mature" and "wise" and had a pretty good understanding of much of what I learned both in my schooling and from the Bible.

As I approached my teen years, I started exploring different music styles--wandering from Christian Contemporary to...
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The impeachment plan was orchestrated in 2016 by Media Matters (Podesta, David Brock & Alefantis or the "character assassination squad") right after the election.
This great research never gets old.
1-This is my Christmas gift 2 U.
Trey Smith has done a great job unfolding Kim Clement 2014’s prophecy on President Trump’s impeachment by attaching his prophecy to the statements and clips related.
2-Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Lindsay Graham & many more are featured in this video. For any reason, twitter doesn't let me upload any pic or video, so I am not able to upload the vid in shorter pieces as usual.
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Want to know how YOU can help .@realDonaldTrump and .@GenFlynn ??

Check out the suggestions on this thread.
Please share with your frens.
Thank you.

@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn 1) READ the Q drops for yourself at
Future proves past. Re-read the old Q drops.

While you're there, check out the other pages.
There's a ton of information on that site.
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn DID YOU KNOW?
Many media outlets run anti-Qanon stories.

2) Go to the anti Qanon messages and counter their narrative with your own.
(NO violent messages pu-lease)

If you use twat, ask others to do the same.

Here is some info on anti-Q stories
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Robert E. Murray, U.S. coal baron who pressed Trump admin to help save America’s struggling miners, placed his company into bankruptcy as demand for the fossil fuel continues to weaken

Murray Energy Holdings Co. filed for Chapter 11 protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Ohio
The miner -- largest privately owned U.S. coal company -- reached a restructuring support agreement to restructure more than $2.7 billion of debt
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Today my 12 year old asked me why people still support trump. I answered that I really didn’t know. Later, while mowing the yard, I thought about it and came up with several reasons.
As I thought about it, I realized that a lot of the reasons sounded like things various characters from the Office would think. Here’s what I came up with:
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1. OUR FLAG! 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo..

Mexico gave up all claims to land from Texas to California for $15M.




#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon
2. #News ~ Did Democrat Arm Media Incitement Lead to Terror Attack Against ICE Facility?

A friend of Van Spronsen said she thinks he wanted
to provoke a FATAL conflict.…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
3. #News ~ Democrat Leftists Celebrate Terror Attack on ICE Facility…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
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The #TrumpTrain started rolling
a long time ago.
🎬Movie Star Trump🎬 😎
🔊🎥Music Video Trump🎥🔊 😎
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Let's talk about Twitter's rigged system.

I was here from the moment President @realDonaldTrump came down the escalators and announced his candidacy.

The first sneaky thing they did was stop any negative hashtags about #CrookedHillary
The next thing they did was stop any pro Trump hashtags from trending .

Once they saw that those dirty tricks weren't enough to stop the #TrumpTrain , they began to bury all positive comments on The President's tweets and move the bad ones to the top.
Twitter then began to shaddowban and throttle big pro trump accounts and eventually starting banning them for the dumbest things. My friend Amy from truthfeed got banned for calling MS13 animals. Many more such cases .
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1-I posed as Democrat.
Look what I've got in the mail.
What you read is their strategies and plans after winning
Do NOT "underestimate" the Dems
#Trump2020 #Deplorables #TrumpTrain #MAGA #KAG #KAG2020 #WeThePeople #GreatAwakening #TRUMPARMY #DeclassifyFISA
2- Gun violence, Immigration reform??

As if there is not enough immigration yet..
3- They brag about their House take over.
Which is true.
They have the House.
And Trump's "dangerous agenda for America"??
As dangerous as it was in the past 2 years with booming economy!
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1) The Jewish Members of Congress are now forming a Jewish Caucus to combat the Omar/AOC/Tlaib anti-Semitic diatribes. You know what's next - The Palestinian Caucus, then the Muslim Caucus, and on and on.

That's how you DIVIDE the Nation.

Are you seeing their plan now?
2) No? Ok, let's add this in - Now the false flag shootings are occurring in Jewish Synagogues. Why? To cause chaos in the Jewish Community and STOP them from flocking to the #TrumpTrain .
3) Learn how #DeepState operates. They're still working to divide us further. The Congressional Caucuses (Black, Asian, Hispanic) are merely institutions to cause animosity and division.
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Now I see Dr. Phil has done an awesome job. No other celebrity did what he has done. Remember Kendall? This is another one. And they shut him (Dr. Phil) down as usual.
#pizzagate #PedoGateNews #SaveTheChildren #TrumpsArmy #TrumpTrain
#Deplorable #ChildAbuse
The entire video here.
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Muslim patrol in London
& now in New York; both in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
This is how Sharia is gradually enforced.
I know these people. I know their system.
Those patrols have politicians signaling them a green light.
Any media? Any reporter while they grow their forces?
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Know the entire Cabal.
Their background,
Their worldwide deception & propaganda,
And crimes against children.
#WeThePeople #GreatAwakening #TrumpArmy #SaveEurope #SaveTheChildren #Deplorables #TrumpNation #WWG1WGA #MAGA #DeclassifyFISA #ObamaGate #TrumpTrain #gilletJaunes #KAG
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