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(1) Pedophilia in Hollywood is not new.

In an amazing book, "Selected by Extraterrestrials," by the late Bill Thompkins, shared a story of pedophilia happening in Hollywood in the 1950s.

High school-aged kids were having sex with 1st graders, and older.

Teacher's assistants...
(2)... were also having sex with kids of all school grades.

Teachers, too.

Pedophilia in Hollywood is multi-generational.

Grown ups abused, in turn, abused.

Father ~ son ~ grandson, etc.

Some of today's Hollywood kids are 4th generation in the Hollywood Pedo Culture ("HPC").
(3) The HPC was encouraged by, supported by and cultivated by the culture of #Democrats, #Marxists, #Progressives, #Socialists, #Globalists, etc.

They did unthinkable crimes with #children.

REALLY UNTHINKABLE, but if we are to #STOP this problem you HAVE to think about this.
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[Incoming Tweet Storm]
1. We are now just 91 days from the most important midterm election of our lifetime.

Leftists have brazenly exposed the anti-American sentiment that lies at their core.

From the hateful racism of #SarahJeong to the fascistic rants of #MaxineWaters.

2. More than 500 supporters of President Trump have been assaulted since he declared.

We saw the lawless Hillary-campaign-coordinated Chicago riot.

We saw the coordinated assaults on Trump supporters in San Jose.

We saw the bigotry of #KinoJimenez attacking a young teen.
3. The #FakeNewsMedia has largely ignored these attacks, including the explosive truths uncovered by @JamesOKeefeIII and @Project_Veritas in their #AmericanPravda series of reports.

The bias of the #MSM is now incontrovertible to fair-minded people, their cover is blown.

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#Qanon #Qanonpatriots #Qarmy #SuperElites #MAGA #KAG @Potus @realDonaldTrump "Something BIG about to drop" TONIGHT
#NXIVM & #ArizonaMafia whistleblower @realJeffreyP has come forward & has gone public.
His life is in danger
He lives the #GreatAwakening - Ultimate #WalkAway 🙏
When your best friend threatens to kill you and your whole family if you talk. Then you go public and #MakeItRain #Qanon
#NXIVM whistleblower @realJeffreyP has had enough!
Says he is going to drop something IMPORTANT @ 6pm pst! RT
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1. The alt-right is again engaged in a social media information distortion campaign media. This time it’s some trumped up charge of shadowbanning - the alt-right don’t just want their supporters to read their drivel, they want to jam it down your throat too.
2. Let’s take a look. Drunk driving @mattgaetz who doesn’t care that shower creeper @Jim_Jordan or sexual harasser @RepMarkMeadows are still in Congress has filed a complaint with the FEC against Twitter over...shadowbanning. Here’s @CassandraRules boosting it.
3. Not to be outdone disgraced former Naval Officer @JackPosobiec best know for the #PizzaGate and #RapeMelania disinformation campaigns has pinned this new campaign to his profile. X marks the asshats.
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No word of lie. #Periscope will NOT let me go live. It keeps saying "Could not start broadcast. Please try again." I've restarted my phone, updated everything. No clue what's going on.

The app is functioning fine. It allows me to watch my old scopes. It allows me to watch other people's scopes. It will not let me broadcast. This is not a "glitch"
Can someone at @PeriscopeHelp clue me in to why my account (therealhublife) won't broadcast?
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1) Political analysis of #DeepState strength as we head into August:

Basically we're headed into mop up operations. DeepState has almost completely lost their access to Military Grade Hardware. General Mattis has about 90% control of the Military/Industrial Complex now.
2) On the Federal Government Employee front, President Trump is reforming the US Personnel Office (OPM) rules to make it much easier to fire ANY employee who does not perform or refuses to comply to the current Administration. Current Fed Employees are getting the message.
3) On the Corporate funding of #DeepState front, @realDonaldTrump & the DOJ (Sessions) have put the fear of God into the Corporate Boards across America that jailtime awaits anybody who funds the DeepState co-conspirators. The cash spigot to DeepState is about 90% shut.
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Dear #MAGA+#TrumpTrain

36,914 American soldiers died fighting communism in Korea

58,220 American soldiers died fighting communism in Vietnam

Putin embraces the totalitarian ways of Russia's past

Trump AND EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU are insulting and disrespecting both those
lived through hell, and those who died.

You disrespect the families of those whose loved ones served

2.7 million Americans served in Vietnam 10% of a generation

5.7 million Americans served during the Korean War

Over 8 MILLION gave it all to fight communist totalitarianism
But yet you MOCK a real hero like @SenJohnMcCain who served in that fight and follow a joke boy scout like #CadetBoneSpurs

You and your Trump are NOTHING but cowards and traitors following a man committing treason

You are boot lickers to Putin

Putin is NOT our friend!
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Dear people still riding that #TrumpTrain while wearing your #MAGA hats: You are being played. Trump is never going to have any kind of "understanding" with Putin. Putin likes it when people capitulate to him, but he'll never *respect" that. In Putin's eyes, Trump is a traitor.
Look, I don't like stupid caricatures of Russians, and I would very much like it if we had better relations with Russia - IF the Kremlin wasn't busy screwing us, attacking Ukraine, giving carte blanche to Assad, and otherwise acting like a bunch of dicks.
A whole lot of you are in my mentions asking me questions in all caps like, "BUT WHY DON'T YOU WANT TRUMP TO MAKE NICE WITH PUTIN, NAT-NAT? WHAT ARE YOU, SOME WARMONGER?" Precisely because I am *not* a warmonger, I want to give Putin what he needs: Clear red lines.
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(1) Obama tried to GIVE AWAY 10 AIRCRAFT CARRIERS to the UN.

Admiral Mike Rogers told Obama: "GFY."


(2) Admiral Mike Rogers is a major HERO, up there with Trump.

It was Rogers who approached Trump to ask Trump to run for president.

Rogers made it VERY clear to Trump that the military would have Trump's back.

Rogers made it clear that around 6,700 elite Powers that Be...
(3) ...would be quickly killed by the US Special Forces if anything happened to Trump, regardless of who may do it.

I've heard this same number from another source.

I had long given up on the idea of humans saving America and the world.

THANK YOU Rogers, Trump and Deplorables!
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1) Well fellow Patriots, @realDonaldTrump delivered for this country once again with Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. He promised a good choice, and the choice exceeded expectations!
2) The Four Horsemen of the Constitution are back, and it is awesome!
3) The original Four Horsemen were four Justices of the Supreme Court and patriots that stood firm against FDR's attempts to radically expand the powers of the federal government. FDR waited them out and replaced them with Klansmen, adulterers, and communist apologists
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Communist "Code Words" that you should be vigilant:

Minimum Wage
Social Justice

#QAnons #Qanon8chan #QAnon #TheStorm #Censorship #Treason #Propaganda #PsyOps #TrumpTrain #MAGA
I missed a very important code and that is: Free
Like FREE housing FREE internet FREE cars
Nothing is free in this world
When they say Free and promise that the government will pay it because the government has removed your most expensive commodity and that is your
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Hillary Clinton was a raven socialist
Barack Obama was a raven socialist
Bill de Blasio was a raven socialist
Ocasio-Corte is a raven socialist and I fear her
#QAnons #Qanon8chan #QAnon #TheStorm #LockHerUp #Propaganda #PsyOps #TrumpTrain #KAG #MAGA
#WeThePeople #GreatAwakening
I don't remember who made this photo. Plz tell me if you do or you own it.
Why does she look like Charles Manson??
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The Extra Super YUGE #Trumptrain just arrived with new passengers. Followback these patriots and RT the trains. . If you are new, follow the👆👆👆at the end of this train to get back to the beginning of the train. The whole train will be pinned to my profile page.
#RealTCU 🚂🚃
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Let's all of us (#MAGA and #Resistance) compare how many mass murdering terrorists are aligned with the progressive left in terms of feminism, LGBT+ equality, racial equality, religious equality... and how many are aligned with the conservative right in terms of the same:
1) Timothy McVeigh + 2 accomplices (168 deaths + at least 680 injuries in Apr 1995)

What does everybody (#MAGA #Resistance #TrumpTrain #BlueWave #BuildTheWall #ImpeachTrump #RedWave #VetsAgainstTrump) think: Progressives or Conservatives?
2) Eric Rudolph (2 deaths + at least 120 injuries from July 1996 – Jan 1998)

What does everybody (#MAGA #Resistance #TrumpTrain #BlueWave #BuildTheWall #ImpeachTrump #RedWave #VetsAgainstTrump) think: Progressive or Conservative?
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1. QAnon June 21 2018:

Organized riots being planned.
Counter measures in

#QAnon @POTUS #News #Trump #TrumpTrain #Patriots #Pray #Fight #PainComing #EVIL #Immigrants #Children #BewareOfPlannedRiots
2. Rush: Border Separation 'Entirely Manufactured Crisis'.
"This has been going on for years. It happened during the Obama admin. Nobody said a word..…

#QAnon @POTUS #News #Trump #Patriots #Pray #Fight #EVIL #FakeNews #Immigrants #BewareOfPlannedRiots
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A new movement called #Walkaway is happening.

The BS of the left & MSM is turning away DEMOCRAT SUPPORTERS in droves.

They are eating their own.

The Facebook group
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1. Trump’s entire presidency has been an exercise in the abuse of power. From his personal attacks on patriotic career civil servants like Sally Yates to his pardon is useless propagandists like Dinesh D’Souza, from his nepotism to his pay-for-play with corporations and autocrats
2. From his collusion with NFL owners to silence public dissent to his promotion of Fox and Sinclair to give voice to his whims, from his emoluments to his cabinets theft of tax money for personal gain. It’s all an abuse of the office.
3. But despite that, and despite his congressional enablers allowing to get away with it, our institutions are holding. Our law enforcement professionals are still doing their jobs. Our courts are still keeping the worst of his aggression in check.
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1-Sanate school didn't have the landline/signal 2 call 911
2-NY Times wrote an article about Santafe shooting YESTERDAY
3-Valerie Jarrett as I promised U, started 2 beat the gun ban drum
#IamTheNRA #NRA #2ndAmendment
#HumanTrafficking #SaveTheChildren #NRA #MKULTRA
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#QAlert 5/17/18 This will be my THREAD for all #Q posts for Thursday May 17, 2018. Gina Haspel, 💯 authentic, Think Pickle Factory and more!

Spread the word! Let’s go!

@POTUS #WeAreQ #MAGA #ThursdayMotivation #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #IBOR #TheRainMakers #RETWEEET
#QAlert 5/17/18 Post 1391 #Q drops Gina Haspel’s career timeline. I added photo and article for her confirmation by the Senate.

@POTUS #WeAreQ #MAGA #ThursdayMotivation #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #IBOR #TheRainMakers #RETWEEET
#QAlert 5/17/18 Post 1393 we need a clean Justice system to bring Justice. In this post an Anon theorizes, “Schneiderman gone
Proper judge in place.” #Q responds:

Impressive, Anon.

@POTUS #WeAreQ #MAGA #ThursdayMotivation #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #IBOR #TheRainMakers #RETWEEET
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#QAlert 4/23/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q's posts for Monday, April 23, 2018. Wake up! Happy Hunting! Armenia, NK freed, Order important, Happening now, World is Awakening Iran next and more! Let's Go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QAnonPosts #GreatAwakening #ItsHappening #MAGA
#QAlert 4/23/18 Post 1241- YUGE post here.
Iran is next.
CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2.
Jan 1.
Jun 1.
No inspection @ GZ NR sites.
No missile tech prevention.
Load carrying.

@POTUS #QAnon #QAnonPosts #GreatAwakening #ItsHappening #MAGA
#QAlert 4/23/18 Post 1242

Do you believe?
The world is awakening.…
@POTUS #QAnon #QAnonPosts #GreatAwakening #ItsHappening #MAGA
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