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[Tråd]: Diskussionen om Sveriges hållning gentemot #Turkiet är nu på agendan. Och det kan behövas. Turkiets närmsta allierade, #Azerbajdzjan, är kända för att köpa sig goodwill genom s.k. "kaviardiplomati".
Spåren av detta leder även till #Sverige:
Först och främst: Hur nära är relationen mellan #Azerbajdzjan och #Turkiet?
Svaret är väldigt nära. Under kriget mellan #Armenien och Azerbajdzjan användes sloganen "ett folk, två länder" och Turkiet tog total ställning för angriparen Azerbajdzjan.
"– Det känns som att det är Turkiet som är i krig. Turkiet är inget tredje land utan är enligt retoriken i krig mot Armenien", sa den turkisk-armeniske journalisten Rober Koptas.

Turkiet försåg även Azerbajdzjan med vapen och hade så gjort under många år.
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[Thread] about the organization of sinister reputation known as #PKK. Image
The #PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) as well as its sister organizations TAK (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons) and HPG improperly called "Kurdish" are terrorist organizations recognized as such by Turkey, the EU […], the USA […], __>
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1) Two+ weeks of violence in #Shingal—following the Iraqi army mobilizing to force-implement the Sinjar Agreement—recently ended. Time for a THREAD on the reasons why the #Sinjar Agreement was unworkable from its inception, and why its implementation will harm the #Yazidi people.
2) Recap—In the past month: Masrour visited Erdogan; Turkey then subsequently launched a new anti-PKK campaign in Iraq ; Kadhimi simultaneously ordered the Iraqi army to mobilize against the #YBŞ, which produced two weeks of hostilities; thousands of #Yazidis were displaced; >
3) Iraq imprisoned two foreign journalists visiting Sinjar; Iran-aligned militias shelled the Turkish military base near Ba‘shiqa & Erbil-based oil installations; Kadhimi appointed Nineveh’s governor as acting head of Sinjar District and then reversed the appointment.
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YPG Press center: On April 26, #KDP claimed that the People's Protection Units (#YPG) sent confiscated military equipment to the city of Dohuk. We as the YPG have no connection with this equipment that was confiscated in Dohuk.
YPG Press center: According to the prosecution, it was also said that this equipment was sent by one of the leaders of the People's Protection Units, Rodi Hassan, but this name is not in our ranks, this event and what is said by the KDP is not true.
YPG Press center: The Turkish occupation, as it tries to legitimize the attacks of the Turkish occupation. The spread of such allegations raises doubts. The KDP wants to target the Rojava revolution and its people and damage its diplomatic relations
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Iran via #Iraq deployed many dozens Warcraft( stuff to us in war like missiles launchers rocket+drone & jets to #DeirEzzor #Homs after the #Russians reduced it’s troops here & at same times dozens of loyal #Resistance from #عراق joins #IRGC here & #Russia wants to keep pressure
Russia wants to keep it’s pressures on zionizt fake state to not be involved in Ukraine!!

That’s the best option to masterpiece minds #Putin!

Tsw #Russian out of #Homs #DeirEzzor & if isrhell airstrikes #IRGC than #Iran ll answer

Why Iran not wish to finish #Idlib? Continues
Coz #Sultan_Erdogan ll be happy if #IRGC & #SAA #Hezbollah #AAH #Nujuba #Fatemiyoun getting to have clashes w #ypg #pkk servants of zionizt + #uk #usa but #Turkey not wish see it’s #al_qaeda /#hts #isis getting to be injured😂

Also Iran #Syria wants to face🇺🇸 in #Hadskah! CNTU
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Örgütün son bir yıldaki hedeflerinin açıklayıcı bir tablosu:
PKK Hapishaneleri Hakkında Bilgi:
Grubun yaklaşık 12.000 üyesi sekiz hapishanede tutuluyor: Hasaka'daki Goiran ve El SİNAA, Şadadi'deki Balgar Kampı ve Şaddadiya, El Malikia'daki Derek, Deir ez-Zor'daki El Kasra, Rumailan'daki Ramlan, Rakka'nın merkezi.
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There's been much speculation about an imminent #Turkey intervention in north #Syria (another one) 🧵

The rationale behind such a move would be threefold:
1. The Kurdish threat
2. Electoral tactics (which might backfire)
3. Revisionist plans-strategic leverage re #Syria's future
Can #Turkey go ahead? The short answers is "yes". The long answer is "it's complicated".

If previous interventions are any indication, two things we know: 1. TR prepares the ground diplomatically and 2. remains flexible during operations, negotiating the outcome.
A Turkish intervention would most likely mean that Ankara got the "green light" from #Russia and/or #US. A move west of Euphrates would mostly need the former; east of Euphrates, both.

In exchange, #Turkey would have to compromise as well vis-a-vis it's ideal objectives.
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Based on the complications and the Turkish officials high tone statements, the main question will be what are #Turkey's options in responding to what happened in southern Mari'? 1/6
#Russia #USA #Syria #Biden #Erdogan #Putin #Iran Image
The first option, #Turkey may move towards exploiting what happened to carry out a media attack on the #YPG militia preparing for a military operation in another area less sensitive to #Russia (Ein al-Arab - Kobane city for example).2/6 Image
This operation more likely will be coordinated with #Moscow in order to push the Kurdish militias in eastern #Syria to get closer to the #Assad regime and #Russia, as they are able to protect them from #Turkey.3/6 Image
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A Turkish convoy near the city of Mari', north of #Syria, was attacked by two anti-armour missiles from the Tal Rifat area, which led to the destruction of two cars, the death of two Turkish policemen, and injuring a number of others.1/7
#Russia #USA #YPG #SDF #Erdogan ImageImage
The Turkish Interior Ministry confirmed that the Kurdish #YPG militia was behind this attack, as it controls the Tal Rifat area, while a number of Turkish officials confirmed that #Turkey will not remain silent this time.2/7…
At the outset, some important points should be highlighted to understand what happened and can take place in light of this tension as the information that confirms #Ankara's intention to start a new military operation in #Syria.3/7
#USA #Russia #Turkey ImageImage
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The idea that the CIA's T-50 program with the #FSA "failed" & the DOD's Train, Advise, Assist & Equip program with the #YPG-#SDF "succeeded" -- one key point made here -- is a bit of a simplification.

There can't be a direct comparison, given the operational differences.
The CIA's T50 program was covert & limited strictly to weapons supply & [very] limited intel support/external advice to groups (a) active in a highly complex environment, amid hostile jihadists & (b) against governments, with airforce/s, artillery etc.
The DOD's #YPG-#SDF program was initiated amid a direct U.S military intervention, in which U.S. SOF were deployed on the ground & close air support & later artillery support was provided -- to strengthen the #SDF, incentivize its unity, and protect it from *all* rivals/enemies.
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#Eddi Maria Edgarda Marcucci era stata proposta per la #SorveglianzaSpeciale per aver fatto parte delle Unità di protezione delle donne #Ypj, un esercito femminile che combatte #Isis, altri #jihadisti e quando serve #Erdogan e #Assad assieme agli uomini delle #Ypg in #Siria (1)
Mi sono sempre chiesto con quale coraggio uno stato che ha preso parte alle guerre in #Afghanistan e #Iraq, totalmente fallimentari se non nel produrre più fanatismo e islamismo, potessero eccepire sulla scelta di persone che per idee, non x soldi hanno invece ottenuto risultati
#Eddi ha di fatto partecipato a una rivolta reale, popolare, armata e di massa di curde, arabe, assire e altre contro il jihadismo e l'islamismo nelle sue varie forme; una rivolta che mentre avanzava creava organi politici, economici e giudiziari femminili (3)
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1. We lost our greatest treasure. Brave Americans killed by Daesh's twisted hateful ideology. I'm not going to call them ISIS-K. They're Daesh-K. They're not Islamic nor are they a state. They're murders and thieves. I won't insult Muslims by associating their faith with Daesh.
2. Daesh is not defeated. It's in Iraq, Syria, Africa including Egypt and in Afghanistan. And Daesh receives financial support. The people doing that need to face US retribution fast and certain. We know who they are. No more excuses. No more fake allies.
3. And if we can't take them via arrest or stop them and they remain an imminent threat, our @TheJusticeDept rules authorize the use of lethal force via UAV. Don't go charging into the Pak-Afgh border area. Just neutralize the money men regardless of station in life or locale.
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1. Here is clip from @POTUS nominee @JeffFlake on the decision to partner with who, at the time, were the #Kurdish #YPG #YPJ to stop the spread of #Daesh (aka #ISIS) in #Syria. This was after disastrous attempt to arm a #jihadist forces who simply gave their weapons to al-Qaeda.
2. I did some searches on Twitter timeline for that period of 2014. America was just waking up to the fact that the #Kurds were our best option to defeat #Daesh. There were risks but the decision has proven to be the correct one. Now under #AANES civilian authority backed by the
3. #SDF that includes Kurds, #Arabs and #Christians, Jeff Flake is a good choice and I applaud @joeBiden's @WhiteHouse and @JakeSullivan46 for thinking outside the box. I sincerely hope @SenatorMenendez
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Ich wurde gerade vom Amtsgericht München zu 3150€ Strafe verurteilt (70 Tagessätze x 45€). Das ist viel Geld. Es ist das (vorläufige) Ende der ganzen politisch motivierten YPG-Verfahren gegen mich.

Ich wurde zwar verurteilt, trotzdem haben wir politisch gewonnen, weil wir im Dezember 2020 auch in Bayern das Zeigen von YPG/YPJ-Fahnen durchsetzen konnten. Die heutige Verurteilung war letzlich nur politisch motivierter Beifang der Staatsanwaltschaft, die sich so rächen wollte.
Sie hatte heute sogar 6500€ gefordert (130 Tagessätze x 50€). Damit wäre ich vorbestraft gewesen. Durchsetzen konnte sie sich zum Glück nicht. Es bleibt abzuwarten, ob sie in Berufung geht.
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⚠️A prosecutor filed a case with the Constitutional Court in order to demand the closure of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (#HDP).

‼️ Here are the HDP's organic ties to #PKK terrorist organization:
1⃣Faysal Sariyildiz, a former member of parliament of #HDP, was caught transporting guns to the #PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), a militant group listed as a #terrorist organization by Turkey, the #US, the #EU and #NATO.
2⃣Nuran Imir, an MP of #HDP, was monitored while she was taking a #PKK member's phone from his pocket in order to obfuscate evidence:
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1. I missed @maddow today and just watched the interview with @jrpsaki. She made a pronouncement in the @StateDept presser 2014 that changed my life. She announced the #YPG #YPJ were not considered listed within #PKK #FTO designation and the next day, I went to war against #ISIS.
2. I knew they would win. But they needed our help then and they need it now. Too many times we have betrayed the #Kurds and it's more than Kurds in the new #Syria in #NES we will betray. #Sunni #Arabs, #Christians & #Ezidi can create #peace with the #Alawi with strong US support
3. the extortion practiced by #Assad will become meaningless. People are tired of ##war and #Turkey-backed #Islamists have got to go. Assad and the Russians can't do it because Assad represents an existential threat to Sunni #Druze, Kurds, Ezidi and #Christian #Syrians.
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#THREAD #RANT on #Turkey foreign policy

Another article (not surprisingly on Al Jazeera) trying to convince us that #Ankara is the victim and Turkish foreign policy is on the defence. The approach is superficial at best and ignores a number of facts >>…
That Turkey unofficially abandoned regime change in #Syria is not the point: same author, in 2013 Hinnebusch & Tur book wrote "Turkey saw an opportunity to bring abt regime change in Damascus at Iran's was a matter of geopolitical competition between Ankara & Tehran"
Regime change was an unprecedented policy for Ankara to adopt & a revisionist one; by the author's admission, for the purpose of regional power. 4 interventions later it's inaccurate to say that "Turkey's ability to influence the course of the conflict was reduced to a minimum"
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30.05.2020, #ABD'li bir general Irak'ın Kuzeyine ziyaretini #KürdistanBölgesi olarak isimlendirmiş. #PKK #KCK #PYD #YPG #FETÖ'ye destek veren #ABD'li yetkilinin açıklamasına şaşırdık mı? Hayır
02.12.2004, #ABD Hv.Ulş.K.lığında fotoğrafı çekilen anıttaki görevlerde ne yazıyor?++
#NATO/#Müttefikler arasında işbirliği kapsamında da olsa #ABD'nin kirli planlarını dikkate alarak, yakıt ikmali desteği bile yapılsa, #Suriye'de ortak devriye yapacak kadar işbirliği içerisindeki #Rusya ile özellikle #Karadeniz' konusunda #ABD yüzünden karşı karşıya gelmeyelim.
@veryansintvcom haberi çok daha güzel detaylandırmış.
#ABD'li General #EricHill’in “#Kürdistan” sözü kişisel bir tarif ya da gaf değil. #ABD'nin ve #Pentagon’un resmi politikası.👇👇…
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#Syrie affrontements après une altercation chez un épicier originaire de la #Ghouta de #Damas à #Afrin zone administrée par la #Turquie depuis l’éviction du #YPG et l’installation de déplacées de différentes régions syriennes
Petite embrouille chez l’épicier et les 14,5 sont dans la rue
3 morts dont « l’épicier déplacé de Ghouta et deux enfants » selon sources sur place #Afrin
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