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1/Thread: Our monitored life and "Red Flag" laws.....Disclosure: I'm that annoying person who thinks on the details of the portrayed Big Picture stuff.

Yesterday, local rock station commercial:

Alexa: "You don't have to yell!"
2/Consider how in SM, viral videos by lefties showing anyone who disagrees with them and says it with conviction and volume are "angry."

Consider how all the rage is passing "Red Flag" laws to allow "authorities" to confiscate firearms from legitimate owners,...
3/because anyone considers them "angry."

Now these truncated videos are "evidence." Context that may come from a real investigation be damned...we've been told any angry person is a mass shooter just waiting for and opportunity....so:
4/Let's #MInorityReport them and stop to for sure crime!

But, back to 1/:

We've agreed to have Alexa, Echo, our phones, Smart TVs, tablets and laptops to monitor our audio, personal and surroundings, be monitored for "marketing."
5/But, with all this being collected, the actual volume and intonation also captured in the process.

Beyond polygraphs, there's the move towards using Voice Stress as truth telling.
6/And this (note "federal training"
7/Note, like polygraphy (which isn't admissible), falls under not ready for prime time realm:
"Voice stress analysis (VSA) and computer voice stress analysis (CVSA) are collectively a pseudoscientific technology that aims to infer deception from stress measured in the voice.
8/That's the opening line of the Wikipedia entry:

9/Not that that stops many from demanding lie detector use to "prove" things, and so the VSA is going down the same track.

Consider how, not in ferreting out lies, but in your heavily (voluntarily so) life, the side artifacts of emotion will register, along the marketing stuff..
10/Start aggregating all of this now:

You're at home, reading a FB post, or tweet, or watching TV (CNN or any #FNM outlet for instance) and you vent...out loud, in an "anrgy" tone.....your devices forward same to "private" do-gooder corporation....
11/who are "anxious" to pitch in for "public safety." (Or more like gain favor with the progressives for political markers), & VOILA! you have the hashtag "angry?" connected to the database record that knows who movies you like....books you read, ppl you associate with (friends)
12/With the massive distributed computing power, the do-gooder staff code or algorithms kick in, scouring the images in your posts on FB, IG, TW, etc...and...image analysis being what it is, finds pics of you holding, shooting, admiring firearms.....
13/Next level hashtag: "Angrywithaccesstoguns"

But, hey, the algorithm is magnanimous...might be a fluke....

But next time you raise your voice, regardless of subject, the VSA offshoot that is "overwatch" for "angry people" catches you again "doing it."
14/Now you're flagged as a serially angry person with access to guns. By now, if you've specified "mine," or "my" in the captions of images, you move up the the next threat level "SerialAngyWhoOwnsGuns."

To progressive gun grabbers, exercising their "IF IT SAVES ONE LIVE!"fellz
15/kick in and they, not being relatives, neighbors, or IRL person you're standing near, feel it's their duty to now pull up your GPS location (which, once more we've agreed to), package it with "the evidence" they've collected (with your permission) and, via the magic of tech...
16/quickly determine the locale, bounce it against an "oh, we just happen to have overlay templates of where the most aggressive Red Flag laws are" determine which jurisdiction is most appropriate to forward the damning evidence of your pre-meditated spree....
17/I think you see where this is not conjecture, but all easily within the realm of the tech capability, and the culture the progressives (the #UsefulIdiots of the wanna be tyrants) will gleefully go for this, as it will can send a SWAT crew right to your posit.
18/So our #CareerPoliticans are earnestly working towards making "Red Flagging" a nationwide law (you know, same ppl who couldn't see a red flag slapping them in the face for at least 30+ times). Then to do-gooder where it applies coding gets very simple: US & Territories.
19/Bonus for the #CareerPoliticnas is, but a wink, wink, nod to our privately owned Big Bro corporations is they can squash the BOR's freedoms without fear of any judge at all calling out the violations, since it's not the Gov, but..."concerned citizens" just helping save ppl....
20/There you have it. I think you can agree with all that's in place, this isn't even a stretch to see it's possible, but more likely a chill up your spine knowing it's probably already in the works.
21/I've spent many decades poking at tech to see what I could make it do...just on PCs/Macs & mobile devices, along w/my earlier yrs setting up big databases and coming to know the ease or compiling useful info, as well as the simplicity of sharing it w/o exposing that to many.
22/If anything, connecting supporting databases is even easier that when I was doing hands on design programming and operating. A simple opening of a connecting could be handled between 2 DB Admins and then just one coder could place the "overwatch" module I described.
23/Given the most likely beyond petabytes in server farms, all it would take is an evil few to pull this off. The individual take downs would be for "public safety," and not like a door-to-door confiscation visible method.
24/At the least, the cost to hire lawyers to demand and get your due process would be out of the reach of most everyone, plus: Don't factor out the progressive bar atmosphere that would make even finding lawyers who would "be for a mass murderer" to represent you.
25/That's sufficient to get the intellectual juices flowing.

Inspired buy "funny" radio commercial. Not so funny in current climate, so contact your representatives & voice your view.

Told you I am "that person" and I got more in here on the topic....

@STUinSD and @JoeSilverman7? Commentary welcomed.....
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