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#DerangedDonald enemies list:
1 Obama
2 Pelosi
3 Mueller
4 Hillary
5 The Pope
6 Jim Acosta
7 John McCain (deceased)
8 Merkel
9 Elizabeth Warren
10 Chuck Schumer
11 Ted Cruz
12 Eric
13 Don McGahn
14 Alec Baldwin
15 Barbara Bush (deceased)
16 Adam Schiff
17 Michael Cohen
18 Cher
To all in this thread. Thank you!!! We've passed 1,000 likes and hundreds of retweets & responses. THANK YOU... Was just a silly list but I still kinda like the joke of his son Eric being on his enemies list... :-) Am REALLY happy about your contributions, great discussion...
Thank you everybody!!! This joke has passed 3,600 likes and over 5,000 total reactions. I did 8 hours of jokes around that hashtag #DerangedDonald reaching over 400,000 total cumulative reach during that time. This one joke with your help reached 140,000 people. THANK YOU :-)
As to responses... gosh, GREAT stuff in the comments. Of my list, Eric, Ted Cruz, Cher got lots or reactions. Of your contributions, Rosie seems to be broadly felt as she shoulda made it into this Top 18. Of course his real list is tens of thousands of NAMED people plus GROUPS..
We have now reactions from some on the list
The Obama household did not answer at the door but laughter was heard inside
The Speaker, when asked, clapped in a weird way
Mueller was stone-faced. We believe that stone face is his smiley-stone-face
Clinton spokesperson: "satisfied"
The Papal See issued a statement that His Holyness felt it wrong that he finished ahead of Jesus. Perhaps Mr Trump should read more of the Bible to bring Jesus higher on the list
Jim Acosta was on assignment
John McCain could not be reached for comment
Angela Merkel: "Wunderbar"
Elizabeth Warren said that her position was not just her, but that she represented the whole field of Democratic candidates.
Chuck Schumer shrugged his shoulders & smiled
Ted Cruz said he is not hated by anyone, then read from the Cat In The Hat
Eric got lost on way to interview
Don McGahn referred to councel
Alec Baldwin responded in character
Mrs Bush could not be reached fro comment
Adam Schiff was too busy at his committee to comment
Michael Cohen found new tapes of Trump confessions he wanted to share
Cher asked "how many other Chers do you know?"
Thank you to EVERYBODY who responded to this Tweet. My usual policy is to try to respond to all who commented to a Tweet (except obviously Magahatters, who get blocked) and at least follow all those back. Your reaction was overwhelming, over 700 replies, but will at least follow
Press: Sarah, does the President have an 'Enemies List'
Sarah: No, not to the best of my knowledge
Press: You testified under oath to Mueller that you lie to us. Are you lying now?
Sarah: No, not to the best of my knowledge
Press: Is that statement the 'tell' when you're lying?
Press: Mr President! Is it true that you've got an Enemies List?
Trump: No, totally Fake News
Press: So when Sarah..
Trump: Excuse me, excuse me! That list isn't real. It is fed to the American people by lying press like you. My enemies list is huge! Tremendous list. Much longer
As a follow up to his 'Enemies List' we now also discovered #DerangedDonald Friends List
1 Kim Jong Un (pen pal)
2 John Miller (imaginary friend)
3 John Barron (imaginary friend)
4 A total of 59.9 million Twitter accounts (Russian bots)
We now can help. Scientists from Trump University have teamed up with Researchers from Trump Academy to determine the definitive list of Trump Enemies, from number 19 onwards. We hope to report your crowd-sourced vote of who finished in that prestiguous 'second tier' enemies
All in this thread... yes I am tabulating... gosh it takes time... I'll get there, hold on, we'll get a rather.... tremendous next tier of enemies... hold on...
Part 2 #DerangedDonald enemies list:
19 Rosie O'Donnell
20 American People
21 Maxine Waters
22 The Truth
23 Robert DeNiro
24 Umbrellas
25 Meryl Streep
26 Journalists
27 George Conway
28 (tie) Brown People
28 Black People
30 Kathy Griffin
31 The Constitution
32 Joe Biden
33 Women
Part 3 #DerangedDonald enemies list:
(please note, some names may have slight typos, we blame Autocorrect)
33 Ferris Mance
34 Smilin Pile
35 Kimo Sabstab
36 Gary B52s
37 Halligan O'Pool
38 Eileen Pepp
39 Sharon Hooligan
40 Cathy Nota Bene
41 LaToya Bloodsaw
42 Steven Lombes II
Part 4 #DerangedDonald enemies list: Please, all of you lovely Tweeps who wanted onto the list, consider yourselves added. You understand why it would be silly for me to prepare such an easy list for some deranged person to use against us, even above list was using altered names
Part 5 #DerangedDonald enemies list:
So the rest of our enemies, by first name:
Enemies 43-50: Jacy, Rabon, Fun, Mike, Yogi, Nick, S Dee, Don
Enemies 51-60: Shauna, Dee, Jodi, Red, Molly, Selo, Judy, Nut, Activist, Filo
Enemies 61-76: Paradig, Harris, Watts, Ruth, Laurie, Jane
Part 6 #DerangedDonald enemies list:
(So our enemies by first name only at this point in list..)
Enemies 77-80: Deanna, Mayia, Ruel, Anito
Enemies 81-90: Marlette, Rich, Samantha, Dog, John, Eric, Dieter, Simms, Garland, Psycho
Enemies 91-94: Possum, Paul, Lazin, Gene
To all who commented - we've now passed over 1,000 replies. THANK YOU. Hilarious votes. You saw the top choices. But you've also suggested Trump's enemies include reality, facts, grammar, 'himself' (LOL), people who take notes, dictionaries, the scale, puppies, salad, monogamy...
Seriously, seriously, seriously. Comedy is serious business.

We're mocking Trump.

THIS JOKE has been spread BY YOU to reach 213,000 people on TW. My own reach was only 10,000 of that. YOU caused 203,000 people you know, to laugh at my joke. THANK YOU SO MUCH...
Oh MAN... you Tweeps are magnificent !!!! we've now passed 275,000 total reach of this joke. THANK YOU. Only 12,000 of those were my direct contacts, you Tweeps have spread this joke to 263,000 people who do not follow me... THANK YOU so very very much !!!
For everybody in this thread... My fingers are now dying... I'm still 22 hours behind you and while I added 500 new people from amongst you, that I now follow, you've added 200 more comments... and I am just being swamped... Any of those that I don't yet follow, just (next)
Any of those that I don't yet follow - just over the next weeks, comment on one of my Tweets (I do jokes amost daily) and I'll follow you then. This amount is just utterly overwhelming me today.... thank you all for great comments!!!
To all my new friends in this thread... If you enjoy a parody song about the Trumpomonster and his mob, say to tune of Beatles, or Elvis or Sinatra or Abba or Beyonce etc... check out pinned Tweet on top of my TW feed. Link there to 33 of my 'funniest' songs (written over 90..)
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